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  1. Well and truly choked the Champions League, poor... simply poor.
  2. Why oh why do we keep crossing the ball into the box? Sam Allardyce in charge?
  3. Stick with him, by all accounts this is still a successful season despite recent form. Semi final of the league cup, quarter final of the FA Cup and some form of European football (just hoping it's the one we want). We've simply been figured out and we don't have the personnel to change this, it will only be the same problem the next manager will come in and face, so whereas we have a manager whose living it now and despite what others think, is still an excellent choice... let him address the problem in a transfer window. It's clear as day what our problem is, we don't have enough goals anywhere else in the team and when a team shuts out our star striker, we're stumped. It's going to be one almighty job to replace Vardy as it is, but we need to bring in someone who understands they will play second fiddle to him. One player who we could probably get, and would be a different dimension is someone like Oliver Giroud, he wants out and he's the sort of striker we're crying out for in games like yesterdays second half.
  4. Partly agree, there are times where we need to play conservatively and at least try to gain a point. I thought the Watford game would have been wise to take that approach as it's a potential banana skin. However, we made Brighton look like Man City last night, which if we're aspiring for greater things, is unacceptable. For our striker not to touch the ball once in 30 minutes is frankly poor, effectively aside from his presence on the pitch, we were playing with 10 men... this is not necessarily Vardys problem, but he could also look to see what more he can do. We're crying out for a striker who can offer a different dimension, to hold the ball up and bring other players into the mix. Having Nacho and Vardy play doesn't solve our problems right now. Brendan needs to look at our approach and prep for the coming games, not wanting him out the door, but things do need to improve.
  5. There certainly were far worser players today, and he's not done enough to warrant taking majority of the criticism
  6. I'd trust reading Tea Leaves over the Mercury nowadays
  7. Not the worst result in the world for both teams, could have been a potential banana skin after coming back from a lengthy lay-off. Sharpness and speed isn't there yet which is to be expected but at least we didn't pick up any injuries. Not sure I agree with the negative tones entirely, Tuesdays another day and we need to make sure we grab 3 points against Brighton.
  8. Kante and Ndidi are far too similar. And I'd rather have Willian then Abraham
  9. Inspired response sir!
  10. For an outfit who specialise in sports, I'm surprised Sky isn't aware of the tensions between Rodgers and Dembele.... Think we've got more chance of signing Donald Trump to play in goal for us.
  11. Yeah in fairness it maybe good for Bournemouth, doesn't show Fraser in good light at all though. Bournemouth pretty much made Fraser, and in their time of need he decides to stick it. Wouldn't be touching someone like that at all!
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