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  1. For me, it’s a dive. I know MA makes contact but there’s a difference between that contact and when Mane reacts.
  2. Really surprised Nacho isn’t even on the bench. Looks like BR really doesn’t rate him
  3. I’ve read this thread with interest, I’ve got to say I’ve never seen anything like this both within and outside of football. Like any product or service, it’s supply and demand. Man Utd want to sign a player from us and we have no real driver to sell other than the opportunity to get a significant transfer fee. Man Utd issues are compounded by a) their openness in desperately wanting Harry b) The fact they have no CB of the required standard, and a recent injury c) a track record of over spending. This is simple business and Leicester hold all the cards. The level of entitlement from Man Utd is unbelievable. Yes there is a human aspect to this deal but, and I’m sure Harry recognises this, he is paid extremely well, playing international football at a club which is progressing. I’m sure he wants to play for Man Utd but equally he made a commitment last summer, one which gives Leicester the control to set a fee they think is fair. I think the club have been nothing but professional.
  4. roblcfc84

    Papy Mendy

    Thought he had a great 2nd half. Few kante esque driving runs
  5. My dad knows a few Celtic fans who claim this is definitely happening. Didn’t post anything as it seemed dead but maybe not...
  6. roblcfc84

    A. Perez

    I lived in the north east most of my life. So many of mates have text me saying they are done
  7. roblcfc84

    A. Perez

    He’s a 20-25m player at most and not really a winger. But still could be who he was referring
  8. Has anyone seen anymore talk about Wilson. Apparently a little noise amongst the Derby fans we’ve bid but I’ve seen nothing
  9. It’s incredible what constitutes “news” today. The one condition that must be met!!! Surprise, an offer that the club is happy with. Literally the only prerequisite of selling anything in the world, ever.
  10. Standard of literacy these days is frightening.
  11. He’s not at all. Football fans are fickle. I saw some fans giving Albrighton grief the others and all he’s ever done is give 100% since joining!
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