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  1. It is frustrating but it’s the way it goes unfortunately. Last year I went to every away game bar Palace and Bournemouth in year one season ticket. I’ll be approaching 190 points soon. It’s frustrating that I can’t go to as many as last year whilst it’s likely some will just take the points and sell on, but the vast majority will have been going for years and earned the chance to go every week. The price of success. I’ve seen us win 9-0 on the road, been to Chelsea, Palace, got Brighton tickets, and very kindly through the forum Man United. I can’t complain, fully intend on being at Everton, West Ham, Newcastle and Burnley over Christmas/New Year should the opportunity arise.
  2. For me, Maddison has quicker feet and more likely to go on a mazy dribble and pick up free kicks. Both are good at coming from deep to be a threat in the box. Youri is phenomenal at seeing space and playing those eye of a needle passes and picking someone out. Together they compliment each other beautifully. I’ve been impressed with Madders winning tackles and challenging more for the ball this term, chalk and cheese from last season in that respect
  3. Now he’s losing between 60 and 90 minutes every week sat on his arse on the bench 🤣. Loved him whilst he was here but he’s doing his best to tarnish his legacy.
  4. With the rationale that Arsenal play friendlies in China and America, while we play Hinckley 😂😂😂. Few shandies pre match for Merse today perhaps
  5. We’re a little bit good aren’t we quite even first half, and they had a bit of pressure second before the goal. But once we moved it quicker and got the lead, there was only one winner! 9 clear of 5th, 12 clear of Tottenham and 13 clear of Man United. We are in a great place. Let’s try not to get ahead of ourselves, but why not dream ey 🦊 three consecutive home wins over Arsenal for the first time in our history as well. We really have been blessed since the owners came in 🙏
  6. To quote Brendan “we played like a top team” and we are fast becoming one. Controlled the game, kept them at arms length and nullified any threat of Zaha. Eventually took our chances, and Cags and Johnny defensively solid. Cags man of the match, closely followed by Tielemans. Controlled the midfield from start to finish. Demarai may have found his role as an impact sub
  7. If we can break the hoodoo tomorrow 🤞🏻, that will take us into the Arsenal game with a win against Arsenal putting us 9 clear. It would also put us 10 points ahead of Man United and 8-11 clear of Tottenham before we play Arsenal. Massive incentive. The lads won’t be thinking like that I’m sure, they’ll be focusing on performing tomorrow first, but one can dare to believe 🦊🙏. 1-2 Leicester. Zaha inevitably for them, Ayoze and Vards for us 🤞🏻🦊
  8. But how do we know he still isn’t under that pressure. You can’t just say, well he’s kicked off once so he must be fine now. That isn’t how stress works!! Honest they may be, but they were all giving him pelters despite knowing the pressure the guy is under. We are all passionate about our teams, put people really need to see beyond football and realise these guys aren’t just robots. If a group of people in your workplace stood around you for 90 minutes everyday telling you to F off and carried on with worse online after you’d got home, the least you would probably do after a while is repeat it back to them.
  9. That’s fine in the stadium - to a point. Outside a stadium that would not be tolerated. There is always going to be an element on banter and criticism within a stadium, but there is a fine line. He should not have reacted as he did, but under strain and stress that would test the best of us, I think his reaction is perfectly understandable. You could give an opposing player stick for an hour, then he scores and celebrates in front of a crowd and people go mad and get wound up. If it’s being dished out, don’t be surprised if it comes back at you. Everyone has their breaking point, and just because he wears a football shirt and is well paid, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his. There will have been plenty of fans in that stadium aware of the sort of stick he’s been getting. He shouldn’t react as he did, he made a mistake. His manager needs to take him out of the firing line to take the pressure off of him and take some heat out of the situation
  10. The thing is they may be trolls and empty words, but working with children who have cancer, sitting in a room where you are part of a team telling someone their child has cancer, somebody wishing that on your child is enough to make anyone’s blood boil, be it parent or professional. Wishing utter devastation on someone’s family is enough to distress anyone. A few arseholes in a stand being told to **** off after shouting it at someone pails into insignificance. When you are getting that on a daily basis, it will push you over the edge. Add the security issues Arsenal had involving Kolasinac and Ozil at the start of the season, I think it’s understandable that the guy might feel under a real threat
  11. Not to mention signing Rooney in January, who picked up a DUI in the US last year. No doubt he’ll get the armband at some point. I can’t see how Keogh wouldn’t win a legal challenge. He may be captain, but he can’t be held accountable for letting Lawrence and Bennett drive. They are responsible for that, not their former captain. It smacks of hypocrisy and from the outside, Derby look a complete mess. The statement is laughable. Unless there are other incidents that night that we don’t know about, they’ve made a complete balls-up of it
  12. Tough watching that second half. We made heavy weather of that second half, too good for them first half. Wasted chances on the counter attack, but job done. Enjoyable in the home end, able to cheer the goals with no bother. One Dains accountants chant of the night 😂
  13. On the red card, by all means allow for the conditions, but that had absolutely no bearing on the challenge. He didn’t slide in from far away, he challenged late, mistimed and high. It was about as clear as a red card could be!
  14. I saw that and thought ‘only one days worth after that’!! Still, it’s a gesture I guess. Fans deserve a refund as well!!
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