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  1. Mormon is great. ding dong! Cant believe nobody has mentioned Lion King...by far the best of the best.
  2. I think your vomit may have damaged your 'y', key.
  3. Ricardo-perez, fuchs-maddison chemistry is missing. Tillemans is cold. Indecisive going forward. Need some width and balance to create more more space for movement.
  4. In 8 years time, our '22 year old' players will be 30. Hmm where will we be indeed!
  5. Significant. If true then it will get the wheels in motion for a flurry of dominoes effect signings around Europe.
  6. Why are we even talking about when Vardy will stop playing? ? These thoughts just make me realise Jamie Vardy is the greatest Leicester City player of all time. What a time to be alive!
  7. No way that can that be defended. My first though was 'have it son!' but a few seconds later, no. Just no.. Hopprble horrible tackle. All the best to the other kid.
  8. Just stumbled into this thread and as a amateur photography enthusiast i thought id join in. This is one i took last summer from greenwich park looking back over london during sunset.
  9. can anyone kindly pm me a stream link please?
  10. Morning all! Does anyone have either one or two spare adult tickets? Can exchange in London or Watford. Beer money on top too!
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