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  1. Yes, that's the risk of appealing, they could increase the ban.
  2. If his appeal his unsuccessful, he will serve his ban in the FA Cup match against Doncaster this coming weekend, a game in which he probably wouldn't have played in anyway. He will then be available to play against us.
  3. Yes, he's already served one match, so it's odds-on he'll appeal knowing if he loses it, he'll be banned for the FA Cup match, which he probably wouldn't play in anyway!
  4. Don't think that will be a problem, all they're really concerned about is whether the correct price has been paid for the ticket, not the gender of the person using it. If season ticket holders buy guest tickets ( like my dad does for me), his name appears on the ticket not mine, so a female STH could buy a guest ticket for a male & the name on the ticket would be female but a male would be using the ticket. Hope this helps.
  5. I don't know what area of the ground your tickets are for, but the last twice i've taken my 11 year old with me into the family stand, they have checked my tickets about 10 yards from the turnstile ( before the security bag checks), the steward last time said that's fine he looks 11 ( i had a 10-11 age group ticket). So if this is standard procedure you might be struggling with the 13 year old on an 8 years old ticket, you shouldn't have no problem with the under 18 ticket for a 15 year old . You could always ring the club & ask them to up-grade the under 8 ticket, it shouldn't cost too much more, I think you are able to do this.
  6. It's something i've tried to 4 or 5 times & will only let you buy them ( once general sale is open) if the away fans haven't sold out, for instance the Southampton game, which is now on general sale, will let you buy tickets for the family stand, i'm presuming this is because Southampton haven't sold their allocation, so there's no chance their fans attempting to purchase tickets on-line for the family stand or L1.
  7. I've had this problem a few times, once it's gone to general sale the family stand ( & L 1) , won't allow you to pick tickets . This only seems to happen if the away support as sold their allocation ( which Cardiff have). I presume this is to prevent away fans buying tickets in these areas, which are adjacent to the away blocks. If the away allocation isn't sold out it seems to let you buy them.
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