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  1. Probably slightly off topic but I would not have had James on the bench. He is so passed it now he is lower then championship level I’m sad to say. With 9 subs being allowed surely there is room for at least one youngster in there? We had 4 central midfielders on bench last night. We didn’t need that many
  2. Maybe Bennett should be given a bit of leeway considering he hasn’t played any football since last year
  3. Sadly I have to agree with you
  4. We would be better off signing saint christopher
  5. We should bring Barnes on
  6. Puel would of been slaughtered if we played this crap under him
  7. Can’t wait for the meltdown if they score
  8. Oh I know you are going to say under Rodgers we are playing exciting expansive football scoring plenty of goals and creating multitude of chances. We have the most exciting winger in the league and bring on quality replacements like Albrighton. At the end of the games foxes talk is full of praise for the team And we purr in anticipation of the next game
  9. Rodgers is better then Puel because?
  10. What is the point in bringing Albrighton and Choudry on? Can’t see the point in either of them being on Vicky park never mind at the King Power
  11. No maybe about it you are mad
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