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  1. Especially if the target is in about the 5th row. Wilf's deadly accurate there. Amartey seems like a good dude, and he's a nice guy to have around for cup games and dire emergencies. But those are the only times he should ever be on the pitch for a club that considers itself a European contender. His ball skills are atrocious and pretty much every game he's got at least 1-2 total bomb scares in him. That's not knocking the guy, it's just facing reality.
  2. Agreed, utterly preposterous. For a 3-4 year period he was probably the best pure playmaker in the league.
  3. Only on FT could the idea that Maddison is on a level with Ozil be floated and taken seriously.
  4. The eleven who give us the best chance to win deserve to play. Anything else is irrelevant.
  5. If Villa won't sell we could turn our sights to Sterling Yateke.
  6. Yes, I'm sure the lack of fans and the officiating are the problem. His age and fitness to play have nothing to do with it.
  7. 4-5-1 with Kevin, Party Boy and Praet across the front behind Kelechi. As traditional fullbacks against that opponent, Ricky and Chestnuts will be able to provide some width too.
  8. I’m in the minority but I think you have to seriously consider benching Vardy for this. If not, it should be a 4-4-2 diamond assuming Maddison is back.
  9. Again, in practical terms Maddison is the only one who's a real loss. Hamza is a non-factor if we're trying to win and Praet should be on the pitch ahead of Perez 100 times out of 100. If Maddison is healthy enough to play and isn't because of his own stupidity, he deserves whatever punishment and criticism he gets. But as a team, we should be fine.
  10. Well to be fair, that may well be our strongest team apart from Maddison instead of Amartey and a back four. The Belgian brigade is on the case, never mind the willy pullers. Eff them.
  11. Because the evidence of past experience is that Rodgers almost never starts him in a meaningful game if he has healthy alternatives?
  12. I'll believe DP actually starts when they blow the damn whistle, "reliable" or not. But it would be small consolation for going 5 at the back again, at least.
  13. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Our CL hopes are hanging by a thread.
  14. 10M for Ghezzal, 10M for Choudhury - absolutely zero chance. Would be thrilled to get that for both, never mind each. 5M for Benko may be almost as ambitious, although someone might just splash that based on his one golden season at Celtic.
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