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  1. Thoughts on Dyche?

    He's a belled but I guess I'd have to try and look past it if he were appointed. He's proved himself to be a very good manager. Whether he'd leave Burnley is another matter though.
  2. 90s Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 127 seconds  
  3. Boxing

    Obviously there is a point it's a mandatory fight. If he doesn't jump through the hoops the IBF will have his belt off him. As I've said you can't blame the boxer or the promoters for this one.
  4. L.A. Noire

    You wont get a sequal, not by the same studio who made the first game anyway, they went bust a long time ago.
  5. Shakey Sacked

    It is a little earlier than I'd of liked......given the fixtures we've had he's not exactly had many games you'd consider 3 point bankers, if any, bar Brighton which we did get a win, hard on the road in the Prem and we never beat Pulis at the KP. Seems harsh to me, Done now though I guess, what we are going to do now I do not know. Well done to him though, he definitely had his moments. On a totally unrelated note, Stringer made me laugh. Yep, and aren't you the very embodiment of cast iron proof of that fact you massive swinging donkey dick.
  6. Boxing

    IBF were a joke for doing that, they know full well Wlad had a rematch clause so why even put the belt on the line if you're gonna strip the bloke the minute he wins the belt.
  7. Boxing

    IBF have him ranked at 3 it's as simple as that, they're quite dreadful at rankings in general some of the shite that was served up to Kell Brook before they finally gave Spense his shot was laughable. Nothing fighters or promoters can do about it they have to take the fights to keep the belts. This is the problem with Deontay, as they hold three belts between them they are always fighting Mandatory fights. If you're gonna unify (which is all the three champions bleet on about, even Parker) you need to keep hold of what you've got.
  8. Boxing

    Well a rather easy fight just got easier. What's happening with Ortiz, he's supposedly mandatory for the WBA but now he's failed a drug test I presume that now goes to someone else?
  9. Boxing

    I actually have nothing to add to this Other than hopefully junior gets his head taken off.
  10. Flags Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 120 seconds  
  11. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    Will cry laughing if the convicts lose this.
  12. Boxing

    Undoubtidly that's why it was no problem getting Linares over to Manchester twice and when it came to Campbell all of a sudden the fights in the states. The only lightweight he has who stands a chance of winning a belt is Campbell though and I think he'll be around a lot longer than Crolla as well. Campbells display against Linares showed he belonged at the level where as Crolla was just shown up for being out of his depth, he's a defeat away from losing a lot of stock and I can't see Mathchroom not taking risks on his opponents as they want big pay days, I can see him fighting Campbell next year at some point.
  13. Boxing

    Crolla has a following agreed but Campbell is the better boxer, he ****ed against mendy and it's set him back years. If you've not seen the Linares fight I'd encourage you to watch it, he was pretty unlucky I think. Had he not got flash knocked down he could of beaten a man many consider p4p king (I don't even think he's the best light weight but each to their own) problem Campbell's got is he's got a promotional barrier with Flanagan he's lost to Linares and as much as I like the lad he'd get sparked by Garcia. So it leaves him with one belt, same with crolla, it won't be long till eddeh sticks them in the ring together if you ask me. And Campbell will win.
  14. Boxing

    Yildirim only fights one way that's why daddy dearest picked him at the draw for the quarters. Not to take anything away from the c**t he was a cut above. Ill be shocked if groves loses his quarter, then its game on.

    Pretty bizzare, horizon 3 is suppose to be ground breakingly good, hoping to get round to it soon. Agree 2 is an excellent game. GT hasn't touched forza for about 10 years but who knows prolly a bit harsh to right off the game before it's released.