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  1. Honestly I don't feel that people are digging at me, we are all entitled to different views. I'm not directing hatred towards the guy, at the time of writing my initial post it was pure shock that he had done that, but what kind of effect him taking his own life have on his children was purely my point hence why I was asking what made him feel so bad that it was his only option. I understand about mental health I truly do, I do have bouts of depression but yes it's not quite to the extent he must have been feeling but there is help out there for people who need it. I don't agree with the stigma associated with mental health it and I do think as a society we are coming on leaps and bounds with how people handle/deal and are treated/cared with it. My point as badly put yesterday was my sympathy lies more with his family and friends who do have to live with what has happened. I do hope he has found peace but it comes at a cost to those whom he should put first, but I'm speculating.. I've never known someone on a personal level who has done this so I understand people are far better qualified to advise on what has happened.
  2. Listen I'm sorry, I grew up and adored the guy and still do..but like why? What's been so bad in his life that he has felt the need to do this? I'm just more confused and yes I probably will never understand. It's just he leaves a family and children behind to pick up the pieces. I'm not sure if it's because it's not sunk in yet but how do you explain that to the children? My thoughts are currently with his family and friends.
  3. Must be something I can't comprehend, looking into the eyes of your kids before you know in your mind you're going to do something. Sure I'll feel differently about it tomorrow.
  4. I absolutely adore Linkin Park, seen them live a number of times... but I'm not sad for him, how can you leave behind a family... how bad are your problems when you decide to take your own life and leave 6 children fatherless! I'm torn between gutted, saddened and p****d off.
  5. To be fair to Lineker he is the poster boy and gets roped into doing more than just MOTD. Evans on the other hand... yeah get rid of him!
  6. Finally someone who speaks complete sense. We used to hang on to dead wood in the hopes that one day they would come good but absolutely right in terms of "giving players a chance" perform in training and they will be given their shot, fail to seize that and tough... we aren't a charity. That said I would like to see us offload Andy King more than Matty James.
  7. Sorry
  8. Seems legit
  9. Honestly I've only just started following so didn't know.
  10. Ahhh maybe not then
  11. I'm sorry is that a yes?
  12. Clutching at straws here, is Sean from Enderby reliable?
  13. I would be upset if that ends up being his chant.
  14. I'll see your what's your point and raise you: These are life skills that are important for adults to learn and understand, explains why some players come out of football and have difficulties financially.