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  1. We're three games in, coming off a season where we completely collapsed in the second half. It's way too early to assess what level we're at. We're not gonna be relegated, I think we can say that much...
  2. It was a couple of minutes before he came off but he was clearly done at that point. Not moving well at all.
  3. It helps to be playing in position, though I would contend he was really good last season too without getting much credit for it. Obviously a wonderful day but losing Praet for any length of time just as he's emerging as a star would be a devastating blow.
  4. Deeg67


    Amartey being as good as he was is the most surprising part of this day for me. Went to sleep on the second goal but apart from that really good - very physical, which we were lacking. Commanding in the air and decent on the ball. He looked like someone who could be a real option.
  5. Far more valuable than Vardy last year. After Ricardo went down out PotY for sure.
  6. That may be, but we can't fall into the trap of starting Albrighton in this game. The only chance we have is to try and score 2 or three, because they sure will. You have to start Barnes and hope he's still riding the wave from last week. Their weaknesses are in the back and having to start Stirling as a striker. It makes no sense to go three at the back when they're basically playing without a forward, and it makes no sense to park the bus when they're vulnerable defensively. The only concession I'd make is maybe switching Castagne and Justin to get the better defender on Mahrez' side.
  7. Totally don't see the urge to go three at the back at this point. It doesn't play to our strengths as currently constructed. And bench Barnes - seriously, after his best performance at the club? I'm all for respecting a stronger opponent but let's play the way we played the first two weeks and make them beat us.
  8. Not remotely difficult. Castagne to the left, Jones to the bench and the FA Cup.
  9. That's an absolute fantasy. 7-8M if we were fortunate.
  10. Agreed - it’s too much. Time to say goodbye and good luck and try and lock down a secondary target.
  11. No Hamza, please. There are many iterations of our best 11 and he's not in any of them. Mahrez is going to eat Justin for breakfast no matter what, so we may as well give ourselves some chances to score. Their vulnerability is in the back and if we start a negative lineup we play right into their hands.
  12. That's an incredibly Tolkien-esque name.
  13. I don't think you can change anything from the first two games, apart from Evans replacing Ndidi. It's tempting to change formation for an opponent like this but what we did clearly worked for two matches, so let the guys try and ride their confidence. The only change I might consider is flipping Castagne and Justin to put Castagne on Mahrez, but in the end I think that has more negatives than positives. No way Evans can sit based on fitness issues. If he's healthy, he has to play.
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