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  1. Silva + £20m +£5m in performance related add ons.
  2. can anyone kindly pm me a stream link please?
  3. Morning all! Does anyone have either one or two spare adult tickets? Can exchange in London or Watford. Beer money on top too!
  4. cant take leicester out of the boy!!
  5. Reminded me of Theiry Henry. Without the finishing touch - yet. Potential to be a devastating player.
  6. Can anyone kindly pm me a stream link?
  7. blue blood


    There is always a wide barrier that you can use. I think it charges you from when you tap in and out. If you do multiple journeys in a day it caps it all at a maximum daily rate if you go above it.
  8. blue blood


    The further into London you drive the longer you will be sat in traffic. I live in stanmore and my driveway is on just park. Closest to streets to station are Merrion avenue, sandymount or Craigweil.
  9. blue blood


    Parking in Stanmore is fine, 5 mins from the M1, Try Merrion Ave which is right next to the station. if you want something a bit more secure rent a drive way around the station for around £5 for the day. (justpark.co.uk) The tube on the weekend is 24 hours. Use contactless - it may be cheaper than buying tube tickets. Take the thames clipper as its a nice way to see most london buildings from the thames. Buy tickets to attractions in advance, Its cheaper.
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