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  1. I don't know if it is a sign as most of the lcfc likes are posts from Ndidi and Musa, but I am just clinging onto a thread of hope!
  2. Has anybody else noticed that he has liked a few of our players twitter posts including one from Fuchs revealing our new away strip?
  3. Two years ago (September), Mahrez was playing against Kante in ligue 2
  4. Tom Lawrence just got man of the match for Blackburn against Leeds tonight. I watched the match and he was very good, clearly better than the other players!
  5. Ive tried, it just keeps coming up with chelsea v sunderland!
  6. Me to please, I need a stream! Thanks
  7. I work as a teacher in Wolverhampton and the kids were relentless today chanting, "Come on Watford!", To which I replied "At least we are still in the championship!", that shut them up!
  8. On 65.05 Top sings along
  9. Get in I'm sitting on a plane waiting for it 2 leave and I couldn't turn my phone off until we scored else I would have had a miserable flight!!!
  10. Born city, raised county, now live in Wolverhampton!!!
  11. Schlupp said yesterday on twitter that he was feeling ill, I can only presume that's why he's not on the bench?
  12. This exactly word for word, I laughed so hard when I read this!!! Brilliant film!!!
  13. 2 minutes for the penalty and all 6 subs (30 seconds per sub)