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  1. DerbyshireFox

    Demarai Gray

    Gray frustrates me so much!! He had a very good spell when Claude first came in up until mid December where we saw glimpses of what he could become, but fizzled out and lost his place again. With Riyad gone, he needs to step up to the plate and believe himself he can be the man fill that vacant spot, and finally start living up to his ‘potential’
  2. 😂 very true, dunno why they need to be cloak and dagger about it. Perhaps because so many people thought it looked so bad that was their way around it 🤣. We shall see what’s going to be plastered on it this season
  3. I guess it is, to make it as much as a replica as possible. I had it because I didn’t think it looked bad and I thought leaving one sleeve blank would look daft. A lot of people hated the sponsor and thought it ruined it so didn’t have it. They were therefore paying the price of two badges for one which is a bit bad of the club shop in my opinion. May as well have had the sponsor because you were effectively paying for it anyway, even if it was advertised as ‘free’. It didn’t spoil the shirt for me, nothing could be worse than that Angry Birds monstrosity on Everton’s kit 🤢
  4. Because the club state one premier league badge costs £6 when in reality you can buy two for 99p more. They claim the sponsor badge is free and that was optional last year, so if you didn’t want the sponsor, which many didn’t last year, effectively you are paying £6 for one badge when you can get two elsewhere for virtually the same price but put them on yourself! If you don’t want the sponsor surely the league badge should be half the price
  5. I usually get the badges if I get a shirt but last year was a rip off - £6 for one badge and a ‘free’ sponsor badge if you wanted it. You can buy a pair of Premier League badges for £6.99!!
  6. Unless we’ve had a further allocation? Like I say, I got mine within 2 days of ordering the tickets. Ended up traveling to Old Trafford last year without my ticket even though it had been ‘posted’ out, and had to collect a ‘duplicate’ from Man Utd ticket office! Made for a nervy trip on the coach 🤣
  7. Mine came with lin two days of ordering them. If they’ve not come by Monday I’d call the ticket office to be on the safe side 👍
  8. DerbyshireFox

    Man united away

    Likelihood of getting to sales for all season ticket holders? Went as a member last season and hoping to go again with having the Friday and Saturday free
  9. DerbyshireFox

    Mahrez replacements

    Quincy Promes or Yacine Brahimi? Pace and trickery. Maybe more than we are willing to outlay but may provide the creativity Riyad’s departure inevitably leaves