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  1. Only morons would pick Hamza next to Ndidi. Mendy is far superior even idiots like you can see that
  2. Please never let us see Choudary in a city shirt again.
  3. He really was poor, he can’t pass forward and is scared to run with the ball. He rarely tackles and really should of done better with his effort. I am all for local players playing for the first team but in this case I would let him have an early holiday for 3 months
  4. I’m not saying we don’t but would be happier with Ndidi in midfield alongside the 2 there. Then bring Tavares on for amartey go 4 at back
  5. Mendy is doing ok, Hamza scares the living daylights out of me
  6. I for one am the happiest bloke alive that Mendy is playing, not because I think he’s that good but just that it pisses you off so much. Come on Mendy
  7. Cross Feeley Gibson Machin Speedie Tags Mauchlan Walsh Collymore Galloway Elliott to name a few
  8. Regardless of losing so many top players through injuries, surely the philosophy is still the same when playing football. If you play in blue and you pass the ball you pass it to a player in blue?
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