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  1. We won't be overhauling the squad nor do we need to. A good window for me is signing Tielemans, a striker and trimming the squad down, if this came off I'd be happy. Goalkeeper - We have enough, can't see Schemeichel leaving either. Defence - RB and CB we're fine, LB may need to buy if Chilwell goes. CB if Maguire leaves I still think we're covered in that area. Midfield - Have too many defensive minded mids, for that I'd look to offload Mendy and stick with Hamza and Ndidi. WE NEED TO BUY Tielemans or a Tielemans "Like" player, he links our defence and attack up and has been critical. This is the Major area for recruitment, but would think we will only sign 1 player. Attack - Don't need wingers, got too many. Strikers wise we do need 2 but can see us recruiting 1, will be difficult to convince someone of real quality to come in and play 2nd fiddle to Vardy nor could I see us signing someone who could displace Vardy. Personally would like an Edin Dzeko style striker, not the fastest but competent with his feet and is a physical presence in the box... a more versatile striker if I'm honest.
  2. I haven't followed him much this season but even we knew he wasn't exactly a player who tracks back and contributes defensively, he was for me a luxury player but once he had his moment he was absolute gold for us. Don't begrudge him for going to Man City as I'm sure he fancied his chances but who knows, may become the finished article next season... just needs a run of games and to learn to adapt his play.
  3. If he leaves on his own accord it will be for a bigger club in which I doubt we'd stand in his way. If he doesn't it means he's been sacked and the honeymoon period is over. Truth is no-one will know so let's just enjoy the moment for however long that lasts.
  4. Rusko187

    The gym

    Been going on and off for a number of years, sometimes I completely fall off going at all but when I feel bad I'll get back into it. Focus for the past 4 months has been losing weight at a steady and healthy rate whilst trying to maintain muscle, I've lost a stone and half and looking more defined for doing so. Usually get into the gym around 7:30 pm and there until 9:30pm doing a focused muscle group workout and with HIIT cardio for 20 minutes, I go 4 times a week and eat reasonably well. Pay £30 a month and I can't complain, could be more equipment but I suppose every gym can be accused of that. As others have said, get yourself into a routine and my other advice is freshen things up to prolong your interest, whether that's a new workout, new routine or even new gym gear (as daft as it sounds that can get me motivated to go). When you start seeing results you'll be hooked. My other bit of advice to anyone is don't get stuck in a cycle of "3 sets of 12 reps"... it's not the most effective and I've had way better results by going to the likes of 4 sets of 8 reps or 3 sets of 10. Key is to experiment and don't be afraid to adapt.
  5. Don't think that's entirely slim at all, Chilwell being a few years younger than Robertson and not a million miles away in terms of quality and performance.
  6. Granted European football aside we could be an attractive proposition to any young player. Clearly he's good enough for Champions League football but he has time on his side to get that. - Our ambitions could be something he buys into and wants to be a part of, given new training complex is being built he may want to see how this pans out. - Rumoured stadium expansions. - We can pay him potentially earnings above what someone like a Tottenham may want to pay. - Young and exciting team which he knows he can be a centre piece to - An ambition to achieve European football. If he signed and gave us 3 years he'd still have an opportunity to leave in his prime and go for the big time.
  7. He's managed us for 5 games and already we're saying someone is going to come in for him? Calm down!
  8. Going to be like Easter Island round there, already a monument to Gandhi. How about doing it at Jubilee Square?
  9. How about we try to consistently finish 7th/8th before we get too ahead of ourselves? There will be other teams believing it's their right to challenge "Top 6" like Wolves, Everton and West Ham. We just need to quietly go about our business and slowly build to at least give us a shot at sustain-ably maintaining "Top 6".... let alone get into it!
  10. Trouble is I'd say he'd stay if our ambitions match his but he's on another level and capable of Champions League football which we won't be able to give. I think it's safe to say it would be incredible if he stayed... but unlikely. So let's just enjoy him whilst we have him.
  11. Challenge for 7th and cup runs.. trip to Wembley would be nice.
  12. Unprecedented: Yes Fluke: No, you don't accidentally win a league over a 38 game season. Especially in the manner that we did, just another bitter scouser.
  13. I'm usually very drunk by this point.
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