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  1. 9 figures sorry My three times table clearly deserted me.
  2. We won’t replace him effectively. Best you can hope for is getting someone who can land somewhere in the region of 15-20 goals a season and Maddison and Barnes continue to develop into players who can contribute more and more statistically in the seasons leading up to his retirement. I do think we need to act pretty soon though, possibly in the summer, and whoever it is needs to be guaranteed and given some premier league game time next season as well as the cups as oppose to being an out and out under study. Ideally our scouting network pulls off another blinder but Stri
  3. He’s not even close to world class yet, he’s not even had a full international cap ffs and he’s played about bout 16 games for us and played like an utter spanner in at least three. He was brilliant when he first arrived and he’s been brilliant in the last 4 games but I think it’s safe to say we needn’t worry about him leaving for a nine figure sum anytime soon. If he doesn’t complete this season and next season as a Leicester city player I’ll be shocked. If he keeps his performances close to the levels we’ve seen in 2/3’s of his games we may well have a problem next summer. But it
  4. Quality performance in general, reads the game so well. I can’t defend that goal though, a couple of Sunday league level shanks from Barnes and Ndidi and some how it’s in off the inside of the post 😂.
  5. Arr, great club ain’t they Spurs, lovely.............🎣
  6. Yeah it's years old and not true. Although actions speak louder than words in regard to the second part as least, and he has never left us or let us down, despite having the option on a release clause, so I'm not really sure what people would get out of hearing him say it.
  7. They wont last as market leaders I think but it'll be some years before they are over taken. They're product is getting poorer in terms of total portfolio of sport and the presentation of the sports they do have. The boxing deal is up in May and with Hearn very much in bed with DAZN it'll be interesting to see if it gets renewed.
  8. It’s got to be hard though ain’t it. Horrible sport when you are nervous. No ones needed a double this much since George Best passed away,
  9. They are talking about it. Garcia Lopez Haney and Davis are being talked up as some golden quartet that are going to be fighting each other for years to come. No doubting Garcias offensive capabilities but he’s going to get clipped.
  10. Darke is lead commentator for football on BT bit of a madness they don’t use him. Smith is Smith, Hes from the fighting city of <insert city> and there is the respect
  11. Paul Smith is a bit vanilla but he’s preferable to those idiots, I am a fan of Andy Lee, what they need is a good lead commentator though and they are desperately short in boxing. Shame Costello stuck to his morales and remained on BBC Radio, and I know commentary is far more important on radio but imagine the difference having him on tv would have made.
  12. Clearly Gareth and Ricky were having a few beer scrambling for their microphones every time to the alarm went off. The thing that gets me about their bickering is they are both morons, it’s literally every fight as well, they’ve been getting ripped all night from the first undercard fight
  13. Haha. Todd and Sergio are a disgrace. It’s hard for them as they are trying to be international and it’s hard to get knowledgeable pundits that appeal to an international audience. Chris Maddix isn’t too bad.
  14. Yeah, huge win for him that. Got off the deck to KO someone who took Lomachenko and Linares the distance.
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