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  1. 90% pass accuracy, massively improved in this department.
  2. If we can't replace Vardy then sadly we will be fighting for survival.
  3. Viktor Tsyhankov please
  4. No it was not clear and obvious in real time but after seeing it on slow mood thanks to VAR it was clear and obvious. This is why we have VAR to spot things we may not see and give the ref a helping hand.
  5. I saw no push but he clipped his foot for sure, so spot on VAR .
  6. Tielemans goal was a rocket, no stopping that, cracking finish.
  7. Gray looked a real livewire when he came on wish he could start like that.
  8. 21 year old playing his first full season in the prem vs Liverpool away, give the kid a break.
  9. many said this about Mahrez also but when you have the ability to change a game with one kick i say be selfish.
  10. A true modern day full back, love seeing him get the ball and run with it.
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