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  1. This post stinks of media bullshit, don't listen to it!
  2. I literally haven't seen one person question the accuracy of this story. She got sacked and has published her story with the Sun of all papers, surely we should have a little skepticism at least?
  3. Nearly everybody listing good players who didn't work out here. For me Beckford was the one where I really thought it was a great player and it turned out to be a turd. That wonder goal really fooled me.
  4. Very positive overall tenure at the club. He also sounds like he was intetgral in the recruitment and development of the talented young players we will enjoy for years to come. Some people are quick to point out we don't know how influential he was in this, but it sounds like he genuinely was driving it. In the end I think Brendan is right for us to take the next step on the pitch, but we wouldn't have been in such a promising position as a club without Claude, and we should all be grateful for that.
  5. The club is buzzing at the moment and I love it.
  6. That's what had just occured to me that they pay stupid salaries with no tax...That's probably more of a stumbling block than many had thought. We need to do what we can though for sure.
  7. Anybody know what his wages are like at Monaco?
  8. Just a bit weird to look at a signing from the championship of a 21 year old through the lens of "not even player of the season"
  9. Love the classic foxestalk "Anyone who see's things differently to me is deluded". He's definitely been patchy as has the team but personally I expected a season like that given we are basically an u23s outfit with a few ringers. He's exceeded my expectations from when we signed him to now.
  10. Brendan sounded v impressed with him...bodes well for the future.
  11. For his first season in the league and the club? Created the most chances in the league. Double figures for goal contributions. I fail to see how that isn't a good season. Not to say he isn't capable of even more though.
  12. That would be the thread title. I'm saying the thread has clearly been mostly around would, not an assumption we definitely will replace any of them. It's just a bit pointless to try to act as the voice of reason when everyone else is speaking in hypotheticals.
  13. The whole thread has been in the context of would - just go witth it. Spurs for me unless off-the-pitch problems prevent Chelsea from getting back to their best. Spurs just still haven't done anything to truly establish themselves as untouchable like those others.
  14. That was brilliant. First one of these I've bothered watching, might have to tune into more!
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