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  1. life with no boxing football or tennis is shite 😂 Anyway, Just to let all those who frequent this thread, an enjoyable on, probably one of the only ones on here that doesn’t regularly end up in meltdown and probably the only reason I’ve persevered with this shit looney bin of a forum for the past 12 months, I am off and won’t be back. It’s been emotional, @Col city fan all the best to your lad hope he stays successful and most importantly healthy. Any proper boxing fans or visitors to the site who enjoy reading my posts or other similar insights into the sport https://www.othboxing.com/forum/index.php is where I’ll be spending my time, very knowledgeable and growing community moving into media work as well. Decent football thread as well, @LinekersLugs @Tinman can see you enjoying it and I’m sure plenty of others would as well. Take it easy.
  2. Wont it. How have China got it under control then. Not by telling folk not to go on cruises and wash their hands.
  3. Some sort of handle on who has it or doesn’t and who actually needs to be isolated, record some sort accurate statistics on the infection rate so they can asses where they are at in regards to future action they need to take. What states need to be shut off from the others, amongst other things I could detail if that wasn’t enough already.
  4. TBF to trump, blithering idiot born with a silver spoon in his mouth that he is, at least their still committed to widespread testing.
  5. Yes I guess so but I'm somewhat concerned out testing, which is now out the window for all but the most serious questions, hasn't been brilliant. That said the death toll is still very low and hopefully it stays that way.
  6. I've just got back and it was ok actually, apart from people scowling at each other for buying too much when hardly anyone was doing anything out of the ordinary. 250 dead in a day is just crazy, can't see how we avoid something similar bar the age in population difference hopefully being enough to at least keep it to figures a least bit less than that.
  7. Yes there is blatantly far more cases than have been detected.
  8. Shambolic when the money driven footballing leagues are taking more active and decisive action than our own ****ing governmant. they should have banned attendance of sporting events some time ago.
  9. Corona the beer brand. because the names in the front of peoples minds and all the attention they are getting the beers actually selling quite well apparently. And the supermarket in question is taking advantage. i also quoted the wrong post 😂
  10. Clever marketing. You look at the actual figures, they are actually done really well out of this.
  11. Jesus, 196 deaths in Italy today 😳.
  12. Side of the shoulder so marginal. probably not for me but not clear and obvious. That one on Maddison though 🤔
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