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  1. Not sure which way to go with this, I'm encouraged by the signings and direction but the results aren't there! Thing is in days past I would have said to sack him off but really I can't think of anyone who will realistically replace him and be a success, either way to keep him or to sack him is a gamble.
  2. Rusko187

    What Nationality would you like to be if....

    German, got family who live in Munich and nicest people you'll ever meet. Foods great, beers great, footballs ok... Or Austrian as they're similar and Austria is a beautiful country. Strangely I'm allowed a Swiss passport after getting married to my partner, she's not Swiss but is entitled to one in her vast heritage.
  3. On a flight to New York for my honeymoon, wife goes straight through passport control and I'm stuck in a queue all annoyed and ratty.. I see her jumping around behind the passport control desks all excited and trying to get my attention. Got through "Whats up with you?" "Frank Lampard and Christine Blakeley are over there" pointing at the baggage carousel, walked straight over and we got a picture with Lampard but totally ignored Christine . He was very polite and accommodating, Christine on the other hand did not want to know and you could tell she was trying to hide away.
  4. Rusko187

    Our start so far?

    Excellent start if you look at it based on points, would like us to create and finish more. For me Iheanacho really needs to buck up! Could be down to service, ability or attitude.. I don't know, only been to 1 game but I backed him to be a great player for us. The more I see of him I'm starting to feel he won't. Outside of that I'm happy with what Claudes doing with the squad, full of youth and getting results.. what more can you do?
  5. Rusko187

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    No, not alot can be done about people selling for Profit but there's a lot that don't. For people like me if I can't make a game nor my dad or bro-in-law or anyone else close to me then it's wasted. I can't sell the ticket if I wanted as it's on a ST card so it's lost revenue to the club.. they won't feel the benefit of extra income from potential merchandise or food and drink sales.
  6. Rusko187

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    The system Bayern used works brilliantly, we got to seem them albeit only against Paderborn but still we managed to get tickets and it was for the regular ticket price. Also solves the problem of people selling tickets for profit, just call/email/go on website and say which game you can't make. They refund you the ticket and have the opportunity to sell on... easy squeezy!
  7. Rusko187

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Should adopt the policy which Bayern Munich do, let the club buy a match off you, they can re-sell and you'll still be guaranteed your seat. Unless they already do it? Wouldn't know as I give my ticket to friends
  8. Rusko187

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Jesus can you imagine, Syston struggles when Billy Bates comes to town!!
  9. Rusko187

    New training ground announced

    I am local, junction coming off the dual carriageway could be an issue but that said are we expecting a LARGE volume of traffic going to the training ground?
  10. Rusko187

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Read what I said, who cares it's none of your business.
  11. Rusko187

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    So what? People leave early instead of staying to watch us get a pasting... it's their money and it's up to them, they pay the money for that right. I remember the year we won the championship we played Brighton at home and were losing with people walking out, I'm not exactly going to make them stay am I. Generally if it's a night game and the game has "concluded" then I'll leave minutes before the whistle so I don't end up getting back at 11pm.
  12. Rusko187

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    You're making generalisations here, if people have had enough of performances and leave early that's up to them... that does not mean they necessarily don't enjoy football at all. What you're doing is enforcing some sort of football elitist view.
  13. Rusko187

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    If you're referring to periods where we have performed badly, not looked as though we could get anything out of a game and generally get beat then yes I know of those occasions. Personally I stay but I also appreciate to some people a Season Ticket is a lot of money, if they don't want to watch anymore that's up to them. I can think of a few occasions last season where I ended up just staying down in the concourse and having a few beers.
  14. Rusko187

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    It may be to some people yes
  15. Rusko187

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Thousands? The only time you see Thousands walk out is on the back of a bad result in which I do not blame people for leaving early. The odd few on a regular match day... yes totally plausible, perhaps they want to beat the rush, get a quick beer, catch a train etc.