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  1. Manwell Pablo


    Ha I’d not seen that, guess the fury announcement probably got all the attention.
  2. Manwell Pablo


    Enjoy guys. This has somehow clashed with a weekend away watching Cologne and Dortmund so I doubt I'll be even able to watch it on TV as if I'm lucky enough to find a bar showing boxing it'll undoubtedly be Degale Vs Eubank.
  3. Manwell Pablo

    Red Dead 3

    When I did it throwing one at him didn’t kill him, but it made stop in his tracks and seriously question his life. making him an easy target.
  4. Manwell Pablo

    Red Dead 3

    Poison throwing arrows will do the grizzly easy. Can replay the mission "paying a social call" twice to do the bow one Dynamtie is four with one stick. Kick off at Fort whatever it is called and start chucking it over the forts wall Other two are easy
  5. Manwell Pablo

    Apex Legends

    Faster pace. Better team game imo, solos on blackout is still the best fun you can have by yourself for me. This is a lot less forgiving at the moment.
  6. Manwell Pablo

    Red Dead 3

    Its easy. Wait till you have a big hand then draw them in and go big at the end , if you win you should be able to bluff them into folding next two hands. finished the hunting requests, nightmare managed to get horseman challenges done in the process. So I think I’m 5 hunting challenges a legendary animal and 7 weapons in the compendium from the 100%. Tied into the weapons seems I’ve come all this way without doing the gun slingers side missions so I’ve actually got a bit of story going on again now
  7. Manwell Pablo


    Oh business wise it’s a reasonably sensible move and the obvious one, I’ve been saying for over a year when he goes to the US it’ll be miller in the opposite corner, there are plenty of examples on here. They will have to put a lot of work on the marketing though. Certainly not a fight that will sell itself even over here due to the middle of the night start.
  8. Manwell Pablo


    Yes seen, can’t even offer Dillian Whyte a half decent deal it seems, embarrassing. Millers far too easy to hit for this to be anywhere near “the big risk” match room will make it out to be.
  9. Manwell Pablo

    Apex Legends

    Bloodhounds immense, the ability see people when they can’t see you is an absolute game changer. Got loads of squad wipes out of his ultimate.
  10. Manwell Pablo

    Apex Legends

    Hats off that's very impressive. You must be very good and very lucky . Five wins on the board for me I'd have to say the game is essentially run gun and loot until it is no longer feasibly possible to loot and then get a good vantage point as close to the middle as possible and take it from there. Every game I've won we've been waiting for people to come to us. I agree Lifeline is pretty much essential. I imagine she will get nerfed though. Ledge armour seems to drop out the sky far too often.
  11. Manwell Pablo


    Career 18/21 Leicester 8/8 The penalty technique is indeed the best thing about Paul Gallagher.
  12. Manwell Pablo

    Apex Legends

    92 on metacritic, not bad for a shameless cash in.
  13. Manwell Pablo


    Weve got one on five that needs to step up apparently
  14. Manwell Pablo


    You make absolutely no sense. Sorry.
  15. Manwell Pablo


    Yes. James Maddison who has scored a goal every four games so far in his Leicester career (all in the prem might I add) needs to step up and and be more like Izzet and score one in seven (not all in the pl might I add)