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  1. Ok I take your point about contract length but last season could have been enough of a stepping stone for him. Long term doesn’t have to be the rest of his career but imo we can get 3/4 years out of him
  2. I like to think he’s committed to the club’s long term project. Hence why he turned down reported opportunities to join bigger fish in the summer to come here
  3. It shows a lack of knowledge when people say “he’s 32 he will be out the door soon” and assume he is getting slower because of that. He is an anomaly. His pace and aggression are his best attributes but I genuinely believe he is a complete striker. I can’t think of many weaknesses in his game
  4. At least it’s still on Boxing Day and not been moved to 27th or 28th of December. Those days make it feel like a standard midweek game
  5. Agreed. Have a tiny suspicion that our boys will be fired up to the extreme for the return on Boxing Day
  6. I’m not so sure we can give Rodgers the reputation of a disloyal manager off the back of switching jobs mid season once. Yes he upset the Celtic fans with the timing of his move in particular but I do believe he would’ve stayed until the end of the season there but he saw what a good opportunity it was at LCFC and he realised having the last few months of last season would be crucial in assessing the squad and Leicester likely won’t have waited on him at the time. Hence he must have thought “it’s now or never” for this job and took the decision to leave. The only other time he walked out on a club was Swansea but that was after getting them promoted to the Premier League and finishing 11th in their first full season up there. He took a Liverpool job which must have been too tempting to turn down and he would have thought he’d taken Swansea as far as he could. With the upward trajectory this club is taking (young players full of potential, new training ground etc.) it would take some achievement(s) over the next 1-2 years for him to believe he’s taken us as far as he can and that the grass is greener elsewhere. That said I’d still be surprised if he does more than 2 full seasons here
  7. My original post pointed out that there was some truth in what he’s saying but it’s more the way he was saying and his tone of voice that was winding me up - super dismissive. But if he’s a wind up merchant then he has succeeded! Still nothing wrong with being optimistic and fancying ourselves for top 4. I think we have a great chance over the course of a 38 game season but I guess some people are more naturally pessimistic than others
  8. Who’s that guy on the right? What a dick! Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but he just sounds so bitter about us haha. He’s the one that needs to calm down if he’s so wound up about us having a good team! Probably one of those in the media that cried into their cornflakes when we won the league! Nobody is all of a sudden basing their top 4 beliefs on one victory over a poor Newcastle side. It’s over a near half season period with Rodgers in charge being in third place of the ‘since then’ table and playing every bit like a top team. Yes we lost to Man Utd but that game was there for the taking and we still are 3 points ahead of them and in much better shape. He only cared to point out our 2 not so positive results this season, not the 4 wins or draw at Stamford Bridge. He’s right that you’ve always got to be somewhat grounded but when someone who is supposed to be a neutral party is so dismissive of our chances it really winds me up!
  9. You’re right about Benkovic being on the books and the sooner he gets up to speed the better. Morgan is more than adequate cover for the rest of the season. However I agree with the op that I’d be very worried if Vardy gets injured as for nearly every position on the pitch except striker we have someone of near enough equal quality to step into the team seamlessly. And it literally just is Nacho and Pérez (who has responsibilities in a different position) who are cover so the bodies aren’t there either. However we all know that this is the problem in getting someone in who is of a good enough quality to start for us but be happy to be understudy to Vardy or play alongside him in a system that doesn’t suit them
  10. My opinion is that I personally would never choose to leave early unless it was absolutely necessary. I’ve payed for a ticket for the entire football match and until the entertainment (or distinct lack of on some occasions) is complete then I think it’s bad value for money to not stay until the climax. But that is just my opinion on what I want to do. I also understand that everyone else is entitled to do what they want unless they’re getting in the way others so this matter doesn’t annoy me as much as others on here. Although I must say I really don’t understand fans who stand about in the pub or the concourse for an extra pint and then rock up 20 minutes late blocking everyone’s view without a care in the world. They’ve missed a quarter of what they’ve payed their own money to witness! But again each to their own
  11. But but they don’t care about us of course
  12. Tanner didn’t write this article. It says by “Dominic Fifield” at the top. Formerly the London football editor at the Guardian
  13. Man of the match by a country mile vs Spurs imo. And that’s saying something given the strong performances we saw across the pitch! He was constantly winning the ball back and his passing noticeably improved. Who needs to put two defensive midfielders in the team when Wilf’s doing all the dirty work by himself anyway? Possibly our most valuable asset (especially with how crucial he is to the way we play) and I hope he continues to go relatively under the radar.
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