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  1. Why so much negativity towards clappers? Certain that our form improved significantly following intro of clappers v west ham when cambo scored....
  2. Incredible to watch the goals again...would be just as good if not better to see every assist he has made
  3. Fuchs can do a wing back role with enough game time in my view. Only creative alternative I can think of is Maddison. Silva hasn't shown enough so far. Can't think of anyone else we have to create... Back 3 wasn't listed in a set order. Could play Simpson in a back 3 instead maybe. Ulloa has won the prem and scored a few in the prem as well. Agreed there may be better alternatives. Agreed Choudhary unproven but worth a go if he plays like he did v Arsenal. It's tough without Riyad and need Albright but not sure where he'd play.
  4. It's not that bad...a few changes here and there and that team could compete. Fuchs is better than Chilwell. Iborra better than Silva. Choudhary unproven but showed promise. Nacho or Shinji may be a better option than Ulloa. Challenge with a 352 to get the right front 5. I mean you tell me....who would your midfield 3 and front 2 be???
  5. How about.... Kasper Pereirra (RWB) Wes Evans Maguire Fuchs (LWB) Choudhary Ndidi Iborra Vardy Ulloa This team would boss set pieces but lacks pace. Also miss out on talented attacking players like Diabate, Gray and Maddison with the formation above.
  6. Mahrez is the greatest player I've seen wear a Leicester shirt. I'd never disrespect the guy - he's made dreams a reality. Can't blame him for playing bad under this manager with these awful tactics. The disrespect levels towards Mahrez from some on here are shameful. Kante gets more love than Mahrez yet Kante was the one who left at the first opportunity - Mahrez was the one who stayed loyal to us along with Vardy so why does Mahrez get the stick over Kante? How does that work?! Mahrez brings the excitement to the fans that pay to watch the team - so any armchair fans disrespecting Mahrez can do one in my opinion. Those of us that saw the miracle happen before our eyes will realise that Mahrez is an LCFC legend, worthy of some basic respect. To call Mahrez a rodent is just disgusting - don't know how you can call yourself a Leicester fan describing him that way.
  7. Looking at it from another angle, they've only conceded 32 all season (4th best defensive record in the league). Not saying Dyche is the right man for LCFC but it's still an impressive record. I'm of the belief that we always have a goal in us with Vardy on the pitch but our defensive record has cost us since Huth went out of the side. Need the new man to sure up the defence and let the forwards press and attack with freedom. Maguire does catch the eye as a good footballing centre back but we haven't kept enough clean sheets since he's been in the defence. As a defender, he should pride himself on clean sheets first and foremost.
  8. There just isn't enough intensity with this style of football and it is killing the atmosphere at the ground - becoming more and more difficult to get excited about watching us play
  9. I sit on row D and can tell from the body language of the players that they don't believe in his methods. No urgency and we let teams re-organise themselves before we even think about making a forward pass.
  10. I can't see how we've gone forwards under Puel - only sideways and/or backwards like his style of football. The performances have been uninspiring and the atmosphere is declining at the King Power stadium, which is no longer a fortress. The players don't play with any intensity and there is no sense of urgency or desperation to win in the performances. The manager must take some responsibility for this as it's his job to motivate the players. Dreading turning up to a game on Thursday night which has very little meaning for us. Disappointing end to the season. If he does stay, I hope he makes the necessary signings to execute his preferred style. The most frustrating thing for me is the lack of clean sheets. Vardy has been on fire, scoring in most games but our defensive record us letting us down.
  11. No I don't...noted he was injured and losing pace but he's better at defending set pieces than maguire and morgan
  12. Where is Robert Huth?? Don't understand why he's been neglected.
  13. The title win and champions league nights have made me want to experience those feelings again... Some fans seem resigned...as though we should be grateful for the title win and never expect to compete or challenge for anything again
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