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  1. This forum is split in 2 groups: 1 - Calm down, its in our hands, we have easy games coming up, we will make the top 4, we can't see XYZ catching us, if at the start of the season we knew we would be 3rd with 7 to go - we would have bitten your arm off. 2 - We're in trouble, stinks of last season, I can see the lead getting cut every week, yet another big game has been lost (not even able to get a draw!), our run is one of the toughest, we won't get results in the last 3. Last season group 2 were right in the end, and I pray its not the case this season. But
  2. Are we just going to ignore how shit Evans was today and the mistake from Kasper for the first? Ndidi wasn't up to his usual standard either tbh.
  3. Hamza's second offence (last time dropped with Chilwell) JMs second offence too - in the Casino after being dropped by England. Perez is just an offence all round for costing £30 million
  4. Our mentality is the single thing holding us back. Since BR has come in we have lost all of our '6 pointers'. Villa SF in League cup Man United last game at home last season Europa home tie Vs Prague Today Spurs away last season when we had a chance to open a gap....same as Bournemouth away. None of those games have been close.... we've been battered in them.
  5. With those last 3 games....no chance. We won't get results against those 3 teams.
  6. Tells you a lot about the fans v footballer difference. Massive game. Been thinking about it all week. Really up for it.......Vs went out and had a party.
  7. Haven't we dropped someone else for discipline issues before? Last season wasn't chilwell or someone else dropped for being late.....I could be way off. I'm glad BR enforces the rules.
  8. Great post. I wouldn't describe any of them as elite though. Not internationals. Not played at the highest level (champs league). Not won anything. Just another 3 footballers who care about their own brand over anything else. Disappointing....yes. Total knob ends....very much yes.
  9. Maybe not the best but 2 goals live with me that I can recall EXACTLY every second of it..... 1 - Claridge v Palace at Wembley 2- Huth v Spurs away I have a lot of mates that are spurs supporters. That Huth goal was so good. We were on the back foot for all of the game and when I saw him stood free...and the ball floated on his head...time stood still. We never looked back after that game.
  10. He actually put himself about a bit today and tracked back. There was one really meaty challenge where I was convinced it wasn't him!
  11. So so happy for the lad. No matter how tough it gets for him he never gives in. Always just wants to give his all to the team. His attitude is first class.
  12. A week between our games now....going to be a game changer to actually do some coaching and not just recovery. Will also help get some players back. I'm sure we will see Barnes before the end of the season.
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