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  1. Well at the moment we can’t even go, so the whole being there special night thing is out of the window. Also considering current form we probably are going to embarrass ourselves 😂. For me it’s more a consolation point anyway, obviously I’d prefer a CL place, even as 4th seeds I reckon we could get third and end up in the KO’s of the Europa potentially anyway.
  2. It’s just money isn’t it that’s the only thing. I do agree as a 4th seeded team in the CL it’s going to be a bit of a painful watch.
  3. I’d not read into it until someone who isn’t heavily linked with Manchester City and has some genuine insight starts claiming they are going to get off. Then it’s time to worry. CAS are also an independent entity who have nothing to do with the footballing governing bodies (or “the system” as some like call it) who in this case have done everything they can to make sure the bans upheld. So conspiracy theories are pointless.
  4. Nah, it’s like a boxer raising his arm after a 12 round battering, you can’t expect other people to have confidence in your position I’d you don’t have it yourself.
  5. There’s a belief their legal team could of done a bit better in presenting the information and as it’s been pointed out CAS generally are reluctant to go against governing bodies in cases like this. I am not saying they won’t get it overturned by the way, anything can still happen. This is not accounting for UEFA making a total hash of presenting their case which I wouldn’t find hard to believe.
  6. Just need to win on Sunday. Don’t beat Bournemouth and there is no chance of top 4 Man City’s CAS verdict is announced on Monday so we will have a much better idea of what’s required after that. From what I’ve heard from someone who used to work for them they aren’t confident.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53357841 Bit of ownership at least. It needs sorting out.
  8. Well I remember Costa brushing heads with someone but not sure how him remaining on the pitch benefitted Spurs 😂. Lamela tip toeing on Fàbregas’ hand is the only one really, and Clattenburg didn’t even see it and neither did his assistants, so he is full of shit. It was bad tempered but he’s just trying to feed his own ego by suggesting he could of sent three Spurs players off but didn’t because he’s too clever to be blamed for them losing the title. I’d probably be more accepting of it if he had said he saw it getting out of control and reframed turning the game into a red card fest but to say he went into the game with some kind of premonition of that happening, nah, the guys trying to make out he’s some sort of referring genius. It’s trying to take more credit than he is due in a historic game bullshit.
  9. He’s an attention seeking c**t. There was never three reds in that game.
  10. You shouldn’t be done, serious money to be made in laughable football fans opinions these days. Buy yourself an expensive camera, Chuck a few “me ducks” and “iaintpurrinupwippit” to replace the “fams” and the “bluds” and at least being the Premier Leagues answer to Fox Mulder can make you a few Bob.
  11. I’ve still got a bit of hope. Bournemouth are terrible Spurs look horrendous at the moment even when they win and Sheffield United are a bit like us at the minute, highly inconsistent. 7 points from those three I think we might be alright, big ask but not impossible, Chelsea have some hard games.
  12. Sian Massey, who had a great game not only with that decision but ruling out Lacezettes goal. She’s been very good most times I’ve seen her tbf.
  13. I can’t really think of a game we’ve lost because of an incorrect var decision and can only really remember one handball I thought we probably should of got that we didn’t. I think most given against us were fair enough United have been spuffy, but that’s all it is, not some grand conspiracy. Its like I said, we aren’t doing much better than a point a game, we’ve got ourselves to blame. They are nailed on third now I think, ever since Ole took over it’s been purple patch or dreadful and they’ve hit form at the right time.
  14. We will finish 5th bar a massive rally which I’m still crossing my fingers for. Which will be enough for a CL spot anyway barring a miscarriage of justice which is the stupidest thing about these corruption conspiracy’s.
  15. So to be clear, the fact we’ve added 14 points, in 13 games, and have been closed down, but still somehow remain in the top four, is due to a VAR conspiracy. Wobble your heads lads, wobble your heads.
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