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  1. Selling 1x Adult ticket in SK3 - £36 face value
  2. Are you alright mate?? I didn’t, didn’t say I did either, I said “I’d think people would realise it was clear I was asking for recommendations” Posted 5 January Any hostel/hotel recommendations for Amsterdam? Posted 6 January Looking to book my honeymoon for the first few weeks of September, thinking of somewhere in Europe as my partner doesnt like long flights (about 4/5 hours max). Usual places such as Paris and Rome have been mentioned, has anyone got any other recommendations? Posted 15 January Japan end of April, recommendations? Posted Sunday at 15:00 It’s the wife’s 50th in September and she’s on about going to Iceland for 3/4 nights. Anyone been? Any recommendations what to do and how to get around? “Posted 11 January Looking at Malta too??? Malta anyone?” “Posted 10 January Just booked Zante for a week in august. Anyone been?” Irrelevant because you still know exactly where I’m referring to as would the mass majority of people. I have absolutely no doubt they will be able to whether it be on here or elsewhere. P.s I shan’t be entertaining any futher comments so I’ll end this here. Enjoy your day.
  3. It’s alright, women don’t poo anyway. Thought everyone knew that. I was looking into the Golden Triangle kinda area but I’ve seen some guided tours that look good and they’re all over the country, is there anywhere that stood out for you in particular?
  4. No it isn’t 😂 I was asking if anyone had been to India, this is a holiday thread. I’d think people would realise it was clear I was asking for recommendations?
  5. Yeah that's fair enough, sounds like you've got a good collection going there. p.s not sure if that question came across in a bad way - I wasn't asking to call anyone out I was just being nosey more than anything. Good luck with your search 👍
  6. Ahhh don't say that, I'm looking forward to possibly being able to go even though I'm a Heat fan. I guess if I go expecting people to only be cheering over free tacos then I won't be disappointed
  7. Just curious, why would you want to buy a fake one rather than one from the LCFC site?
  8. Utd goal eh, let’s see how long they can hang on for
  9. 40 odd tickets have come up in KW, £75 for an adult ticket tho so it depends how much you want to go
  10. E.Rose


    Not personally so sorry I can't help - bumping this up for you in case there is anyone else that can offer some words of wisdom
  11. Thank you! Are the trains reliable over there? I didn't consider that as a travel method to be fair as I assumed everything was so far apart it'd be one hell of a journey. Worth considering though if you'd recommend it? No worries! I'm enjoying reading these replies anyway, I've noted those teams you've mentioned and will look into them further, thanks!
  12. Wow - thanks for taking the time to write this, and no worries for it being a 'novel' it's interesting to read about sport over there. I've had a look into the Rose Bowl and it does look incredible doesn't it? I need to go back over everything you've written when I've got 5 minutes without any distractions but it sure looks like there's a lot of tips there for me, thank you!
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