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  1. Really miss going down to games and match days in general at the moment. A big void. When do you realistically think we will get to attend games like before? 2022/23 season?
  2. Technically more superior than Chilwell....a proper baller
  3. There was a 1-5 defeat to villa I remember at home when the fan entered the pitch 0-5 to bolton under Taylor Think we lost to Derby maybe 1-3 at filbert st as well under Taylor
  4. Looking for 2 adult tickets if anyone has any spare? Cheers, blue army!!
  5. One that sticks in my mind is Villa away in the 90s. 4-1 down and clawed it back to 4-4. 3 goals in the 13 minutes!!!
  6. Why so much negativity towards clappers? Certain that our form improved significantly following intro of clappers v west ham when cambo scored....
  7. Incredible to watch the goals again...would be just as good if not better to see every assist he has made
  8. Fuchs can do a wing back role with enough game time in my view. Only creative alternative I can think of is Maddison. Silva hasn't shown enough so far. Can't think of anyone else we have to create... Back 3 wasn't listed in a set order. Could play Simpson in a back 3 instead maybe. Ulloa has won the prem and scored a few in the prem as well. Agreed there may be better alternatives. Agreed Choudhary unproven but worth a go if he plays like he did v Arsenal. It's tough without Riyad and need Albright but not sure where he'd play.
  9. It's not that bad...a few changes here and there and that team could compete. Fuchs is better than Chilwell. Iborra better than Silva. Choudhary unproven but showed promise. Nacho or Shinji may be a better option than Ulloa. Challenge with a 352 to get the right front 5. I mean you tell me....who would your midfield 3 and front 2 be???
  10. How about.... Kasper Pereirra (RWB) Wes Evans Maguire Fuchs (LWB) Choudhary Ndidi Iborra Vardy Ulloa This team would boss set pieces but lacks pace. Also miss out on talented attacking players like Diabate, Gray and Maddison with the formation above.
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