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  1. Hey, I call it as I see it. That's all I can say. Every now and then they turn it on. Would you have predicted us losing to Burnley recently...? Only time will tell.
  2. I hope you're right. But I think we will continue to struggle until Rogers changes things up a bit. Only time will tell.
  3. We were lucky against Newcastle (again!) due to injuries. When we're playing with swagger and confidence, we're brilliant. No doubt about it. West Ham we did well in both games, mainly because they didn't come and press us. Any team that gives us space will suffer. Having seen how we struggle against packed defence and pressing, how do you think those "lower half" teams will approach games against us...?
  4. Oh. Like we did against Burnley and Southampton? I'd put money on us getting no more than 2 wins out of the 5 games you've mentioned if we carry on with the pedestrian approach we currently have.
  5. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I'd much rather be where we are! But using our position (gained by incredible early season form) as a guide to our current form and performance is misguided. We've been lucky with a lot of results that have prevented the usual suspects going on a sustained run.
  6. It's a good article and backs up what several are saying on here. But you'll still get those saying, "we're 3rd, ffs!" and "xg isn't a thing!" thereby completely failing to grasp the point that these metrics provide. It's a worrying lack of form and Rodgers is showing literally no sign of trying to change anything.
  7. Yes. Because we over-achieved vs. xg early in the season and won games that we were lucky to. Now we're reverting to actual xg/below xg we're getting the results we should be with the performances we're delivering. We aren't playing well any more. The fullbacks stop at the halfway line and pass the ball back to the central defenders. They pass across the line, we push up the other flank and then stop and pass back again. The movement and pace from early in the season has gone. If the wingers stay glued to the touchline they are easily marked and Vardy is isolated. The fact is that we are an easy team to play against at the moment as we play in a highly predictable way. Continuing to simply say "we're 3rd, ffs!" is to ignore the lack of form and performance. If we'd started the season like this, we'd be about 12th, "ffs"....
  8. Traore is going to rip us to pieces when he comes on. May leave space for Barnes.
  9. That chance was entirely the fault of Perreira stopping and passing back again. Ffs man... You're fast and skilful, push up!
  10. Our wide players HAVE to commit a man to create space against this kind of defence. They're chickening out of taking risks.
  11. Getting peeved with Ricardo just stopping on halfway line and passing back to Soyuncu. Take a man on and commit him!
  12. I think we're in for a tough game. Wolves are good, they're on a decent run of form, they have a gamechanger in Traore and we're stuttering. I'd be happy with a draw but I actually think we're going to get relatively easily beaten. Last time I felt like this before a Friday night game was Southampton...
  13. Choudhury is consistently showing for the ball. They're just not passing to him early enough and allowing Chelsea to cover him.
  14. ... Or spawny deflections like that...
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