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  1. There's no reason not to run Justin right back out there vs Watford.
  2. That was a flashback to the way they dominated weaker teams earlier in the season. Big effort was needed today - big effort delivered. Huge, huge win.
  3. Shaky effort but they went through, which is all that matters. Now let's have the real team show up on Monday and get back on track.
  4. This commentator is one of those clowns who all he does is criticize - every player. Guy is just annoying.
  5. Tielemans and Barnes on - Gray and Albrighton off.
  6. Analyst on the ESPN feed is just killing Albrighton. Says he's clueless.
  7. I'm in the US but happened to catch one of the BBC podcasts where a group of your pundits talked about the ban the day after it was announced. What a bunch of apologists! They made it seem like this is just a bump in the road for City - and maybe it is. But their attitudes still made me want to puke. Personally I've never given City much credit for their success because they simply just outspent everyone. Granted they've had some competent management but if you can just buy anyone you want - and then bend the rules to get around Fair Play - their level of success isn't exactly shocking. But get them off the pedestal, please.
  8. Didn't his manager at Sampdoria call him one of the best midfielders in Serie A? I have absolutely zero issues seeing him on the pitch. I don't think the squad loses much - if anything.
  9. They needed a good response after the last two - otherwise you start thinking 'slump'. The guys who played really stepped up. Brendan certainly pushed the right buttons today.
  10. Might be one way to upgrade the wings. Justin was excellent today.
  11. On the positive side I thought Praet and Evans were decent and Barnes was OK - I was surprised that he got subbed off first. Soyuncu was ok handball aside. Getting outclassed in the MF two in a row by the best sides is troubling.
  12. Nothing positive about that debacle. 2 in a row totally outclassed - poor passing, poor decisions etc. Tielemans and Maddison look like they've both hit a wall. I think it's time to give Chilwell a break too. Even Ricardo was a little off. It's too bad because when the spotlight got turned on them - they wilted in an ugly way. But they'd have been crap against anyone today - it just so happened that it had to be against one of the best teams in the world with everyone watching.
  13. This is why the Rodgers extension could prove to be a great investment. They're all buying into what he's selling.
  14. At about the 88th minute the commentator on the US feed said Top 4 teams win games like this. Yes they do.
  15. This was actually the change I thought he'd make. It's interesting to me that Rodgers stuck with Tielemans. Maybe he figured that Tielemans was good enough to work his way through a match where he was clearly struggling? Every player is entitled to a clunker now and then, I suppose.
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