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  1. would be cheaper than Gylfi .
  2. he will get 20 goals next season . just hope it will be with us .
  3. it's a yes from me just because i want to stalk his misses .
  4. the man is a beast !!! GERRIMIN !!!
  5. he wants game time and we can't offer that so just sell him . thanks for the memories Leo .
  6. if this is really happening i'm over the moon, we have been crying out for a young, tall, prem experienced CB for a long time . 17 million is not that bad also .
  7. just putting this out there Musa was shit for CSKA Moscow in his first season but then became a key player . still would sell the lad if we got a good price for him.
  8. nope, Wasyl would be locked up doing life without parole
  9. we will be after Bruma or Ezgjan Alioski i feel .
  10. 100% YES ask yourself who can we really trust to do a job in CM other than Drinky and Ndidi ? King yes maybe on his day. James maybe but we have not seen him play for the first team for along time and yes he looked good for Barnsley but that's the Championship and we are not there anymore, also i worry with his injury record. Mendy the verdict is still out on him as this season he's been playing with a dodgy ankle, let's hope we see the best of him next season but also his dodgy ankle worries me. Amartey well the lad just does not look like a Prem player, i hope he proves me wrong. i really worry for us if we lose Drinky or Ndidi with a serious injury next season, i hope we improve in CM .
  11. i feel Big Nigel Pearson would've made a great prison officer .
  12. read this, puts me right off .
  13. this would be a weird signing.
  14. rather have a player that knows the Prem but i guess this would be the cheaper option.
  15. just give it to CS the man deserves it and get Sammy Lee in as his assistant manager now Big Sam has called it a day .