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  1. If autocorrect knew how to autocorrect properly, it wouldn't autocorrect autocorrect into auto-cooected My brain hurts
  2. Totally agree. Last 15 today we were on the racks physically. Considering our injuries and consistent fatigue from a relentless schedule, it's astonishing to see this season becoming as enjoyable as it is.
  3. Very happy. Likely would have caved in if this was a year ago. The growth in mentality/mindset is there for all to see. Fantastic result against a much improved side
  4. Very satisfying weekend. Even sneaked into the home form top 4!
  5. Salah will definitely dive more than 3 times
  6. Also from Red Cafe "Ole has probably had the worst luck for draws that I've ever seen" "These draws are just a bloody joke. Liverpool, West Ham, now Leicester away. While another easy draw for Chelsea" "We’re going out" "ffs..." "Yet another tough draw for Ole. We should not be surprised at this stage in these cup draws"
  7. Soyuncu is rapid you winter loving nutter
  8. You swine, I put a bet on this after you guaranteed it
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