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  1. Not much to add as everybody has already nailed it but another vote for Spotify premium here, absolute limitless supply of everything you need and even if you get a bit sick of your own playlists and albums just choose from one of the thousands that Spotify put together depending on your mood.
  2. I hate to go off topic and mention boxing but seen a few videos today of Billy Joe kicking off at a press conference and was surprised at the timber he has put on! Does he always walk around that big between fights?
  3. That is so true, I always just presume id get on well with you and @GaelicFox just on the basis that two of my favourite people are Muzzy and Graham Norton
  4. He's more intelligent than I thought, absolutely making sure that no freak Labour result can possibly occur, probably sat at home right now giving himself a pep talk along the lines of "Come on JC a few more words of wisdom like this beauty over the next few weeks and im fvcking free"
  5. If Brook beats Spence then I think any chance of the fight with Khan will be long gone as Kell will have much bigger fish to fry such as Thurman as you mention or Garcia etc Is there an actual reason why Khan never fights but is constantly bleating on about exciting news ahead?
  6. Yeah agree with this, will definitely watch as the first fight was a good watch. Just shows even more how good the Kell Brook result was over their.
  7. It's not so much about that, yes I understand St George wasn't born here but that idiot constantly looks for any opportunity to push his own agenda and is literally obsessed with making everything about immigrants.
  8. He is obsessed, and an absolute tosser!!
  9. Only just round to watching Porter take apart Berto, bit naughty with his head but comprehensive enough. Anybody fancy him this time if he's to fight Thurman again?
  10. The only day of the year I make myself a promise to get fit and claim to everybody around me that "Im gonna run this next year" I fully expect the camera to pick out this man at some point......every year!!
  11. No flag pole but does have them out and about in the garden, on fences, tied around trees etc
  12. Yes unfortunately so, its about 7 or 8 years it has happened since she moved into that house in 2005, not sure if it's because its overlooking a main road or if its somebody is complaining. Just to add she never had any problems prior to that when she lived on a small cul de sac. It doesn't put her off and she just puts them up again once the coppers have have necked a cuppa and cleared off.
  13. Ah the day of the year when my Mum has flags a waving only for NW Leicestershire's finest constabulary to show up and ask her to take them down....dont you just love this country sometimes!!
  14. Seems West Brom are interested in Kevin Wimmer, If Spurs are looking to sell I'd be all over that.