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  1. Definitely activity going on down there, seen some contractors on top of the club house the other week and there's been increasing traffic. Going to take time but will be fantastic when it's done, especially deadline day... I've got my deck chair all ready to camp out (it's only a stones throw away for me).
  2. Absolutely no regard for their fanbase at all.
  3. Rusko187

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    Think it's taken out of context, I think the club are trying not to put pressure on the team but as players they're determined to go out there and get a result.
  4. Was Paulo Sousa an appointment under Vichais ownership?
  5. Totally agree with what you're saying. Cardiff is more of a game for the mind, the result does not matter to me. The club needs to find it's feet in a big way but when they're ready I know they will pull in the right direction to really honour Vichai.
  6. I wanted him out before all this tragedy, now I'm just wanting what is right for everyone... if that's Puel staying then so be it. Don't think it's going to be in the Hierarchys thoughts right now which I totally understand.
  7. Rusko187

    How to pronounce Srivaddhanaprabha

    Whilst it's good your bringing awareness some people have no hope... my dad refers to Ndidi as Niddy. I correct him all the time!
  8. Rusko187

    A statue of Vichai

    Amazing support from people all over, hopefully we can make this a reality for him. In addition and I don't know if this is a far out suggestion, can our badge be slightly altered?
  9. Here we go again.... the tears are back.
  10. He has my support no matter what! There will be bumps and bruises along the way but success is when we all pull in the same direction.. what Top says must go and I respect any decision he will make. I'm confident this is a new dawn for Leicester and we sadly will be galvanised by this tragedy, but along this journey we must honour and respect those who lost their lives. Foxes Never Quit
  11. Rusko187

    New Goal Music

    Their support twitter accounts confirmed they're aware of it.
  12. Rusko187

    A statue of Vichai

    My apologies, I misinterpreted. In due course I'm sure a GoFundMe will be set up and we can start to make this a reality.
  13. Rusko187

    A statue of Vichai

    As much as I agree it can't solely be about 1 man, 4 others lost their lives too and equally their passing must be remembered too. A statue is great, but not befitting of them all.
  14. Rusko187

    Condolences To other 4 victims

    May they Rest in Peace 😪
  15. Rusko187

    Helicopter crash

    Really needs a gofundme organising, think it's something the fans and city should raise together as a show of respect to the owners and the club.