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  1. Currently top of their league & in a cup final, now riding at Beaumont Leys, were they have been since re-forming in 2011. 28 years after Blackbird Road was closed.
  2. Don't think we should take too much notice of the bookies, look who they had to win league 2 last season.... that didn't quite work out did it .
  3. Could you pick the shirts up without the letters & numbers ( get a refund for the letters & numbers) , then go down to JC Sports in town & get them to do the printing ( might be worth ringing them first to see if they have all the numbers /letters you require?
  4. I got it to work after a couple of attempts. I was putting the hyphen between the digits of the sort code ( as it appears on your bank card) , but it kept saying invalid sort code , when I just put the 6 digit sort code without the hyphens it worked. Don't know whether that helps?
  5. That's the game that I first thought of when I saw the thread, Venus's only goal for us & what a cracker! He took some stick during his time, but i'll always remember that goal.
  6. Mike Stringfellow in a 2-2 FA Cup draw at home to Blackburn, 9th January 1965. Won the replay 5 days later 2-1.
  7. Greaves , Bobby Charlton, don't know the other one
  8. Was it undersoil heating or that big tent we used to inflate over the pitch?
  9. It's a bit of a long shot , but couldn't 8th place be enough, if Chelsea or Arsenal win the Europa League , therefore qualifying for next seasons Champions League, but then fail to finish in the top 4. This would leave 5 Champions league places for English Teams next season. Then it would need one of the Manchester clubs to win the FA cup & finish in the top 4. If this happens wouldn't Europa qualification be 6th. 7th & 8th. Bit complicated I know but think it's possible.
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