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  1. Forget those two chances, he had an opportunity to feed Vardy late on and completely miss-kicked it. capable of the sublime but for what the club are trying to achieve he’s simply not consistent enough and can’t be relied upon to win you games. of course our challenge right now is who would come in and play understudy to JV...
  2. I think the issue BR needs to solve is how, mainly at home, we get past teams that are are organised and limit the space. It feels like sacrilege to say it given how much he’s given the club, but in those types of games you really are playing with 10 men for long periods as Vardy is not someone who contributes to approach play as much, that’s just not his game so we need a viable alternative. Technically we are clearly a very good side. Well coached in the technical aspects of the game but I do wonder whether that desire to win (I’m not saying that they don’t want to win or don’t car
  3. Unlucky not to be ahead but it’s those little details we can’t get right. Best game Perez has had since Southampton
  4. In control and again let it slip. Clearly zonal marking is not working
  5. Why is tielemans marking one of their best headers of the ball
  6. Bit lost with how Under can’t get in over Perez
  7. Also just wanted to give credit to several players I think we all thought had less to offer this season. Mendy is the obvious one but Fuchs has been outstanding. Albrighton came on and really helped solidify things, Morgan has come on the last few games and helped settle things.
  8. Fantastic every single game - offers more than just the usual DM duties. Great on the ball, strong and carries the ball really well. More similar to Kante than I think any of us believed.
  9. Fantastic performance - amazing given we have 5 first team players out. Squad depth is excellent.
  10. Offers more going forward than Wilf - really good player.
  11. Different standard tonight. So many class performances but special mention to Fuchs, Albrighton and Mendy...and of course Vards
  12. I think the point is where do you go from here, both from a reputation perspective and in terms of legitimate options. If BR can’t do it, who can. But there are an awful lot of very good points on here. The obsession with keeping the ball, slow play and lack of invention. Add that the fact that he clearly has his favourites who seem to play regardless of form. The substitutions last night were very strange, and the continuing commitment to Perez is highly questionable. This is not a recent issue, it’s been a problem since the turn of the year.
  13. Just said exactly the same thing. Totally agree.
  14. I do begin to wonder with some of the decision-making. Perez was anonymous yet he sticks with him. Surely under might have changed things. We seem obsessed with possession. It’s so slow and ponderous
  15. We look like a team coached to keep the ball at all costs, there’s been several occasions where instead of crossing we turn back and pass backwards
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