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  1. Lesterlad

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    The reason that some folks on here slag Morgan off at every opportunity is because they don’t have Simpson to moan about.
  2. Lesterlad

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

  3. Lesterlad

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

    YES some one who talks sense on fox talk
  4. Lesterlad

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

    And we don’t wait until 20 minutes into the game to start
  5. That’s more then likely I never said you didn’t have a season ticket and never for life of me think you had seen less games then me. I have seen a mere 1000+ home games plus the aways and European and friendlies . Not including world cups and euro championships etc so I don’t have as much experience of watching City and football in general as you but who cares
  6. Did you actually go to the game or did you listen to Matt Piper on the radio. Your scores are ridiculous
  7. Lesterlad

    Kasper signs a new contract until 2023!

    Lol bit cheesy
  8. Lesterlad

    Kasper signs a new contract until 2023!

    Don’t be silly
  9. Lesterlad

    Kasper signs a new contract until 2023!

    The difference between Kasper and Shilton and Banks is easy Kasper is the best in Leicester. Banks and Stilton were the best in the world. kasper has dont great for Leicester and won the league with us and because of that will go down as a legend but please don’t judge him against the very very best In the world
  10. Lesterlad

    Kasper signs a new contract until 2023!

    Nah Shilton Banks Flowers Wellington Were all far better keepers however Kasper has served us well and deserves his contract
  11. Lesterlad


    Europa league
  12. Lesterlad


    Don’t forget Armarty and Fuchs can also play there
  13. Lesterlad

    The Managers: Jock Wallace, 1978-1982

    There’s nothing wrong with your mrs 😀
  14. Lesterlad

    Leicester 4 Fleetwood 0

    I thought the same as you sounded at times he was doing an impression of a noddy holder with a cold
  15. Lesterlad

    Fleetwood (H) Match Thread

    I agree with you. There are a lot of idiots in this site who have to slag someone off. Simpson Fuchs at times. Vardy in first prem season. Kasper last season. Now Morgan these meat heads forget we won’t the bloody league with the said players n the team. Yes Morgan is going over the top but give the bloke a break for crying out loud