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  1. Boxing

    Matchroom never seem to have a problem calling out shit judging. It's still highly concerning how often they have to do that. So many examples of it now.
  2. Boxing

    Crawford will absolutly embarrass Jeffrey anyway if April meeting going ahead now.....Crawford Spense is the fight in that division.
  3. Boxing

    Back dated ban most blatant thing ever but there we are.....both sides clearly been waiting for the full 2 years to pass before announcing it for some reason, must be nearly exactly two years since the Wlad fight. Still hopefully he gets his licence sorted soon and brightens the division up...apparently Joshua Parker is nearly sorted and once that's over there will be one less serious in the division as Joe is going to get seriously exposed on recent evidence. Wilder wants 50/50 split with Joshua.......lo<>l Kell at light middle then......two weight champion or soon to be retired?
  4. Boxing

    He got a lesson and he knew it. Tried every trick in the dirty Cuban boxng book non of it worked. love to see him (lomachenko) at light weight there is a division full of talent.
  5. Boxing

    He doesn't care mate Al haymans fighter this was suppose to be a one off easy defence.
  6. Boxing

    He was terrible. Performance to match his attitude towards the sport. that confident didn't even bother with a rematch clause. woodall bunce and their degale by one round shit can get fcked. At least Warren is honest.
  7. Destiny 2

    I’m quite happy with the 40 quid it cost tbf, it is garbage now but was to be expected six weeks is a lot longer than I get out of a lot games, would never of dreamed of buying season pass as every non comet expansion theyve done has been shit. rules in gaming never pre order and never buy a season pass.
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 94 seconds  
  9. Your getting mixed up (lol) Pretty sure the situation I'm referring too I have them the right way round. I'm talking about the rondon Gardner for them drink water king for us game and I can't remember who scored but West Ham beat them 1-0 the next night....had they won that they'd of been top with ten games left. We we did draw 2-2 with West Ham though.....they drew with West Brom 1-1 but think they were a week or two apart. West Brom draw was the game that did kill it for them though I agree.
  10. They were in with a sniff, after we drew with West Brom at home they had a great chance to turn the screw but, true to form, they bottled it the next night and lost to West Ham. By the time the Chelsea game rolled around it was as good as over agreed.
  11. Don't get the he wants glory thing. Its from a podcast, they were talking about football, it's not like the mark clattenberg pr department have released this as a press release.
  12. Very good ref but a massive wand. Hes sort of right and sort of very wrong in what's he said but let's not pretend he's the first ref to try and manage a messy game like that instead of getting card happy. Very odd he's made public comments like that though. All worked out ok in the end I guess.
  13. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    TBF it is a (albeit Stand alone) Expansion of 4 so I dunno what people expected. Thats why it was only 25 quid new.
  14. Loss of love for the game.

    At my peak I was playing six times a week including Saturday and Sunday 11s games, I'm 33 and while I'd not use the word retired I currently play no competitive football and have no desire to and it's a very odd feeling, so yes I get exactly what the OP is talking about. I think I just played that much it got boring.
  15. Boxing

    Just finished watching cotto, good fight, sad to see him lose, but good judging was spot on. So many great fighters from welter to middle which are the weights that have pretty much carried the sport over the past two decades imo seem to go out with a whimper or a shit defeat. They should just take a leaf out of floyds book and fight roger federer or Phil Taylor. Interesting fight for Liam smith coming up though, can see frank getting Ali over here.