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  1. I’m sure Diego Costa was in talks with Palmeiras. São Paulo interested but turned down a Saudi team because he wanted €8m a year! Wants a two year deal
  2. Bloody brilliant watch, as comprehensive a win over a ‘big six’ side as you are likely to see, and we’ve had a few in the past year or two. I’m hoping the mercury print a retraction from the weekend about Ndidi never shooting from distance again , granted he can be wayward, but I can think of a couple of strikes from distance. Maddison and Fofana were immense, and the level of pressing and control we had over them is testament to the coaching staff and the whole team. We are a bloody good side. Chelsea have tried to do to much too quickly, a squad of individuals and not a team. Reminiscent of
  3. Think it was a tap in from a corner after coming off the bench when Shakey was in charge. Lukaku had a penalty saved in that game, think Fellaini got the opener
  4. Get Youri on a new deal ASAP!! Fair result, didn’t cave twice after going behind, and brought their run to a halt. Some impressive displays this term, if we can consistently start breaking down sides who sit in, then we could conceivably have another special campaign 🦊💙. Certainly cheered up my self isolation over Christmas
  5. Really pleasing performance. A season where we’ve won away to Man City, Arsenal, and now Spurs and we haven’t been there to see it!! Ndidi excellent, and the development of Justin has to be one of the most pleasing aspects of the season so far. Delighted to see how we managed to contain and nullify Kane and Son. Another top away performance. 🦊💙
  6. Favre sacked by Dortmund after their defeat yesterday
  7. Kasper getting knocked out and getting taken off at half time doesn’t bode well. Took a nasty knock to the head a la Cech (no idea how to post the vid clip) https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.givemesport.com/1618125-leicester-citys-kasper-schmeichel-appeared-to-be-knocked-out-cold-during-denmark-vs-iceland%3famp
  8. Hard fought as you would expect against Wolves. Pleasantly surprised how poorly they played first half. We looked very good first half, inevitably tired a bit in the second, but ground it out, and did fairly well at restricting their opportunities. 6 straight wins is excellent. What makes it even more enjoyable is how the squad have stepped up in the absence of so many established players. Justin has been fantastic this term, Mendy looks like a new signing, and Fuchs and Albrighton, who I felt unfortunately had come to the end of their time in the first eleven, have a new lease of li
  9. I’d be fuming if that went against us. The arm is out because he’s chasing back and he’s two yards away. However with the blue tinted specs on...Get in there
  10. 8 goals in 4 days, five consecutive wins, six key players missing, top of the group in Europe, 2nd in the Premier League. Brendan continues to do an excellent job. If only we could be there 🦊💙
  11. Incredible that two years have passed. I think he’d be extremely proud of Top on the decisions he has made and where we are as a club at the moment. The first anniversary we won 9-0 away, the second we win at Arsenal for the first time in 47yrs. Vichai has truly been watching over us proudly 🦊💙🦊💙🦊
  12. Started getting into football when I went to school in Ashby. The majority of people supported City, so I picked it up. My uncle took me to a Boxing Day game at Filbert Street in 96 or 97. I still get that same buzz at 32 going week in week out with Dad, that I got as an 8 or 9 year old walking into the stadium, seeing the pitch, going to my seat. The season after the title win, even if we lost I wasn’t that fussed because we’d basically achieved the impossible. After Christmas when it was starting to look dire, that soon changed. Having started to go to the majority of the aways from 2017, I
  13. Great draw, Braga will be tricky, and can’t claim to know an awful lot about AEK Athens beyond the name. High chance of progression and not too much taxing travel other than potentially Zorya. The draw hasn’t been kind to the Scottish sides, Celtic particularly
  14. Brewster to Sheffield United for £23.5m. Seems like a lot of money and a big gamble. Liverpool have a 15% sell on an a buy back for 3yrs. They are certainly skilled at getting good deals on player sales
  15. Vardy has said he will be okay for next week. The one they seem most concerned about is Praet, but hopefully will be not long as he’s started the season very well. Ndidi is a big loss but Mendy has started the season very well for us. It was pleasing for us to see Rodgers adjust his approach which many have felt he was not prepared to do. I’m sure Man City will improve but if we’d spent £400m+ on our defence over the past few years I would be livid! There was no leadership out there yesterday for Man City, and it was a day our young lads came of age
  16. Ever obliging Manchester City - Leicester are the first side to score three penalties in a Premier league game Hopefully a few more doubters silenced and some respect earned and belief gained. Props to Amartey for playing so well on return, props to all of them for executing the game plan. Incredibly proud, just such a pity we couldn’t be there to see it
  17. Can we turn up and wave a white flag every week. This does us the world of good not just for the points but for the belief that we can go somewhere like this and win. A come of age moment.
  18. Boring boring Leicester That was a very enjoyable watch, we seem to have our attacking mojo back! Castagne has made all the difference to that. JJ was obviously a target for them to exploit with their height, and switched off for the set play, but I thought overall he did well. With Ünder to come in, and Ricardo to come back in, Evans on his way back, and hopefully another centre half on the way in, hopefully the doom and gloom after the tail end of last season will fade away. We have a great first eleven, and hopefully will have better depth by the end of the window, with Europea
  19. Everton’s recruitment over the past few years has been shabby, but a midfield of Allan, Gomes and Doucoure is very good on paper, and so far today showing it’s worth as well. I don’t think they’ll be as poor as recent seasons as a lot seem to think, although I still think they are lacking at the back, and could do with a striker to support Calvert-Lewin
  20. 3 wins I can think of at least in the past few years, including last term. Won’t be easy but is definitely winnable
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