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  1. Derby and Coventry back in trouble with Rotherham winning. Rotherham play Coventry on Thursday.
  2. https://youtu.be/EMR5mjgUyh0 That's a ridiculous shot
  3. isaidno


    Jamie Foxx / Kevin Durrant (NBA)
  4. I dreamt last night that I'd ruptured my knee ligaments and broken my ankle. I was waiting in hospital for surgery and I kept getting presents from foxestalk members. Some foxestalk members in Grenada sent me a shirt over . When I woke up I had pins and needles in my foot, making me belive I'd actually broken my ankle.
  5. Love Friday night dinner, Gutted
  6. It's only on the Eurosport App
  7. Just been watching masterchef, Anna Haugh.
  8. Only just seen the news. RIP Ken , remember sending him a horse get well soon card many years ago.
  9. Would rather Hartlepool and Notts County go up than Sutton.
  10. Felt like a lot more. It was the start of 2008/2009. Ricky Sappleton scored a hat-trick and people on here where saying he's the next Heskey.
  11. The next round is Imola , no Mugello this year
  12. Think Max thought he would get straight back past Hamilton.
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