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  1. TeaMen Tom

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Keep in mind too, they knew all about Maddison from last season - in fact they tried to sign him, right? So they probably had a decent idea about how to defend him at least at the beginning. He grew into the game after that and ended up playing very well.
  2. TeaMen Tom

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I really like the way they managed the game once they got up 2-0. Good adjustments by Claude and they handled the 10 man situation very well. Mendy added some quality to the midfield that's been missing. Overall the pace of the midfield was impressive. If someone lost the ball they were able to recover quickly. Plus no dumb fouls (for the most part anyway) that resulted in dangerous free kicks.
  3. TeaMen Tom

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Gray was excellent today
  4. TeaMen Tom

    Wolves (H) match thread

    I thought the match changing coincided with Albrighton growing into it.
  5. TeaMen Tom

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Agree and the Keeper's shaky. Load up on the speed and go after them. Kasper Amarty, Evans, McGuire, Chilwell Pereira, Silva, Maddison, Ndidi, Gray Vardy I'm fine with swapping Amarty for Albrighton but I'd probably run him out again. Big thing is not to start slow again. Get after them early and keep the pressure on.
  6. TeaMen Tom

    Mirror madness?

    Nice to see that the UK press is even lazier than it is here in the US. First the McGuire rumor machine - with everyone forgetting the little fact that the club had next to nothing in the cupboard to replace him with - now they overlook the facts that the club has spent plenty of money in the transfer market, seems committed to a total changeover, and is in fact in the process implementing that change. A lot of these guys they're bringing in have previous experience with Claude. So it seems obvious that they're giving him the tools he says he needs. Looks to me like ownership has a sound long term plan in hand and have put their faith in Puel to make it happen. Of course the jury is out on whether Claude is the the right guy or not - but to put a story out like that one week in? That's just lazy - i.e. throwing s--- out there to see what sticks. If you look at the league after one week, it seems like it's pretty obvious LCFC won't be in a relegation fight. So I think they're prepared to be more than patient with Claude.
  7. TeaMen Tom

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    A solid start....
  8. TeaMen Tom

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    Let's get 3 points and get that 'when's Jose getting sacked?' discussion going....
  9. TeaMen Tom

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    You throw new defenders on the pitch vs United before they've even had training sessions and you're asking for 5-0 or worse. They're still lethal up top. Nice to see though that Claude also passed on the Wes/Benny combo...as long as McGuire is fit of course.
  10. TeaMen Tom

    New to LCFC, what should I know?

    A lot of the towns have English namesakes - goes back to the days when we were a colony. For what it's worth, I'm a life long Red Sox fan and can't stand John Henry. Yes he ended their 86 year championship drought - and he deserves credit for that - but he's also destroyed the soul of the team and everything that made them fun to watch. They act like Man City overspending for any player they want - and in the process have brought some real jerks to town the past several years. He's taken the fun out of following the team. As a result, Liverpool is my most despised EPL club...lol
  11. TeaMen Tom

    New to LCFC, what should I know?

    Yes but if from Massachusetts we do have a town named Leicester so there is some natural attraction....
  12. TeaMen Tom

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    He'll be a good signing for any of the bottom third of the league. Any club who's strategy is to stay in the EPL by not conceding goals could likely use him.
  13. He got fouled, made a couple of gestures like it was something to be concerned about but announcer mentioned that where he was bleeding it had to hurt a lot...came off...went back out..couple of touches and sat down. Walked off under his own power with no noticeable facial expression...certainly doesn't look long term but for the Manu game....? Let's see what Claude has to say.
  14. Kasper's been great
  15. I'd really to see how the Maddison-Vardy combo is going to work.