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  1. Unreal...tuned in at the right time to see the last few holes...might watch more of this in the future 😂
  2. I understand why Leach has become a bit of a likeable cult hero but he's not a great bowler is he He says just as he takes a wicket ffs 😂
  3. Still not convinced we have enough
  4. I thought VAR was going to stop the blatant holding and wrestling in the penalty area?
  5. Isnt this just a kids computer game? Or am i missing something here?
  6. Easy to say that now, but in place of who? Woakes had a brilliant summer, did nothing wrong in the first test and for some reason barely used in the second.
  7. Only recognised about 3 names throughout the video but bloody loved watching it
  8. You just watch though when New Zealand and Pakistan tour Australia in the winter just our luck that Smith will be Meh and average about 40.
  9. Thats this pair in for the day then....Zzzzzz
  10. Could have stuck 320+ on the board if Jos had used his noggin a bit...ah well better than it looked it would be just after tea yesterday.
  11. Leach can hang around and frustrate, Buttler doesn't need to go full on t20 mode yet surely
  12. belter of a pitch, no Starc or Pattinson, poor bowling at times and still struggling to crawl to 250
  13. They have spent the last 4 nights out on the lash tbf, probably had a lot to do with the questionable decision and wayward bowling
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