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  1. Burnley at home

    Just looked at the Kop and few other areas, still quite a few left, about 180 in the Kop..
  2. leicester v man city tickets disappeared?

    Yes agree, same for other matches, just the one day...can take a day to get through on the phone!
  3. leicester v man city tickets disappeared?

    Priority Window Sales Period will end on Friday 6 October at 5:30pm On sale next to Ballot winners.. so you must have missed your time slot.
  4. Spurs at home

    I have a spare Gerry, see BR.
  5. Everton (H) 29 Oct 16:00

    Well they go on sale today at 9 a.m today to Ballot winners so there is a need to know..
  6. Wasyl on the rampage...

    Anyone know what he is doing now.. see photos on his Instagram in a footie kit but dont know where it is etc.
  7. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Sent you a PM
  8. How to Check Seat Availability

    Thank you so much... it took me a while.. not the two hours since you replied thankfully... I was not double clicking so I kept copying everything..but now I get it. Thanks again.
  9. How to Check Seat Availability

    I tried to do this but need a bit more help....I couldnt actually find the "onclick event" not computer savy but can follow instructions usually.
  10. Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    Thanks for sharing lol.... and hey at least you didn't have to pay to get your car out!! Shame about the result though... Innit great when you find money like that..
  11. Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    I too would like to thank Ramboacdc for some fantastic help with tickets... and would love to know the story of the car...
  12. Chelsea - 9th September

    I can only see 2 that are not in family stand.. 44 quid
  13. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Yes don't see your name there. Good luck.
  14. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Are you clicking the box next to your name in reserved tickets.
  15. Sevilla

    I also went to Seville and as some have said, two of my friends got ripped off with forgeries...so don't buy off anyone in the street. Brilliant city and the bars were fantastic.. I managed to buy a ticket on the day for a friend, from the ground as I have a USA passport but anyone English was turned away and there was a big sign to say No sales to English I also saw people asking Spanish guys to buy one for them and that worked too! One guy got talking to a chap in the club shop there and he offered.. so with a bit of knowledge learned from here you may do okay! Good luck..