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  1. If all the threads I expected to see this is by far the last one...by a country mile our signing of the last few seasons. Some excellent play yesterday, carried the ball forward instead of hoofing it. Made one mistake and he should be dropped...if anyone needs looking at its Ndidi - jogged back whilst 4 Liverpool players went forward at pace. Watch the reply at least Harry is busting a gut to get back!
  2. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    The midfield just stopped there - ndidi just stopped disgrace
  3. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Mahrez needs some time away from the starting 11 - Gray deserves a run in the team.
  4. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Mahrez needs some time away from the starting 11 - Gray deserves a run in the team.
  5. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    We should play more long balls
  6. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Really concerned about CS now - basic passing and control just not there
  7. Two subs have made a big difference - Shinji for us and Coutinho off for them
  8. Slimani has the heaviest first touch I've ever seen of a professional footballer
  9. I just can't see what the tactics are or the logic behind IS and UL together - even if one gets the flick on the other won't win it
  10. I'm normally a really positive fan but this is just awful so far - can't make more than a few passes without losing it. Long ball constantly.
  11. Huddersfield away match thread

    So how's that Kings fault? Played an important part in our progression since league one. I agree we should have better options but in terms of abuse I can think of more deserving candidates than King
  12. Huddersfield away match thread

    Really don't get the hate for King. Ok, clearly he's no Iniesta but he's solid and scored some important goals. Never moans and gets on with his job whatever he's asked to do
  13. Sheffield Utd Post Match Thread 4-1

    Agree mate, Unreal comment - the lad played really well
  14. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

    King and Chilwell playing really well. Pleased for King as he gets some uneccessary abuse on this forum. Ulloa just immobile and offering nothing.
  15. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    He's also very much a player who shines in home games