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  1. It's the first round draw tonight. The lowest ranked team left are 8th tier Chichester city.
  2. We did the trip to the day trip to the waterfalls and geysers, the northern lights trip and the secret lagoon. We couldn't do the blue lagoon as we had to book in advance. Do some research on happy hours and where to eat before you go. It is very expensive. About £10 a pint and £20 for fish and chips. The discount supermarket is called bonus. Yellow logo with a pig. Good for cheap snacks.
  3. 15 second penalty for Leclerc
  4. I'm going to Peterborough vs Lincoln today. Should be a good match, 2 attacking teams. Lincoln taking 3000 fans.
  5. Have Australia put there reserves out for this ?
  6. Amazing that Scotland could still qualify through the play offs despite being absolute garbage.
  7. Get in Northern Ireland. Some shocking defending by the Dutch there.
  8. Nearly had 3 separate accidents in the way to work. Firstly a baby deer ran out in front of my car which I managed to miss. Then some nob head in an audi decided to pull out in front of me even though there was no room for him, had to slam on my brakes to miss him. He then went through a red light further down the road. Finally I had some chavvy kid on his phone step off of the kerb in front of my car without looking, had to swerve to miss him.
  9. Outside of uk football Aviva stadium Camp Nou Bernabaeu San Siro Olympic stadium Berlin Espanyol New York Mets stadium Melbourne cricket ground The crucible Trent Bridge Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Monaco, Canada F1 races Le Mans Speedway Gp Prague
  10. He knew he was getting sacked by his reaction at the end of the match on Saturday
  11. Good draw for Belper. Notts county away. Either Royston or Maldon and Tiptree through to first round. Never heard of them.
  12. I stole a leg of lamb from Tesco last week and the security guard chased me across the car park shouting “oi,what are you doing with that?” I shouted back “roast potatoes,Yorkshire pudding and veg!”
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