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  1. DerbyshireFox

    Do you remember...

    One of if not the best game I’ve seen (Sevilla up there for the occasion and mangnitude of the result). You could physically feel the momentum shift in the stadium at 2-3 and 3-3, and the scenes for that break for 4-3 were incredible
  2. DerbyshireFox

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    Around 315 left at lunchtime after I got mine
  3. DerbyshireFox

    Bournemouth 4- Leicester 2 post match thread.

    Having just done a 12hr shift with no time for lunch, if it is true then it’s pathetic!! However, Me thinks a bit of Sky exaggeration (who knew!) is at play. You would have thought they’d run that on a news day without champions league buildup 🤣
  4. DerbyshireFox

    What is your expectation and wish for City?

    For me, top ten looking to put a run together for 7th, 6th if Arsenal have a major meltdown 🤣. Realistically we are a mid table side with some very good players. We are not going to achieve what we did in 2016 any time soon if ever, and yes we had a poor window after we won the title, but we were never going to be able to compete for champions league calibre players because we won 1 league title. It’s a young side, which needs tweaking and time to develop, so I’m happy to see how we develop this year. Plenty worse than us in this league!!
  5. DerbyshireFox

    Free Personalisation On Adidas Kit Purchases

    Good spot mate, taken advantage 👍. I thought they’d do this at some point, they did it last year as well!!
  6. Some people are never happy. We have some of the brightest young players in the league in our squad, two of whom are now given the chance to play in the Senior England side. Both still have work to do but they’ve started this campaign strongly, Chilwell in particular. Let’s just be proud and back them on Tuesday night if they get in the pitch. 3 players in the England squad with potentially Maddison to move up to the seniors as well. Bloody brilliant
  7. DerbyshireFox

    Tom Lawrence

    Was signed as a good prospect after we got promoted and was never going to be chucked into a relegation battle that season! A good player, but wasn’t going to play with the squad we had. Only fair to him to let him move on and have the opportunity to progress rather than stockpile young talent and hold them back like a Chelsea for instance
  8. DerbyshireFox

    Newcastle away - Sat 29th Sep, 3pm

    Should make general sale then! Looking forward to it after last years trip
  9. DerbyshireFox

    Newcastle away - Sat 29th Sep, 3pm

    102 left at 1900pm for anyone who’s not got theirs yet. Got mine this morning
  10. Of recent times, it would be Mahrez, Dyer, Cambiasso, Kante and Schmeichel. Growing up it would probably have been Muzzy, Elliott/Taggart. For some reason Gunlauggsson as well but I think that was more to do with his name being so long to be honest 🤣
  11. Never had an issue. Usually leave quite early. It’s usually £18 per person, but that’s anywhere. Compared to some it’s very reasonable. Either parks outside ground or on street depending on the stadium, driver stays with the bus so can leave stuff on the bus 👍
  12. DerbyshireFox

    England at KP Tickets

    Mine too
  13. DerbyshireFox

    Newcastle away - Sat 29th Sep, 3pm

    From a personal point of view, great!! Last year was the first real year I managed to get to a few away days, so hoping to make the most of season ticket and get to as many as I can afford/book off work 🤞🏻 Newcastle away was cracking last season
  14. DerbyshireFox

    Leicester 1- Liverpool 2 post match thread.

    Encouraging performance, with time and experience we will be a very good side. If only we’d not conceded the second just before half time. After that I can’t remember Kasper having anything to do. We were excellent second half and no one could complain if we had nicked a point - cracking block from Joe Gomez! Lots to be encouraged about! Can understand the discontent with Maddison coming off, but I could see what he was trying to do. Vards back with more training under his belt and some reasonable fixtures to come!