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  1. Not been right since well into the back end of last season. I'm a big fan, but he was almost a player of the season candidate before the lockdown kicked in... Not been the same player since
  2. Looking at fixtures left, I think Liverpool will now take 3rd and it's now us or Chelsea for 4th. Yeah I'm still not having West Ham and don't think they'll finish 5th either
  3. Almost wish we had a league game before the Cup semi final. Think we have a lot of anger to come out of us somewhere and players with plenty to prove
  4. Finally something for us to grab as a positive this weekend.
  5. I always appreciate somebody that has downed more than me by 6pm on a Sunday. I salute you Sir
  6. This was on Rodgers, the 3 at the back stinks with this personnel but not having Amartey at fault at all. A manager today that had full belief in his players would have gone 442 and at it from the off
  7. Rogers moaning about how passive we were and not starting aggressive enough....again. So what's going on then, is it the players who aren't listening to him or is he just saying it after the fact seeing how obvious it is that we are more times than not woeful from the off
  8. Let's at least have one team that don't make any ground on us this weekend. A Man Utd winner with Fernandes dislocating his right knacker in the process would be just great cheers
  9. Marvelous, the one fvcking wkend I want a Manchester Utd win you can absolutley guarantee they will have an off day. Spurs now joining us in the top 4 race... What a lovely weekend
  10. Game after game we set out so fvcking passive. It's like Brendan doesn't have the belief in them that we are a top 4 team.. Time and time again, how do they not address this
  11. Chelsea and Liverpool's bench yesterday compared to ours just shows what we are up against going into the stretch
  12. Madders has been unusually quiet on his Insta stories this last week
  13. This is what I needed to read I'm not one for panicking but after today and losing a shit load on the National I'm not in the greatest of places right now
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