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  1. Has all the attributes of being an absolute superstar.... if he can be arsed.
  2. Seriously thought this lad was going places when we signed him....... Just didn't think those places were eateries! Mind you, sat next to him and Andy King at Nandos one time... He was tucking into a full chicken (couldn't make out the spice) with double helpings of Peri-Peri fries, washed down with an ice cold Coca-Cola........ I've just made myself hungry.
  3. I triple dare you, no returnsies... I'll throw in a snickers too to sweeten the deal
  4. If we get a convincing win against Burnley, then I'm convinced our problem is that our team doesn't like playing at home in front of the miserable buggers who boo any misplaced pass.
  5. That's valuable drinking time pal, I'm a busy man
  6. I take great offence to this, you leave it any later then 30 minutes and you're not making second half!!! I demand an apology as there is mitigation to this, the club need to sort the catering out for me to stay the whole 45 mins
  7. Don't understand the Vlogging aspect whilst the game is on, just watch the game for goodness sake! No objections to some fan account having some forum to discuss the game afterwards though, like a podcast... just don't do an AFTV that is another cringe model
  8. Have we actually been reliably linked with anyone?
  9. At the end of the game, you could hear the saints fans singing "you can shove your 9-0 up your a***", followed by their team doing that weird holding of hands and celebrating like they won the league. Never known such a small mentality, only bloody Leicester for goodness sake.
  10. So very tiring hearing all game about how poor he is and jeering misplaced passes, lad is in a poor run of form... he's not doing it on purpose, why not do something productive and try to back the lad? I'm sure anyone getting booed whilst doing their job would struggle.
  11. In no particular order: Breath of the Wild The Last of Us GTA V Destiny 2 Day Z (I get this hasn't gone down well with most, but had some incredibly funny stories with friends on this game) ARMA 3 The Walking Dead (Telltale) MGS 5: Phantom Pain Portal 2 PUBG
  12. Driving is a doddle pal, in time you could do it with your eyes closed... just need to remember a few things to help you: Number 1: If in doubt, flat out! (This is especially true if you're unsure whether it's the police are following you with lights on... it could be someone else, best to play it safe) Number 2: If anyone cuts you up, ram them off the road Number 3: Pedal arrangements are C, B, A (Clutch, Brake and Accelerator) unless it's an auto, I like to remember the pedal arrangements by Can't Be A***d Number 4: In test you hold the steering wheel at 10 to 2, when you pass your test, you then wedge the steering wheel in between your knees, beer in 1 hand and phone in the other. Number 5: Finally, and this one is critical.... Remember your mirrors! I think that should have you covered, but if you need anymore I'll be happy to give you more pointers.
  13. I love how our fans operate. Player dips in form - "Not good enough, get rid" Why don't we work with the player to bring his confidence back up, and to help get back in form... he's certainly a more then capable Premiership Left Back.
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