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  1. Linked today with.... thats right you guessed it, Everton
  2. Spurs agree £65m fee with Lyon for Tanguy Ndombele
  3. Saw this earlier. Imagine in the space of two years going from signing the likes of Bojan, Shaqiri and Arnautovic to Nick Powell and Lee Gregory on free transfers!!
  4. Most of the players have only just got away on holiday. We’ve had Champions League, Europa League, International friendlies, Nations League, U21 Finals start, and AFCON start in the past week, all in one month. The only side who’s been majorly active is Real Madrid. Not much movement in England at all yet. We made some great early signings last year which is why people are getting frustrated this summer. Add to that we don’t leak much out from the inside and it feels like not much is happening. Still plenty of time to get things sorted. Youri is the one we all want, if we can get him on board permanently it would be fantastic. It’ll fall on deaf ears, but everyone just needs to be patient! It could be much worse, we could be Newcastle!
  5. Anthony Hudson sounds like a supporter going for an interview 🤣. I’m sure I heard Holloway and Mourinho mentioned in the same sentence earlier on Sky by one fan 😂. A contrasting pool of candidates to say the least. God help whoever gets it if Ashley is still there. No matter who it is it won’t be ‘Rafa’. Atmosphere is going to be poison up there this season, it was noticeable last year, could be off the scale this season
  6. The flash offer on free printing on shirts would be better served once the squad numbers and squad is sorted! Although it’s good for the kids if they just want their own name I guess. They usually do a free printing day sometime in August/September
  7. If we are sniffing around Perisic that would be three bases covered - experience, top quality winger, and a further statement of intent. (If we pulled it off of course)
  8. To think of some of the dross we’ve had in midfield from 04-09 and in the last five years we’ve had Cambiasso, Kante, Tielemans, Maddison, Ndidi etc shows how far we’ve progressed, how good the recruitment has been generally and how fortunate we are to have the ownership we have
  9. Booing our own players onto the pitch at a substitution
  10. Perhaps not the best tweet of his to post not knowing the context
  11. Plenty of them in 97 when I was at school in Ashby, it’s because of them I’m a Leicester fan. Got into football there and everyone followed Leicester so I did too. 22yrs later, despite been born in Derby, the most important lesson I learned at School stays with me 🤣👍🦊
  12. That looks remarkably like the shirt they had two seasons ago. Mind you, not much you can do with stripes I guess
  13. I’m so envious of the Clough Cup I can’t tell you 😂😂. I’ve got some good friends who are Derby fans. Certainly isn’t as intense as it was when I was a kid but it was always the Derby for me growing up living in Derby and all the lads at school being Derby fans. The stick I took when Savage ‘won’ that penalty sticks in the mind 🤣😂
  14. To think league one will line up with Sunderland, Portsmouth, Bolton, Ipswich, Coventry next year. Really has become a league of ex top division sides fallen on hard times. Even if all five made the top six, at least two would be disappointed, although the state of Bolton and Coventry in particular that’s extremely unlikely anyway. Just shows how well we did to bounce back straight away and how blessed we were to find the owners we have
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