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  1. OK, which one of you lot registered as the Thai insider that "knows people on the Leicester board" and just posted on the Cafe? Nice work, they're so desperate to believe.
  2. Flappit


    The latest Man Utd fan bleat is "we didn't bid for him, 'cos if we had, he'd be a Utd player now." Basically in their world, any players they bid for automatically go to Utd out of sheer gratitude. Maybe 10 years ago... deluded fools.
  3. International players aren't back yet.
  4. Flappit


    Yes! The utterly puerile and borderline idiotic behaviour and posting that was going on. Some people may like 95% drivel on the thread, but obviously the mods don't. Edit: exhibit a in posts above - pictures of cereal boxes.
  5. I think a lot of fans don't understand the difference between "price tag" and "value".
  6. FFS... Cue sh1tloads of stories in the press tomorrow about how the top 6 are now after Choudhury too...
  7. Flappit

    James Maddison

    Maddison has family he is very close to that live in the area. It's part of the reason he chose us over Southampton. He's been open in encouraging Tielemans to stay, he's seen that being at Leicester is no barrier to getting into the England team and yet you think he's going to run off to a top 6 club that flashes their knickers at him? Get real.
  8. Is this the Tielemans thread or the "bicker about club finances that none of us really know" thread? Ultimately Monaco can sell him to whoever they like and his personal opinion isn't worth a knacker. It's highly unlikely they'll do anything until their season is properly over either and I'm fairly certain that the top guys at Monaco aren't keeping twitter randomers up to speed with negotiations.
  9. We're sitting too deep. Push up!
  10. I like the intensity we're playing with. Keep it up lads.
  11. Fvck me Maddison, put Albrighton through, man!
  12. Watch the moment in the West Ham game early on when Vardy heads the ball back to Maddison, who cuts inside and hits a weak-ish left foot shot. Gray tosses his head in frustration that Maddison didn't pass to him (even though he was standing pretty much behind the defence by then) and, more tellingly, doesn't even follow the ball in. Every attacking player in the world knows you follow the ball in, just in case the keeper spills it, but Gray couldn't be bothered or it didn't even occur to him. Admittedly Maddison could have passed to him earlier in the move but equally Gray could have made more room for Maddison's shot by making a more intelligent run to drag a defender wide instead of straight into the path of Maddison's shot. He just doesn't have the basics right and shows no sign of wanting to work hard to correct it. He needs to be loaned out or sold, for me.
  13. Quality commentator's curse there ;-)
  14. Argh. Gray is a mess. Just doesn't make any runs or, well, anything really. Get him off for Barnes.
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