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  1. One of the best midfielders in the world at the moment, crazy to think he is with us.
  2. So happy we sold him, talented player but one I feel never wanted to push on and improve. He has the ability to be alot better than he is but I feel he found his comfort zone and was happy to stay there. That type of attitude can rub off on others, all the best to him at Chelsea, hope they push him to step up his game.
  3. Well I want one more. Let's be real Under and Barnes are our two best wingers. Albrighton is also good but Perez I feel is more of a striker. So let's get rid of Gray and bring one more lad in maybe.
  4. His contract is coming to a end of this season correct? Let's be real he has had plenty of chances but has never stepped up and become a key player. Time to let go and bring in someone better.
  5. It's gonna be a long season. We will need him, we lack strength upfront.
  6. He is a striker. He will not be happy with his performance. He will bounce back, not to worry. Relax everyone, long season to go.
  7. Felt this lad looked a bit tubby last season, looks alot more fitter now and playing very well.
  8. Love how he looks up and takes his time.
  9. Prats scored a good amount of goals during his time at Anderlecht. Would not surprise me if we see a few more goals from him this season.
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