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  1. Tell my ma my ma To put the champagne on ice We’re going to Wembley twice tell my ma my ma
  2. Am I the only one who didn’t enjoy that half. Same nerves as the play off finals.
  3. Rather have Fuchs then big Wes is it to allow Wes to lift the cup if we win ?
  4. My dad was a City fan all his life, We won the league 3 months before he died, the last time we were in an the FA Cup final I watched the game with him on telly, he never saw us lift the cup today I hope I get to see it for him
  5. Nor have I. Disgusting we have the best owners in the country, but useless staff
  6. Wonder how the club would justify charging £17 for a car parking space when for cup games etc they open the Filbert Street car park and charge £5. Just wondering, I won’t be parking on there but know a lot will
  7. All the time the guy was immense and in his prime world class and won everything in the game. and was instrumental in the great escape of which if we hadnt stayed up Vichal wouldnt of made us sing champions of England
  8. rewards for being fantastic servants of the club and sup efficient stewards
  9. I got mine about 5 minutes after i wrote that
  10. Yes they were i looked at buying one for there but decided on buying normal seat in block A
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