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  1. Shakespeare in talks to extend contract

    Tottenham slightly humbling the worst home league defeat for about 50 years or t least equal worst
  2. Why would we have lost with fit defenders we drew at Tottenham when in far worse form than at end of season
  3. When was a bigger home defeat handed out.

    I had missed that one but looking for a bigger defeat
  4. Having watched since late 50s cant recall a bigger one. I can recall 5 goal defeats by Bolton under Taylor and a 5 goal defeat by WBA in Bloomfields last game the 2 worst . Surprisingly the other 3 I can recall werent that bad a performance Arsenal under Ranieri Man u under Oneil and years ago under Gillies a 5 goal defeat to Man u whose goalie had a blinder and Leicester were clapped off . Note I am referring to home league games as we lost to Leeds by 6 in the league cup. For Chiwell to say that probablly the highest home league defeat in 50 years is a blip is remarkable but I suppose put down to youth
  5. Big decision

    And one of the losses was a weakened team at Everton
  6. agree thought shakey was a bit unfair in his criitism as apart from possiblly Drinkwater all had a good game
  7. It seems as if every time Leicester win the opponents are rubbish Watford played reasonablly well and Schemicheal made some good saves .
  8. Roy Keane

    Couldnt agree more
  9. Shakespeare

    I dont think Liverpool did badly when they used to promote in house We all know what a failure Bob Paisley was !!!
  10. Shakespeare

  11. I think that is harsh better in every department
  12. DO. YOU. BELIEVE?!

    They are 1-10 odds for a Ath. Madrid win to the semi finals the same odds as labour to win the forthcoming election cant believe the odds the same.
  13. Today is the day!

  14. Atletico Madrid 1 Leicester 0

    Couldnt agree more perhaps in a mental home
  15. Sunderland post match 2-0

    If you think Sunderland had any chance and could have won you were at a different match to me