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  1. RutlanderFox

    Danny Simpson

    Been thinking about this and if we switch to a 3 at the back with wing backs then I see no place for Simpson anymore sadly. He would be poor at rwb where Pererria and Albrighton will be first picks. He’s shown he can do a job at rcb without doing particularly well and certainly would be a back up option for that position too. He told someone that I know at the end of season awards dinner “I don’t know where I’ll be next season”. Had he fallen out with Puel as he was dropped for the Bournemouth game only to immediately get his place back when Amartey got injured? He has been a great player and option and worked a treat in our title winning system at rb but now with a change of system and him getting on a bit he seems surplus to requirements and I don’t how much longer is on his contract but I think we should sell him if somebody comes in for him
  2. RutlanderFox

    George Hirst

    So are Leuven paying the compensation for him then? If so it’s all Vichai’s money either way. He should tear it up in the Belgian second division though, maybe about 30 goals next season!
  3. RutlanderFox

    Thank you, Andy King.

    Do you reckon he got every single ex-teammate to go?
  4. RutlanderFox

    Girls of 2018

    Iceland are just a beautiful nation. I swear 3 or 4 of their players are part time models the commentators said. Must be all that volcanic ash - good for your skin
  5. RutlanderFox


    I think we should keep him (if we don’t get a good offer) as back up for Vardy and Iheanacho if that Mexican club puts in an offer in for Okazaki worth accepting
  6. RutlanderFox

    New chants and songs

    That has the ingredients to be perfect. I think it would be better if it was tweaked slightly though
  7. RutlanderFox

    James Maddison

    I’m really excited to hopefully see Iheanacho and Vardy play up front together rather than have Nahco just in behind
  8. RutlanderFox

    James Maddison

    I think that will be it. Maybe with Kvirkvelia instead of Morgan. That has been a problem in the past, we’ve often wanted to play a 3 at the back with wing backs but the main obstacle always was trying to fit Mahrez into and tbh he didn’t really. We won’t have that problem anymore
  9. RutlanderFox

    James Maddison

    Really he’s only had one full season at championship level! But you’ve got to say what a season it was. He looks like he really enjoyed his football and I felt he can be that fearless playing for us then he will start behind Vardy every week I think
  10. RutlanderFox

    James Maddison

    Sky are hiding their embarrassment over their sources saying just yesterday afternoon that he preferred Southampton
  11. RutlanderFox

    Spain sack manager

    What an absolute plonker. He’s shown an appalling lack of professionalism and respect for the project he’s undertaking currently. Not just any old job either, probably the dream job for any Spaniard, even more so than the Real Madrid job. And only a few days before their first World Cup match. Absolute madness.
  12. We all know about our current 10 at the World Cup but here is a thread dedicated specifically for former foxes at the tournament this summer. Sure some of you will pretend you don’t care but I used to be buzzing just at the sight of a former Leicester player at a tournament never mind 10 current ones but I guess that just shows how far we’ve come. To to start with how many ex-foxes can you name going to Russia. Off the top of my head I can think of Kante, Lingard, Kane, Gelson Fernandes. Anyone else?
  13. RutlanderFox

    Exit Rumours

    Keep Shinji, he is a hero!!,
  14. RutlanderFox


    Another Premier League winner to add to a squad full of them!
  15. RutlanderFox

    Who from our 10 at the World Cup will make the biggest impact

    Musa and then everyone will be like on “what on Earth we’re they thinking” he’s clearly good enough to play ahead of Albrighton