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  1. I sold my VR headset not long before this got announced, truth be told it's the only game I've seen which has made me want to buy another one.
  2. Rusko187

    Corona Virus

    I'd hazard a guess you're going to struggle to sell at this point, keep calm and carry on me old china.... we'll get through this! Stiff upper lip, what! what!
  3. Our company has basically told me (working in a support function, that can work from home) to basically stay working from home, until informed otherwise... unless an Emergency/Incident occurs that my presence is needed. Any meetings should be done via conference call or webinar, and a lot of what I will be doing is ensuring we remain compliant in this time. I get why they've gone with this strategy, they don't want me going around the business and risking any infection spreading. It's now at a point where our business can continue, as long as the industry we supply to continues, and our branches continue to operate. It's a strange time.
  4. Rusko187


    Thank you for your advice guys, I haven't heard of the SCARF model, but it most certainly answers a question on why Video Games has scratched that itch for so long in my life. Mainly weightlifting, struggle with any form of running... but will contemplate about giving it another go. I think you're absolutely right though, I could use this as an opportunity to try something new and apply myself in that manner.
  5. Rusko187


    Not that I'm in a bad place or anything at the moment, but I'm living in a bit of fear that I may regress into more anxiety and depression. For years, I've suffered with video game addiction (which honestly most people would think is quite a silly thing), but genuinely the amount of money, time, energy, output that I have wasted through video games... I honestly dread to think. I've since just took a good look and myself and thought "what am I getting out of this?", most of the games I play just anger me if I fail and I've since managed to really push away from them. I've since replaced this huge void in my life with work, family and going to the gym, and I've really started to see an upturn in my emotions, performance at work and myself as a whole. I still get anxious about stupid things, but it's not anywhere near as bad, and the gym has helped to grow confidence and belief in my ability..... so why am I in fear of regressing? Well I guess with what feels like a collapsing society, the one thing that has propped me up for these past few months, I feel is only going to be a matter of time before heavy restrictions or even closures mean that I won't be able to go to the gym. And what will be around to welcome me back? Video games. So a question to you all, anyone else struggling in this really weird period?
  6. Season ticket holders, I imagine nothing will change until a decision has been made on the postponed games. If they're to be played, then a fair assumption is nothing. If they're to be cancelled, I'd expect the club to reimburse. As for generic ticket holders, probably similar. These are uncharted seas, sit tight everyone!
  7. Scary times, never thought I'd see anything like this... strangely it's almost unthinkable they will cancel the season, but on the other hand it's also quite likely that it will get cancelled.
  8. Sat in corporate last night away from my usual seat in L1, got to say Union FS boys do a cracking job... didn't stop all game and sounded really good Villa were loud though.
  9. 3-5-2 for me, always complaining it's our fullbacks losing their man that is contributing to conceding goals... if we're asking them to be so advanced, at least give them the cover whilst they bomb forward.
  10. I know those games extremely well, grew up playing them and pretty much dip into one of them every year. Preferred the 2nd to the 1st, but only really play the first 3 frequently.
  11. This is mine, the Ducky One2 Mini - Year of the Hog with Cherry MX Brown switches.... she is a thing of beauty!
  12. Think we all know people who have health issues that may be of more serious risk, to prevent spread of a virus which could kill these people, I'm all in favour of being played behind closed doors. My father has varying health issues, I'd rather keep him alive then go to a football match.
  13. Doesn't that just defy the point?
  14. Edit: seen someone had already responded with the article referencing Villas tactics.
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