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  1. No way that can that be defended. My first though was 'have it son!' but a few seconds later, no. Just no.. Hopprble horrible tackle. All the best to the other kid.
  2. They have gone over Leicester, heading further up north. Manchester?
  3. If this is a model of choice it needs to be sustainable for 3-4 seasons at which point there needs to be another shift towards academy players stepping up, coming through the new system. That could be realistic based on the expansion in this area. Only realistic if we are bringing in best of the crop teenagers in bulk already.
  4. How would this sit with potential suitors, Knowing we will only sell a prize asset once a season max, will they be forced to pay fair money? As for future players fringe, they can come in to replace current fringe players that don't or haven't improved. If we show we are developing youth coupled with the pending training facility could give us a whip hand. And as for FFP slack for running at a profit (just), is it not better to save that kitty for a Jan window during a season we need the extra push to get us into a top 6 finish?
  5. Tielemans for Maddison? Could this be seen as a means to justify spending more money on Tielemans? Surely if Ricardo carry's on he will be sought after? But that will mean bringing in an attacking right back.
  6. I can see this being the case. It can be possible as we got a couple of CB's in last summer. If this is the model going forwards who do we foresee being the big money sale next summer? Ricardo? Maddison? Chilwell? and what contingency do we put in place this summer to transition the aforementioned sale?
  7. Just stumbled into this thread and as a amateur photography enthusiast i thought id join in. This is one i took last summer from greenwich park looking back over london during sunset.
  8. Silva + £20m +£5m in performance related add ons.
  9. can anyone kindly pm me a stream link please?
  10. Morning all! Does anyone have either one or two spare adult tickets? Can exchange in London or Watford. Beer money on top too!
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