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  1. Vardy has said he will be okay for next week. The one they seem most concerned about is Praet, but hopefully will be not long as he’s started the season very well. Ndidi is a big loss but Mendy has started the season very well for us. It was pleasing for us to see Rodgers adjust his approach which many have felt he was not prepared to do. I’m sure Man City will improve but if we’d spent £400m+ on our defence over the past few years I would be livid! There was no leadership out there yesterday for Man City, and it was a day our young lads came of age
  2. Ever obliging Manchester City - Leicester are the first side to score three penalties in a Premier league game Hopefully a few more doubters silenced and some respect earned and belief gained. Props to Amartey for playing so well on return, props to all of them for executing the game plan. Incredibly proud, just such a pity we couldn’t be there to see it
  3. Can we turn up and wave a white flag every week. This does us the world of good not just for the points but for the belief that we can go somewhere like this and win. A come of age moment.
  4. Boring boring Leicester That was a very enjoyable watch, we seem to have our attacking mojo back! Castagne has made all the difference to that. JJ was obviously a target for them to exploit with their height, and switched off for the set play, but I thought overall he did well. With Ünder to come in, and Ricardo to come back in, Evans on his way back, and hopefully another centre half on the way in, hopefully the doom and gloom after the tail end of last season will fade away. We have a great first eleven, and hopefully will have better depth by the end of the window, with European football to come. Not expecting anything from the Etihad next week, but better to get it out of the way early. Plenty to be pleased about, and given the current climate we are all living in, that’s not to be sniffed at 🦊💙
  5. Everton’s recruitment over the past few years has been shabby, but a midfield of Allan, Gomes and Doucoure is very good on paper, and so far today showing it’s worth as well. I don’t think they’ll be as poor as recent seasons as a lot seem to think, although I still think they are lacking at the back, and could do with a striker to support Calvert-Lewin
  6. 3 wins I can think of at least in the past few years, including last term. Won’t be easy but is definitely winnable
  7. Relegation battle, Mendy is a league 1 player, Newcastle are better than us Dominant, professional, clean sheet. Things to work on, but very pleased with that. Baggies need to strengthen as do we. How many opening day premier league wins have we had in recent years! After a shite 2020 all round, let’s just enjoy today and appreciate whilst we obviously need to strengthen, our first eleven is actually pretty good! props to Castagne, thought he was excellent 🦊
  8. Wore 21 at Porto and possibly Nice. Changed from 14 last summer, so I think it’s just his preference.
  9. A joy to watch in a blue shirt. Absolutely rapid, terrorising championship full backs for the two or three seasons leading to promotion. Squaring up to Patrick Vieira at the Etihad in the cup replay sticks in the mind as well 🤣. You were great to watch Lloyd, happy retirement 🦊
  10. Gone back to Mansfield, can’t even compete with them!
  11. Liverpool have suspended selling their season tickets and are planning to sell on a match by match basis. Will be reviewed at the end of the year. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54018069
  12. When compared to Florence I guess it’s hard to argue
  13. Do we ban all those who have to look after the vulnerable and high risk as well? Or anyone who has a vulnerable person in their household. Men (deemed higher risk than women), those who are overweight, those of BAME heritage? Those who are diabetic? Are we supposed to all give LCFC our medical history! As someone in their 30s who has spent five months completely alone and just gone back to the frontline of the NHS taking precautions, I have had to make informed choices about how that is possible having been deemed at moderate risk. From my experience, my mental health has suffered massively in recent weeks, and there is a point where you have to have a slice of normality. For me that is work, but as it stands that’s all I have, my life has become very isolated with little to do or look forward to. It’s one of those things where unless you’ve gone through it, it’s difficult to understand what it’s like. The notion that those who are vulnerable have something to ‘payback’ to me is very distasteful. We all protected the vulnerable, but protected each other. Even if the vulnerable have been disproportionately affected, it doesn’t mean someone without any health issues will not be affected in the same way - I have heard the tales from my paediatric colleagues of some of the impacts it has had, all be it we are aware children do not generally seem to be badly effected. We know more about this virus now, but there is still much unknown ahead. I understand people have had enough, we all have, but banning people will not change what the fan experience is going to be. If we all adhere to the guidance and follow the basics and respect each other, there’s no reason why anyone who makes an informed choice shouldn’t be as safe as possible. For everyone, not just the vulnerable, we still all need to be vigilant and sensible. I would imagine the last thing on the minds of those who are at very high risk from Covid is going to a football match, however much they miss it! I have renewed to keep hold of my season tickets. When I go back I don’t know, but I will make that choice with the information I have, and with what I feel is right.
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