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  1. they had to win the champions league to get there so not quite ...
  2. i am not writing him off. what i am saying is the support is false and with no evidence. why do keep saying ‘if he scores 1 he’ll score loads’ when it’s been 17 games since his last goal... it’s utter nonsense
  3. it doesnt matter. he has scored 2 goals in 40 games yet we keep getting told if he scores one he’ll get 30...
  4. He’s not a kid. Hes 22. The same age as Madison.
  5. another 1 of the ‘if he scores one he’ll score 30’ brigade despite not scoring in his last 17 games...
  6. I’ve never seen a player get so much false support with 0 evidence to support it. It’s unbelievable ‘he just needs 1 goal then he’ll score loads’ he scored v sheffield united 17 games ago and has scored 0 since then... at what stage do you just say maybe he isn’t very good?
  7. he’s played 40 games for leicester....and we keep getting told he needs ‘1 goal then he’ll score loads’ he has 2 goals in 40 games.
  8. you are comparing 3 examples to hundreds of others... it’s complete rubbish.
  9. yes that’s right anyone who dares to criticise a poor player is a player themselves ...
  10. no mate he’s clearly a young lad with over 100 professional appearances!!! and he looks upset on the pitch so let’s say he’s great and will score loads of goals should he score one!! even if we know it isnt true.
  11. he scored v sheffield united and hasn’t scored in the 16 games since. Oh dear. Made up happy ending bollocks.
  12. yes? fans keep saying if he scores 1 he score loads which is an urban myth. scored v sheffield united and hasn’t scored in the 16 games since!
  13. there is no evidence what so ever behind ‘he just needs 1 goal he’ll score loads then’ he scored v sheffield united.. and has scored .....0 since then. all made up happy ending bollocks and we should accept rubbish because he’s a ‘local lad’.
  14. saying 5 assists means nothing. it is 90 mins what counts which he convincingly fails in. . over the course of the season, he is our worst outfield player.
  15. heard this for a year now. boring. you’ll be saying this when hes 25. lets go with facts than some made up happy ending. he has 2 goals in 40 games. he has as much composure as michael jackson infront of children.
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