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  1. Liked him for sometime now, hopefully BR will get the best out of him.
  2. themightyfin does he chat shit ?
  3. He is hell of lot better than Iheanacho
  4. His agent wants him to move back to Europe.
  5. The love him. 29 goals in 36 games for them.
  6. No, my two friends in Rio who support flamengo are saying this is more than just a rumor in Brazil. But the price they are saying is 32 million euros
  7. My Brazilian friends in Rio feel this is more than just a rumor.
  8. Of course he does, he is Brazilian. He also is ****ing Neymar's sister . Would love this nutjob here but it will never happen
  9. They just signed some Brazilian left back why would they want Telles to
  10. For sure. Has good work ethic. He is the type of player that cake make something out of nothing, likes to take on his man and run with the ball. He has that flair about him that I feel we have been lacking for sometime.
  11. I been wanting this lad for sometime, posted about him before. Please make this happen.
  12. This is being reported where ?
  13. Get him out on loan, need to put him in the shop window so we can sell him.
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