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  1. Ricardo Pereira

    Is that a personal opinion or word on the street?
  2. Mahrez to Man City shock

    Thanks for the memories Riyad, aside from your strops you've been absolutely brilliant (at times) and were integral to us winning the league. Need to get this done early and focus on a replacement, don't want this running through the entire window as a distraction only to get a last minute bid!
  3. Name a better option than puel

    I don't have the confidence in Puel, a few decisions for me are baffling and the tactics he's looking to employ does not fill me with confidence. I understand we would need to sacrifice the tactics we formerly used but evidence suggests the way he's getting us to play isn't going to mean sustained success, he was never my first choice manager but the longer he is here the more I am thinking Southampton were right about him.
  4. Negativity

    I'm just not a fan of Puel, his mannerisms and the style he is putting forward just isn't what I'm enjoying. I'm not campaigning for him to get the sack but I'm not exactly thrilled with what's been put on show. He was never my first choice and was sceptical when they appointed him, first few games I was a convert but he seems to have moved away from what was originally being served up... but that could be the players are already "on holiday".
  5. - Expansion of South and East stand (expansion of South stand to be similar of the Yellow Wall at Dortmund) - Increased supply of Balti pies and staff working on catering so I don't have to queue from 30 mins in the first half to get something to eat and drink to be back in time for 2nd half!!!! - Cushioned seats - Pockets to store blankets and sandwiches - Soft flooring so when I choose to stand for a prolonged period of time my feet don't hurt - 70ft high statue of Wasilewski - Fan zone - Internal bars (seen something similar done at Yankee stadium and looks pretty good)
  6. Applauding an opponents goal

    Don't recall applauding a goal against us but have admired a few, last one I can recall is De Bruynes earlier this season against us at home. Just a nice deft touch onto his left and pinged it from about 35 yards, totally deceived our players!!
  7. Puel

    Probably best to look into the statistics in that period, from what I recall we looked tighter at the back and more assuring... as much as I like Morgan and thankful for what he's done we don't look that under him.
  8. Puel

    Increasingly I find myself wanting the guy out, I backed him all the way until he dropped Dragovic for Morgan. We were playing so much better with Dragovic in the team and him doing this made me think he's bowing down to the players in order to maintain harmony. Which leads me to the point, what needs to change? Undoubtedly I think the squad needs to change, if Puel cannot cope with the Morgan situation than how can I hope he will make wholesale changes in this squad?! He was never a fan favourite to manage us and think he's done very little to win over the supporters, he's a club choice and until senior management see him not the correct choice I'm afraid we will only continue to question his position. Our style of football has become stale and mundane, we are struggling in games we should really get more from... I'm just ready for him to go.
  9. UFC ...

    Lost a lot of respect for McGregor, it's all gone to his head! Should have kept his head in the game and defended belts, instead he's been chasing the lights and money, let his ego control him and now we're seeing him capitulate. Don't think he will never be allowed in the US again as there is no doubt he's a massive pull in terms of sports but there will be a hefty price to pay! Edit: I am really looking forward to the Holloway V Khabib fight, The Eagle will win this though for me.
  10. Gaming advice needed please - I know nothing!

    For the purpose of what you will be using it for regular PS4 or PS4 slim will be more than sufficient, likewise for Xbox a regular Xbox one or Xbox one S. The Pro and X models are higher spec machines to give better frames and visuals but it's marginal and I'd be inclined to say you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. In terms of chat settings you can lock these in to be restrictive but I'm not sure how it's done. In terms of Fortnite it's an online competitive game with guns but it's comical violence so no blood or anything.. I'd say it's extremely child friendly but every parent is different. Both Xbox and Playstation are subscription based to play online but shopping around online you'll be able to get a better deal than what the console has on offer, Fortnite the game is free for the mode I suspect he will want to play which is the Battle Royale but there is a paid mode which I haven't seen anything on. Hopefully I've answered all your questions but do feel free to get in touch if you want more info.
  11. Vardy will be more effective against tougher opponents as opposed to group fodder.
  12. another school shooting

    Some of the comments you read from the US about what to do in the aftermath.. some suggest arming teachers? What typical American logic that is "Another tragic shooting has occurred, let's buy more guns". Stopped arguing with them on social media, they as so blind to it and will not listen to reason that gun laws will be one of the greatest things to happen to America.