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  1. Yep, again I agree mate, we have been far more consistent and played the better stuff over the season. Again its just frustration I guess as it shows how Liverpool can be got at if you show a bit of belief
  2. I'm not personally cheering them on Scouse just frustrated that we couldn't play with that belief against them
  3. Absolutely. The question is why have Wolves had belief and just gone for it, yet we have almost looked petrified on both occasions we have played them this season.
  4. Not popular on here I know but Wolves play some bloody great stuff
  5. We don't need to worry about anybody letting up in this run in for the Champions league places. Kasper will no way let it happen, it will be massive for him to Captain us in the Champions league so more than happy for him to continue being a bit of a mouthy dick
  6. The Staircase. Actually preferred it to making a murderer as the 2nd season of that was a bit slow.
  7. Brendan says Vardy doesn't look to serious, early signs are a glute strain
  8. Kasper still spitting feathers walking off the pitch
  9. Bizarre mentality against the big boys and now sussed out by the fodder we should be beating. Tough times ahead
  10. Somebody is watching the BBC Cricket commentary
  11. I actually would like Leeds back in amongst the big boys as its a great away day and like it or not they travel and travel big so makes for some decent noise at the KP But on the flip side it is fvcking hilarious watching them melt on cue at the same time every season.
  12. Rashford out for a few weeks would be no bad thing for us
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