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  1. Bluejak was looking for two...
  2. 2 for Newcastle £50 can meet at ground or in town. K block row V Sold now.
  3. I have two tickets in K block, row V. 50 pounds for the two. Message me if interested, can meet tomorrow at ground or in town.
  4. Still looking for 1 or 2 for this please...
  5. On General sale now. .https://tickets.lcfc.com/en-gb/categories/home tickets
  6. Thank Duncan, too much for me, don't really know much about Fosse club etc. hope you get some takers though.
  7. How much do they work out at each Duncan. Thanks.
  8. There are several in SK1 just a row apart or even same row just further along.
  9. After Cornish fox I am also looking for two adult tickets please.. got good feeback and I am reliable..
  10. Looking for one Adult for this please.
  11. Thank you to Yesalloverthefloor and Oasisup for tickets today. And cityfan1 for the Huddersfield ticket.. recommend.
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