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  1. Ridiculous isn’t it. They’ve been at every match and 22 games in they decide they can use them. It’s like someone’s just found the remotes to switch them on!!
  2. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/11910759/premier-league-referees-to-use-pitchside-monitors-for-red-cards
  3. Couldn’t agree more. I love going to new grounds, but I’m there to watch Leicester at the end of the day! Southampton was disgusting weather but we won 9-0, Everton I missed the first 15minutes sat in traffic for 4hrs, and Newcastle meant getting up at half six New Year’s Day. All adds to the experience, and how you build up the priority
  4. If Chilwell was to leave, and we could bring in Telles as a replacement, it would be another feather in the cap of the recruitment team
  5. I do wonder if it will be reviewed at some point. I was a member from when we came up and then got season tickets last season. Only really started going to aways August 2017 on membership. Did six that season. Last year I did 16/19 aways (17 with Huddersfield thanks to here). By the time I’ve done Burnley on Sunday I’ll have done 33 aways since 2017 (36 including the three that I’ve had assistance with through the forum). I sit on 193pts at present. This year the lowest points was increased to 300+ from last year. Which leaves me thinking it’s going to take another couple from seasons to hit 300+ (unless we get to the cup final and get points like with the charity shield).
  6. Good news, Lawrenson has backed us to loose this week - cue the obligatory 2-0 away win! I am hoping to see a much better performance with a bit of a break under their belt. We need to move the ball quickly and get back to those fast interchanges that we had become so good at. Burnley are in poor form, have lots of injuries, and I imagine confidence is a bit fragile currently. The first goal will be key
  7. Don’t think you’ll have much luck trying to exchange for home tickets, these have sold out to season ticket holders!
  8. A great servant and ambassador for the club. Good luck Kingy, hopefully you get back out on the pitch and push for the Welsh squad again 🦊💙
  9. Rediscovering his Lyon form and taking us us to premier league glory
  10. Liverpool Man United overkill has begun. A special ref watch on decisions in the last billion years from previous ‘battles’ that bears absolutely no relevance to the game at the weekend. Quite pathetic really
  11. Fair enough that’s poor form, but just because Riyad has more ability it makes it okay? And then two years later still comes out with how we cost him two years of his career? I love Mahrez, most gifted player in a blue shirt in my lifetime, but he literally drove to an airport three times to try and force a move, and he literally refused to play for us the day of a match because he wanted to leave. Because he’s a better player that makes it okay? Would I have Drinkwater back - of course not! But I hope he gets his head right and gets back to some form of career
  12. Having seen how many couldn’t be bothered to queue for the loos at West Ham in December so just pissed in the sinks instead post match, I think it’s fair to say we (like all fanbases) have our fair share of ‘wronguns’ 🤢
  13. I feel for Drinkwater a bit I have to admit. No matter how much he’s been earning, the guy clearly has/had demons that he has been wrestling to get under control. I certainly don’t begrudge him moving. When he left Man United he probably didn’t think he’d have the opportunity to play for one of the so called ‘elite clubs’ ever again. He probably saw it as his last chance to make it at that level - unfortunately for him, it was the wrong move and things have spiralled for him. He has undoubtedly thrown that chance away, but I’m sure there’s other things going on that we aren’t party to. We all loved that team, but it was always going to break up at some point. I certainly don’t recall many, if any histrionics from Drinks/Drinky (unfortunate nicknames nowadays!), compared to Riyads many airport trips and deadline day strike (which completely screwed us up that night at Goodison). We got a ridiculous fee for him at the right time. He took a shot, and it didn’t work out. I hope the guy works through his troubles and can get back to some form of regular football.
  14. https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/forum/6-transfer-talk/
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