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  1. I'll believe this when I see it.
  2. Completely agree with this statement, I sometimes have to get involved in some traumatic incidents and in those scenarios you've got to remove the individual from the equation. Game should be off, they won't be in the correct frame of mind even though they think they will be. Either way, here's hoping he makes a full recovery. An outstanding player who I enjoyed watching when he was at Spurs.
  3. I'm in agreement with you, if no contract is signed when he returns then we should look to sell in this window. And like you, I think he's happy here but wishes to play Champions League for the sake of his career. If we had qualified then I'd have no doubts this would have been a simple sign on the dotted line.
  4. I'm really liking the look of this guy, I did have reservations when his name was first dropped but I'm completely sold on the guy and think he could be an excellent addition. Anything he's lacking, he's still young enough to develop on and with Rodgers in charge, I think he can get the very best out of him. And.... That Chant
  5. Rusko187


    We had someone from Harrison Murray come to value our house and funnily enough, they do on occasions sort housing out for players. Often through player liaison officer though. Well, that's what he told me.
  6. Rudkin out, sack the board, get rid of Brendan... total reset of club required.
  7. I truly think his main problem is because he plays for Burnley, it absolutely shouldn't be, but he's good enough to be on that plane. With Fofana, Evans and Soyuncu, I didn't think we'd need this guy.. but with one of those 3 out, we are very short on quality players to come in. Is he going to want to come in and sit on the bench though? Or is he good enough to displace one of the current starters? For me, GERRRRIMMMMIINNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
  8. Not fussed on him coming to Leicester, but I get the impression he is misunderstood.
  9. I thought he left the role? Is this his final 2 fingers up to the Man United fans?
  10. We signed him with no Champions League, in fact all the players we signed with Champions League turned out to be somewhat poor. If we lose players, fine... but it's on our terms. Trust in our recruitment.
  11. £60m and Thiago? I could live with that.
  12. I can only think of maybe 5 teams on the planet that doesn't fear of losing players. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus and I'd probably throw Man City into that mix now. Nearly everyone else I think can expect some level of fear that they lose players. I'll tell you another thing though, there are 100's of teams across Europe that don't have a Youri Tielemans in their squad and some of them perform just as well as us, if not better. If he goes, he goes... but I have the faith in our scouting department to identify someone else who could take up that position. Think Klopp sai
  13. One of the greatest moments in FoxesTalk history... wasn't there a picture with both him and his agent looking over at the photographer?
  14. Combination of things, ultimately the injuries got us in the end. Playing a DM, RB and 1 CB in a backline intended for 3 CBs. They tried, they couldn't do it. If we want to climb that next rung, we need to spend money and expand our squad, whilst not losing any quality. We cannot sell any player that we didn't intend to this summer. CB, LB, Mid, Winger and Striker all needed.
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