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  1. Half of the back four of the national team play for Leicester, who would of thought that a few years ago. Four appearing in the under 21 side as well. We find plenty to moan about but let’s take pride in that achievement
  2. Nacho still has time on his side. See Drinkwater, De Laet, James and going further back Izzett as successful captures. Would go all out for Tielemans but potentially a decent alternative
  3. When he made that challenge even I said FFS Conrad. Dropped one second half as well. Never change Conrad 🤣. Good atmosphere in the ground. Lincoln looked a good side but shackled well by Mansfield, who had the better chances. MK Dons v Mansfield on the final day apparently, could go to the wire
  4. I’ve been a few times over the years to Field Mill. Atmosphere has been good this past year. Went to their game with Grimsby earlier this season. Think it’s a sellout virtually so it should be jumping
  5. Off to Mansfield v Lincoln tonight, mate is a Mansfield season ticket holder. Bit of a comedown after Burnley on Saturday but should be a good atmosphere.
  6. If you were a prospective manager, you’d think twice after seeing that programme article
  7. However bad of a season they’ve had, I think it’s unprofessional of the player to 1: write it for the programme in the first place and 2: for the media team to read that and think ‘yeah that’s okay to go in for Sunday’! Even if Ranieri hadn’t got them playing, the players didn’t exactly step up! Players have to take responsibility as well, they weren’t exactly flying under Jokanovic, and after watching them under their 3rd manager of the season last week, they still can’t defend whoever is in charge
  8. Everton away last season was vile. Riyad refused to play, Torrential rain, awful performance, drenched coming back to the coach, A50 shut on the way back, diverted via Stone. Eventually got home at 3am
  9. That was wonderful! Hard to watch second half, but we defended manfully and didn’t give them much of a sniff. One real chance all second half and we took it. Too far away to see if they should have had a penalty, but watching Dyche losing it was entertaining! Nice to be on the right side of a late winner, not had that since Southampton in August from memory. Props to Kasper for his save at the end, even if the kicking was out of tune (again). Great win, great mentality, and dried out on the bus home!!!
  10. Bump thread! This is in the Mercury - not sure it’s Pulitzer Prize winning journalism but some interesting designs https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-concept-kit-home-2639468
  11. Thought about that 🙈 how did you manage to get them
  12. The Volley at home to Liverpool and the first time over the shoulder strike at West Brom last year for me, plus the 11/11 against Man United. He’s more technically gifted than many ‘pundits’ give him credit for. His finishes against Huddersfield and Watford this season demonstrate that.
  13. As above for me, would love to go if anyone has a couple spare
  14. Hopefully some left Wednesday morning 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 If not and anyone has a couple spare (x2 adult or an adult and a senior) then I’d be interested
  15. People have short memories. They guy is the best keeper I’ve seen in my time supporting the club. He’s bailed us out more often that not. Like everyone in life people make mistakes. A few poor kicks and we should bin him off!!?! Who are we bringing in - Ederson?! Danny Ward is a good shot stopper as well but he’s not exactly renowned for his distribution. When Kasper gets it right his distribution is pretty good. Give the guy a break FFS. After this season, he deserves backing for what he tried to do, not casting aside because he’s not a few people’s flavour of the month
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