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  1. Not in the last 10-12 games they don’t.
  2. I'll take my chances with Fulham over Tottenham and Newcastle over Man City, thanks very much. Sure, upsets happen and the pressure enters into it, but your odds still go up or down depending on the strength of the opposition.
  3. Look at the strength of schedule for the remaining fixtures and ours is one of the toughest in the prem. Totts, WH and Everton have it pretty easy. I think Chelsea will almost surely pip us - likely the last spot is coming down to us holding off those three teams.
  4. Spurs have more talent them West Ham and Everton, though. What worries me is their run-in is pretty easy (all three) and ours is damn tough. You can't afford to even consider dropping points against Sheffield - I loathe the overused "must-win" cliche but boy, that game is a must-win.
  5. Norwich is winning the Championship in a walk though, so I very much doubt they're selling. Brighton really needs to get Potter someone like that though (assuming they survive).
  6. Everton and West Ham have games in hand and an easy schedule. Spurs is easy too. None of them can be counted out.
  7. I would prefer to at least have one right-footed and one left-footed option in the regular group, since inswingers are more effective as a rule. But Maddison has been so bad on corners this season that it's dubious whether he should ever take them.
  8. Y'know who would be perfect for Brighton? Teemu Pukki. Just a guy who knows how to score goals. Nothing fancy - just smart and possessing a deft touch. It'd transform their entire team. As for us, I'm all for adding another striker but I'd still argue Kelechi is a good #2 and good enough to start for some PL sides. He can also play with Vardy, which not every striker could. If we sign Edouard I think we keep Kelechi and effectively transition Vardy into a part-time role. KDH, a striker, and a right winger good enough to be the main starter - those would be the bar
  9. I asked before and I'll ask again - what team outside the top 6 (and some in it) has a better 2nd striker than Kelechi? I would argue it's an extremely short list.
  10. I'd play the U-15s for that one if they were eligible, and send the regulars to the spa for the day.
  11. It was when his foot touched it, right before it touched Vardy.
  12. I hate five at the back (let's just call it what it is) generally, but especially against a bottom-feeder like Sheffield. But the only way I think Rodgers ditches is it is if Praet is fit to start on the right, and it's almost a lock he won't be after missing two and a half months.
  13. Shame Praet likely wouldn't be fit to go for a full match here, because he's a good fit against these guys. We'll have plenty of possession and he's not going to be bullied physically.
  14. And this is a flaw in the roster. Some of us would have liked to have seen Under get an extended run as a starter but that never happened, and he's supposedly hurt now anyway. Especially with Barnes out we don't really have any good options - and that includes starting Albrighton. It's just a question of the least worst.
  15. I think the reason he's done well in both games is that he's more effective off the bench than as a starter. What Albrighton basically brings is energy, and it's more effective against tired legs. If he starts a match by the time they're knackered he's knackered too.
  16. Fans do take this persecution complex too far. It was borderline, and the fact that it wasn't given isn't evidence of conspiracy, it's just bad luck.
  17. Only a homer would look at that play and say "we wuz robbed!" (as if there's some sort of conspiracy to favor... Brighton?). It could easily have been a penalty, but it was close. Replay showed he did contact the ball before the man, so I'm not surprised it wasn't overturned.
  18. That was fine for a debut performance by a teenager. A moment of brilliance causing a near-miss, one or two flashes of ability, and virtual anonymity for the rest of the night. I'd have said it was a subpar performance from an established regular, but under the circumstances a solid B-minus.
  19. That was a gut-check 2nd half. Very lucky to get the 2nd on a howler by the keeper, but nice finish by Big Dan just the same. A huge three points. Truthfully, I think it would be hard to point at anybody besides Kelechi and say they had a really good game. Vardy was better but still lacking any touch, Tielemans still looks spent but made the key pass, Amartey was grim on the ball as usual most of the night, Wilf was pretty awful yet again, Fofana had a couple of howlers but he and Cags both started some attacks with deft touch from the back, Tavares showed flashes but was largel
  20. Fans love to dump on Kelechi but who, outside the big 6 at least, has a better or more versatile 2nd striker?
  21. I said this team, not the one we started against Liverpool.
  22. It’s easy to be skeptical of Edouard’s numbers in the SPL, but his France U-21 goal rate is bonkers. Weak opposition?
  23. Amusing to imagine how long a game would have to be for this side to score three goals against anybody.
  24. I was gonna say, don't buy the argument that Wilf is a willow twig. He's a bull.
  25. Praet getting back before Maddison is his best shot at some meaningful playing time. He'll likely be very motivated if he's planning to push for a move in the summer.
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