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  1. It's all well and good to say this now, but why not actually acquire a winger in the summer if this was a priority area? For now, play the best 11 (which includes Praet) and bring the wingers off the bench, as Rodgers said.
  2. I’m not going to engage you because I don’t want to drag this into a political debate. But I will say that Edrogan is a fascist and a despot, and he’s engaged in ethnic cleansing with American complicity. I’d like to see politics kept out of sports generally, but it has a particularly foul odor to it when fascism is involved. Unfortunately football has a long and ugly history in that area.
  3. I could live without the group salutes to fascist leaders after a match, but there's a lot of peer pressure on that one.
  4. Exactly. Burnley has no Mahrez, no Kante, no Vardy (though their forwards are quite good at what they're asked to do).
  5. People need to grow up and stop whinging about Dyche and what he does. He gets as much out of what his ownership offers him as any manager could, probably. Burnley plays counterattacking football and cedes possession, yes - but they're still dangerous when they attack. It's smart and practical management.
  6. I think it's pretty obvious what happened. The same thing happened against Sheffield United, where in the last 15 minutes a team with limited creativity and firepower made us look like a League Two side trying to hang on for a giant killing in the FA Cup.
  7. 3 goals and 2 assists in 11 appearances from a MF and people are complaining? Youri is this team's Mahrez at this point. He can frustrate you on occasion, but he can also create opportunities without buildup with sheer inspiration and technical brilliance. Does he have room to improve? Yes - but he's been exactly the guy we paid for. No complaints here.
  8. Burnley is fine. They make the most of their limited talent and are legitimately dangerous on the counter. Add a dynamic playmaker (from Algeria, say) and the best box-to-box MF in the world and a team could win the league playing that way. The time-wasting I could do without, yes. If Rodgers is determined to use Morgan to deal with crosses, then he has to straight sub him for Caglar (which I wouldn't, for the record). This 5 at the back thing has been an abject disaster both times he's used it.
  9. I guess this was payback for the Liverpool match, because we sure got bailed out there. VAR overrule was ridiculous and for the second time 5 at the back was a disaster narrowly avoided. That substitution totally turned what had been a dominant performance in the second half into a desperate and disorganized struggle to hang on. But 3 points is 3 points, so celebrate it and move on.
  10. This sub almost killed us against Sheffield and it might kill us against Burnley.
  11. I really hate this 5 at the back substitution pattern. You just invite so much pressure.
  12. Feel a little bad for them. No way that should have been overruled.
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