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  1. We're sitting back too much again. Get up the damn pitch!
  2. We need their right back. Bloody great little player.
  3. Brighton are actually playing us off the park here...
  4. The science experts (real ones, not forum ones) have already said that short-term it will get worse than other countries. It's the long-term game they're after, where herd immunity kicks in and this just becomes a less significant thing in our lives (like SARS, MERS, H1N1, etc.) going forward. There are many who suspect this will all kick off in China again. No-one really knows, we just have to wait and see.
  5. Er... no. I was tested yesterday and it's 7-10 days (should be 2-3, but pressures of numbers of tests). Well, it is for us peasants. For the rich and famous, no doubt it'll be a lot, lot quicker.
  6. I really believe we'd have got nowhere near this result with Chilwell playing. Justin's energy levels have really changed things up.
  7. We're not putting away the chances, but this is the best the team has played in a very long time.
  8. Our xG is going to be phenomenal tonight... 😂
  9. Much better passing than of late. Good work lads!
  10. Why is it perplexing? We're an absolute shadow of the team we were earlier in the season. We've been found out as a team that struggles when pressed and Rodgers is showing no signs of addressing the problem. Many players are out of form and there is little sign that we will be able to recover our form in time to stop our inexorable slide out of the top 4. You can be as positive as you like, but don't be surprised that many are concerned and have been for months, since Norwich showed teams how to make us struggle. Since then we have only done well against teams that have sat off and given us room to play.
  11. It's all well and good calling for a hostile atmosphere to intimidate Villa, but our own players may interpret it as being aimed at them and, to be honest, it will be the moment that Chilwell miscontrols that first pass. I hope I'm wrong, but I can just see the same old routine being rolled out by Brendan. This will result in the same problem with the ball going up to Chilwell and Ricardo and them being squeezed, Perez and Barnes will be told to hug the touchline and that pass will be cut off, so we'll go back to Soyuncu and Evans and back again. Eventually we'll get pushed back and Schmeichel will attempt a pass out wide which he'll overhit and then Villa will force a break. This will be repeated many, many times throughout the match whilst Maddison & Tielemans ineffectually get in each others' way around the centre circle and Maddison keeps hold of the ball too long before feeling someone's breath on his neck and he throws himself to the ground hoping for a free kick. Vardy will run around pointing at people but will have no space to operate in, so will be marked out of the game. Barnes and Perez will stay where they're told as they're not allowed to come inside and create the space for the overlap. We're so damn easy to play against whilst we insist on keeping the wide men in the space the fullbacks need to run into...
  12. Really? We were rotten against a championship team!
  13. 73% of doing nothing with it... Well said co-commentator.
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