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  1. And he’s absolutely right. I’m baffled that people are so adamant that millionaire players should have to give up a large part of their salary (which they will) and perfectly fine with billionaire owners giving next to nothing.
  2. That pretty much sums it up. If we were to sign him, I suspect the attitude here would quickly evolve to mirror what FDR said about the Nicaraguan dictator Somoza: “He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch”.
  3. Stuck in lockdown? Why not build calves like Shinji? https://twitter.com/jfa_samuraiblue/status/1243004381798121472
  4. I wouldn’t be 100% confident about not missing a match...
  5. I think he's absolutely right and have been consistent on that all along. If it's safe to play behind closed doors, there's legit social value in that. Anything that can give people a distraction and a sense if normalcy is immensely valuable. But is it practically possible? That's the question, Jimmy.
  6. Deeg67

    Corona Virus

    The fish rots from the head down.
  7. Deeg67

    Corona Virus

    Test, test, test.
  8. Deeg67

    Corona Virus

    Favipiravir/Avigan (Japan) showed good results in a 200 patient CT in China. And there have been a lot of reports of success with Chloroquine (anti-malarial), which has the added benefit of being dirt-cheap by drug standards (unless you're in the U.S. and as always pay 100X anywhere else).
  9. Deeg67

    Corona Virus

    Progress on treatment will almost certainly outpace progress on a vaccine. There are at least three existing drugs which have already been clinically tested on humans for use against other diseases (malaria or influenza, primarily) that have shown positive results with COVID-19. The testing process will be shorter with these and if they can be demonstrably proven effective and mass produced, could have a major impact on reducing the mortality rate even for vulnerable people. That's why it's so critical to buy time now and keep the health care system from being overwhelmed and collapsing as it did in Italy.
  10. Deeg67

    Corona Virus

    The opposite is the bigger problem. Children seem to commonly suffer few or no symptoms with Coronavirus and have poor hygiene habits, and the growing consensus is they’re a key vector in the spread. In Japan they’ve started referring to them as “asymptomatic super spreaders”.
  11. Deeg67

    Corona Virus

    South Korea is 100K square kilometres, England is 130K. South Korea has 51 million people, England has 56 million. I fail to see the difference as being meaningful in this case. And in fact, South Korea did test around the entire country almost from the beginning, although obviously they concentrated their efforts in areas of potential hotspots.
  12. Deeg67

    Corona Virus

    We can say the South Korean way is correct - what we can't say is whether it worked, because it's possible nothing would work at this point except riding it out. But there's literally no downside to what Korea did - they tested at a phenomenal rate, and as a result were able to profile the course of the outbreak faster and better than anyone. They were able to respond rapidly to potential hotpots. And they were able to prevent their healthcare system from being overrun. I don't see how any reasonable case could be made that South Korea didn't give themselves the best possible chance to stay on top of this thing, whatever the ultimate outcome. That seems pretty correct to me.
  13. Deeg67

    Corona Virus

    ISIS has issued a travel alert, warning its members to avoid Europe. https://t.co/sMWvDjWAta
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