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  1. Rusko187


    What headset is it? I have a slider on my headset where it will turn party chat down and game volume up... maybe this has happened.
  2. Small talk, I hate it and I hate having to do it! Leave me alone!
  3. Moved to a Note 9 last year on the Samsung Upgrade Program and not looked back since, will be upgrading to a Note 10 in October and couldn't be happier!
  4. I was playing RDR2, but I put in 3 hours of solid missions only to find out the next day that none of my progress saved... needless to say I'm not in the mood to look at it just yet. Instead, I've turned my attention to Breath of the Wild. Just completed all 120 Shrines, and now trying to summon the energy to make a start on the Korok seeds... Have been dipping into Gears 5 when I've been in the mood too.
  5. For anyone wanting a gaming PC and not confident on building I would most certainly recommend using Overclockers, that said it's honestly not hard, as long as you research what you're doing. I've built my last 2 computers and it's all plug and play nowadays, most annoying thing is the cable management. If you're after advice on what to get be sure to post what budgets you wish to work to, and what you're after (in terms of performance quality and the kind of games you wish to play).
  6. More so given the time and opportunity to negotiate a deal, my understanding is that he was prorogue Parliament but would return and still be ample time to debate a deal in Parliament. Not necessarily "just get us out anyway you can sharpish"
  7. Yeah, I get that. I voted to remain in the EU, but I'm just getting so fed up of living in some limbo like state over fears of how the economy reacts whilst it's already negatively impacting the economy in it's current state. I work in construction wholesale, and you can see sales are on the decline in the industry due to fears over what might be. In my honest opinion, this whole taking "No Deal" off the table would only hinder our negotiations, the EU don't want a "No Deal" breakaway anymore then we don't want it, as it's just as damaging. So if this is a powerful negotiation tool, is it not worth to keep it on the table as our stick to threaten them for a better deal? Make no mistake, if it were up to the EU, they would parade us around Kings Landing, whipping our naked bodies all the while saying "Shame, Shame"... they would want to make an example of how bad it would be for other countries to leave the EU. We take "No Deal" off the table, and can only see months and months of extensions and going round in circles rejecting the same deals..... but I'm no politician, which maybe reassuring for everyone to hear.
  8. Unpopular opinion: I like Boris Johnson and think he should be left to crack on with Brexit.
  9. Fantastic player, certainly gives Brendan a selection headache but he's more then deserving of this contract and the starts. Just good to see we have a player not afraid to get stuck into a tackle.
  10. I don't understand these "Puel" signings, we have an excellent recruitment team which do fantastic work in place but they get no credit for the signings we make, instead they are considered "Puel" signings?
  11. 4th in the league and in the 3rd round of the Carabao Cup?! We haven't lost a game yet, why does this thread even exist.
  12. I'm sure I read they didn't conduct a "fit and proper test" or thoroughly complete one due to the impending financial disaster already. EFL have blood on their hands with this, given they've failed to do their checks I'm amazed they took the stance of throwing Bury out of the leagues... truly felt the EFLs failings would have been considered, but hey... who cares about a club with 134 years of history!
  13. It's coming along nicely, managed to get a couple of snaps but there is someone sat in a security box watching what I was doing... which is making it difficult to get any good pictures.
  14. Every year I say I won't get it, I've taken a different approach... but usually I crack very quickly, which I have demonstrated with an example of a conversation I'd have with my brother in law. This is day of release for the purpose of this example Bro in law - You getting FIFA? Me - Nah, always the same... play 10 games and get bored Bro in law - Tielemans is a permanent player for Leicester now! Me - **Signs onto PSN store and buys Ultimate Edition** So to preempt this I got a deal on Playstation for Ultimate Edition and I'm comfortable with this.
  15. With the whole Bolton and Bury situations, there needs to be a serious shakeup in what is to be done with irresponsible owners. They are custodians to clubs which have deep roots in communities, not a plaything. If acting irresponsibly (especially true in the case of Bury), the EFL need powers to remove these people from their positions (at least in a temporary status), and the ability to invoke heavy penalties. Fans have little say in how their clubs are ran, especially true in the case of rogue owners but it seems that Bury fans are destined to be the ones facing the punishment by losing their club. Is it fair to criticise them for enjoying the good times? No, probably weren't fully aware of the extent of damage to the clubs finances. As for Premier League teams/players bailing the teams out, whose to say some haven't already contributed... but equally so, it shouldn't be down to Premier League teams/players to do this either! Perhaps mandatory friendlies with lower league oppositions in pre-season, mandatory domestic feeder clubs or even as someone suggested a "Premier League tax" to ensure grass-roots is still thriving... But not "Man City have got loads of money, why aren't they paying their debts off"
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