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  1. What options did he have? Previously this formation has done alright. Perez would have started but was unable to because of stupidity. Rogers had no other option really, did he?
  2. A fortunate deflection from a good tackle isn't really indicative of his play thus far...
  3. Riccy P is not helping our position by playing so negatively when in an advanced position.
  4. There is an awful lot of pant and bed wetting going on in here. Some of you need to get a bit of a grip. It's pretty clear that the partygate incident and likely fallings out over it has affected the team. They're playing well off the pace and it's just not happening for us at the moment. We're still in third and can still make something of this season.
  5. Do they have more players on the pitch than us then? If not there should be spaces all over the place left by that tactic 🤔
  6. This is the crucial issue. 2 up top means outnumbered in midfield. Rogers will be desperate to get another defensive midfielder on there and I bet he's thinking of achieving that by taking Iheanacho off and going 1 up front.
  7. Hands up, I'd have driven him anywhere to get rid a few months ago, but he's been absolutely fcuking magnificent in the last few games.
  8. I think Brendan's stumbled onto a formation that really works, despite the injuries. Reminds me of England in the World Cup 1986 (?) when Butch Wilkins got sent off and we had to rearrange to an unfamiliar line up and played really well.
  9. This has genuinely been one of our best performances of the season. Well played boys.
  10. Ffs Perez. You're playing bloody well, man! Who am I going to slag off now?
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