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  1. Could make for some interesting puns on here -Well that was an ünderwhelming debut -What a wünderful debut -Clearly went ünder the radar of the 'so called' big 6 -Has a thünderbolt of a shot -Crap, another transfer blünder by Congerton Sorry
  2. Maybe not management. He would however be a cracking host on the upcoming TV panel show 'Chat Shit Get Banged'
  3. Foxestalk Barnes is bang average Barnes issue is converting chances Jenas Barnes can be a top 4 player Barnes issue is converting chances Foxestalk #$%* off Jenas you don't know shit Bloody love our batshit forum.
  4. Imagine those two shit housing legends in the same Leicester team
  5. I'm watching in a Smethwick pub surrounded by Baggies fans. This is glorious😁😁
  6. So you're saying we have a chance?
  7. Imagine the puparazzi headlines.. 'Celtic Winalot to become Pedigree Chumpions' Sorry for the lame puns, been a ruff day.
  8. Forum meltdowns after a defeat are brilliant
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