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  1. 4 correct results this week
  2. https://www.bwfcandproud.com/post/wanderers-game-against-doncaster-is-suspended Bolton vs Doncaster postponed. What a mess.
  3. Game of 2 halves. Absolutely awful first half, lucky to still be in the match at half time. Should have won it at the end
  4. Brilliant performance by Lincoln. Jack Payne is an amazing signing.
  5. Steve Dale has made himself look a complete dick all the way through this scenario. Can't see Bury being saved now.
  6. Terrible running, why didn't he ground the bat.
  7. Lincoln vs Everton the televised match on the Wednesday.
  8. Another game postponed , that's 5 now. If they do get taken over, when are they going to fit all the games in ?
  9. I'm in 4th place. Never been that high
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49330590 Another match postponed.
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