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  1. Lestagirl

    Child ticket

    If I am understanding your question ST holders can buy guest tickets on the designated date, i.e I just bought two extra Adult tickets for friends for Huddersfield and West Ham...before they go on General sale. It used to be could only buy Senior Tickets then get upgraded as that is what we are. but now been changed and can get adult..not sure about for a child though, not tried.
  2. Lestagirl

    Ticketing question

    I don't think you should go the stub hub route, I think you may have luck on here nearer the time.. sent you a private message.
  3. Lestagirl

    6 Everton tickets

    Actually just looked at Everton about 400 left not including family stand, scattered around ground, a few together back row here and there.
  4. Lestagirl

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Cricfree is working really well...have you tried it.
  5. Lestagirl

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Top one on cricfree... couple minutes behind but first 10 mins great pic and commentary
  6. Lestagirl

    Union FS tifo display

    Haha I knew you were kidding... I was under it and to be honest it did seem to be up for a long time, I do respect the UFS lads though and so put up with it... hope it looked good from other side.
  7. Lestagirl

    New to LCFC, what should I know?

    Patriots are an American Football team, New England Revolution are the local soccer team.. you in Boston?
  8. Lestagirl

    New to LCFC, what should I know?

    Hi Red Sox fan, so I am guessing you are in the Boston area... I am in New Hampshire at the moment just visiting my family, away camping tomorrow night or I would def have invited you here to watch the match and told you all there is to know.. it will be a roller coaster ride! So hold on tight!
  9. Lestagirl

    Lille OSC Away - 5pm BST on 4th August

    Are you following the link from the lcfc.com official website? Do that but before you do copy the code,LOSCLCFCAWAYFAN then when you get to that Lille website paste it into the Personal code box and submit. It will open up a new page and the seating will be all shaded out but a white box should appear that says "INFORMATIONS CODE PROMOTIONAL generic-promo-code-ok" with an x in the corner. click on the x. and then the seating plan should be there. good luck.
  10. Lestagirl

    Lille OSC Away - 5pm BST on 4th August

    It is working, just make sure you click on the X in the box that pops up about the code, then chose your seat.. Choose to print at home
  11. Lestagirl

    Season tickets

    Deb, did your daughter apply to get one... because I thought that if two people together applied both would get them..
  12. Lestagirl

    Signed shirt and Wes Morgan Captain Morgan

    Shared it on Bentleys roof.
  13. Lestagirl

    Signed shirt and Wes Morgan Captain Morgan

    Is the shirt still at 170?
  14. Lestagirl

    Insomnia Thread

    I will let you know how I get on.. hubby down allotment picking beans as I type so will try some tonight.
  15. Lestagirl

    Insomnia Thread

    Thank you, was just about to ask what foods to find that in... am going to give it a try... i cant remember the last time I slept through the night or even had half decent sleep...we grow our own broad beans and are going to have an abundance, was wondering what to do with them all.. like the sound of roasting them.. thanks for the tips.