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  1. My guess is this would make him strongly consider reupping for one more season. New York, where it's located, has been one of the stricter US states in terms of dealing Covid so my guess is that business has to be off by quite a bit. And the way he's playing right now, it would be great for him to sign another deal.
  2. I'm kind of liking that left side combo of Fuch's guile and Justin's youth. Traore was kept in check.
  3. I'm surprised we haven't seen a 'ManU keen on 19 Year Old Leicester phenom' story yet.
  4. Great result. Love how Brendan's going deep into the squad but continues to get great performances. Love seeing Fuchs play so well. Mendy continues to be excellent. When's the first Fofana to Manu story coming out? Tomorrow?
  5. The question I've got is whether Vardy is actually ready to go or is he just a decoy to force Arteta to think before he goes all out for the 3 points?
  6. This is a US college basketball strategy when you're severely outgunned. Hold the ball, shorten the game, hope you get lucky. In this case though, there's attacking talent on the bench so Brendan's biding his time. It's probably not going to endear him to to many off his manager colleagues but he's trying to get a result.
  7. What they're trying to do is take time off the clock - and set up a 20 minute match once he brings Vardy on.
  8. Choudhury was hideous. He came in and the middle opened up. Mendy must have run out of gas. He's been very good filling in for Wilf.
  9. Injuries matter and they've had a devastating effect. After the restart last season, losing Ricardo/Chilwell/Maddison weakened the club to the point where it cost them the Champions League. Now you've got Ricardo/Ndidi, Soyuncu/Vardy and Maddison still unable to go 90, it's too much to overcome. Difference is when top 6 clubs get to this point, they can still put quality Premier League talent out on the pitch. Leicester is forced to turn to Championship level talent. Sucks but what can you do?
  10. Barnes and Perez should have been taken off but Brendan couldn't due to the injury problem. Hamza doesn't belong in the Premier League. They bring him on to play D mid and Villa ran cleanly through there multiple times at the end of the match. Only positive was the back line which I thought was excellent. Totally outplayed in MF.
  11. Happy as heck for Mendy and Amartey especially. What a day for the Foxes
  12. I'm curious how Pep adjusts. Barnes has been a problem for them.
  13. I think the plan is to open things up once Maddison comes on.
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