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  1. https://www.whoscored.com/Articles/wcc9CsApiEKifWsc84T0uw/Show/Player-form-rankings-England-hopeful-second-only-to-majestic-Messi
  2. https://www.whoscored.com/Articles/wcc9CsApiEKifWsc84T0uw/Show/Player-form-rankings-England-hopeful-second-only-to-majestic-Messi
  3. 3 Leicester players in the top 5!! Amazing
  4. Well done Vards, Madders and Wilfried!!! Amazing 3 Leicester players in the top 5.
  5. Not full but some clips here mate.
  6. Never mind a token few minutes to cap tie him if he doesn’t get a start this international break he should be fuming!!!! Not sure what else he has to do. Has proven he’s not just a playmaker but can play in central midfield too after Southgate said that’s why he can’t work his way into the team. His work rate has improved ten fold this season and maybe a criticism last season was that he didn’t turn up and contribute against the big boys. Goals against Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham this season and assist vs Chelsea. Add to this he’s a genuine threat from set pieces and long range he surely can’t be ignored any longer
  7. No he is our weak link in my opinion. Even when he contributes goal or assists he gets a low rating in these threads. His overall play is not good enough. I’m not saying sell or loan him but he should be on the subs bench and not starting games.
  8. He hates Chilwell and Maddison and will criticise them at any point but no one criticise poor hard done by Harvey
  9. @Tom12345 said Barnes is not just better but ‘much better’ than Maddison Always good for a laugh him
  10. Are you a family member? Most of this forum are in agreement he was one of if not our worst player today. It’s not harsh at all. He is the weak link in our squad and we need to replace him with someone better in January
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