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  1. Celebrities do this on purpose so that in this case there won't be any city fans annoying them.
  2. It might be mid february, but a Christmas tree is still appropriate . Schmicheal Ricky Evans Soyuncu Thomas Tielamans Ndidi Mendy Maddison Barnes Vardy
  3. Agree, and Spectre, shame cos Daniel Craig was brilliant in Casino Royale. The Home Alone films are too silly. The Martian (Matt Damon) is a great film, but not considered great. All Is Lost is a great film, Robert Redford attempts to survive on his boat in the Atlantic Ocean after it starts leaking. I think if memory serves me, not one word is spoken and he's the only actor. The Impossible is underated too.
  4. Smichael 8 brilliant save just before h/t and no dodgy passes. Peiera 7.5 considering his recent injury and not much play time, solid, great to see him back! Evans 7.4 why he isn't captain is beyond me. Soyuncu 7.2 almost scored never troubled Justin 8.5 what a run for the second goal and took it so carefully and with skill, and playing out of position. Got caught out but that look first half towards Choudhury not backing him up explained why. Player of the season so far. MAN OF THE MATCH!!! Tielamans 7.3 worked hard albeit Fulham Choudhury 6 he was
  5. Thats likely to be the starting 11, however I would play Barnes upfront as hes more of a striker than Perez and more likely to score, and we might need to find out if he can replace Vards when the time comes. Fullham are to be got at, and after last night this is a chance to raise the level further and get 10 goals. Attack, attack, attack attack attack! Schmeichael Peiera Evans Soyuncu Justin Tielamans Mendy Under Maddison Perez Barnes Ward Albrighton Amartey Fuchs Thomas Choudhury Iheanacho Forfana
  6. I'd be worried about that back 4, hardly played and not together at all.
  7. Man of the match was a tough choice, but again I went with Ndidi, absolute solid in the middle and a great goal. Lots of moaning Chelsea fans on the radio afterwards, but I thought they played well, we were looking leggy second half, but our ability to dig deep, intercept a pass, pass well and keep the ball moving eventually psychologically got to them. We play with a smile and a love of the game! But what about JJ, at 23.37 next to the touchline - Bobby More or what. This lad must be the most happiest lad on planet Earth. Ricky's going to have to work damn hard to replace him. And w
  8. Now that we look very strong in the PL, the likely FA cup run (Brighton at home after Brentford) doesn't seem that important. Ward Ricky Evens Soyuncu Thomas Under Mendy Choudhry Albrighton Perez Barney 5 subs? Use them all.
  9. I didn't think Chilly was all that brilliant here, think Castangne and JJ are better at LB and they're right footed. Players always 'look' better at another club. £50 was a great fee for us.
  10. SPN yesterday did a little feature on him when he received the ball before passing through to Maddison for the first Southampton goal, whilst the ball was coming to him he glanced round to see where he was going to pass it, quality.
  11. Will be a ready-made replacement when the time comes and we will have that main striker for a lot longer. So, who will replace Barney?
  12. If fit, I'd like to see Ricardo replace Albrighton just to give us that extra physical aspect, Ricky would also be a better fit if we're penned back to a back 5. ------------Kasper Justin Evans Soyuncu Castagne Ricky Ndidi Tielamans Barnes -----Maddison -------------------Vards
  13. That was a very good win, thought the 2 CMs were excellent, under great strain up until we scored. If Soy coming on was a tactical change, are we to assume that Forfana is third choice CB?
  14. In June we'll need a bigger trophy cabinet
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