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  1. Why is this a topic? Non-issue. Maddison knew he'd be booked and didn't give a toss, and Oliver had zero option in the matter.
  2. I’d be shocked if United were really willing to offer 65 million, but if they are I’d happily drive him there myself. Good player, notable flaws, not worth 65 million and a position of depth for us. No-brainer if this was really on the table.
  3. Who would ever want to leave a team called "Wacker"?
  4. Deeg67


    The way Puel had no choice but to ask them to play, based on his options.
  5. Yup. Europe, plain and simple, however you get there. You can't state "win a cup" as a goal because everyone wants to win one. And saying "take the cups seriously" is silly because Puel took them seriously, just like pretty much every manager outside the big 6. And every one of them will selectively rest players in the cups (Rodgers will too, guaranteed).
  6. I thought Madders corners were excellent early in the season, but he's really lost his form since. What we've seen of Tielemans on that score is certainly intriguing.
  7. Aye, that's the conundrum. You want him to do well both for the table and to have this be a positive experience, but not too well.
  8. Mendez, Mendez, a thousand times Mendez.
  9. If Tielemans doesn't sign, Silva returning to the club next season is a definite possibility so I hope the fans give him a chance. He's not a bad fit for Rodgers' system and unlike with Puel, if Silva comes back next season the manager will actually be allowed to use him.
  10. A goal and three assists in his first six games, mostly as a deep-lying midfielder. Hard to overstate how impressive that is.
  11. I didn't see the message on his shirt when I ripped him for taking that yellow after the goal, so apologies for that. Still, as beautiful as the thought is, I do think it was a case of poor judgement. The team is already a man down, you have a propensity for picking up yellows anyway for clumsy tackles and diving - do all the things you did to express your grief after scoring, but save the jersey thing till after the game. But he's a kid, and kids do impulsive things sometimes. If you're going to do them, at least he did one for the right reasons.
  12. It boggles the mind that anyone thinks this should even be a question - if you can qualify for Europe it's a no-brainer. But given where we are and the way the schedule finishes, it's an extreme longshot.
  13. That's the best strike I've seen from Morgan all season.
  14. Every time Barnes gets the ball he looks on the verge of doing something great.
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