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  1. Could mean the agent is trying to create a market for his player. Makes no sense for him to go to Manu given the quality they already have in MF. I'm surprised we haven't heard more rumors to be honest. Maybe they're getting the ball rolling for next summer?
  2. I think the Cup win just got kicked up a notch.
  3. Which speaks to depth. The key question is can a club with LCFC's finances develop enough depth to prevent that from happening? In the current world of football my guess would be no. A team like Leicester has to be near perfect in constructing their roster - which they have been - and then have some good luck with injuries, which has not really been the case for the past 2 seasons.
  4. You can't fault Brendan. When Fofana went down the options were Wes, who's played 5 minutes total since the fall and is retiring or Amartey, who's been shakey at best - vs Kane and Son. Or dropping Ndidi back and bringing in Mendy who's better going forward than Wilf. Keeping in mind you need to win the match. To me that's the only move. None of those are great options but it is what it is. The only questionable move for me is Ricardo for Madisson because I thought Madders was decent today - but he had a 2-1 lead and figured he'd try to protect it. I can't fault it, but I think
  5. The way of the world unfortunately. Clubs that were prepared to bolt the EPL are all being rewarded.
  6. Team left it all on the pitch so no complaints there. I knew Chelsea would choke. What stinks though are the implications of not making the CL - lost revenue, lost players coming in and possibly players moving on.
  7. No regrets. As usual talent wins in the end. EPL needs a salary cap.
  8. As a US based supporter, I hope he does play in MLS. He's apparently not retiring so I'm wondering whether we'll see an announcement soon?
  9. Money from the CL would set the club up better moving forward. Plus there's the stigma of you were in the Top 4 all season and bottle it at the very end - again. They do have some excuses but I wouldn't sign off on them. As it is there's probably one more bite of the apple left before the team steps back a bit with key players leaving.
  10. if they lose out - that's where they blew it. Speaks to squad depth unfortunately. The Liverpools of the world get past those matches because they have much better talent in reserve.
  11. 2 seasons in a row he's lost his form when it's counted and the team dropped out of the top 4. He needs to be upgraded.
  12. I would play something close to this - play it conservative for 60 minutes - and put faith in the idea that Vardy is due for a huge game - which he is.
  13. The mindset needs to be to expect to beat them again - and then go out and do it. Won't be easy though. I'm sure they enjoyed having to sit there and watch the lads celebrate. They'll play well on Tuesday but hopefully so will we.
  14. In Puel's defense he never had the chance to use Tielemens, who'd have helped quite a bit. As I recall those teams tried to play possession but most of the time ended up playing 'sideways' because no one could make the key pass that could help break a team down.
  15. This morning when I woke up, I looked outside and saw a fox running across the lawn. Figured it was a good sign
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