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  1. Fitting given your contribution to the 3 million 👀
  2. You’re an amusing lad 😂🤦‍♂️ You do mean well from what I can tell though so I’ll be civil. We’ve gone from pining for the days of a prime Gareth Williams to warning us he’s not the next Ngolo Kante literally in the space of 4 competitive games 😂
  3. Well, thankfully I missed that particular little gem. Hope they got a lifetime ban.
  4. hmmm. I would say it was less about calling out Mendy as not being very good post Brighton, I don’t particularly think he’s all that and unlike everyone else here my mind is not going to be swung over by a couple of good performances but this is besides the point. It was somewhat the manner of the post. I believe he was described as talentless, league one at best, wouldn’t get into our wonderful 2006 side and the most limited footballer he had ever witnessed. Now, he didn’t have a great game, but that is clearly a load of shit.
  5. Honestly don’t know how you can have grand slam tennis coverage without the option to select a court.
  6. There should be a blanket ban on ITV covering Sport. stick to mini series about Sexually motivated serial killers.
  7. Is this the one that used to work at Radio Leicester? Hes got a national radio job before Stringer 😂 Fcking brilliant if so.
  8. Amazing the difference one game can make 😂
  9. Christ on a bike you’ve missed the boat with that one mate. Please see any post match thread on here post lock down last season bar the Palace win 😂. Focusing on your own teams failings instead of rushing to praise the opposition is the tip of the ice berg. Their team was weak to be fair but I don’t think they can really blame lack of investment 😂they’ve just been very unlucky. Not exactly like we are having an excellent time of it in that regard either is it. Got loads of players out.
  10. You are quiet @deanolegend1989 Not bad for a league one player.
  11. @Finnegan why did the dives thread get deleted 😂.
  12. Yeah I agree but I’m trying not detract from a very good performance by over analysing it. Especially given the importance of that particular penalty. This is hardly a new thing from Vardy as well he’s won no end of penalties in a similar fashion, he’s an utter shithouse in every sense of the word, we know this.
  13. First ones dodgy as. Third one he clips Maddison’s back leg clearly. I mean both are Hollywood falls to the ground but I can’t blame Maddison he has been impeded.
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