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  1. Shame if true. Can you share a link where he stated this mate?
  2. I think this is my favourite sentence ever.
  3. As do we mate. Every club have their element of delusional fans which of course includes Villa. Having said that - As a Leicester native who lives in Brum, I generally find Villa fans to be quite a pessimistic and self deprecating bunch. Then again. After 20 yrs here i've possibly inherited this 'odd' trait you mention🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Newport friggin County
  5. Nice. Adds 'Best English team in England' to my pub football banter over the summer.
  6. If we still had him then Huth. Just to see if he can match his free kick levels
  7. Clapping is tame compared to what @Royston.once promised him😂
  8. 1980's. You could wangle your junk over the stand and pee on away fans 2019. Old ladies get reprimanded for holding up postcard size 'Puel Out' sign
  9. I sincerely hope your primary factoid was taking 8k fans in the pissing rain to a Zenith Cup game!😁 Despite recent achievements this remains of my favourite LCFC memories
  10. When reserve matches were called 'FNF - Family Night Football'. Pulled in some impressive attendances. Kids high fiving Filbert Fox while Dad tries not to stare at the Foxy Lady cheerleaders too long.
  11. But now Amartey and Simpson feel left out😁
  12. A magnificent finish executed with world class technique. Could possibly get overlooked due to the nature of opponent in an early season cup round. Fair play to our fullbacks for offering serious contenders for GOTS!
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