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  1. Donovan has been done for years. Christian Pulisic is more than decent - a core piece for a first-tier Bundesliga club. Weston McKennie has also been doing quite well in the Bundesliga this season.
  2. You know it’s a long spell of possession when your iPad goes to sleep while you’re watching the video... You can hate what Man City represents as a club and still love what they do on the pitch sometimes. That’s just magnificent football.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Shinji made a real difference as soon as he came on, but he wasn't given enough time to make a real impact. I'm Puel in but I do think he's too slow with his subs most matches (although that saved him yesterday when Evans - who was great BTW - went down).
  4. Deeg67

    Burnley (home)

    Would be an interesting time to give Silva another look. No he’s not a #10 but with Burnley parking the bus as usual, we’ll desperately need creativity in the middle of the pitch, and Silva can offer that.
  5. Deeg67

    Ricardo Pereira

    Pereira was fine defensively yesterday, although again, it was obviously against weak opposition (as is Burnley atm). The reason Claude went to Simpson is that he had the lead and a team that was clearly running on fumes, over-emotional and under-rehearsed for the match. He protected, exactly as he should have, and Simpson is suited to that role. Ricardo is, of course, equally comfortable either at RB or on the wing so it was a logical move. I don't think one can infer anything long-term from it, apart from the fact that if we're protecting a lead late and under pressure, Simpson at RB and Ricardo moving forward is a viable closing option.
  6. Deeg67

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    Chilwell seems to be learning pretty well... And I think Ricardo’s crossing is already pretty good on the whole.
  7. Deeg67

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    I don’t know how anyone who’s watched us all season can say Chilwell isn’t a proper defender. He’s been reliable on that end of the pitch pretty much every week. I thought this was Ricardo’s best game as a RB, though a simple truth of football is it’s much easier for a player to look good against weak opposition. He’s our right back now, and calling for a return of Simpson - who simply cannot play the type of football Puel wants to play - is silly. We’re going to stand or fall with Ricardo, and hopefully he’ll continue to stabilize on the defensive end.
  8. To me our best player so far this season, and it isn't especially close.
  9. Deeg67

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    I’ve been on the Chilwell bandwagon since he was barely getting a sniff in league matches behind Fuchs (you’ll just have to take my word for that), but I think it would be hard to overstate his value to the side right now. The amount of north-south ground he covers on the pitch is astonishing, and so is his energy level. Is anyone in English football more a factor box to box right now?
  10. Deeg67

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Is Chilwell two people?
  11. Deeg67

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Might be Ricardo's best overall game for us.
  12. Deeg67

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Not enough people realize just how great Ben Chilwell is playing right now. He's better than good - he's superb. Pole-to-pole.
  13. Deeg67

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    And the manager...
  14. Deeg67

    Cardiff City match to go ahead.

    I for one am glad this is going forward. I honestly believe it’s the best thing for the club to have something besides the tragedy to focus on, and this can be a true bonding experience for the squad. I can’t help but wonder, though, whether this is something that was 100% in the hands of the club. “Further discussions with the PL” would have taken place - if the league had wanted the game to go forward and the club didn’t, that could have gotten pretty awkward. I guess we can all be glad it never came to that.
  15. Deeg67

    A Compilation of Tributes

    The Atletico fans doing the chant... That's the one that really got me. Says so much about the mutual respect that came out of that Champions League tie.