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  1. Weird one with our Jamie right now. Goals dried up but still leads the way with Prem assists for us this season.
  2. Think that was a couple seasons later but still bang out of order.
  3. Reading this gave me warm fuzzy memories of beating Real West Bromwich Albion. The great escape was just getting started
  4. Last year during the run in we'd have lost this. Poor performance yes but a big point nonetheless.
  5. If Carlsberg did classy stalkers..
  6. Wow remember my old man taking me to this. It pissed it down and he was stressing 2nd half would be called off. State of that pitch, brilliant! Whitlow was one of my favourite players growing up in that era. Didn't score many but when he did they were belters
  7. Hope he got 2 cakes. 1 each for both of him
  8. Just over a decade ago I didn't think football got any better after a 4-1 away win AND a snowball fight with Walsall stewards on the way out. I bloody love our club
  9. My favourite worst ever Leicester player. Bloody love Spider.
  10. That ex pro knows his stuff - Cliques exist in the workplace - Employees want rewarding for success - Don't be late
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