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  1. Nope I'm afraid they are still shit. Fck Monday
  2. Think he’d be better with one more but yeah that fights surely going to happen.
  3. There’s nothing clear about the top four come May. We are in a good position, injuries to one of as many as four to five players would worry me as does our ability to deal with Decembers fixture list. 9 points is nothing. It’s a game to game thing for me, with the overall view if we qualify for Europe be it via league or cup we’ve had a good season which we can build on with our young squad who will only get better. Should we manage top four it’s an excellent one, and I don’t think we are anywhere near city or Liverpool so will not be concerning myself with the title race until I see something that suggests they’ll both give us enough of an opening to take advantage of.
  4. Not that i care about this fight but as someone was talking about it with me early and was showing me how much he’d buffed up 😂...... Too huge for me, and very surprised he’s the size he is given his general physique, muscles require oxygen. Id say it’d be interesting to see how he carries it but nothing about this fight is interesting!
  5. Donaire Inoue ridiculously good fight, big credit to the old man in particular.
  6. Oh I don’t agree with it. it just seems to be the way it is. It’s consistent at least I guess, but it’s practically leaving the decision to the ref unless someone throws themselves to the floor. Not how I envisaged the tech being used. Players are a bit more clever than just throwing a Tom daley these days.
  7. Yeah but same old same old isn’t it, you see contact they they don’t over rule, tonight, Mane Albrighton, Delafou at the weekend. Someone touches you your allowed to hit the deck.
  8. it’s the clear and obvious error thing isn’t, and there’s contact. I mean I dunno how you can hold him accountable for practically being kicked in the head, but there we are, I guess he shouldn’t of been out there in the first place.
  9. in their defence, to do research , properly, on all the games they commentate on, would be a big time investment. I’d imagine these two will be doing two, possibly three games midweek. To make a proper assessment on a team I’d like to see four a few full games, your not going to get a lot from a few little bits of footage. Not to say getting on at Atlanta was warranted, there seems to be a lot of snobbery with British commentators in a number of sports.
  10. Live and let live for me, people want to see it more power to them, I’m certainly not staying up till 4am and paying £20 to watch it though. I find it hilarious they have a top world champion in Billy Joe boxing on their under card though 😂
  11. Long way to go still for me and a big weekend ahead, but more optimistic than I was, we’ve probably done about as well as I thought we could do to our credit but the total shit shows at Man U and Spurs are a very welcome bonus. Thought either could struggle but not to this extent.
  12. Canelo did not give him an awful lot to work with to be fair, his defence was easily the best aspect of his fight and yeah I agree it didn’t make for Great entertainment. No point wasting energy snapping out powerful jabs straight into a solid front guard that won’t score. He was very worried about what was coming back yes, and I think you are selling him a little short, there is enough venom to knock anyone out (bar golovkin ) in canelos punches, he’s got a highlight real of brutal kos to his name, and I think the manner in which Kovalev was put to sleep sort of vindicates his game plan. Most people thought he was winning the fight and Saturday was all about the W for both men.
  13. They all want to play weekly, there is the understanding you have to work for it in the professional game and he's better off here doing just that rather than going off on loan coming back and being in the same situation he is now but potentially worse as his competition has completely cemented his place in Gray's absence. At the end of the day he's 23 now, if he want's to go somewhere where it's significant;y easier to get in the team it should be a permanent move. He looks happy enough at the moment though and it's good for us that he's knocking on the door. Oh it happens, I am not sure Demari Gray is good enough to go somewhere in the Premier League on those premises though, even the teams struggling at the bottom have an array of quality players these days it's a bi product of how much money is in the league.
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