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  1. I'm guessing you could summarise their viewpoint as "money is no barrier and I have no scruples"
  2. Yeah, I think that happens sometimes if you try to stream the match online. It will work on DAB or an old MW option if you've got either option. Showing my age now...
  3. It's on BBC 5 Live for those outside of Leicester area. Not sure who commentators will be but at least it won't be Stringer.
  4. I think it's like being a parent. You go through good times, difficult times. Often you disagree with what they're doing or plan to do. Sometimes they really p!as you off and sometimes they make you really proud. Whatever happens, they're still your kids.
  5. The whole coven by the sound of it.
  6. Have you only ever seen this game?
  7. Hope the injuries to Praet, Evans and Bardy not too bad.
  8. First time in Prem history a team has scored 3 pens in a game
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