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  1. Buzzing to score, bit nervous about that sub...
  2. I agree with you that it's probably a back 4 but Albrighton and Justin would be the wingbacks if not. Perez and Madders behind the striker.
  3. Dunno what you're all so worried about it's a decent team. True wingers off the bench still even if you think they should start.
  4. Nugent still his dream partner. They did bits for us to be fair.
  5. I remember being told by a Shalke fan that he was past it when we signed him. Still bossing it, what a legend.
  6. Spot on mate. At this point the consistently strong recruitment cannot be attributed to individuals it is clearly the whole system started under Vichai and Pearson which the club has now maintained across multiple managers.
  7. 4 is not enough. Vardy, Vichai,Pearson, Ranieri. Heavy focus on our greatest success. Ranieri feels weird given how fleeting his involvement was but I mean...he won the league!
  8. He's been absolutely class pretty much 100% of the time he's played so it's not too surprising to me that he is up there on average rating.
  9. Can he really keep this level up? Why hasn't he played more games already wtf!
  10. I do agree with this but I am expecting us to play very differently once all are fit so I'm reserving judgement and just enjoying the results for now.
  11. Honestly think we are the best place for him to be and that will still be true next year. He will have people after him though if he continues to play for us so we'll have to see how serious they are and where his heads at at the time.
  12. Swear to god I'm just out of shot screaming "shoot".
  13. Which I completely agree with BR on. We will need to find a way to rest him at some point though.
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