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  1. Chelsea - 9th September

    If you're successful according to the 'random' ballot....but you applied as a group of 6....you take up 6 of the tickets that are available. You increase your odds of being successful right away!!!
  2. Burton Away - 1st August

    Momentum is so important for this side. Think of winning the league twice. Avoiding relegation twice. Momentum played a huge part. We are starting the season in a terrible way
  3. Membership 17/18

    So basically if you had silver. Went to games in UCL and Charity Sheild.....you're lumped in brand new members ? The ballot can open when it wants......if it's totally fair (as it should be) you're chances won't be any different if you enter the ballot 1 minute before close. Hats off to the club.....didn't expect to get shafted like this. I'll be writing to get my money back. No way am I spending a penny on this crap. I'm on 15 points. Can't see the benefit......may as well be on zero!!
  4. Membership 17/18

    Hi guys. Has anyone been in and created a new online profile? I just did one for me. I 'linked' it to my old membership number. I can't see anywhere that is says that I am a member even though I did it weeks ago plus I don't know how to link the wife's membership to mine. Wtf is going on. Communication been terrible too.
  5. Total shambles. We've been battered by pretty much every decent side this season. Something needs to change. I don't think Shakey gets the job....I think they will try and get a bigger name first. Positive is Kasper isn't going anywhere with that performance.
  6. Man City (A) Match Thread

    This is just like Arsenal away again. Getting pumped for the whole game and hoping for the best. Ridiculous if fans want to accept this.
  7. Was looking to see if they had announced any dates on next seasons renewals. Does anyone have an idea on what the changes mean? I hope they don't scrap the previous booking history some of us have. I'm only a silver member but went to plenty of games in the last 2 seasons - including Wembley and away games. http://www.lcfc.com/tickets/memberships/
  8. WBA Away Match Thread

    Just bored of Mahrez and Drinkwater now. I know what's going to happen every time they get it.
  9. Arsenal Post Match Thread

    Still a bit cheesed off about this result. We had such a good opportunity to finally get a result against these. People travelled so far on a weeknight to be there and we didn't play with any sort of intensity. Within the first 10 minutes I knew it was the same old Arsenal from the start of the season. The fans couldn't be bothered and their attack was toothless. I thought the back 4 were impressive with Fuchs being the stand out. But ultimately the ball just kept coming back. The front line didn't hold onto it for longer than about a minute or 40 seconds and the defenders got no rest at all. They did really well to hold out as long as they did IMO! I'm waiting until this weekends game to decide on how I want the summer to go in terms of recruitment and managers etc. I'm not willing to accept that we will be pants away from the KP from now until we inevitably go down eventually - it's not a sustainable way to play football in this league.
  10. Arsenal Away Sat 11th March 17:30

    Hi guys, Got my ticket through but it still has the original kick off date and time of a Saturday night. Did anyone else get that?
  11. Atletico Madrid 1 Leicester 0

    Anyone notice Simeone not even waiting to shake hands with Shakey. C U Next Tuesday
  12. Sevilla Player Ratings

    Probably the best place for me to make a couple of points: This year I have absolutely tore Drinkwater, Albrighton and Simpson to shreds. All three were excellent today. Hold my hands up - I didn't think Simpson had a game like that in his locker! Secondly - Ndidi.....what a player!!!! Great tackler, covers ground really well and only 19. Today though he showed something else....positioning and heading. Often found himself in the right place to head clear. Superb!!!!
  13. Sevilla (H) Pre-Match Thread

    Interesting to see if we conceded early - like we did against Hull. I hope the crowd keep going. You don't win Europa Leagues without being an excellent European side. They carry a lot of pedigree and I envisage needing at least 2 goals tonight to get anything out of this.
  14. Next Manager?

    All those saying Mancini - you need to do some background reading on this issues off the field at Inter and Man City. Not sure he would work well with either the owners or our princes we call players!
  15. Next Manager?

    if Shakey does well in the next couple of weeks - I would choose him no questions asked. He's been with us through a lot, the players know him and have done before the ££££ and cars. When Pearson stopped talking to the radio and Shakey would come on in his place - I was quite impressed by his tone and manner. I don't want the big names, I don't want the quotes in the paper....I want someone who is proud to be manager of Leicester - not proud to be in employment.