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  1. Until dawn is great, if it's telltale GOT that is not great.
  2. Of course it's steep. Hes experssed no interest in leaving and is their best player, conceivably they'd be down now if it weren't for him, id imagine they are very reluctant and have no reason to sell unless its top dollar.
  3. Not really, it's an area not the whole stadium. If your 5'3 get a ticket in a seated area.
  4. Idiot. Lost enough of his his career thanks to his party boy life style, this will be a couple more at least.
  5. No I don't think so. He rarely goes over the top except on occasions where his brain is moving quicker than his mouth and he jumbles his words. Some of the stuff he retweets does make him stand out as anti Muslim for me which is the one thing he claims not to be but then as he didn't say it originally he can't be done for it.
  6. I would.
  7. Well any self respecting racist knows you've not used the right terminology there at all In all seriousness, it's a question of the times you live in, and actions speak a lot louder than words. Reading that upmost respect to him.
  8. Your living in a dream world there. I don't mean to critise the religion specifically for not being rational because very few are but in terms of giving women positions of power and authority you're talking a small miniority of what I would consider very forward thinking muslims that are for it. And ultimiatley the gender roles within in their religion is their business I guess, I despise most religious idealogy, but part of accepting differnet ways of living and living together is letting each other be, I'm of the opinion part of intergration is letting them deal with their own issues as long as it doesn't impact on the rest of the community, fine, and it'll be some time before Islam accepts women as equal to men on the whole. I'm with Robinson on one thing and the best way to deal with extremisim is for the Islamic community in this country to step up and stand up for itself and try and do something about the acts that are committed in the name of their religion by means of eductation, and fortunatley there are more and more doing that. Another thing I again agree with Robinson on is we should be doing more to tackle the hate preached on our streets whether it be islamic extremist or anti islamic.
  9. Stop the Jerzy fishing lad no one biteing, blokes not even relevent in mens tennis anymore.
  10. Vouch for this spent a lot of childhood summers in Spain I was wearing jeans yesterday 😂
  11. Murray been nothing short of dreadful for his standards all year bar Qatar and the French. He pulls out Dustin Brown first round there's a tenner going down.
  12. Sort of north Huddersfield, greenhead area. the Midlands I've found, Leicester in particular, is a haven in diversity. Smaller towns (short of city status) particularly Luton and many round Bradford like Barnsley Rotherham Huddersfield and stretching out to Lancashire in places like Burnley have serious issues on both sides, the sad thing is it's they target the innocent as if they targeted each other they'd fight back.
  13. Having the pleasure of living in a "Muslim ghetto" for two years although I think tommy probably doesn't have a clue what an actual ghetto looks like I do have to say these things go on. I've got a two inch scar across my left eyebrow and could of suffered a lot worse in two separate incidents and had a Muslim gang pull up outside our house demanding that white bitches fight them, he's right there's a problem. Problem is I'm not convinced his motives stop at that problem and I know first hand not everyone who follows his organisation restrict their venom to extremists. Still at the very least no matter what you think of him he is the product of his surroundings.
  14. Captains remain the same every week. Steve McNeil seems to be a decent level, given they get him to play random games ranging from the modern to stuff released back in the 80s and he has to play someone who nominates the game every week he normally seems to give a decent account of himself. Given he's the co founder of the series and supposidly a keen gamer I can't believe how bad Sam Pamphilon is most of the time and the guests vary but normally pretty crap. It's ultimatley as much, if not more so, a comedy show as a games show not to be taken too seriously.