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  1. That’s fine, but at least with Newcastle home game moving there was a clear message to say it may move to the Sunday depending on European draw. That was not the case with Arsenal game. Moved to Sunday but nothing to suggest it could be moved again. When you have only four shift requests a month and have to book two months ahead, it doesn’t help! I’ll just have to await my off duty and swap it if I’m on duty
  2. Bloody ridiculous that Arsenal has moved again. Already requested the Sunday off with it being moved originally. Booked Palace away off as well, why that one has moved I’ve no idea!
  3. True warrior spirit in the face of a cruel, wretched disease! At peace now, thoughts with him and his young family
  4. Every week after the World Cup, usually at a linesman. Just wasn’t noticed as much in a blue shirt. Liked watching him during his time here, but that crept into his game after getting in the England squad
  5. Absolute belter from Garth Crooks! Pundits really do talk some absolute trash sometimes!! I have no hard feelings towards Maguire, bit of banter on the weekend is nothing, but “agreeing to be sold to Manchester United...” do me a favour
  6. Newarke street is where I usually go, bit of a pain now it’s in a one way system. Certainly quicker than 1hr to get out. Usually ends up at £4 on a match day depending how quick you get there. Can pay on card. About 15-20 minute walk
  7. True. Don’t know if they are their main sponsor this year which might explain it. The concession prices are high. Arsenal away for a Senior last year was £15, so £27 for Southampton seems steep!
  8. At least everyone is on the same wavelength 😂
  9. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/tottenham-hotspur-keeping-close-tabs-3327065 Spurs keeping tabs on Gray, Barnes and Maddison. We could all chip in and get Demarai a taxi to London! Although of the three I imagine he’d be bottom of their list - they can’t afford the other two though
  10. Been doing that since the World Cup, became a weekly feature last season in a blue shirt
  11. We beat them last year, we’ve beaten them on more than one occasion. Pleased for them, but irrelevant to our result today. We are all just frustrated we lacked spark today. Seeing those Norwich goals, I think it’s fair to say Maguire and Lindelof did a much better job against us than Stones and Otamendi did in their respective games.
  12. United fans I walked out with said we were better, which shows how poor they are. We were nowhere near our best and still had the more notable chances. Lacked intensity and killer instinct. De Gea had nothing to do second half despite us being camped in their half. A missed opportunity. Need to be much better next Saturday
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