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  1. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Best England pre-tournament song?

    I was listening to world in motion just last night! As a piece of music it's definitely the best in this list although you could definitely make the argument that three lions made the biggest impact with fans. Vindaloo was a good laugh. I didnt even realise all together now was a football song?!
  2. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Bt sport 2(6pm) Tonight , Leicester v Sunderland 1999/00

    Epic game and the end of an era. Scary how quickly it all fell apart after this.
  3. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Amazon to Deliver Football

    No company will ever be able to get exclusive coverage again like Sky used to have because they brought in some new broadcasting competition rules for the prem a few years back. This appears to be one of the reasons that there was such a leap in money with the last TV deal.
  4. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Amazon to Deliver Football

    Perhaps but it won't be for at least another 3 years, not next season.
  5. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Amazon to Deliver Football

    It is only 2 rounds a season though and games we wouldn't have seen anyway because they will be screening all 10 games played on the same day twice. Hence why sky and BT didn't want it anyway.
  6. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Bollocks. Horton's out.
  7. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Durham won the toss and put us in as well...
  8. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Awesome isn't it? When was the last time our opening pair put on 134? It's just like the good old days!
  9. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    I can see your the kind of guy that only accepts pats straight down the middle.
  10. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Wembley - Private Ownership

    Take the money and build a new one in Birmingham (where it should have been all along) for £300 million. I don't see the fuss about this at all, those years after wembley was demolished playing all around the country were fantastic and it would be even better now we have several bigger stadium to choose from.
  11. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Changing Energy Suppliers

    I've just signed up with the Leicester based Out Fox The Market https://www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk/Home.aspx it was recommended on money saving expert a few months back...
  12. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

  13. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    3 things you'd like to see incorporated in an expanded stadium

    1) Toilets that you can actually get into without feeling as though you're sexually assaulting a green wheelie bin. 2) A bar that you can actually buy a drink at half time without having to leave your seat about 10 minutes before the break. 3) A match day train platform, seeings as most people are having to park further and further from the ground each year.
  14. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    For me the debt argument is a non starter. The reason being that we are in a new era of profitability for the club. The new training ground has already paid for itself with the profits from last season alone. Selling Mahrez in the summer will probably pay for the ground works! And we can buy new players out of the massive new TV deal and out of our cash reserves. These things should have been paid for even if we were to be relegated in the next 3-5 years. we’re living in a whole new world when compared to our last two relegations from the prem. The atmosphere couldn’t possibly get any worse than it is at the moment anyway so that argument goes out of the window too. It’s now or never with these projects and I for one don’t want to die wondering.
  15. TheyCallMeMrCarbohydrate

    Callum Elder loan

    I thought he (like the rest of the wigan defence) was outstanding in that game. He looked really composed on the ball too. At 23 though he's unlikely to want to come back here and be 3rd choice left back.