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  1. They had plenty in stock before the game here on the Thai King Power website. Had a look today all sold out.
  2. He just needs a bit of time to grow up, mature as a professional athlete. Fatherhood might help.
  3. WBA will do us a favor I feel, they will beat Liverpool
  4. Woke up here in Thailand still pissed, celebrated a bit more. Bit my wife's ear off about why we are greatest football club in the world. Then my hangover started kicking in, ended up puking up a bit then went back to bed. Just woke up now and boy does life feel fantastic.
  5. I've criticized him this season but wow he was superman yesterday. Incredible saves, outstanding performance.
  6. 11:15pm kick off here in Thailand We are in a lockdown all bars closed. I have convinced the local fat Australian alchoholic landlord to open his pub for just me so I can watch the game and have a few beers. He has warn me if we get caught by the police I will have to pay the fine. I said no problem it will be well worth it if we win.
  7. Nervous, trying to make myself think it's just another game.
  8. Even though we have a wonderful team we miss a player with his leadership
  9. I been crying out for us to sign him for sometime now, hope it happens
  10. Boy would love him finding his shooting and scoring boots again. We need someone to step up and lead this team.
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