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  1. You imagine what they will be like in the England set up when Liverpool win the league this season, id sack it off now if I was Sterling just like Vardy did 😂 Imagine the likes of Henderson, Alexander-Arnold, Gomes strutting around St Georges like billy big bollox. Fvck that lads, go find a long lost great great uncles grandma from Ireland or somewhere and get the fvck out why you can.
  2. If @ScouseFox doesn't hook you in then this guy will do his best to reel you in
  3. Didnt watch it but not gonna hate on them at all. Anybody thats got the conkers to get in the ring and go toe to toe with no head gear and put it on the line has my respect regardless of their talent.
  4. All vegan club isn't it? Love a good pie or burger when I go to a ground, have you managed to try anything when you have visited? Any good?
  5. Must be getting close for Gray to deserve (another) shot at starting, but he looks so good as an impact sub we would be daft to change it now. Praet is just unfortunate at the minute that the team is looking so good as he looks class every time gets minutes
  6. Quickly becoming my favourite member of the team
  7. Surely the American wins this, he looks huge. I need to start picking up a camera more, have you seen how much money this pair earn from posting videos?
  8. Everton v Spurs back to being the turgid mid table affair it used to be.....Delicious viewing!!
  9. Kevin's havin one tonight, but you just know he's the sort of character to end up being MOTM at the weekend
  10. Lloyd Dyer on the pitch though...im annoyed but still smiling
  11. If it can't be us again then Manchester City every single day of the week. They play sensational football, plus they don't have unbearable characters like Klopp, Robertson, Mane, Henderson in their ranks.
  12. I love a good Spurs defeat as much as anybody but cant believe the amount of people who were happy for Liverpool to win....a draw would have been perfect for me. Might just be because im probably classed as older now but I dont think many realise how unbearable the Scousers will be if they win the league, plus why would we want to add another team to the select few along with us that have actually won the premier league.
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