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  1. It’s incredible what constitutes “news” today. The one condition that must be met!!! Surprise, an offer that the club is happy with. Literally the only prerequisite of selling anything in the world, ever.
  2. Standard of literacy these days is frightening.
  3. He’s not at all. Football fans are fickle. I saw some fans giving Albrighton grief the others and all he’s ever done is give 100% since joining!
  4. I’ll be honest Bailley (assuming fit) and Pereira plus cash would be a great deal for us.
  5. Valid point, but I don’t believe he is in the same league as either Silva, KDB or Sane.
  6. The number of Maguire exclusives and articles is astounding. Don't get me wrong he's a good defender, who's steady on the ball and brings play out from the back really well (most of time). But he is not a 70-90 million pound player. Out of everyone linked with a move I genuinely believe he is the one player that can be replaced when compared to Ricardo, Chilwell, Maddison and even Youri. Im sure a move would be lucrative for him but I also think this is another case of a Leicester player being over hyped by the media when in reality, like Mahrez and DD, he's just not quite good enough for that top level. Some players shine at a club like ours. Kante is the only one who was genuinely in that top tier.
  7. He was there but not sure he played much if at all. Might have even gone out on loan. Can't remember lol...
  8. He was awful at Newcastle mate. But in fairness the stats suggest he's playing well.
  9. Haha was just thinking the same. Based on tonight I’m not sure he’s good enough for that top level
  10. Never understood the grief Townsend gets. He’s a decent player with plenty of PL and International experience and offers more than any of our other option off the bench.
  11. Aside from the fact that the club is making great progress and with a few additions is realistically going to challenge for top 6. Aside from the fact that both Chilwell and Maddison will be on a good contract and are both internationals. There is the simple fact that right now, they are guaranteed to play every week. So many examples of players making that big move and it not working out. DD is the best example but Mahrez hasn’t made a huge impact at Man City. I agree you have to back yourself but they are in the best place for their career right now.
  12. Watching that game yesterday I think Vardy needs to look at his own performance. Thought Barnes, Maddison and Gray tried to get on the ball and be creative but there was literally no focal point for them. A few times the ball was fizzed into him and he couldn't bring it under control. TBH I haven't read the rest of the posts but I assume Mandy got slagged off, when actually he played well and in truth he gets a raw deal as others just play him into trouble all the time. Ghezzal did well when he came on, and CP took Maddison off because he switched to a 442. Although at that time I was surprised as we were in the ascendancy. I personally feel like we are on the cusp of a very good side but I can see why others would want a change. Either way, at the minute Vardy is part of the problem.
  13. I was lucky enough to be in the chemistry lounge last night so had a great view - had to keep quiet when we scored lol. Thought aside from first 10-15 mins or so we played well. Mendy deserves some credit as aside from a few mistakes I thought he did well and tried to be a little more forward thinking. Albrighton was excellent again. Quiet night for Vardy although he didn’t have a huge amount to feed off.
  14. No way on this planet Newcastle are spending 27m whether it’s euro or pound. Their record signing is still Owen at 16m, and before that Shearer at 15m.
  15. My take on the Silva business it that CP hasn’t rated him and perhaps still doesn’t. But it makes sense to make those comments publicly for 2 reasons 1) make Silva appear wanted and in our plans therein giving us a little more leverage in the market b) if we don’t get anyone in and have to turn to him the ground work Is done. Not that weird.
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