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  1. Shame we won't have opposing fans to chant about her thanks to covid, that would have been the league/golden boot wrapped up.
  2. Always knew he was good but didn't really expect him to get the chance to show it here. Love to see it, our midfield options are quite strong with all fit!
  3. If he's close to as good on the left as he is on the right we've played a blinder here. I rated Chillwell but he rarely played as well as Timmy has in his first couple of games.
  4. You're a clown mate he's had plenty of good games. Absolutely bonkers how you can turn having an academy player break into the team and then the England team into a negative. On topic, JJ had a good game and should be rewarded with another start. He has to play at that level for a lot longer before he can be compared to Chilwell though. He won't play well every week that's for sure.
  5. Whichever one of them is on the bench is probably our best sub available to bring on in most situations. Don't think they can't last if needed.
  6. Not bad at all. Few more before the end of the season and those are good figures for anybody.
  7. They all shout at each other it's totally normal. You are just seeing things through the lens of your own preconceptions imo.
  8. Impressive how open you are about your double standards. Really quite impressive to string those last 2 sentences together unironically.
  9. Who we getting in that's better and cheaper?
  10. Quoted you but my comment was largely a general point. Still think you had a bad read on the situation though.
  11. My point is he was getting slated by many all the way through that period you cite as good form. The couple games I referred to were before that.
  12. I strongly disagree. He had a couple of poor games and our fans have been on his back ever since despite him coming back into form for a while. Now his confidence is shot and people don't see anything positive that he does. It's a vicous cycle and it's not how you support your team imo. I know people will get all touchy about that statement so you don't need to bother guys.
  13. Have you bugged the dressing room?
  14. He was playing deepest of the 3, it's not his normal position at all. Can we all just stop flaming our players it's one of our best teams of all time for ****s sake, you don't need a scapegoat every time we don't win a game.
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