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  1. I like this but does BR have the balls to change it to 352 !! Nacho is a must start for me
  2. No service = no goals = low confidence . Feed the man and he will score.
  3. Sorry for rant guys, I'm just frustrated. Will we bottle top 4 ? Also like to add Tielemans corners were awfully frustrating.
  4. The only thing that can save us is if we get a second wave of coronavirus soon and football is canceled again.
  5. Vardy is doing lots of running just no support. No good balls for him to run onto. Get Nacho on to support him, plus the man can finish. We will bottle top 4 I feel.
  6. I would take a chance on him. Big risk but I feel he will fit our style of play.
  7. My thoughts of yesterday's game. Also would like to add i thought Kasper did well, pulled off some important saves.
  8. Both teams looked rusty. Cracking strike from Chilly But sad to give it away last minute, fair result at the end.
  9. 75 million would be some quilty bussiness.
  10. He is good but he will never be Ricardo good.
  11. Rather keep Chilly.
  12. Good mates with Söyüncü, I'm sure he could have a word.
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