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  1. Well yeah you just argued down your own point there. Not saying he isn’t a nice lad but the fact he was alright at school when he was a kid doesn’t mean anything after becoming and spending 7 years being a professional footballer.
  2. Ndidi missing is huge. Aside from that we’ve struggled on the wing all season and Maddison isn’t as in games as he was before Xmas.
  3. Played pretty reasonably today after he got the goal I thought.
  4. Clearly not ;-D Scenes in Melbourne for Aussie Open Qualifying. Air quality terrible and the tournament organiser's telling the players to get on with it effectively https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/51100706
  5. Bit of strawman argument that isn't it really. You would do well to include the entire post instead of a snippet in a failed attempt at Juvenile humour. I said if someone ticks all the boxes (which all of your examples clearly did) then we should do business, if not, there's no point forcing through expensive purchases in our current situation for the sake of it.
  6. I don't think you can qualify not buying anyone in the first few weeks of the January transfer window as standing still. There's never a great deal of activity in January, sure we would make a signing if all the boxes are ticked but really no point spunking a load of money in a rush to sign someone. Much easier to do business in the summer.
  7. My main frustration with him, which imagine is shared by a few fans who perhaps boil over into making sell him now kind of statements is he seems undroppable. He’s not performing, Fuchs is doing a decent job when he gets his chance and we are persisting with Chillwell as he’s the future and Fuchs is in his twilight years. Its got to the stage now where he needs to be shown performance is key in keeping your place, and if there’s a better option they’ll get the nod ahead of you whether you need minutes on the pitch to develop or not. Ive no doubt he can come good but in the immediate future he could do with a few games being reminded a place in our side needs to be earned.
  8. I Think you have to quite woefully under estimate Ndidi’s importance to this team and general talent to hold that opinion. He’s probably the most important player in the squad. Even ahead of Vardy as without him turning the ball over and setting up attacks with clever passing once we’ve won the ball we don’t engineer anything like the rate of opportunities we do without him on the pitch. Everyone was shit as we are Missing the anchor and lynch pin that links defence and attack. If he stays fit I’ve got no doubt he’ll be considered as one of the two or three players in the discussion for playing holding midfield for the world xi for the duration of his prime years. Hamza Choudhurry is a decent footballer but he’s fighting a losing battle, hopefully he can put in a few better shifts than today and soften the blow.
  9. Sorry, their professional footballers part of a squad that work together day after day week after week, I’m not having the fact one defensive midfielder came in for another defensive midfielder and one more attacking midfielder who’s had a fair bit of game time recently and was one of the few who played well today, came in for another similar player and neither were up to speed on the game plan, we’ve used that game plan today more than any other this season. They watch every single game live and get shown it again and again every in the week following every game. There is absolutely no excuse for any member of that 25 man squad coming into that system not knowing their role inside and out. We had the same keeper, same back four, same forward line. Rodgers planned weeks in ahead to make 9/10 odd changes and play a different way for West Ham, this is two, like for like , minor adjustments to a season long approach that only differs in minor aspects depending on who we are playing. The fundamentals remain largely the same. Hamza was a shadow of Ndidi at his best today but I think we are barking up the wrong tree if we think he’s going to match Wilfs performance levels and that’s nothing to do with briefing. He’s just nowhere near as good as Ndidi and that’s not going to change and will be an issue until he is fit again. Aside from that our problems were elsewhere is Praet was largely alright. Chillwell was awful, Soyunchu was far from his usual assured self, Maddison again looked lifeless, Vardy is only ever useful when given things to work with and he was given precious little, Perez one great ball for the goal aside was just crap, Barnes is starting to look like he’s actually not up to this level of football full stop never mind form problems. But this is all by the by anyway the point remains the same, whether it be physical fatigue or lack of prep things are going to be no different if we are playing European football, the games come quick fast and changes will be made far more regularly, players aren’t going to get game plans weeks in advance if we are playing in the champions league as it’s just not feasible. If we can’t cope with a couple of extra games in search of some silverware we may as well not bother trying to qualify for Europe.
  10. I dunno, the lineup today is a system we’ve been using all all year with familiar personal and even the changes were like for like, so doesn’t wash for me, today at least. You could probably make that claim against Villa but not a valid excuse for today.
  11. It was only a few weeks ago folk weren’t getting enough minutes and we had too many players. At the moment we need a few additions for a full European campaign and to still take every domestic competition reasonably seriously, but given we’ve got a full summer to sort that if we need to I’d say it’s irrelevant and a couple of extra games in the league cup shouldn’t result in meltdowns like today.
  12. I see one more person blaming the carabaou cup beggars belief. If we can’t manage a couple of extra games where we play not even all of our first team what’s the point in even trying to qualify for Europe when that is probably going to add 8 games to our fixture list, minimum, plus we won’t be given the luxury of opponents either being well below our level or resting players themselves. May as well sack it now if we can’t cope with the league cup and the league.
  13. Well he has, he’s clearly stated he made a mistake and will rectify that mistake. Basic dictionary definition of learning. No one is perfect, every manager makes mistakes, have a look at that bigger picture, it’s quite a sight to behold.
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