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  1. he’s a player you bring on with 15 mins to go to keep it tight and keep the ball which ironically is how most of the time he’s been used.
  2. rodgers favours tielemans simply because he is a much better player who has stand out attributes. It’s really that simple. He plays ahead of him for belgium and plays ahead of him for his club. Can’t all be wrong... ‘all rounder’. yes a player who is okay at everything but not good at anything. Not good enough for where we want to be.
  3. is this a joke mate? There’s a reason sampidora weren’t fussed. he won’t be in our team or any of our rivals. He is a very average player. I believe he would be suited to a sheffield united.
  4. Last 5 Praet starts: LLLLL Last 5 not start: WWWDD Hmmm...seems whenever he starts we don’t win recently.
  5. Hmmm. Last 6 league matches. Started 4. Lost 4. Southampton, Burnley, Man City, Norwich. On the bench twice. Not lost either. Against better teams in Wolves and Chelsea too.
  6. Our bad run in form coincides with him starting more games that’s because he doesn’t add anything defensively or going forward. He’s not Ndidi and he’s not Tielemans or Maddison. He’s not even in the middle. I’m not sure what he’s good at.
  7. Agreed. Came from a mid table serie a side so it’s not surprising.
  8. another player who is just simple that’s it really. a southampton / west ham level player. Jack of all trades master of none.
  9. that’s because he does nothing apart from make 5 yard passes. average player. Takes no risks at all.
  10. There is no way Birmingham would sell out for this game when it’s a much bigger and one off for them so why does everyone expect we should?
  11. This is where Grealish plays. He’s a forward and has not scored a single goal playing in centre mid or attacking mid where Maddison plays. Villa play 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 with Grealish as the LW. The same position as Sterling.. but you are comparing to a centre mid @ealingfox
  12. No. All Grealish goals have came from left forward. The key word here is forward. Maddison is not a forward. He was atrocious early part of season when he played centre mid and actually had to defend. Then Smith moves him to left forward. Grealish would never work in a system like ours. He needs the entire team built round him where he gets a free role.
  13. Why would you say because can’t sell out for last 16 against championship opposition we shouldn’t expand. Arsenal don’t sell out every cup game... or man city.
  14. Look how much Maddison is own half to Grealish lol. Grealish has free role and captain because he’s their best player. If he came to leicester or another top 4 club he would actually have defensive responsibility.
  15. Maddison has played 21 games as centre mid Grealish has played 6 games there. All early season where he was completely ineffective Villa fans said as he has defensive responsibility. He then got moved to left forward where he’s played his best
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