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  1. I have one pissed off Dog!
  2. The large Vichai one is not, I asked if it could be and was told no fan banners/flags are allowed. But club ones are. According to the Wembley site flags over 250cms long or wide are not allowed.
  3. Came almost straight away.
  4. If you entered alone it only shows one seat, if you entered as a 3 it shows 3 seats..
  5. I have asked if the Vichai flag could be taken to Wembley.. but sadly not heard back.. Highly recommend “flagsandbanners” who made Vichais banner for us.
  6. Click on the ballots photo and then click on buy
  7. DONT use the link Ndidi posted as that was what happened to me ( I am not eligible yet but it let me pick ticketsbut not add to basket) you need to follow your own log in link, if your points bracket it open that is.
  8. Dont follow the link from Nidis post, you need to log in on the site.
  9. Not sure about now but three seasons ago I know of two people who did pass away and the next of kin who attended with them were allowed to get the ST switched to another family member. It may have changed now though.
  10. Great idea. Thanks for posting about it .
  11. Hmmmm. I think I would...in fact I know I would
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