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  1. It’s a lovely thought, but Manchester United will look after Manchester United, nobody else. You could make the case shifting us out of the top 4 makes Chilwell/Maddison more attainable if they have a genuine interest
  2. Apart from Perez, who is obviously much more effective behind a striker, I have to agree. Fuchs and Albrighton will always have a special place in our history, but if we are looking to push for top 6 on a consistent basis, which is hard enough of a task anyway, we need better depth. It has been obvious for at least two seasons. The starting eleven is clearly capable of top 4 form, but the dearth of quality beyond that has undoubtedly played a part in not being able to sustain that form over a season, not withstanding the loss of confidence/mentality from both squad and it seems manager
  3. Chelsea will not finish 6th I don’t think. They have every chance of boosting their goal difference with Norwich tomorrow night. Best case scenario is they end up on 64 also. The biggest miracle would be us getting 5pts out of the next 3 on current form. Let’s hope yesterday really was a wake up call
  4. Breathtakingly arrogant. Our faults lie firmly at our door, but for the outcome to be as it is, whilst not surprising, just proves the playing field is never going to be level
  5. Joke - we’ve thrown it away ourselves but they’ve even reduced the fine!
  6. Thank god I had a quiz second half and missed the worst of it. What the hell happened!! Why change it at half time, we were all over them!!! Norwich away was bad enough, but that was disgraceful
  7. If they win 3 on the spin and make up 25 goals on us, then the drinks will definitely be on you
  8. Arsenal can only equal our current points tally with a massively inferior goal difference now, I think you can give him a call 👍🤣🦊
  9. 49 goals they’ve conceded Chelsea, scored one fewer than ourselves. We’ve conceded just 32 so far!
  10. Another centre half as well I think. Christiansen & Zouma look shaky to me, Tomori could develop. Rudiger is a good defender but needs a good partner if they want to kick on
  11. Generally Chelsea are very good to watch going forward, but they are suspect at the back. Werner and Ziyech will probably improve their conversion rate, but unless they strengthen defensively I wonder if it will make enough of a difference for them next season. A win for us tomorrow would be massive if the score stays as is
  12. Big fan of irony sir (enjoyed a bit of blackadder as well) 👍. He can’t play for Bournemouth tomorrow and as long as we don’t offer him a ridiculous contract, I think we’ll be happy all round. Let’s just get the three points tomorrow, Chelsea’s performance so far making it even more important 👍
  13. Ironically if you’d have used a different emoji it would have come across as ironic 😂👍
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