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  1. Not me.... I'm Bayern Immunich Sorry
  2. True, but think a bit harsh to blame the latest lockdown on the lad
  3. If the figures are true, it's mad to think every four weeks Slimani nearly earns the same as Cags & Maddison combined
  4. You're far to sensible and objective for this thread
  5. Well if the players mentality matches this thread then we may as well not turn up
  6. Well I didn't want to not go to Wembley anyway
  7. I reckon it'll be Praet and Perez for Sharky and Hamza
  8. Biggest disappointment tonight was some of our fake crowd leaving after 80 mins to beat the non existent traffic
  9. I especially enjoyed his first sentence. 'I've got three words....Dull boring dull and lifeless'
  10. My inner geek really hopes on the night, our ground is rebranded to the 'Andy King Power Stadium'
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