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  1. They're going nowhere. Solidly mid-table team with real talent. Which makes the result that much more impressive. It's a shame Graelish engages in all the chippy bullshlt, because like it or not he's a legit talent. He scored their goal and created several chances with his cleverness and vision. He's an old-school #10 - a true fantasista, a dying breed.
  2. For goodness sake, keep starting Praet. He's a special player.
  3. Proper game of football, that. Old-school and entertaining as fuch. But my goodness - how in the world did Barnes not score at least one?
  4. I hate to say it, but Albrighton looks really off the pace with how sharp we are right now. He looks like a heavy horse in a team of thoroughbreds.
  5. Villa are at least trying to attack, and have been the entire game. They're a pretty good side. But we're at the point now where if you attack us and give us space, we're going to eat you alive. That's a nice place to be.
  6. Praet and Ian are better than Barnes and Perez. Right now, anyway. Play them.
  7. Oliver is normally pretty good, but he's totally lost this match.
  8. Should have been red on Targett there.
  9. This could end like 7-4 the way Villa is playing.
  10. Kelechi is putting in the miles today.
  11. I like this formation, man. We look so much more dangerous early on. Of course, Villa could easily have notched one too. Tremendously exciting match so far.
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