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  1. Wonder if Ricky gets a looky here with the short turnaround. I'd certainly expect Cags to get his first start in an age.
  2. Agreed, Cags was super once he came on. It is indeed a nice problem to have, as it will be at FB once Ricardo gets back up to speed. The one certainly is Evans has to start every match apart from rest or squad rotation, between Soyuncu and Fofana you figure it out as you go.
  3. That was one of the more entertaining PL matches I've seen in a long time. Two good sides going at each other hard for 90 minutes.
  4. The most impressive thing on Edouard's stat line is his international scoring record, especially the U-21s.
  5. You could argue it if you want - I'll argue against it. You don't move better players to accommodate lesser players, and Ricardo is less likely to be re-injured playing where he's on most comfortable ground. He's a right back and that's where he needs to play.
  6. Moving Ricardo out of position to avoid benching Justin would be the definition of insanity. Ricardo at 100% is our best player and arguably the best RB in the PL. He won't be there his first game back but to regain that form he needs to play, and play in his preferred position. There will be opportunities for Justin in the FA Cup and rotating the squad once Europa starts back up, and even that's assuming we're lucky enough to have Ricardo and Castagne stay healthy.
  7. Any two of Ndidi, Mendy and Hamza in the same lineup is a disaster no matter the opposition.
  8. On that I agree, especially since they're going to treat Ricardo with kid gloves.
  9. Praet is one of the most indispensable and hardest-to-replace guys in the squad because of his ability to cover multiple positions. He's the closest thing to a real box-to-box midfielder we have. Not getting in a competent option to replace him after last season's collapse would be criminal negligence.
  10. It seems to be a sailed ship now, but I'm not sure why people think being part of a vital CL chase and potential deep Europa League campaign as a key reserve and sometime-starter would be bad for a player's development. Especially considering this is not a teenager here.
  11. Feel free to make that argument, and good luck with it. Justin goes to the bench when Ricardo is fully fit (if). He’s improved a lot but it really isn’t even a matter for serious debate.
  12. Or we’re doing the same as last year, signing nobody of consequence and dropping out of the CL places again.
  13. Puel liked (and used) him plenty, nothing changed when BR took over.
  14. Everything? KDH effectively plays a very different position from Hamza. He doesn't have two guys directly blocking him. He's had an extraordinarily successful half-season on loan, while Hamza has been an intermittent bomb scare. We have no depth at creative MF if we don't sign one, so unless there's no squad rotation at all (and even for Rodgers that's impossible) KDH would have to play.
  15. Considering that neither Mendy or Goc help us Hamza should even be a consideration for that role, that’s a pretty low bar. Still, if Praet is out for several weeks recalling KDH is a no-brainer. He’ll get minutes even with no further injuries in midfield.
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