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  1. Lestagirl

    A Legacy For Your Tributes

    Aw okay that makes sense.. as you can see from my photos from yesterday hundreds of scarves still up and lots of shirts and flags... looks very impressive.
  2. Lestagirl

    A Legacy For Your Tributes

    Those photos above are just of the ones that were pitch side Saturday I think as I was at the memorial yesterday at 4 pm just as it was being locked up and there are hundreds of scarves and shirts and flags still there. Its open 10-4.. those photos were posted at 4.15 no way they got them all in ...its just an amazing sight
  3. Lestagirl

    A Legacy For Your Tributes

    Every card, Piece of paper, soaking wet clappers, anything with writing on, even if very wet has been saved and taken inside to be dried out. We were told to save everything. <3
  4. Lestagirl

    A Legacy For Your Tributes

    I went to help, it was an amazing sight, so organised and so well done with respect and care.
  5. You can return for refund til 16th Nov.
  6. But I think that was before they rearranged it, as in changed the date. You need to email the ticket office and they will accept returns until 16th November.
  7. Lestagirl

    Burnley Ticket

    Looking for two together please for Burnley, pigs might fly 🦊
  8. Looking for two for Burnley if possible, need two together though. Thanks.
  9. Lestagirl

    Cardiff City away

    Looking for one more ticket if anyone has a spare and can meet there in Cardiff..friend let down late last night with ticket promise , going anyway as bought train ticket..
  10. Lestagirl

    Cardiff Ticket 1 spare

    Thanks grayswood for meeting me with ticket!
  11. Lestagirl

    Cardiff Ticket 1 spare

    Sent Pm
  12. Lestagirl

    Cardiff City away

    About 20 available online now.
  13. Lestagirl

    Helicopter crash

    Thank you that puts my mind to rest over that and yes I saw it go down behind the EON building.
  14. Lestagirl

    Helicopter crash

    I am glad someone had mentioned this because it bothered me immensely after I heard the news. I have not seen drones there before so it did worry me. I am numb with shock and will be at the ground tomorrow to show my love for our owners 🦊
  15. Lestagirl

    Fulham Away

    Wow that’s brilliant.. do you do that train splitter thing, tried to get tickets to Southampton, couldn’t find anything less than 46 and that was with senior card.