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  1. I think the third one is Morgan and the second last one is Maddison. Not sure on the other two but I think the fourth one is Schmeichel. Perhaps the second is Chilwell
  2. This would be great from a selfish point of view as a fan of a Premier League club but it would be awful for lower league and non league football if the 3pm kick off times are allowed which makes me disapprove of the idea
  3. This pictorially represents the famous comments of Vichai in the summer of that year saying “we aim to break into the top 5 in the next 3 years”. Oh how they laughed at us but we all know what happened next! And moreover what looks like happening in the future looks even brighter (in terms of long term sustainability)
  4. I’m far from a FIFA fanboy but I thought this was a good interview which was released a few days ago. It gives some insight into a few of our players and there is an interesting bit at the end where he said “Puel and Soyuncu were worlds apart from having an English conversation”. Not surprising and it isn’t a dig at Puel but I think Maddison comes across well once again
  5. Looks like it’s a diamond midfield today then
  6. And it gets Iheanacho in the team alongside Vardy. Nacho is someone who simply has to start right now
  7. Incompetent incompetent incompetent. Use it properly or don’t have it all. Don’t make guidelines over a handball rule too if you’re not going to follow them
  8. It’s a few days after a potential Carabao Cup final for us on Sunday 1st March so this will then take place Wednesday 4th. We may not be able to go full strength especially with a league game against Villa a few days later. Then again we may not need to. Knowing Rodgers it will be a strong side but with a handful of back up players involved
  9. Iheanacho to be our hero tonight. I just have a feeling that he will rise to the occasion
  10. Perhaps Jermain Defoe choosing Sunderland over us but it was hardly a career defining move for him
  11. I think it’s because we “stole” their Mancini chant for Ranieri which made them mad
  12. I’m biased so I’m going to vote for us but Aguero’s goal was surely the best “moment”
  13. If we get into the champions league next season then I hope we draw Milan and absolutely batter them! Not that they’ve got a prayer of making top 4 this season mind. I guess we’ll just have to wait for them to play catch up!
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