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  1. another school shooting

    Some of the comments you read from the US about what to do in the aftermath.. some suggest arming teachers? What typical American logic that is "Another tragic shooting has occurred, let's buy more guns". Stopped arguing with them on social media, they as so blind to it and will not listen to reason that gun laws will be one of the greatest things to happen to America.
  2. Thought they weren't signing African players?!
  3. It's clearly what he wants us to accept, so if he wants us to do that then we pay him accordingly to soften to blow. Or we could just pay him minimum wage with a £50m buy-out
  4. My point is if he wants to go on the cheap than we'll pay him on the cheap! If he wants the big money than he can expect a big fee is what will take to get him. He can't have it both ways.
  5. Give him a contract, 10k a week and 50 million release clause.. Doesn't extend his deal and if he keeps up the good work he'll get his dream move. In all honesty if they offered us £65m and Brahim Diaz I probably would have took that, but whose to say the player they were offering even would have wanted to come? It's all ifs, buts and maybes but Riyad has behaved very poorly during this whole thing. He should have kept his trap shut and let the clubs handle the business, now I'm betting Pep is thinking "Wow, dodged a bullet there"... what would he be like when Sane is fit and he's not getting regular game time? A bloody nightmare.
  6. Ref today

    I'm thankful we have VAR with us tonight, hopefully it exposes some major error made by Moss and he has his refereeing badges removed with immediate effect and made to walk home!!!
  7. Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    Not saying we didn't.. but we didn't score either. My point being is that going down to 10-men against Chelsea makes the game a lot harder and could have potentially lost it but we didn't.
  8. Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    Would have taken a point before we kicked a ball, grateful to finish with a point considering we went down to 10 men. Only caught 2nd half and we looked very good, could say we need to be more clinical but it's not as though we struggle for goals. Chilwell partially unlucky, bit of a wild challenge but still unsure to say it was a foul.. if you go diving in like that than inevitably the ref may make a knee jerk decision. Puel has set us up brilliantly and continues to prove me wrong.
  9. VAR

    So in the context of what happened with the Spurs V Arsenal game earlier in the season, an offside goal was scored from a free-kick where a foul was not committed.. the referee ultimately makes an in-play decision... whether the manager chooses to challenge is down to them but it's at that point the opportunity to do so. If he chooses not to than the free-kick stands and is taken, in that case if Pochettino felt so strongly about it not being a free kick he should contest! If he didn't than it's down to an in-decision made to the best of the referees ability. If the referee is unsure on whether to call it a foul he can request for a review. I'm not saying my idea is 100% fool-proof but this is the reality and it's coming whether we like it or not, I'm just speculating how I think it can work effectively.. Personally I think it could improve on a lot of things.
  10. VAR

    I like your previous point, and that is my thinking of how it plays out. Taking Kitchandros point I didn't watch the game last night but penalty is given after a "dubious" decision than Wenger can pipe up before the penalty to have that decision reviewed. I'm assuming it was a blatant dive but Wenger has contested the decision and loses a "challenge token", Hazard is awarded a card and retrospective action (if needed) and a free kick is awarded to Arsenal... would take 30 seconds to look at that which could be added as stoppage time at the end of the game.
  11. VAR

    That's what I was trying to say, I'm not expecting play to be stopped because of a foul in the centre circle unless it was significant dangerous play etc. I'm trying to limit the occasions play is stopped hence why I say a limited amount of challenges must be called by the manager to facilitate a stop in play.