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  1. Good topic. There's loads and plenty to debate, but the standouts for the "legends amongst legends" surely have to have experienced some kind of longer term commitment with us, rather than a season or two (no matter how great). Lineker Vardy Morgan King Walsh Pearson O'Neill Vichai and Top
  2. Is that cup for real or have you done a silly Photoshop thing? That's awesome if he's actually got that.
  3. 1973. This fixture has been all about getting the win and nothing else for a long time.
  4. You're right, I'm getting 70 years and the 70's mixed up. Still a bloody long time!
  5. Isn't it 70+ years since we beat these away?
  6. Well with that formation it's one of either Evans, soy or fofana that gets benched. I'd be happy with any two out of those three. Although Soyuncu would be my first choice to play. Made one or two errors recently but on the whole his Leicester career so far has been awesome. Love the guy.
  7. Pretty convinced now that our best full strength team is a 433 and that it includes nacho. He's a good player and noticibaly better a bit deeper and with support. He can't play that lone Vardy role. Kasper Ricardo Evans Soy Castagne Ndidi Maddison Tielemans Nacho Barnes Vardy Think that'd work well and to the players strengths, full attacking width comes from full backs with ndidi shoring up the defence when they do. Plenty of pace, counter and link up play up top as well. Gives us a good bench too.
  8. One of his worst performances today but let's not get carried away he's been consistently excellent since becoming a first teamer so he gets a pass on this one.
  9. Brave selection. I like it. Until we lose then it's Rodgers out.
  10. Have you been reading the plan B thread perchance?
  11. The real plan B people mean when they say it is direct to a target man. It's long ball stuff as others have intimated on here. The only time I've heard it talked about and backed up with any suggestion is when it's related to buying some unknown striker who's good in the air. Or to bring Slimani back... If anything we have too many plans at the moment what with Rodgers tinkering with systems and formations. Seems the only thing he hasn't tried is that elusive 'plan B'
  12. That was shite. Nothing like losing on Friday to ruin the weekend. I don't agree there was no desire though, don't think there's a dressing room problem either. What is exceptionally worring is a lack of shots on target, real clear cut chances or carving open the opposition, and complete loss in our ability to restrict chances defensively. Seems to be coming from lack of tactical nous and/or no creativity on the pitch. The effort is visible but maybe the players just aren't as good as we thought... Villa is massive. Biggest game of the season by a long long way. If we
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