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  1. Can somebody tell me the formula which calculates xG? I'm particularly interested in the variables contributing to the "quality of chance" and how they are modelled? If you can't answer questions like this you can't say the stat is good because you're guessing.
  2. He was literally in the team of the year why did you think it was a waste of money? Anyway he's an absolute legend of course!
  3. Too tentative first half. Just started to move the ball a bit better and they score. Second half with a bit more tempo in the passing we can gett back into this. Praet for Albrighton at some point if it stays 1-0.
  4. Hate the xG stat, way too much of a black box and the eye test often disagrees with what the stat is telling me.
  5. I dunno he had an air kick yesterday which I would fancy him to put away on his right foot.
  6. The quality and variety of finishing is so good, he really is a premier league great.
  7. Jack McGinn using dirty tricks to promote his terrible music?
  8. You wouldn't get near the ball to try a lob even if you thought of it in the moment. It's more than just the execution of the finish which matters. Barnes might still edge it though.
  9. Gosh the distrust of media rumours is so undeserved...
  10. Many good performances, obviously Vardy stands out and Tielemans best performance of the season is a very good sign!
  11. Nearly all of them were situations where he was inside until madders took a touch though. Definitely could move the ball on faster at times.
  12. Thought every touch he did have showed the right intent and good execution. Strong in the tackle, good awareness, good passing. Very small sample size but he did what he could and impressed me.
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