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  1. RutlanderFox

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    It’s rare that I agree with the co-commentators on the streams but the guy on my stream the other night said that Kante and Drinkwater always looked to where there next pass will be as soon as they got the ball and got it forward quickly but that Mendy and Ndidi don’t do this and slow the game down despite working just as hard which I think sums it up well.
  2. RutlanderFox

    2019/20 MASSIVE potential!

    Replace Gray with Mendy so we actually have cms rather than a huge hole and Ndidi as a cam! Also keep Ricardo in and that excites me
  3. RutlanderFox

    Our Internationals 2018/19

    Sky say Shaw is expected to start. Harsh on Chilly after bossing the last 3 England games and being in good form for us 😕
  4. RutlanderFox

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    I can’t believe it’s not already been put in tbh. I’m 1000000% in favour of VAR and can’t understand why others aren’t! Every time it got it wrong (which was less than how often it got it right by the way) it was a handball decision. In this scenario the handball rule and interpretation of this rule is the problem, not the system and screens that are displaying the incident! The lack of clarity on the handball rule has been an issue for years now (refs don’t seem to 100% know what they’re doing with it and seem to have differing and inconsistent opinions). All VAR has done has highlighted this issue as it has been bought to our attention how the referees deal with these incidents when watching slow motion, all angles replays on a TV screen rather than having to (sometimes) guess in real time. And for for those who say it slows the game down, it’s not every decision, throwin, corner etc. that it’s being used for, just the key game changing ones which need to be right. We’d all rather have the right decisions made surely and if you say no to that then wait until one goes against Leicester next weekend and see whether you still think that. As we’ve seen the ref doesn’t go over to the monitor every time, only when it really needs to be looked at and nearly every time the ref went over his decision was changed. It was basically him having a word in his ear of “you’ve screwed up here” and that’s his cue to change it, with going over to the screen being just a formality. Another issue last season, which I thought was a major sticking point, was if assistants put their flags up when the player was actually onside then they could be denying a potential goal. This was resolved by instructing assistants to keep their flags down with tight calls. The lack of communication in stadiums has also been partly resolved with messages of “VAR check” on the big screens. This tells us that if there are issues they are being resolved and that patience really is a virtue with this. It was a success at the World Cup, as I say excluding handball decisions which isn’t the fault of VAR, so give it time and it’s only going to improve.
  5. I sadly can’t make it today which I am truly gutted about. Just wondering if anyone has heard whether there will be live coverage of the pre match tributes on SSN or something today? I don’t want to have to rely on a stream not running
  6. Well there are rumours of a big surprise from the club today...
  7. RutlanderFox

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    Brilliant tribute. Is this the one they will show pre match tomorrow?
  8. RutlanderFox

    Burnley (home)

    I think we can say for certain that the tradition of getting a helicopter to land on the pitch and deliver the match ball will be scrapped for this one and possibly all rememberance day fixtures in the future
  9. Mahrez in his post match interview https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11679/11520877/riyad-mahrez-says-man-city-missed-penalty-v-liverpool-wont-affect-confidence Asked if he has a good penalty record, he said “In the championship yes but not in the Premier League.” What? He never even took a single one for us in the championship 😂
  10. RutlanderFox

    Harry Maguire signs new contract until 2023!

    They’ve also said that it was one of the “key sticking points” in the new contract so does that mean Maguire and his representatives were after one to make it easier for him to leave?
  11. RutlanderFox

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/ben-chilwell-england-debut-liverpool-15138705 pathetic article from the Liverpool Echo trying to use Chilwell’s rise to praise a scouting system that never got close to signing the man in question!
  12. RutlanderFox

    The Worlds Longest Leicester City Quiz...

    Does this include the championship? If so my guess would be 2007/08 vs West Brom
  13. They say the big players rise to the big occasions and this fixture was always a big occasion for him (or at least one half of it 😂) and you just knew he would score every time just like Ronaldo, Messi, Ibra etc. always find a way in the big games
  14. Vardy’s goals and goading at that exact same corner at the Hawthorns including a goal of the season winner 😂😂
  15. Here’s my top 20 because why not! 1 Vardy 2 Okazaki 3 Cambiasso 4 King 5 Morgan 6 Nugent 7 Ulloa 8 Huth 8 Albrighton 9 Knockaert 10 Dyer 11 Schmeichel 12 Ndidi 13 Iborra 14 Liam Moore 15 Kante 16 Wasilewski 17 Berner 18 Oakley 19 Fryatt 20 Chris Weale