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  1. ----------------------------Schmeichel----------------------------- Benković Evans Soyuncu Ricardo--------Tielemans------N'didi----------Chilwell Maddison Vardy-------------Perez / Kelechi
  2. The dude is a beast and still only 23. He will learn a lot this season from Evans. He will only get better.
  3. Yes I was worried about his strength, but he seems to keep the ball well, can win it back and looks to get it forward asap.
  4. Fair play to Maddison, the lad stepped it up in the second half. I was impressed with Prat also when he came on.
  5. he had the right idea but wrong players for his style, our team suited the NP way of football. Sousa did a pretty good job at other clubs sadly not with us.
  6. Got to love NP, hope he gets the Boro job.
  7. I would include Huth in that also.
  8. I live in Thailand and I must say the Thai King, King number 9 was a incredible man, did so much for Thailand and even I have grown to love him. His son who is King now is not that well loved though. Without our Thai owners and their money that they have been able to make from the help of the Thai royal family we would not be where we are.
  9. Send him back to a team in Poland, let him go home. It might get the best out of him.
  10. https://foxesofleicester.com/2019/04/16/diabate-second-chance-leicester-city/ Good read.
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