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  1. Few more hours played, it does pick up and improve and I am enjoying it more, but find it's better to go at this in small bites as opposed to binging on this for hours on end. It's most certainly well polished and I haven't come across any bugs. I'll keep dropping updates, I wouldn't say to anyone that this is absolutely something you shouldn't buy... just think the IGN review probably has the scoring about right. Edit: One other thing to add, I've started coming across more of the bridge link... which is where you start to see the contributions of others in your game world, people have built Bridges across rivers, ladders and climbing ropes which all really give you a hand. I thought I wouldn't be too fussed on this mechanic, but you do get a sense of wanting to contribute yourself.
  2. AFTV is my guilty pleasure when Arsenal lose, other then that I couldn't care less. Fan-made content is important, I suppose we're fortunate that BBC Radio Leicester I think does a good job in talking to the fans and getting their opinions heard which kind of negates the need of an AFTV-for-Leicester. However, it can be quite a dangerous platform as there's no controls/restrictions on what is mentioned. Aren't the Arsenal players extremely unhappy with AFTV as a whole?
  3. Where's the harm in keeping traditions though? The world is constantly evolving and with that, I feel it's important to remember the foundations of which this country is built upon. Things like Parliament (as crap as it is right now), Royal Family and Rule Brittania is our history, which we should acknowledge and continue to practice. I interpreted the highlighted point as though we should "drop these traditions", I'm hoping I have misinterpreted your post in general, but for me other great nations haven't moved on. There are many traditions in countries that are continued to be practised to this day, in this year alone we saw Thailand have a new King and Japan have a new Emperor. Personally I'd rather ban Lily Allen
  4. Voted for us, other moments could be fluked... I maintain, you cannot fluke a season. Tournament maybe.
  5. I need to get cracking on getting the ICON swaps, haven't touched the game since the new season.
  6. Is it? Geez I bought the HD pack a while ago and haven't touched it! Too many danged games right now.
  7. Touche, those reviewing it a 10/10 are not reviewing it as enjoyable video game though, but are more reviewing it as an artsy statement of the beautiful message he's trying to portr........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. He wants first team football, not to move to another club for less money to be even more of a back up. I think we need a winger.
  9. Incredible really, it's going back to 2015/16 season where there was no-one to really fear in the league. To be walking away disappointed with the Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United games with the result says how far we've come along. Each of those games we deserved more then the outcome. Hopefully the return legs of these games on our own territory, we get a more desirable outcome.
  10. It's on Xbox Game Pass, I haven't put too much time into Outer Worlds either. Ok, so played Death Stranding for a few hours over the weekend. I'm a big Kojima fan and really only ever been disappointed with MGS5 out of the entire series, saying this so it provides some context to my thoughts. Gameplay wise - I can see this getting really boring, I've maybe 3/4 deliveries so far and if I'm honest, I could really take it or leave it. No real tangible reward to the grind that I can currently see. Story wise - This is what's making me come back, had it not been for a Kojima story, and the air of mystery about what's going on then I wouldn't have really bothered with the game. Everyone is different, but for me, I've become more conservative with my time... if something isn't worth the grind then I shall not bother, I'm at a point where I'm 4-5 hours in and I've lost the interest in continuing to play. Others may find this experience different... but it's not the 10/10 some reviewers have been going through.
  11. I think our experience in going the distance in league wins will stand us in good stead to finish strong, at the start of the season a dream finish would be top 6. Whilst disappointing it may seem now, a good season for us is still within the top 6.
  12. "2nd comes right after 1st" - Buzz Aldrin
  13. Same here, it's nice that it was such a reasonable price.
  14. Jumped on this straight away, my team is looking worryingly quick up front... MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
  15. You've already broken my trust
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