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  1. Kell brook is an absolute no one in the states compared to Khan and khans reputation in the states is the only thing that got him that fight as he’s a PPV worthy name. Crawford won’t fight him unless he’s at a loss for an opponent, as he stated he’s after Spence. If he actually said that to you he needs to seriously asses where he is. Khan needs to hang them up. Or just stop poncing about weight and rehydration fight brook and then retire.
  2. Blatently guilty as sin, some situations you do think maybe the guy is just unlucky when you read into it like Canelo but he looks bang to rights now. Plus I’ve read he’s got previous from his kick boxing days. 5 million $ down the drain.
  3. It’s a common miss conception that that fight was close because the only bloke not to get his head knocked off. He lost by 8 rounds on two cards and ten on another and I think that was a probably a bit generous. Ref did him no favours but Joshua boxed smart for the win and would do the same again and the yanks like action, plus as you say, not an established us fighter. Hearns already said he doesn’t like it. Ortiz is the only way he can maintain the level of interest he had with miller over there.
  4. Cant see it. Not impossible as time is of the essence and they need a credible opponent sorted ASAP but that fights worth vastly more if it’s fought in London rather than New York. Ortiz Charr and Pulev seem to be the favoured options. But everyone from Chisora to Parker have made an approach apparently.
  5. Luis Ortiz being mentioned now which would be interesting
  6. Miller is too easy to hit and will get knocked out, good boxer but taylor made for Joshua and this is why he was top of the list for the American Debut. AJ's out his comfort zone so they wanted an opponent he can beat to settle him. It wont go ahead though it'll probably be Charr which is a circus fight.
  7. Yes a couple of times he is impressive to be fair. laid the smack down on Diego Magdeleno last time I saw him who whilst not exactly at the top of the division is a game fighter but then proceeded to make rather immature gestures at him while he was laid out which he needs to cut out. Fast young exciting good technically very cocky but ultimately not in Lomachenko's league at the moment and possibly never will be, although if/when Lomachenko drops back down a weight division he will win belts, he'd lose his wrag very quickly if he were to try and fight him at the moment as well I think, not really there mentally in terms of taking on a tough tough fight. I think Lomachenkos more set on unifying then messing around with a prospect like Lopez at the moment and he'd want Commey (who was suppose to be fighting instead of Crolla) and Garcia next, failing that Gervonta Davis is a fight alot of people have been talking about for awhile. Khan wont be embarrassing but it's the age old problem, he'll probably get chinned at some point and he's going to go down like a sack of spuds.
  8. Yep no details on the ins and outs of it yet but you would think they're gonna have to find a last minute man now which will not do their PPV figures any favors at all. EDIT: Looks like they are trying to drag WBA Regular Champion Manuel Charr in for the fight. Which will be an utter destruction.
  9. Who’s ruling it out, it’s just highly highly improbable. especially when you couple it with us getting four points against Chelsea and Arsenal.
  10. Not really, they have been much better at the cottage than they have been on the road. To expect them to go away to wolves and pick something up is seriously clutching at straws.
  11. We needed to beat Newcastle unfortunately. Do not see Wolves dropping points to Fulham at home in a month of Sunday’s and we will do well to get 4 points of Chelsea and Arsenal
  12. Think your selling the whole thing short in terms of demographics, the city is a reasonable size, especially when you consider we are a one club city. We’ve got plenty of fans in the county which has a population of 1 million and decent fan bases in Nuneaton and parts of Northamptonshire like Kettering, among other places. Plus Fan base on the whole isn’t as an important discussion as it used to be either, domestically at least. I do agree whilst not impossible the vision of cracking and maintaining a place in the top six is an ambition we will struggle to achieve.
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