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  1. Never heard of him before this window. Now I can't live without him 😍
  2. Soooo what's the state of play with this then? Close to finalizing, or merely there is interest from both parties?
  3. But that's boring Spend Spend Spend
  4. This makes me feel better, thank you
  5. I'm in need of tasty transfer news to brighten up my Tuesday.
  6. Rusko187

    Papy Mendy

    In the end he turned into a decent player but I think we can cash in on him. Ndidi and Hamza are more than capable replacements for the Mendy role.
  7. I think Geoff's blowing it out of proportion 🤣
  8. Just unlucky there, he very nearly won the ball and nothing more would have been said.
  9. I think @LinekersApples mentioned something in another thread reading some movement within Serie A clubs to comply with their finances, not totally out of the realms there maybe something in this... but no, no firm links.
  10. Has all the qualities of becoming a great player, but for whatever reason he seems to lack proper end quality. He seems to be electric under the England banner but for us.... has always been that "nearly" man. He's a capable squad player, nothing more.
  11. It's like they have an obsession Reading @urban.spaceman post yesterday you'd think they really wanted to him to move and are completely fabricating the whole thing. One things for sure, if he stays I really hope he gets shot of his agent... doing him absolutely no favours.
  12. Twitters free, I'll just stick with that.
  13. It's all nonsense, because if it were true then he would have handed in a transfer request. TalkSport is just another Sky platform, the day BT bury Sky for televised football the better!
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