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  1. Think he was saying that in jest. In all honesty, St-Etienne have every right to stick to their guns and reject bids... it's only what we've been doing when selling our players, would only be hypocritical of us to think badly of another club doing the same to us. That said, I like the sound of Wesley and would like to see him in a Leicester shirt, so I hope a deal can be done.. but I doubt it, I feel Puel has a grudge against us, and this is a way to get back at us. What are your opinions of Claude and his play-style?
  2. I'd give them Matty James too!
  3. Wouldn't it be great if he it's all signed, sealed, delivered and he's registered in time for game tomorrow.... and the announcement is him in the starting 11.
  4. Should have got him down the General, parkings crap but it's a decent place!
  5. The bigger the outline, the better
  6. My view is that we're weathering a storm in terms of COVID and Infrastructure investments, when we're clear of training facility, ground expansion and some form of normality to the tourism trade, I totally foresee a huge push on squad. We will have invested everywhere else... only place left for the money to go.
  7. Is it really a bad thing that we're still a successful team, without the need of our owners piling in cash. We're self sufficient with an exciting team of young talent and a state of the art training facility on the horizon, when the training facility and stadium expansion are complete, I really feel we will see the next step to our clubs development. This is the thing I like about our ownership, always focused on the actual infrastructure of the club and ensuring it's ran extremely well, as opposed to stacking a load of cash on journeyman players and expecting them to perform miracles. Sensible transfer policy, and excellent scouting network. What's to get upset about?
  8. I don't know why anyone would willingly want to subject themselves to Puel-Ball ever again.
  9. Have we got him yet?
  10. Ordered a OnePlus 8 Pro for £679 on Amazon last night, should be arriving tomorrow.
  11. Not an expert in employment law, but sacking someone for poor performance with 20 years of otherwise excellent work........ somethings dodgy about the dismissal, highly doubt it's performance related. Sacking suggests conduct
  12. I think he followed Katie Hopkins at one point
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