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  1. We used to do it regularly even doing the double when we got relegated
  2. The league is nowhere as difficult as when half the league could win it People say we have a good squad but if they are not available they cant be included . In view of the injuries I wonder how they would have goton in the days of terrible pitches and folks like chopper Harris playing for every side . Star players like Best Charlton Ronaldo Messi Pele never seemed injured. Liverpool wonthe league playing 63 matches using 15 players I wonder if Klopp knows. Another point when calling Vardy who I love to bits Leicesters best ever player is how he is cosseted and look at the scoring reco
  3. Although they have only 1 point no team has hammered them Normally below our best we lose so this was a good sign and to say we were lucky when Kaspar didnt make a good save and we hit the post twice and one incredible save meant it could have been 5 is perverse to say the least
  4. Its better than I expected but below par every season as league winners expect a certain 18 and that could easily have been 12.
  5. Allbrighton noproblem had his one bad game a year his knockers must be embarrassed again
  6. It depends how far you want to go back most would struggle to get in the 60s side which would have done the double but for injuries and apart from the league winners I think it was in 1926 we lost the title on goaldifference. Taking into account numerous sides could win the league bad pitches no subs and perhaps like Liverpool winning the league using 15 players I think even the Bloomfield side was stronger than thisone
  7. It depends how youlook at it.Arsenal and Leeds both poor Wolves got hammered 4-0 by West Ham Man c well below par and Burnley and WBA relegation candinates. I must admit to be shocked at our Arsenalwin as we never win there even when we won the league. Europe is another matter we did well in the Champions league when doing badly under Ranieri If you thinkour performance against Liverpool was acceptable great but I thinkI am being realistic although when back to full strength your confidence may not be misplaced
  8. did you think it was an improvement against Liverpool. Only 3 sides we have played in form we have lost to and havent scored. Hopefully wrong but I think position false
  9. I think Maddison is over rated nobody explains why Prat can often get in the worlds number one side but is considered inferior to one who cant get anywhere near a much inferior international side
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