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  1. Agreed. I would start the exact team we started against Zorya, except Justin back for Fuchs. Barnes is really starting to blossom where he is, terrible time to move him. Kelechi isn't Vardy but there are other things he does well, and if Vardy can't go he's done enough to earn the time.
  2. Gray "back in the squad" for this one, according to BR.
  3. Not to belabour it, but (and you can check) I suggested Praet as an inverted RW last season, when he was clearly better than what was playing ahead of him and struggling to get on the pitch under Rodgers. He's probably the most versatile player on the roster for starters, and seems to prefer the right, so there's no reason this shouldn't work. And indeed, it has been. He's not a true winger in the Jesus Navas sense, but he gives Castagne a lot of freedom because he can cut inside and let Timmy overlap, and is also good at proving defensive cover. i.e. an inverted winger. Praet
  4. Soyuncu's injury likely bought us another year with him, as did Ricardo's.
  5. Fofana will pull the same routine on us that he did at St. Etienne in a couple of years, that’s a virtual lock. But it sure as hell won’t be to go to Marseille, ROFL. Ironically the injuries to Ricardo and Cags might have bought us another year with our young back four intact next season, if we’re lucky. Ricardo, Fofana, Soyuncu, and Castagne would be a tremendously athletic and dangerous group, especially if they were working with a more tactically competent manager.
  6. That was the part that really impressed me, although he was just generally really good. Some of those outlet passes were elite tier.
  7. Why would you take Mendy off for Hamza? He cost us the match. But then, why would you take anyone off for Hamza. Fofana looked good, at least.
  8. Considering how many we're likely missing and that Villa is a very decent side, a point would be a terrific result.
  9. Considering Big Wes' speed can be measured in geologic time, that would have to mean Baby Wes is faster than Concorde.
  10. Fivrthirtyeight weighs in on the explosion in PL goals this season: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-has-premier-league-scoring-skyrocketed/
  11. To be honest it’s better for Barnes not to be involved in a shambolic performance like this. Just bad karma all around.
  12. I strongly disagree. It's the same argument about turning Ricardo into a winger. Play your best talent where they play best and fit the pieces around them. One of the things that drives me nuts about BR is his relentless drive to play guys out of position. I'm assuming it's all tied into his obsessive need to prove he's the smartest guy in the stadium every week.
  13. Because you play the better player in their natural position. And because Castagne doesn't need bedding on the left - he's played half his career there. He'll make the transition without any problem.
  14. The acid test here is going to be what he does when all the main MF and attacking players are healthy. Obviously Ricardo starts as soon as he's able, but it's less obvious with the likes of Praet, Maddison, Under and Perez. It's pretty obvious that this team functions better when Praet is on the pitch, but will BR acknowledge that and use him? Who does he replace? It's all well and good to talk about rotation, and with Europa that is indeed important. But your starters still need to play most of your games, and he's going to need to get that right. One thing seems clear - wit
  15. Ünder was far from our worst player once he came on. At least he tried to generate something. It was his first appearance, and he came on in the middle of a dumpster fire for us. Hard to believe anyone would write him off based on that - but this is FT...
  16. Obviously with Castagne targeted for that role you’re not going to sign another LB. Would you consider switching he and Justin now, or trying Fuchs for a game? Maybe - a case can be made. Justin is just really inconsistent, a function of inexperience. If he’s that much better on the right (which has not been by observation, ftr) you might try that (but not against Villa).
  17. Seems like today would have been a good one to have KDH at least on the bench. He would have been an option for a bit of creativity in midfield.
  18. For all the things that were awful today starting with the setup, I think it made it pretty clear that Praet was the MVP of the first three games.
  19. They were very good and deserved to win by even more, but we also made it very easy for them from the way we set up at the opening whistle on down.
  20. Very, very bad. Rodgers hasn't been good when it comes to turning teams around when they go off the rails, so hopefully this doesn't snowball into another deep trough of poor play.
  21. Especially awful: Soyuncu, Justin, Kasper, Perez. Not terrible: Vardy, Evans, Amartey, Ünder
  22. Kind of a perfect storm today. Totally wrong setup from the manager, the wrong two guys to have injured at the same time, and a generally lethargic and lifeless performance. We're lucky to only be down by 3.
  23. Justin, my goodness... What a stinker for him today.
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