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  1. He just needs time, he's far from the complete product and needs to develop further. A more than capable Premier League striker but he could push on to the next level.
  2. What on earth is that logic about? Man tries to buy fast car but loses £40k.. good job as the car could have killed him. Whats your thoughts on overseas holidays where you need to fly?
  3. Likely it's more a bespoke model and that they would spruce it up a little more for him. Footballers nowadays, seen on Football Focus some kid was raking money in because he had the ability to get some High end label exclusive clothes and pretty much supplies to majority of Prem footballers.
  4. Exactly this, for my job I commute a fair bit and have to stop away in hotels alot. Switch is ideal to just throw in a bag and pick up where you left off, was in the car a lot over the weekend so got a few hours of Breath of the Wild in.
  5. I've unfortunately missed a few games this season, do the club offer some buy back scheme on tickets? Otherwise the only way to ensure the ticket is not wasted is to give it to a friend/family member and they too aren't always able to have it.
  6. Ahh I was there, bloody great game and a cracking goal.
  7. Those new pies are an absolute state! No Chicken in the Balti Pie MUSHROOMS IN THE STEAK AND ALE PIE!!! I HATE MUSHROOMS
  8. Mario Maker 2, Links Awakening are enough to get me very excited. Nintendo are absolutely nailing it with the Switch, whilst I've owned handheld consoles I find I'm on this a lot.
  9. You must really have it in for James he won't go as I think he's on a lengthy contract unless he drops down divisions. I'm not Mendys biggest fan and given we have 2 younger and arguably better CDMs I'd be in favour of adding him to the list of outs and bring in another high quality box to box mid (ala Tielemans) albeit and I'm being greedy here.. maybe 2 for backup. Striker is absolutely the priority, something to offer another dimension.. not looking to hound Vardy out but it is true we need to look forward as a club and we're desperately low of options in this department. Anything else I think we have sufficient cover
  10. In fairness to Claude you could hear him demanding and shouting to the players on the TV against Spurs, so the notion of him being quiet is definitely untrue.. he was really going at it.
  11. This is by no means a reflection on my view of Puel but I don't get a good vibe on this game, Palace have become our bogey team.. granted last game finished 1-0 but we usually seem to struggle against them recently. Didn't realise our Head to Head record with them was W:26 D:18 and L:26
  12. All in favour of phasing Vardy out, he isn't getting younger and we do need to look for what's over the horizon. It's also proved a lengthy ban or injury to him and we could be in serious bother. I just felt that phasing him out when we have no one capable of picking up the mantle is silly, get someone in the summer and then begin to phase him out.
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