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  1. Thanks for the good wishes. You're right about the heroics they perform, I understand they shocked him whilst still in his seat, after they cut through the 5 layers he was wearing! . The defrib machines are such a godsend, the amount of lives they save shouldn't be underestimated.
  2. Hi, thanks for your concern, the gentleman was my dad. His life was saved by the prompt actions of the paramedics & the medical team at the stadium. He had to be shocked 3 times with the portable defribrillators they carry, after his heart rhythm went haywire.He had treatment in the medical room at the stadium & was taken to the LRI, before being rushed to Glenfield General. Amazingly today he was sitting up in a chair wired to monitors. They are doing tests to find out what caused his heart to malfunction.The doctors said if it had happened anywhere else but where it did, with the paramedics only a few metres away, he wouldn't have survived, so we have a lot to be grateful for. I was elsewhere in the stadium with my son & because it happened near full-time I wasn't aware anything had happened until I was walking back to the car. He won't be up & about for the Boxing Day match, but fingers crossed he'll be back in his seat sometime in the New Year.
  3. Family of 4 with one side of me left at half-time & didn't return. The 2 blokes the otherside arrived 15 minutes after kick-off, spent the entire first half looking at their phones. Left at half-time for another drink, both came back,then 5 minutes later one went for a pi$$ , then both left at about 85 mins. Then there's people who would love to be there but can't get tickets!
  4. Thanks for that, looks like should be ok for family stand, fingers crossed.
  5. As anybody any idea how many tickets are left for this? I can't buy until Monday ( all members), I v'e been to all home matches this season so far, but fear that there won't be any seats together left. I sit in the family stand so would need 1 adult & under 16.
  6. Not according to Mercury website, that says Thursday 8.45am on the Zoe Ball breakfast show on BBC radio 2. Seems odd I must admit.
  7. Currently top of their league & in a cup final, now riding at Beaumont Leys, were they have been since re-forming in 2011. 28 years after Blackbird Road was closed.
  8. Don't think we should take too much notice of the bookies, look who they had to win league 2 last season.... that didn't quite work out did it .
  9. Could you pick the shirts up without the letters & numbers ( get a refund for the letters & numbers) , then go down to JC Sports in town & get them to do the printing ( might be worth ringing them first to see if they have all the numbers /letters you require?
  10. I got it to work after a couple of attempts. I was putting the hyphen between the digits of the sort code ( as it appears on your bank card) , but it kept saying invalid sort code , when I just put the 6 digit sort code without the hyphens it worked. Don't know whether that helps?
  11. That's the game that I first thought of when I saw the thread, Venus's only goal for us & what a cracker! He took some stick during his time, but i'll always remember that goal.
  12. Mike Stringfellow in a 2-2 FA Cup draw at home to Blackburn, 9th January 1965. Won the replay 5 days later 2-1.
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