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  1. French football Gaël Clichy or did you mean clichés?
  2. Palace are now sitting deep. Vardy will struggle to find space here.
  3. Now we're playing possession ball. That'll do great, Rogers. 'kin sort it out, man.
  4. I'll try it again... I just can't see us breaking down this Utd defence. They look well organised and are closing us down so fast that we can't get our passes through. Maddison is still looking a passenger.
  5. I can't see how we're going to hurt united at the back at the moment. They're well organised and are shutting down our passing lines quickly. Maddison anonymous at the moment, sadly. And Barnes.
  6. Yes.... ish. The problem with the new regime of lines is, when was the ball kicked? I'd argue that you could roll the "freeze frame" they used for VAR on Maddison's decision back a few frames and it would still look like the ball was on Justin's foot. However, Maddison, at that point, would not be so far into his lean, so may well have been onside. The act of passing is (unless you're Christian Fuchs slotting in Vardy for a record-breaking goal): Look up, see passing option, look down at ball, strike ball. The moment that the passer strikes the ball would, for me, be a fairer and easier to de
  7. Technically it doesn't matter about the angle. If you know the position of the camera in relation to the pitch then simple geometry will tell you where the lines are. In this case they started off with Aurier's right foot (god knows why) but eventually measured it on Aldeweireld's left shoulder. I suspect Aurier's left shoulder would have been on a similar line to Aldeweireld's. It's an absolute farce, however, because of the frame rate, time lag, not enough info to make decision on the moment the ball is passed (I'd argue the moment the ball hits the passer's foot, as the rest is
  8. Fair play, I didn't think Brendan could get that performance out of the team. That was very, very good. Good work Brendan. Here's hoping we can improve the home form now.
  9. And you clearly haven't watched the replay. I'll leave it there.
  10. Watch the replay and see how Albrighton lifts his foot up.
  11. Albrighton could have got a red for that. Lucky man.
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