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  1. Maybe, I thought he was alright though 😂
  2. Don’t worry about it, former committed poster in this thread who was very pro Tyson. And had a history of setting up multiple accounts.
  3. Anyone else have a quick peek at this geezers profile to make sure he wasn’t Gaelic fox after this post? 😂
  4. If they kept to the strict rules of what should be an interim title it’d simple, sadly as with most things boxing related the governing bodies make it up as they go along.
  5. Had a chunk on Whyte stoppage. 40 years old, bad case of Covid, only won the last one because of one world class punch. He needs to retire imo but wouldn’t surprise me if Edward wheels him out one last time.
  6. Your lucky Hatton is very bad, the guy he was fighting is an utter binman. The fighters who didn’t knock him out (of which there are only actually 6 as he fought three of them twice) have a handful of ko’s between them. He’s not durable in the slightest.
  7. Well no it’s a game boy game. Super Mario World on the other hand most definitely was.
  8. Nah there’s not a sonic game that’s a patch on Super Mario World. I am not saying Sonic games are bad they are great, but Mario 3 and Mario World are master pieces in 2D platforming, both are arguably games of their generation.
  9. It’s pretty clear cut. Super Mario land probably even Mario 3 we’re both vastly superior games to any Sonic game, there’s just vastly more to them. And as you've pointed out they’ve been pushing out quality titles ever since where as Sonic Has been completely hit and miss.
  10. I have no idea what’s happening here. 7 in 4, 5 in two, back to back motm awards, surely got to be close to a shoe in for player of the month. He even managed to stay on the pitch ahead of Vardy today 😂 what a turn around.
  11. His last few fights have been impressive performances although Jezewski had no business being in there with him. he’s never been in any danger either really although you are right though he has a history of ending up in clinches too easily. He plants his foot well forward to utilise his reach advantage which he has far more often than not. It was exaggerated on Saturday as he was fighting a lefty so the lead feet are coming together.
  12. Okolie goes for a world title tonight.
  13. That BT interview definitely wasn’t last week he’s got a decent length beard at the minute. I think that is the one where he actually said it and it was around the time he fought Wallin. You can tell it’s not recent as there is no social distancing. I watched the interview on IFL that the article references (that was last week) and it was actually during a small hall card being televised on YouTube, think he’s beenpurposely misinterpreted in order to get internet traffic “I won’t fight here again” meaning a venue like this not the UK as a whole was how I took it but I was playing
  14. Fury says a lot of things and from memory that was a long time ago. Pretty sure he’s u turned on that. Zero chance it happens in the states because Joshua won’t take it in the states imo. Will put a good amount of money down on Fury if it’s in Vegas. I imagine fight one Saudi, fight two here.
  15. It’s to drum up conflicting views isn’t it. I’d not have a problem with it but Martin isn’t a great pundit and Jenas is just a bit wet so it didn’t really work.
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