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  1. Exactly and on the grey/black the badge is colored.
  2. My shirts came today and ordered large and fit as I would expect, the black large is couple inches bigger than the pink. I am very happy for the money I paid, for my kids in the USA so perfect for them. If you are a perfectionist and want only the best then not for you, but for 33 pounds total I got 3 shirts. Shipping was super fast too. Def worth it for children.
  3. I have also ordered from DH Gate and will report as soon as they arrive 😃
  4. Are you able to go in the shop tomorrow, sounds very complicated to have to phone every home game etc must be an easier way of doing it... or maybe not!
  5. So that doesn’t seem quite fair then if you had 41 points and others only 39..
  6. There isn’t yet but I am going to ask the moderator of the board if it’s something maybe for next season. I know someone who did get ripped of for Man City tickets on here.
  7. I think you missed the part we’re i edited the post to say he paid me... sorry but if he told you he was very ill I think he lied... along with all the other stories... I do know that he told me a fake ST. account number.
  8. Well he has told many lies and all along it has been very odd. I described him as a scammer with a conscience... all along I kept expecting my tickets and found his excuses very believable but honestly he has one hell of a lot of bad luck if those excuses were all true. My money was “going in the bank”for a total of 4 days before it did. My belief is he wants to help but is very bad at it... that’s what I like to think and when I made my first post I had been lied to for 13 days. I still don’t think I would have got my money without posting on here.
  9. Yes I have always had good experiences on here. This guy is unusual as he did pay me back eventually and also the other person but I doubt he will do this again... but maybe we could have a negative feed back place where we can post things because if I had read about this guy before I wouldn’t even attempt to buy from him. I do think some people are reluctant to admit they got ripped off. Anyway in this case it’s had a good outcome.
  10. Interesting that as he actually had my money for two weeks..who knows the way people work..but thanks for sharing that.
  11. Thank you for posting that and we all as grobyfox says need to post about bad experiences.
  12. I didn't he just gave me his bank account and his fake ST holder number and where the seats were. That is interesting though about getting them for Newport..... he did eventually deliver the tickets for West Ham and I ended up losing 30 pounds on that because he did not deliver until the day before and the person I got one for bought elsewhere Lots of lessons learned. So jaslcfc has just paid me back my money... and I want to thank you all for your responses ...I am sure it helped. At the end of the day.. honesty really is the best policy.
  13. Thank you...I have been to my bank and will definitely not let this go. I am sure other people have been scammed on here in fact I know they have, it can be embarrassing to admit to be taken like this but we need to share these things.
  14. Thanks for the responses. The name he gave me and supposed ST number does not exist at the Club. He said the STs he had for me were in B2.. I will do the fraud report thank you. I have his bank name and the name I made the payment too. I posted this so others can take extra care...
  15. I did ask them if I could post this in this forum.... and was given the okay... I am not alone in being ripped off on here recently but not sure if it is the same person who has done it. We have to register when we join the forum so it is a possibility. Thank you for your reply.
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