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  1. A shout for an LCFC goal: Knockaert free kick vs Derby in the league cup and also his second vs Huddersfield at home when he dribbled through the defence to score. As for the opposition, Kolarov scored a great free kick for Man City in a league cup tie but I agree that Chalobah’s was the best. That was absolutely unbelievable
  2. Pearson. “I thought Leicester was a rugby club”
  3. I’m surprised nobody had mentioned his goal against Wales at the Euros. 1-0 down to our British rivals and facing being humiliated and tormented by Welsh supporters after the game but just when England needed a hero who else but Vardy to come on at half time and score almost straight away! It was also the first time in my lifetime that a Leicester player scored a major tournament goal and even better it was for England I also enjoyed his winner at Chelsea this season
  4. I’d also give a shout out to his injury time equaliser at Southampton early in the title winning season, his second of the day. We showed brilliant character to come back from 2 down for a third game in a row and the finish was typical Vardy - absolutely tw*t it as hard as you can past the keeper!
  5. For me it’s has to be the record breaker against Man Utd. To be in the stadium for that moment was just incredible. And to watch it back on the TV to see his brilliant celebration to the away fans and accompanied by the “it’s eleven it’s heaven” commentary is chilling still to this day. From my angle it looked like it was going wide off a touch from De Gea’s boot because of the weird way the shot swerved but it was actually an excellent finish. Incredible no look pass from Fuchs too at the end of a typical Leicester counter attack. All the build up beforehand was will he or won’t he do it so to see him take his only chance of the game was brilliant. The fact it was against Man Utd who were singing the record holder van Nistelrooy’s name all game until it happened made it even sweeter and it couldn’t have been scripted any better. It finalised his arrival as a top player for me and it made his rise from non league even better. I think those 11 games where Vardy was going for the record don’t get enough recognition for taking the attention and pressure off the team for maintaining some table topping form early in the season and Vardy did well to take it all in his stride and not make it all about himself. The Liverpool volley is a close second though.
  6. Has to score before the end of the season
  7. I think a lot of the fans who bring this up are fans of teams like Villa, Forest, Newcastle etc. were essentially jealous of us winning the league. They think that given their histories (in some cases ancient history) that it should’ve been them winning it and that they have some sort of divine right to be above us in the leagues. I wonder whether Preston fans back in the 1920s (after living through the very successful 1880s their side had) were saying to Liverpool fans “you’ve got no history” and started getting bitter when Liverpool were crowned with a defining recent achievement. Just goes to show it matters sweet fa in the grand scheme of things
  8. Morgan’s lack of pace will be less exposed with 2 cbs alongside him rather than 1 even though Maguire and Evans aren’t exactly blessed themselves. So you could argue for the same reasons that it will benefit them too
  9. Not a surprise. I don’t see how they were different in anyway to the original thread that got banned
  10. If he’s going with 4-3-3 why play Albrighton over Choudhury? Makes no sense to me
  11. It was a relatively old side at the time anyway so players were going to pass their peak fairly soon after it happened
  12. People say it’s a result based business and that results should come before performances or entertainment value which I generally agree with. However big issues start to come to the fore when teams neither get the results or the performances as that’s when fans really start to grumble. I think that’s happening to us now. I keep hearing “it’s a results based business and Leicester are where everyone expects them to be as they’re not going to break into the top 6 so why are the fans complaining?”. However we simply aren’t picking up results at the moments. 5 defeats in the last 6 is not picking up results, especially when you look at the teams we’ve played in that time. The record is even worse over a matter of months when you take out the unexpected Chelsea and City wins, not that I’d encourage disregarding those. Even if positionally we are about where we should be now, we should definitely have more points on the board if you look at the ones we’ve thrown away or just not turned up to try and get. It’s not just a matter of style of play and entertainment value.
  13. Even just reading the start of this thread and seeing how much hope we had for him at the start of this season, never mind when he signed, both frustrates and saddens me. I like to continue to have faith in players that they will turn it around. I did with Vardy but I just can’t see it with Iheanacho t
  14. Mercury have been saying it will be “the best training ground in Europe”. As slick as this looks surely it won’t be nicer than Man City’s? Their place looks beyond description
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