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  1. We couldnt have picked 8 worse matches to start 4 best teams in the country and 3 bogey sides in Brighton Bournemouth and WBA at home. We lost twice to Arsenal and Liverpool admittedly away when we won the league and drew twice with Bournemouth Brighton beat us twice when we won the championship and even Huddersfield got a shock win here in the cup. We also didnt beat Man U either time winning the league so only difference is losing to Chelsea and we shouldnt have lost that. The performance at Bournemouth was no worse than the draw at Villa also the year we won it.
  2. foxaholic

    West Brom (H) Next Up

    Suggested him for England on match of the day why on t his forum does everybody think they know better than the experts. King who gets most stick on here g has been selected by numerous Leicester managers selected by Wales Euro semi finalists and ranked above England I believe. I 0ften agree with the comments on here but unlike most appreciate that Chris Coleman and Craig Shakespear know far more than the posters on here
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    Shakespeare in talks to extend contract

    Tottenham slightly humbling the worst home league defeat for about 50 years or t least equal worst
  4. Why would we have lost with fit defenders we drew at Tottenham when in far worse form than at end of season
  5. foxaholic

    When was a bigger home defeat handed out.

    I had missed that one but looking for a bigger defeat
  6. Having watched since late 50s cant recall a bigger one. I can recall 5 goal defeats by Bolton under Taylor and a 5 goal defeat by WBA in Bloomfields last game the 2 worst . Surprisingly the other 3 I can recall werent that bad a performance Arsenal under Ranieri Man u under Oneil and years ago under Gillies a 5 goal defeat to Man u whose goalie had a blinder and Leicester were clapped off . Note I am referring to home league games as we lost to Leeds by 6 in the league cup. For Chiwell to say that probablly the highest home league defeat in 50 years is a blip is remarkable but I suppose put down to youth
  7. foxaholic

    Big decision

    And one of the losses was a weakened team at Everton
  8. agree thought shakey was a bit unfair in his criitism as apart from possiblly Drinkwater all had a good game
  9. It seems as if every time Leicester win the opponents are rubbish Watford played reasonablly well and Schemicheal made some good saves .
  10. foxaholic

    Roy Keane

    Couldnt agree more
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    I dont think Liverpool did badly when they used to promote in house We all know what a failure Bob Paisley was !!!
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  13. I think that is harsh better in every department
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    They are 1-10 odds for a Ath. Madrid win to the semi finals the same odds as labour to win the forthcoming election cant believe the odds the same.
  15. foxaholic

    Today is the day!