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  1. Very true. If it wasn't for autocorrect, I wouldn't have learned 'Puel' was actually spelt 'Out'. I got that one wrong for 18 months
  2. I accept nobody is exempt from constructive criticism. But you do yourself no favours posting this moments after three of them just finished a defiant and determined display. Including a winning goal and win preserving save from two. Credit when due and all that
  3. Going a whole season without a manager out poll would be nice
  4. Makes me happy two much maligned players won us the game today.
  5. For a total root and stem rebuild job, there's not many better than Pearson. He came in during our darkest era and completely rebuilt the team culture of Leicester. When he left the first time the squad he'd built soon struggled. He came back & finished the job. Make no mistake - there would have been no title miracle without the foundations he laid over a few seasons. He can be one antagonistic son of a gun and headstrong, but can (as proven with us) work wonders given time and patience. Unfortunately this isn't a commodity granted much anymore. Like many, I have a fondness for Fulham and wish your team all the best.
  6. Vardy gives Claudio a pizza and sings Nessun Dorma before kickoff. Sorted.
  7. Mostly because I want a manager with Lego hair
  8. Have him do one and bring in Gray to shine the other
  9. To save people a lot of time, I recommend they join Foxestalk and create a 'Me Out' poll
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