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  1. Carlos Vinícius bid will go in for him this summer.
  2. I got 4 people who have it already in my small town in Northern Thailand, it's spreading fast up here sadly
  3. Going down to league 1 was the best thing that happened to us.
  4. Has the match been canceled? Any news please.
  5. Everyone just chill, it's not that bad. Chin up !!
  6. To think we are talking about Chiwell being replaced by JJ, a player we got from league 1 who has only played 4 times in the prem. This must prove Chiwell is overrated. He has played 95 times for us and is a England international but league 1 JJ can come on the scene and look like a all round better player . don't get me wrong Chiwell is good but he is nothing we should worry about if he leaves.
  7. My post match thoughts out here in Thailand . JJ was class, needs to start vs Watford.
  8. Agree we messed up not getting a winger in. I would like to see Albrighton start though, we lack experience in midfield. Yes Albrighton may not go past 3 or 4 defenders but he can deliver a killer ball into the box, hope someone can just make the run and get on the end of one.
  9. My preview of the game, also a prize to be won !! I'm shitting it, must win tonight !!
  10. I was so excited when we bought him, he has been a massive let down. Sell .
  11. Having a bloody good season at Porto, get this lad in.
  12. Vardy has stopped scoring and now he is injured. He is our key player, wins us games, his goals take the pressure off us, mostly with the young team we have. Get him firing again asap
  13. Do we deserve top 4 right now ? No Hope they turn it around.
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