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  1. Really hope we can turn Everton over. We were awful in the home game and I really don't think Everton are as good as us (on our day!).
  2. He's been great the past 3 or 4 weeks ....great to see you have nothing better to do than call out things written months ago!! Everyone loves a captain hindsight!
  3. Redknapp used the word 'luck' 4 times when describing the first goal and then said Evans 'got away with one'. Sky hate us so badly. I'm so glad I don't pay for it !! Cnuts!!
  4. Chilwell will have a great game today. He'll be swinging corners in like Beckham....it's just how it goes! If there was a crowd...he would have shit the bed though for sure.
  5. Lets not forget ....Sotons last game in the league was a win against Liverpool. They're a seriously good outfit. I think a draw is on the cards (even if they don't have Ings). I just hope we don't have another west ham/villa/Fulham/Everton home performance. Our home form since coming back from the first lock down is a concern!
  6. Chilwell keeping them on side in that second goal there. Just stood in the middle idle !
  7. Was just going to write this. The stats are bulshit.
  8. Love: I always felt we would score. Like the MoN days when we loved late goals..... Hate: when we have a corner I don't even bother watching.....we must be the worst at offensive corners in the top 2 leagues.
  9. Youri really is amazing to watch. And so much credit to JJ.....sheer hard work and determination has got him being one of our best players this season! Another big match goes by got Maddison....thought he could have come off but I guess Brendan is looking to make big changes Monday. One thing that got us in trouble was Evans not making his mind up quick enough....invited pressure then just has to chip it out of play. Their first goal came from that.
  10. This is a game that Maddison needs to step up in. This is the platform I want him to shine on.....been in decent(ish) form last 3 or 4 games.....now we have a top 4 spot rival coming to us at home, also in good form but there to be got at. The fact that he has gone missing in these types of games before is why he doesn't get selected for England. Hoping he produces a Brighton type performance....it would mean their midfield is pinned back and less support for their attack.
  11. It's funny. The media hype so many teams up. Looking at spurs today....they could be managed by Big Sam. Long ball after long ball. All the writing has been about Jose being back to his best....well today if United win, they will be 3rd with a game in hand.
  12. Someone needs to check the refs betting account. Wtf.
  13. We just don't move the ball quick enough. Look at the spurs game just now.....it's basically when we play but at 1.2x speed
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