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  1. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Oh absolutely we should be proud of our achievements but we need to make it relevant.
  2. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    The "On Wednesday night" chant, it says "We'll be in Porto, We'll be in Bruge" Sorry to nit pick but it bugs me, almost sound like Forest how much we are referring to our past.
  3. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    In L1, recently we've been chanting about Iwan Roberts and Champions League. Wouldn't mind so much but the chant suggests we're still in the champions league. Plus the occasional "Champions of England, you'll never sing that" is sometimes amusing, but totally cringe when it's sung to a team who have won it
  4. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Need more chants, still singing about Champions League at times.
  5. Puel is a good fit.

    I think perhaps you've misinterpreted my view, given a wishlist of managers I wouldn't have put him on there but as he's here I'm open to see how he does instead of how others would instantly want his dismissal at the first sign of trouble.
  6. Claude Puel on LCFCTV Tonight

    Ahh see I recall an interview with Nigel Pearson where he corrected Ian Stringer for something like: We go to Paris Ian, not Paree (or however it's spelt).
  7. Claude Puel on LCFCTV Tonight

    Not really concerned about his interview ability but do we think it might be a concern when he's trying to communicate to the players and staff? Hopefully I'm wrong. Doubt he could employ my tactic when I'm abroad. Me: Beer please Waiter: Scuse? Me: BEER PLEASE, B E E R.. BEER! NOW
  8. Puel is a good fit.

    Must admit I preferred Dyche and was a little.. unimpressed he signed, but I'm willing to give him a chance and do hope it works out a good move for him. His style at Southampton may not be consistent with his managerial career so I'm just going to go into Everton with no expectations.
  9. Claude Puel - Contender

    I only listen to managers interviews when we lose... I want a personal apology for his failings and reassurances it WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!!!
  10. Claude Puel - Contender

    Honestly what has been his philosophy and style prior to his time at Southampton, must admit I knew very little about the guy. He wouldn't have been my first choice but got to give him an opportunity if he is who the club wish to run! Would like him to introduce a new style to our game or perhaps a new formation but we'll see.
  11. Next City Manager?

    He didn't save them though, they got relegated.. Close but they didn't have enough in the end.
  12. Koeman sacked. Leicester???

    Sounds like we'll miss out on Dyche which is a big shame.
  13. Next City Manager?

    Why would he leave Watford for us? Especially at this time? He'd be mad!
  14. Rudkin

    We're talking about the match against WBA right? We didn't lose did we?
  15. Rudkin