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  1. Kind of embarrassing to have to park the bus against this team, but I'll take the three points however we can get them.
  2. I get why Morgan came in, but 5 at the back really is parking the bus and inviting pressure.
  3. No way this team is going down. They're belligerent.
  4. I think Wes coming in strictly because they're dominating in the air.
  5. I really like the way Sheffield play. They're positive and their work rate is phenomenal. Just a little lacking in technical ability.
  6. Gotta respect Wilder going for it here.
  7. Shef playing much higher. There will be chances to get behind them for sure, especially in this heat.
  8. Sheff United Sheff United isn't that poor - they're well organized and modestly talented. They won't be top half but they're no Cardiff or Huddersfield. I thought that was a better first half than Wolves or Chelsea, though still not great. We were pretty much imposing ourselves on them in the final 20-25 minutes and harrying them off the ball, but as usual struggling to connect several passes to construct an attack. I was actually surprised to see Praet playing so high up the pitch - higher than Tielemans most of the time. He made a couple of nice interceptions in our end and his presence freed up space for Tielemans and Maddison to operate, but I think he'll be more effective in attack if he sits a little deeper.
  9. Fair enough, but if you followed the pre-match thread it was all about "Barnes for Perez". I think once people see how the lineup changes with Praet starting, him being in the 11 is going to be taken for granted soon enough.
  10. People bltching about the system misses the point. Switching out a pure holding player for an attacking player is a big transformation. The change people seem to want - Barnes for Perez - isn't changing the system at all, just one of the moving parts. Look for Tielemans to have a huge game today.
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