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  1. Looking for one adult please for Liverpool.
  2. Agree with this, cringe worthy song about Soyuncu. I used to sit in the Kop, moved to East stand K block... from there can’t hear UFS at all.. and yes I know they sing loud over in that corner. Thought last night was dreadful. Again we need a stand were both groups of noise makers can all be together. Don’t think it will happen though.
  3. Looking for one for Norwich please. Thanks.
  4. Looking for one adult for Norwich please.
  5. As Krefelder said M1 was sold to Leicester fans so you will be fine!
  6. Looking for one membership reference for Norwich home please. Sorted now thank you.
  7. Actually thanks for that, managed to get one..in the wheelchair bit but he will stand at the back anyway..
  8. Yes just walk to where the Kop is and it’s over to your left.
  9. It has, on sale today, let me know if you need help buying.
  10. Always a big queue... if you can get there early it really would be best bet..pop down in the morning if possible.
  11. I can help you with this but all the tickets that are left are restricted.. and on back row, and it’s very poor back there.
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