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  1. Not a bad word to say about the lad, sound to have a chat with when he was out and about and anybody that used to frequent Pulse nightclub in Loughborough back in the day will probably know why he could barely walk onto a football pitch on a Saturday 😂😂
  2. Cant stand that Amber, I can deal with most types of traits but smug, sly and manipulative makes for one ugly bird
  3. Chilwell's ex apparently in line to be heading in as part of the Casa Amor set up
  4. And who the heck is this Behrendorff? Like Starc and Cummins need anymore help. Not sure why but I think we will beat New Zealand and still be ok to finish 4th, on the positive side we can't get much worse surely
  5. So genuine question On a flat track with not much at stake I guess you would back us ahead of any team to go on and smash 400+ on a given day with most players on form. On anything other that requires a bit of game management and playing very good tactical cricket under pressure, where would we be? 4th-5th in the world?
  6. Chirst, you could bowl Australia out for 150 and id still back Starc to defend it
  7. ffs do not give your wicket away to Stoinis!!
  8. Now Stokes looks crocked, we have had a fair bit of bad luck aswell. Not excusing a few bang average performances mind
  9. @Goober a bit quiet today In all honesty, what you making of this?
  10. Smith absolutely wanted rid of Stoinis
  11. Absolute hilarious ending, I was always useless with women but even i wouldnt have fvcked up that bad 😂😂
  12. Thought this deserved more appreciation tbf 😂
  13. Apologies, i hadnt been paying attention tbf, i just get riled up when our world class players play brainless shots and in my opinion play them more often than other class players. But yes I had my hindsight specs on as you rightly say, I just hope we learn our lesson quickly on these types of pitches. I expect the Australian's to walk out with a swagger and a cockyness on Tuesday..which usually makes for a prety dangerous Australian team.
  14. Maybe in terms of raw power and natural ability we would be champions elect, but unfortunately in terms of combined brain cells we must have the lowest
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