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  1. Watching Netflix with Brendan Rodgers
  2. Tony Warner David Stockdale David Martin I want to say Paul Henderson still around Logan must have been around 😂
  3. Remember James doing his against Southampton during the great escape. Sat three rows behind the goal to the right and you could hear the scream of agony when he did it. Was horrible. It sounds like Ricky P is not as bad (touch wood). Completed the game. You wouldn’t have known anything was amiss until the reports last week
  4. Nothing official yet, hope it isn’t the case. Some reports saying in intensive care, but no official sources
  5. These games will not be happening any time soon. Keep your money for things you are actually going to require in the coming weeks!!!!
  6. The current evidence suggests that children can certainly catch Covid19 but generally don’t suffer much with it. However the vulnerable and immuno compromised would be high risk. Children are not exactly renowned for covering a cough and sneeze! As a Paediatric Nurse with Asthma I am worried about going back to work after leave. I am not able to look after symptomatic patients or confirmed patients. I can’t even be fitted for a mask. Safety precautions are in place to keep me and fellow colleagues with health vulnerabilities. When self isolation for the vulnerable and old is brought in, I will not be able to work 😔
  7. Henderson (Sheff United) Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) Evans (🦊) Van Dijk (Liverpool) Robertson (Liverpool) Henderson (Liverpool) De Bruyne (Manchester City) Grealish (Aston Villa) Mane (Liverpool) Vardy (🦊) Aubameyang (Arsenal) Subs: Ings (Southampton), Fleck (Sheffield United), Jimenez (Wolves), Ricardo (🦊), Traore (Wolves), Söyüncü (🦊), Alison (Liverpool)
  8. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/three-watford-players-tested-coronavirus-3945834
  9. Got to at least postpone for three to four weeks and potentially reassess it. We all love our game, but we have to fall in line with everyone else. As an NHS worker with an underlying Health condition, we need to do whatever we can to slow this down !!
  10. At least nobody’s gonna buy him in the summer. Massive blow. Players showing symptoms as well. Surely Watford is in major doubt
  11. If a factual sentence is all there is to be pissed off about then you are having a good week sir!!
  12. He was excellent last night and very much deserves a run in Chilwell’s place as it stands. However, to suggest his performance last night is better than anything Chilwell has ever done in a blue shirt is quite simply ludicrous. In recent weeks and months, quite possibly, but not in his entire career. He has been poor recently Chilwell, but people have short memories. Chilwell came on leaps and bounds last season, and admittedly has had a stuttering campaign this, but as I’m sure has been mentioned, the vitriol towards the guy is embarrassing. Hopefully JJ’s display last night gives Chilwell the competition he needs and a much needed kick up the backside to get back somewhere near the levels we know he can produce
  13. Certainly going to have to isolate for at least two weeks and all be tested. Massive potential to throw the championship into chaos
  14. Yes, will definitely be same turnstiles. 7-12 is the corner by the Kop where I go in for C1 & C2
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