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  1. I fancy that. Bearing in mind im very much at beginner level though so go easy! Maybe when england is done
  2. Hello Everyone Ive just started picking up the game of chess. Just wondered if anyone enjoyed the game? Ive joined lichess the website, and ive played 12 games so far but ive only won 3................15 min time limited chess. I'm trying to learn some of the openings and defences like the Sicilian. How in depth do you need to learn these to be good? Any feedback would be cool
  3. There shouldn't be an uproar, but the point is, you can see how stories like this CAN become an uproar and can count against someone at certain points in their career when people want to dig this stuff back up. There was nothing he did wrong in of itself. I don't mind players going out, going to casinos, do what you like as long as its legal, it doesn't compromise your ability to give your best performance in a match, and it doesn't portray the club negatively. That's fine. But I think for him to be sent from the camp with an illness, and THEN to appear in the casino, it just sends a signal to people that want to spin it that way that he does have that arrogant side to him. I just feel he would have been better advised to lay low on this occasion when the spotlight was on him, and just "recover" from the illness, i.e.stay away from attention until the international break was over. Whats done is done now anyway but I think he could have shown more restraint and common sense
  4. Donk


    I cant post in the politics thread. But safe to say this is the absolute lamest response ive ever heard to a post: 1 hour ago, Winchesterfox said: Michael Gove said it a couple of months before the referendum :'The day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want' One of the many lies Brexiter politicians told about how easy and advantageous leaving would be. There are loads more on Google. You're right that the UK is a net contributor, but there is no chance the EU will bend to UK demands that break its founding principles or undermine the Good Friday Agreement. The days of empire and WWII are long gone. We are not as powerful or as important to Europe as Brexiter politicians think we are. 1 hour ago, The Guvnor said: First point, he may well have said that however many of hours of debates were held and you are hanging on the words of one Politician, didn't hear that personally and certainly didn't influence my decision. Second point that's an unfounded assumption. No one was hanging on the word of ONE politician on the leave side. Every single prominent leaver said: We would get benefits that are impossible That it would be easy That the EU would bend over backwards to do whatever we wanted because of German cars and defecits and something something Some like Farage have done a complete 360 by repeatedly saying we could be like Norway only to now say they want "clean break" brexit Some like Daniel Hannan said "only an idiot is talking about leaving the single market". This guy obviously missed all of that but voted brexit. Wonder who he listened to?
  5. Another thing i see a lot of these days i dont like, cowardly tackles and incidents. The sort of tackle like we saw with Hayden for newcastle. Playing the ball in such a way that he will make sure he "does" the player. Thats his real intent but trying to cover it up. Seen so many of them where a player tackles to graze the top of the ball knowing he will stamp on the other players leg. Or makes a "pass" but makes sure he catches a player on his follow through. Another example would be Aurier "hurdling" the bayern munich defenders tackle and jumping straight on top of him. Its cowardly and fools no one except the absolute thickest fan who will scream "eeeeee won the f**kin ball ref yer f**kohh"
  6. And you say my use of syllables is questionable!
  7. Vierchewod and Manini at the back. Superb defenders
  8. I didnt think wales were that bad? They were playing against the world cup finalists and wales are.....wales? It was a well earned point i thought
  9. Maddison should realise that going to a casino on such circumstances can be spun negatively. Theres nothing wrong with going out in of itself but youve got to consider the implications at certain times
  10. Donk


    I dont remember donuts but i do remember HOGGIES.
  11. This is not personal, but you add nothing to tournaments anyway. Youre a boring and mostly rubbish team, your games arent exciting and its not even as if your fans are colourful. They arent. Youre pants like england
  12. England might have a problem at left back but southgate doesnt, thats why he picks danny rose. He doesnt consider his form an issue.
  13. And the biggest part you overlooked Playing gibraltar and georgia at home.
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