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  1. Really surprised Nacho isn’t even on the bench. Looks like BR really doesn’t rate him
  2. Watching that game yesterday I think Vardy needs to look at his own performance. Thought Barnes, Maddison and Gray tried to get on the ball and be creative but there was literally no focal point for them. A few times the ball was fizzed into him and he couldn't bring it under control. TBH I haven't read the rest of the posts but I assume Mandy got slagged off, when actually he played well and in truth he gets a raw deal as others just play him into trouble all the time. Ghezzal did well when he came on, and CP took Maddison off because he switched to a 442. Although at that time I was surprised as we were in the ascendancy. I personally feel like we are on the cusp of a very good side but I can see why others would want a change. Either way, at the minute Vardy is part of the problem.
  3. I was lucky enough to be in the chemistry lounge last night so had a great view - had to keep quiet when we scored lol. Thought aside from first 10-15 mins or so we played well. Mendy deserves some credit as aside from a few mistakes I thought he did well and tried to be a little more forward thinking. Albrighton was excellent again. Quiet night for Vardy although he didn’t have a huge amount to feed off.
  4. Not the right man for this club. We are on the right track by investing in younger players, on longer term contracts which are steadily becoming assets of significant value. As others have said Rafa is very defensive and having watched Newcastle live a good few times over the last few years the football isn’t great. As with a lot of managers Rafa also has his favourites who play no matter how they perform. Perez is a great example, one good game in five but plays week in week out.
  5. It’s been said but Top has a lot going on. Look at this from a pure business perspective; wage bill down net spend low revenue unaffected average age of squad down long term contracts sealed on biggest assets comfortably in mid table Now there’s other things to consider but as an owner you weight that up against the fact that the football isn’t that exciting and the players might not like his methods, or the fans think he isn’t dynamic enough. As as an owner for now...given everything that’s happened. I’d be like so what, tell them to get in with it. Summer may be different...
  6. Well the footage and pictures of him training in it was my first clue. Earlier there were pictures of him doing sprints in it. But Brucey has since confirmed he took it off after a bit.
  7. This is the bet. I bet Claude can’t make me take this off and I’ll get through training in it.
  8. Listen I’ve defended CP throughout. But I think this more a show of disrespect than a demonstration of how close and comfortable he is with CP.
  9. If it’s this I’d be amazed but I’ll hold my hands up mate. It would be the first time I’ve heard of: Manager under increasing pressure and potentially one game from the sack sanctions star player to dress up as a superhero during training to lighten the mood. But it if it’s that fair play to everyone, hope it works.
  10. Oh of course. The management team must have been in on it...
  11. Well firstly it mitigates behaviour if your caught in the moment, celebrating etc. So I’ll try again...I get the having a laugh bit by jumping out at them but for me it’s then over, joke done. Then training dressed as Spider-Man seems a little bit mental to me. Especially after two defeats
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