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  1. The George Graham one was unfortunately against us🤬
  2. Especially as we only got 6 points from those two games.
  3. Imagine how good we'll be when it clicks into place
  4. I'm more concerned 122 other people already had the same idea
  5. He does have a resemblance so why not.
  6. Not a pop at you mate. As long as actual goals continue to reap actual points, xG can go suck on someone else's spreadsheet
  7. Anyone remember Jimmy Wallis? Imagine your legacy being the first player to score in top 5 divisions. Only to have your name misspelt when it eventually gets written about
  8. Ian Ormondroyd - Works as stunt double on Peter Crouch's carphone warehouse adverts
  9. Legend. Reminds me of a previous outing our Kasper had in the same venue
  10. Rumour has it the club and manufacturers can't agree on a deal I'll get my coat
  11. Can't think of an insult that rhymes with Kebab
  12. I can't hold it any longer "Puel appointed St Etiennesiteeeee manager" Sorry
  13. News just in - Latest odds on how it will happen Feet: 20/1 Head: 10/1 Hair: 2/1 Schlong: Evens
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