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  1. Probably not the worst result in the world, sloppy mistake to concede the first goal but Kasper kept us in that game in a big way. Would have taken a point at the start of the game, just need to get through Brighton and then hopefully the lads can get some rest.
  2. Picked up FF7R a few months back but the framerate on PS5 made it a little difficult to play. Glad to see it's getting upgraded, might be able to finish it now.
  3. I like to think we have a smart bunch of players who won't go chasing the money, yes we cannot compete on wages but I feel this team has a hunger and desire to win rather then earn big money. Can't see Maddison, Ndidi, Ricardo, Soyuncu,Tielemans, Barnes or Justin going anywhere for some time. Fofana may be the exception but I could be wrong about him.
  4. It strikes me as though he prefers to build up a team rather then buy a team. This philosophy won't fit all clubs (especially Chelsea), I'm not saying he will never leave us but we are a good match and it's clearly showing.. if he stays another year or 2, I honestly think we could be title contenders. If some fat lad from Sileby can see that, then I'm sure he can.
  5. Good for him, I think other refs need a bit of backbone.
  6. He could wish that it is Mbappes dream to replace the greatest ever striker Jamie Vardy, and to make this dream a reality, he is happy to drop his wages to £25k a week. I mean, who doesn't want to move from Paris and experience the shopping delights such as the Haymarket or Beaumont Leys... Paris is very overrated.
  7. I would like us to downplay Unders ability, we sign him irrespective of how he performs and he turns out amazing for us.
  8. Could be something as simple as the intensity of the training, he perhaps demands more of the players then say under Puel.
  9. I hate this thread, but yet it's so handy for some bet ideas
  10. Look, he's not a player who will progress us, that is an absolute certainty... if he was trotting around the pitch and not putting the effort in I'd definitely get the critiscm but whilst our star player is out, he's perhaps the best option we have up front. Is it his fault the club haven't found a suitable back up to Vardy? No. He tries for the team, he does his best.. it's below par but it's all we can ask for in this time. Vardy will be back soon and he will be back making bit-part appearances.
  11. Grays been gone 2 hours now and we've already got our scapegoat. Feel for the guy, he puts the effort in and in a team without Vardy, I actually think he's a better option up top instead of Iheanacho. But there were a few off it today, Maddison for me was probably worst performer... totally anonymous for me.
  12. Would I be disappointed if we conceded a goal like that.... absolutely, but it's Villa we're talking about, why are we debating this... clearly a clean goal!
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