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  4. Youve had a very hard start to the season but i think youre going to be fine. Youve got battlers in the side and youve been really unlucky not to win A game so far. Norwich are naive and rubbish. Sheff Utd could eventually struggle, Newcastle in a battle..... youll be ok i think.
  5. To cure racism i genuinely believe you have to make people feel silly for their attitude. If found guilty of a racist offense then have the courts make them wear a his vis jacket or something that says "Im a racist. Ask my why" everywhere they go for 10 years. Something to make their life so miserable it sinks in and they dont do it.
  6. The refereeing against Watford in their game with Spurs was a fücking disgrace
  7. The frustration is not overturning penalties when players dive. Then disallowing goals when players could easily stay on their feet. Then disallowing goals for hand balls absolutely no one is aware of. Whilst not disallowing goals when exactly the same thing happens And not giving penalties when players are blatantly fouled. Its not made a jot of difference to the pants refereeing we were all used to. Except now we can rule out goals for offside that no linesman could have ever seen so our games can have less goals. Yipeeee for VAR
  8. Your previous post said "Mane could have stayed on his feet". If he could have stayed on his feet, the "contact" he received didnt impede him. So it wasnt a foul. So by virtue of what youve just said, unless you are legitimising the phrase "he had a right to go down" then the referee made a clear and obvious error because Mane was not fouled. This is further compounded by the fact we have seen clear penalties this season where a decision has been given as no penalty and it clearly was a penalty. Like the foul on Rodri earlier this season in the Man City v Spurs game. So VAR has done nothing except back the already questionable and subjective opinions of the referee in real time even with the benefit of replays, and had no practical benefit except to disallow goals for being 1mm offside which no one was bothered about anyway. So thats why youre wrong. Its not about decisions being "totally different". Its about blatant inconsistency of refereeing at real time that existed before VAR and VAR doing nothing to change decisions once theyve been given.
  9. No it isnt. Its about overturning clear and obvious errors. By Woods foul being overturned youre saying the referee made a clear and obvious error that the goal should not have stood. By Mane's penalty being allowed youre agreeing the referee did not make an obvious error in giving it even though you know Mane dived.
  10. So by the fact the decision was NOT overturned, Albrighton clearly tripped Mane then?
  11. Irrespective of being a Leicester fan, Burnley's goal today was a goal. Lord knows what happened to Dele Alli...handball in the buildup to a goal is an automatic disallow? Or is it not now
  12. Why would you throw things, spit at someone and (alledgedly) racially abuse someone for playing football for another team than the one you support?? Im getting sick of football to be honest. Im embarrased for the people involved. I mean, do they look at the rise of racist incidents here and abroad and think yeah, i really want some of that myself??
  13. Right ok, without resorting to silly answers, name calling and such, lets look at this thread and whats discussed within it: What I gather. Some people have the opinion: People say the boxing day interrupts their Christmas plans with friends and family People say that they live a long way away and that a lack of public transport makes it hard to get to the game People say there are a lack of alternative transport means to get to the game in place of public transport People say that travelling fans from the opposition club will have to make long journies and get home late at night People say that the scheduling does not allow for very much rest time between fixtures People say that they resent having to pay subscriptions to three broadcasters to watch Leicester, and other teams, over all three of them. Given that there is a football match like normal over the weekend of the 21st/22nd December, or close to this each year, and given there is another weekend of the 28th/29th December: Why do we bother with boxing day full stop? If it interrupts your other plans, its difficult for you to travel 100 miles or so to attend, it means the players are knackered, it means paying for amazon if not going to the game, it means staying sober etc Why don't we sack off this ONE game every year, and just play it when: Weather is better Fixtures are less congested You can actually get a train Youre not under an obligation to get wasted You stand a better chance of getting a lift Less chance of a kick off time you don't like Less chance of different teams having unfair advantages due to longer and shorter rest periods Can someone explain why my point of view is wrong, in light of whats been said in this thread?
  14. What was wrong with my topic about not playing boxing day games?
  15. A lot of the liverpool fans will come by coach if from liverpool, theyll still get their supporters coach like normal. If it was a midweek game theyd get home really really late. Theyll get home really really late from this one at its the weekend so id imagine the majority of them again wont worry about the day after. I have sympathy with your inability to use the train but is there not something else you can do? This issue must always be a problem for you on boxing day?
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