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  1. teachertom

    James Maddison

    https://twitter.com/jpercytelegraph/status/1008285557225639936?s=21 We have bid around £20 million according to John Percy
  2. teachertom

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    I don't know if it is a sign as most of the lcfc likes are posts from Ndidi and Musa, but I am just clinging onto a thread of hope!
  3. teachertom

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    Has anybody else noticed that he has liked a few of our players twitter posts including one from Fuchs revealing our new away strip?
  4. teachertom

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Two years ago (September), Mahrez was playing against Kante in ligue 2
  5. teachertom

    Players out on loan - 2015/16

    Tom Lawrence just got man of the match for Blackburn against Leeds tonight. I watched the match and he was very good, clearly better than the other players!
  6. teachertom

    QPR (Home) - Match Thread

    Ive tried, it just keeps coming up with chelsea v sunderland!
  7. teachertom

    QPR (Home) - Match Thread

    Me to please, I need a stream! Thanks
  8. teachertom


    I work as a teacher in Wolverhampton and the kids were relentless today chanting, "Come on Watford!", To which I replied "At least we are still in the championship!", that shut them up!
  9. teachertom

    Sky Full Game

    On 65.05 Top sings along
  10. teachertom

    Birmingham Match Thread

    Get in I'm sitting on a plane waiting for it 2 leave and I couldn't turn my phone off until we scored else I would have had a miserable flight!!!
  11. teachertom

    City or County

    Born city, raised county, now live in Wolverhampton!!!
  12. teachertom

    Leicester City v Bristol City match thread

    Schlupp said yesterday on twitter that he was feeling ill, I can only presume that's why he's not on the bench?
  13. teachertom

    Charlton away- Parking ticket

    This exactly word for word, I laughed so hard when I read this!!! Brilliant film!!!