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  1. People are sleeping, I think, on how much adding Robben would help this team. Not only does he bring experience and swagger, he also still has a massive skill set exactly where we need it. He’s not done by any means. I’d actually like to see us improve at GK if we’re going to try and have a long-term run in the big six, but I recognize that’s a pipe dream at this point. Kasper is entrenched.
  2. How can you doubt the veracity of an “extremely source”?
  3. We have absolutely no incentive to sell Chilwell, and he's not going to force a move. Man City would have to get close to 100 million just for him in order for Leicester to even consider it. Since he's not worth that much to Man C. or anyone else, it'll never happen.
  4. That’s not nearly enough for both of them.
  5. 65 million - it'd be foolish to turn that down. It makes so much sense to sell now, and use Evans, Caglar and Benkovic with Morgan and another cheap vet for cover. But Harry has taken on a certain totemistic value for the club, which I certainly understand, and makes him tougher to sell. Hey - I'd miss those bull in a china shop bombing runs from the back too.
  6. Deeg67

    Alex Telles

    Apples and oranges, charitably. Not a chance in hell. And Chillwell’s not getting sold anyway.
  7. Deeg67


    A great day for two clubs - Monaco and Leicester. I really think this helps our chances considerably.
  8. Also worth remembering that Evans was our best CB while playing almost all of his games on his less preferred side in order to accommodate Maguire.
  9. £16.5m for Rondon is a hard pass from me.
  10. Deeg67


    I hope this isn’t an indication of how fans are going to treat Silva if he’s back with us next season, because that could absolutely happen.
  11. The right sort of fit, to be sure. On the pace side of the pacey/technical divide, but certainly not unskilled technically. I doubt 25 million gets it done but he'd slot in beautifully on the right.
  12. Probably 14 seconds before we conclude whatever business we do with Silva.
  13. He was injured in most of those games he didn’t start, which I suppose in an inconvenient truth.
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