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  1. I don't think many of our fans have seen Gibson play very often and are judging him based on the club he plays for. He's a really good defender.
  2. No way was Rooney on 600k pw
  3. Proven he can get goals at the level - better first touch than slim but less mobile - I would have liked to see Slim get a real chance this year but I don't think the style CS wants to play necessarily suits Slim. Ulloa much more suited as an option from the bench. I felt Ulloa did well coming on when given a chance and pleased he's staying.
  4. Can't tell if your serious lol! Walker is clearly one of the best RBs in Europe.
  5. So I'm thinking geez everyone calm the fook down its just a transfer...whilst checking my phone compulsively for updates in the hope I might see a dodgy Twitter update or a glimour of confirmation - think we all have problems
  6. 3 maybe 4 tops?
  7. The fee isn't a massive issue for me - 35m is decent given what we paid for him. With the greatest respect to riyad, as important as he's been there is no doubt he's a moments player - wonderful moments but he's not a 90 minutes player. Kante gave you 90 minutes, whether or not he's technically as good Albrighton gives you 90 minutes. I think those instances of class make us forget that for large parts of last season he was average mixed with flashes of brilliance. He often lost the ball or hung onto it for too long when better options were available. Again, I'm not criticising but I think if he moves it's a big test for him to prove he can do it long term. Gilfi is valued at 40m, he has done it season in and out now for some time, so I don't think the valuation is too far away.
  8. If the chopper was off to Darlington that suggests Gibson?
  9. A lot been made of the buy back clause. It's an insurance policy for city in the unlikely scenario he turns into a mega star - that's unlikely and clearly they don't feel based on what they have seen that he will reach that level. I hardly think they are looking at this like a loan or they would just loan him out - makes no sense to lose money on a deal. Most players only stay at a club for 3 seasons or so - it's about next season and if he adds something get him in.
  10. So after a fantastic run of results since taking over we lose one match, against possibly the best footballing side in the league, which means nothing to either team - missing three key players including our two starting CBs - and fans are angry and don't think CS is right for the job. Crazy! He's done everything right since taking over and the names we are being linked with Gibson, Maguire for example seem both sensible and realistic. I remember Newcastle thrashing someone, could have been Spurs, on the last day after being relegated. I think some of our fans need to chill a little bit.
  11. Anything think we are still in relegation trouble?
  12. I think mahrez could have closed down a lot quicker for the goal - Simpson was pointing where to run. Moments of magic but far too casual.
  13. Realistically I think we could beat Monaco and potentially juve (I say that because of their style vs ours). Either of them would be good - Munich, Real or Barca would be very very difficult
  14. Keown is a guy who thinks he's smart and articulate, but it seems to have completely escaped him that's he's thick as f@ck and always misses the point
  15. "I dont understand why I'm here" Bournemouth press conference after relegation.