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  1. roblcfc84

    One player from each relegated club

    Totally agree! Strengthening three key areas.
  2. roblcfc84

    End of season Puel poll

    Based on what? Puels only signing looks like a great, value for money signing. Last summer was decent! We signed probably one of the best CB I’ve seen at Leicester. Nacho is coming on and Silva is starting to look like he’s settled. Ok the summer before wasn’t great but what’s that got to do Puel lol. Im still baffled on how he can be judged based on results with a group of players, he didn’t sign many of whom are coming to the end of their prime. We finished 9th and got to two cup quarter finals. It’s been a solid season overall. Burnley went 12 games without a win - loss of form happens.
  3. roblcfc84

    Jack Wilshere

    He’s played really well for Arsenal this season. Has ability and reads the game well, would be extremely surprised if he came to Leicester. Obviously question marks over his fitness but when he is fit, can be a really effective playmaker.
  4. roblcfc84

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    The side that was 3-1 up. He can’t account for what Gray just did!
  5. roblcfc84

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    All 4 individual errors. Before everyone starts this is not Puels fault
  6. roblcfc84

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Fair one! It’s difficult to tell with some of the madness i see on here!
  7. roblcfc84

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Why would they swap son for gray lol!
  8. Sorry if this has been asked. Big if - but Chelsea finish 4th, Liverpool win CL does 8th get Europa league?
  9. roblcfc84


    I think that’s a really solid post. My only defence for him is that these aren’t his players so he needs time to develop the squad to meet his philosophy. That said, I take the points you made and if isn’t working, it isn’t working
  10. roblcfc84


    I understand that’s what you and others think. I’m saying specifically on the point of fans jumping on him for those comments, I find that a little hyperbolic because he is obviously going to defend his ability to take the club forward. Ive seen loads of your posts and you seem utterly convinced it’s Puel fault and only his fault, when we saw a similar turn of events with the manager who led us to the PL title. I believe the players have a role in all this.
  11. roblcfc84


    Playing devils advocate and in defence of his comments. From his perspective he’s on the back foot and fighting for his job. He’s getting stick from fans, likely the players and the media. He is hardly going to say, to be fair your better off without me is he. It’s an easy comparison to make and one that is factually not inaccurate, if without a load of context. Southampton are in a worse position. Maybe ill-judged but it does feel like he could have said anything and he’d have got the same reaction.
  12. roblcfc84

    Riyad Mahrez

    3) to show other clubs he’s a good guy at heart who doesn’t try to force moves. We heard City may have been put off by his behaviour.
  13. roblcfc84

    The owners.......

    Levein did ok - not great and made some duff signings but managed to get the wage bill and average age down.
  14. roblcfc84


    It’s clearly his politically balanced way of saying - there’s a group here who aren’t playing for the club because they aren’t getting their own way
  15. roblcfc84


    The reason I’ve said Puel is that based on nothing but the limited evidence available and my deductions I believe there is a serious issue at our club. I believe there is significant player power going on down there, made worse by the title win. My conclusion is that there is a core group of players who influence the dressing room if things are not going well or changes are made they don’t like. The year we stayed up with a fairly limited squad we had found a way to win. A number of people on this forum believe Esteban played a significant role in developing that style. Yet the next season he wanted out, we know Vardy hasn’t been exactly kind about him since. Then Claudio, when we won the league we heard a number of statements that he didn’t really change anything and apart from a few tweaks and the tactics appeared to suit the players. In addition he didn’t really make any signings that summer that either hadn’t already been made or weren’t in train. The one or two he did make never really settled. The following season Claudio tries to bring in some new players and change tactics. It completely fell apart - the new players never settled. Yet they have all done well before and some since. It’s almost like they weren’t accepted into the group. Shakey comes in and goes back to the tried and tested formula and once again the old guard are happy. New players come come in again but few of them have seemed to settle - again. The only real success has been Ndidi. One or two others have done ok. Puel comes in - keeps things largely the same and we have a happy camp. As soon as Puel started to try and implement his own ideas and bring in some younger players or make changes the form dips. Everyone is saying why bring Morgan back in, for me it’s clear that he feels he doesn’t have a choice at the minute as he needs that core group on side. My conclusion is that we have a group of decent players who aren’t up for change or losing their place to new players. When that happens they seem to stop playing. How much of an influence is Huth having, as an example, behind the scenes. We we need to back a manager to take us through this period of transition.