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  1. Im aimlessly walking around in a daze today still asking myself out loud, what the fvck happened last night? I still can't process it, 45 minutes of the easiest premier league you could ask for followed by the worse 45 minute spell I think I've ever witnessed.
  2. 3 wins from 3 needed with half a team missing and a manager that's been missing since Christmas....blimey
  3. If we now get done on goal difference it'll be worse than being overtaken on points. I swear we had about +20 on Man Utd at one point.
  4. Yep, just said similar in another thread. I think like many that Kelechi is pretty fragile as it is when it comes to confidence so I'd say that tonight has probably finished him off for the season... And who can blame him?
  5. The problem isn't who we should retain, it's the keeping hold of once the bids come along. 18 months down the line, I see us without Ricardo, Ndidi, Chilwell, Soyuncu at a minimum if we don't get a fvcking grip and finish this season how we started it.
  6. Ive said it in another thread Ric but the fact he's not taking responsibility for tonight has left me even more fvcking livid than I was. Imagine now if your Kelechi, what has hearing that done to his already probable fragile confidence? I was ready to nip it in the bud if he accepted responsibility but now I'm more fvcked off than I have been for years
  7. Crazy thing about that is that in the first half Tielemans was running the show. Change of formation in the second half seemed to fvck him off as much as it did us
  8. I swear Deeney day wasn't this bad, you could put it down to a crazy 90 seconds that could happen to anyone. This was 45 minutes of the most disgusting football I've ever seen pound for pound considering the players we have.
  9. What was said? Not been able to hear the reaction
  10. Has to be one or the other don't it, manager that has no clue or toxic players that turn when the going gets tough?
  11. Please somebody post what Rogers has to say on here... I'm done
  12. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if he comes out and takes full responsibility for that.
  13. I had a funny dream toothless Newcastle came here and scored 5....
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