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  1. Deeg67

    Nahitan Nandez

    Oh hell yeah, giddy up. Almost too good to believe we could get him, honestly, but it'd be a hell of a coup.
  2. Deeg67

    Jonny Evans

    Again, Evans hasn’t been healthy for sizable chunks of the season. Unfit for some games, sometimes unfit for training. Yes he should have played more even so but that has been a factor.
  3. Deeg67

    Jonny Evans

    Maguire offers more going forward and Morgan has actually been decent most of the season, but Evans is certainly the best central defender we have at actually stopping scoring chances. To be fair, Evans has had a lot of nagging injuries all season starting in camp, or he would have played more. I think Evans should be playing every week if he’s healthy but as long as the opponent isn’t pacey up front, Morgan has been fine.
  4. Deeg67


    Jose Mourinho could have scored 159 with the squad he had.
  5. Deeg67

    Silva back to ....................

    This is a real puzzler, and of my biggest gripes with Puel. Silva has a track record as a very good creative midfielder and not only is he not playing, we're getting no explanation as to why.
  6. Deeg67

    Silva back to ....................

    This is the essence of it for me. Whatever anyone else (mainly the execs of both clubs involved in the botched transfer, I would argue) has done to deserve blame, none of this is really Silva's fault. Write this off as a disaster for all concerned and let the poor guy continue his career elsewhere if it isn't going to happen with Leicester (for reasons I still don't wholly understand, as he seems to fill a desperate need no one else in the squad can fill). Dragging it out reflects badly on the club, and it should.
  7. Deeg67

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Kind of a clown car game really, but certainly entertaining.
  8. Deeg67

    Wolves A Match Thread

    A player like Neves is the difference between us being mid-table and potentially really good. We have nobody who can remotely do what he does.
  9. Deeg67

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Wes, Wes...
  10. Deeg67

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Morgan pretty bad today.
  11. Deeg67

    Wolves A Match Thread

    This game won't finish 11 v 11 - too many yellows, too much freneticism.
  12. Deeg67

    Wolves A Match Thread

    I'm mystified at Mendy starting ahead of Choudhury based on form, I have to say.
  13. Deeg67

    Spiderman signs...

    Antonishing that anyone could be so blinded by an agenda that they could watch that and reach the conclusion it reflected unhappiness with the manager or anything else.
  14. Deeg67

    Who do you want January 2019

    Paco Alcacer is the one that got away for me. Tearing it up for Dortmund, and we were supposedly chasing him over the summer.
  15. Deeg67

    Josh Brownhill

    Like Ricardo, Benkovic and Caglar?