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  1. We were at least linked to Tielemans for several days before we closed that deal.
  2. There are some moderately big fish reportedly swimming in those waters, so even if we were interested (and there are no links that I'm aware of) it'd still be a longshot.
  3. Did you see that we would have had zero goals in our last two matches if not for Praet, and he came within an inch of scoring another?
  4. No way he’s playing, he’s not in Sean’s lineup. The thing about N’didi is how effortless he makes that role look. He doesn’t particularly read the game well going forward, but he’s superb at doing so defensively. You just have to watch him play the holding role and compare it to Choudhury. He runs around like a berserker because he’s always reacting and trying to catch up, while Wilf seems to effortlessly glide into position before the play ever gets to him.
  5. Unfathomable to me you’d bench Praet for a league game at this point, Not to mention Kelechi really needs to be out there.
  6. Better hope that lineup is fake...
  7. Deeg67

    Dani Olmo

    If Oono signing with us is an extreme long shot - and it is - him signing with Newcastle is a complete impossibility.
  8. The West Ham side ought to be good enough to handle this one. If not, those are the breaks.
  9. Deeg67

    Dani Olmo

    Let’s see... Barca or Newcastle - that’s gotta be a coin flip.
  10. Whatever issues Chilwell has had both on and off the pitch lately, unless the latter are far more serious than we know he has to play. Fuchs looks like he's running in Marmite out there. I don't know what the answer is when most of the team seems to be off form. But apart from the obvious calls on the back four, the two must-starts for me would be Kelechi and Praet. I'd strongly consider given Maddison some downtime here.
  11. Deeg67

    Alex Telles

    Every time we start Fuchs is a reminder of how much we'll miss Chilwell when he leaves.
  12. Deeg67

    Dani Olmo

    No chance in Hell.
  13. Deeg67

    Dani Olmo

    Olmo is above our pay grade, winter or summer window. Not happening.
  14. I like this, except the Gray and Albrighton part. Youri has had a couple of games to rest and feel slighted, and he should come back with a chip on his shoulder. Praet has certainly done enough to stay out there. Maddison has been mediocre for a few weeks now and it wouldn't be the worst thing to give him the same chance to reset Tielemans has had. I think Kelechi up front should be a given - he's the most in-form attacker we have. We're not getting enough from the wide players anyway so the formation needs to change. Barnes was pretty decent yesterday but Perez simply doesn't work on the wing.
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