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  1. Best performance I’ve seen in a long long time - simply incredible back to front
  2. BR weekly training plan has just been leaked online; Monday - two touch passing Tuesday - two touch passing Wednesday - two touch passing Thursday - two touch passing Friday - a talk on two touch passing by Brendan Rodgers
  3. We have a major tactical and coaching issue at the minute. No movement, so slow, nobody willing to take a chance or risk. Obsession with keeping the ball, which ultimately creates pressure and errors.
  4. Having read through the comments but I couldn’t believe it when he took Mendy and Nacho off. Thought Mendy was having a great game. He really mustn’t rate Under. I know people will point to injury and other reasons, but I’ve got to say I think we are seeing the decline of Vardy. Every game he looks completely off the pace and unable to impact the game in anyway.
  5. Can say with some certainty that’s the worst 45 minutes of football I’ve ever seen.
  6. Been absolutely terrible in every area. You’ve got to wonder what Under needs to do to get a chance
  7. Really surprised BR is persisting with Perez. Surely time to give Under a chance in the PL
  8. It definitely has the feeling of - today it’s Liverpool vs Man City!!! but while your waiting you may as watch these two.
  9. My absolute favourite Leicester manager of all time, not necessarily the best but certainly my favourite. He’s a great listen, and I’ve not heard this podcast before but I found it a difficult listen because the host will just not let him talk. Surely his role is to guide the conversation and Nigel is clearly someone who likes to meander a bit with his answers.
  10. Really relevant to how I’m feeling. Absolutely love the game - watching, coaching and playing. But it really has become soulless. It’s a weird one because in terms of success it’s surely the best position the club has ever been in. But something is missing. A few years back I’d have watched as many games as I could, and now I pretty much watch Leicester. I think everyone has covered the main reasons already but for me: - The desperation to cling to the big-6 narrative has become embarrassing, particularly on Sky. - The coverage is at times a joke -
  11. Isn’t Maddison supposed to be good a free kicks and corners 😂
  12. Forget those two chances, he had an opportunity to feed Vardy late on and completely miss-kicked it. capable of the sublime but for what the club are trying to achieve he’s simply not consistent enough and can’t be relied upon to win you games. of course our challenge right now is who would come in and play understudy to JV...
  13. I think the issue BR needs to solve is how, mainly at home, we get past teams that are are organised and limit the space. It feels like sacrilege to say it given how much he’s given the club, but in those types of games you really are playing with 10 men for long periods as Vardy is not someone who contributes to approach play as much, that’s just not his game so we need a viable alternative. Technically we are clearly a very good side. Well coached in the technical aspects of the game but I do wonder whether that desire to win (I’m not saying that they don’t want to win or don’t car
  14. Unlucky not to be ahead but it’s those little details we can’t get right. Best game Perez has had since Southampton
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