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  1. Apologies if this has already been said Imagine the idea of our Jamie as the ultimate super sub. Coming on last 20 mins and going fully batshit against knackered defenders. That's at least a decade away though.
  2. In which case I really hope Chris Kamara still does Soccer Saturday when it eventually evolves into Skumcnut.
  3. If that's the case the 88th minute could be pretty special
  4. Just fooking brilliant. Unhide Tielemans!
  5. Obviously football had a different flossify back then
  6. Option C.....6th place AND the Cup Qualify for Europe twice, play ourselves in the final and watch Vardy win a last min penalty when he fouls himself. Option C all the way for me
  7. The Friday night part of my brain reckons Brendan only signed Perez because he read this post. However, this is the same Friday night brain that once thought banging on an ex girlfriends door at 4am with two kebabs, a lottery scratch card and drunken love poem was a good idea
  8. Out of interest, what are the 'criteria required' differences these days compared to then?
  9. If my memory serves me correct we signed Speedie and Gavin Ward that summer and got Blake mid season. Hewas a record signing for us at the time! How things have changed
  10. Loved him His way of getting the ball over the line reminds me of a recent smiley title winning legend All together now 'He just a lanky Okazaki, lanky Okazaaaaaki'
  11. Cracking stuff mate. Do you have a Twitter or Instagram account for these? Somewhere we can use to find season review clips new and old. Would be a shame if your hard work went unnoticed. If you have share your handle so we can follow you
  12. Here you go Q1 - How many strands of hair did Gary Coatsworth have left when he scored that ripper against Luton Q2 - What swear word did Julian Joachim almost use during a live post match interview at Sunderland Q3 - Fill in the blank on this well known chant 'Leicester Leicester Leicester _________ Leicester Leicester Leicester Q4 - What is Nigel Pearson's favourite 2 legged animal Q5 - Which Lee oversaw Division 2 survival in 1991 with a last day win over Oxford - Gordon or Rusty Q6 - Pleat in or out? Q7 - Did you boo Iheanacho? Q8 - Which side in the 'we're the left/right side' song is better? Q9 - Why? Q10 - What happens if...I've started so I'll finish... you happen to be in the middle during the left/right song For the record I got them all correct...
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