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  1. Lincoln took it really serious the year they won it. Played the first team every round . The following season when they were top of league 2 , they put their reserves out, to the point where they had 2 coaches playing in a match for them.
  2. Notts County had to Forfeit against King's Lynn. Not sure if they've amended the rules since.
  3. Portsmouth had 3 games postponed for Covid. First match back today and it's postponed for a frozen pitch. Lincoln in a good position because some teams are going to be playing 2/3 matches a week at the end of the season.
  4. I first did a list in 2012 and got Bob Holness on the 6th January. Haven't got another point since.
  5. Bit of a joke that Manchester City can rearrange their match, and Notts county had to forfeit their's.
  6. Rolling mine over Stuart Hall Cliff Richard Frank Williams Roy Walker Des Lynam Under 40 Sarah Harding.
  7. Did last seasons final ever take place ?
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