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  1. We've come a long long way Imagine a few years ago 'Would you swap Messi for Elvis Hammond
  2. Has Mitrovic ever scored a pen against Scotland. Sorry mate couldn't help it😆
  3. Also an interesting 'would you rather' question
  4. I hate those fcuking bus parking 4-1 away wins
  5. Ok I'll own up to this one. In my defence - I was 9, first season, and after seeing my old man join in I assumed this was what you did at games
  6. Best LCFC smile since Shinji
  7. Best combined 11 from Greece 2004 & Leicester 2015/16
  8. Absolutely this... all credit to him after the way last season ended. In fact, if it wasn't for Ross Barkley in the 91st minute, we'd currently be sitting top of the Prem on GD. For an out of form and depleted squad that's not a bad start at all.
  9. Astute game management from Rodgers. Tactics and timing of subs spot on. Depleted squad at an away fixture we've not won in my lifetime. Very happy with our mentality, attitude and effort tonight.
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