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  1. Wes Morgan's Indian Summer

    Wes was fantastic yesterday - for some reason gets an unbelievable amount of stick on here. We will miss him when he's gone - always gives 100% and is the king of blocking
  2. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Great shout - not the most technically gifted, but he's a great defender.
  3. The Iborra Thread

    That touch first half - back heel, took out two players.
  4. Bastian Schweinsteiger

    Agree mate - some times I read comments on this forum and really wonder who some fans think they support.
  5. Let's give him a chance. We clearly have implemented a policy to only appoint managers whose first name begin with the letter C - keeps things simple.
  6. Claude Puel - Contender

    Anyone seen Claudio's Nantes side this year? Very similar to the second half of our the title year (or large parts of it). Low scoring but tight defence. From thr the owners perspective PL and European experience - regardless of style decent track record in both. No compensation to pay and if he agrees to a short term deal surely it's worth s punt. The options are limited.
  7. Leeds Post Match Thread

    Think it shows that there are options in the squad. Iborra looks great and I thought Amartey was superb.
  8. Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    We've got a player in Iborra - so calm in the build up there
  9. Swansea post match 2-1

    Thought Iborra was fantastic
  10. Who will the fringe players want?

    This is something I have been thinking about recently - do we have a major problem with some of the old guard. Your either in the clique or your out. Ive never thought about it until these last few days but think about all of the foreign players who have arrived with good reputations - Inler, Musa, Slimani, Mendy, Armartey, even Iheanacho is struggling so far, and not "settled". Is this because of off the pitch squad issues. The old guard protecting their positions and not integrating new signings?
  11. West Brom Post Match

    The issue last night was as clear as day. The midfield lacked the ability to drive the play forward which in turn creates space for the forwards. What we lack is someone in that midfield who can pick the ball up and run at the defence. It was one of Kante biggest strengths. He could make up 10 yards quickly and create space for others. For me VI and WN are defensive CM and we really need a 3 and drop Gray in there. At times there was acres of space in midfield but it was all too slow.
  12. Iheanacho

    Started two games - so let's give him a chance. Looked confused as to where he should be playing, come deep or play further forward. Ultimately we either played it short across the back or played it long to Vardy, so he saw little of the ball. He needs time and a clear role.
  13. Dael Fry

    Quality player
  14. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Not good enough I'm afraid. A draw away is acceptable but as a coach myself, when professional players are either incapable or intentionally not passing (by that I mean under instruction) something's wrong.
  15. If all the threads I expected to see this is by far the last one...by a country mile our signing of the last few seasons. Some excellent play yesterday, carried the ball forward instead of hoofing it. Made one mistake and he should be dropped...if anyone needs looking at its Ndidi - jogged back whilst 4 Liverpool players went forward at pace. Watch the reply at least Harry is busting a gut to get back!