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  1. Didnt know where to put this but I assume it was down to her thoughts on the terrorist attack.
  2. Surely with the season he has just had Chelsea will want him at a club where he is guaranteed minutes week in week out, not going to get that here so a Brighton or Newcastle makes way more sense. Shame as I'd love him here.
  3. Hoping this includes plenty of food stops mate!
  4. Yeah to be fair mate I didn't realise you were trying to do it in a 1 month. No way would I recommend doing that round trip in that time, I'd advise just doing the East or West coast in that time or commit to picking the Northern or Southern route and doing just one way for now. I once spent close to a month covering a dot of the West Coast and that was with driving 6-7 hours a day. If you have the time and money put 8-10 weeks aside and you will be sound for the journey you want but still at a pretty rapid pace.
  5. Have done many US road trips over the years when working away. A lot of what you want to see/do and the enjoyment you get from it will come down to the time of the year you decide to pack up and go. I always found September/October time perfect for both the North and South route and helps that the schools and college's have just returned after the summer break. So many little things you never think about will crop up, I know you say you dont mind driving long hours (good job when taking on parts of Texas) but depending on the part of the day you choose to do the majority of your driving if you are driving into the American sun that is beating down hour after hour straight into your face it can get you down pretty damn quick. Will be great fun in an RV and means you can really make the most of any National parks you choose to visit. (again dependent on the time of year you go) When you hit up the big cities some of the best fun can be had by driving just a few miles in either direction until you stumble on some great little towns where you get much cheaper prices and get a feel for the real America (if thats what you want) also speaking to the locals they will point you in the direction of some real gem little places that will never have even thought of. New England in the fall and a ranch stay in Montana were a must for me but without a doubt the most stunning drives were along the West Coast from San Diego up to Seattle taking in the like's of Santa Monica, Laguna beach, Big Sur, San Fran etc. Finally try not to be to strict with itinerary and allow for big changes, something on your bucket list that you will have wanted to do for a lifetime may end up a big disappointment, yet something that you stumble across by sheer accident will end up being something that you will never forget.
  6. So, so sad! You just had a feeling yesterday that this particular story wasn't going to have a much needed happy ending
  7. Yeah mate very sad, always been a Valentino fan but the first I truly started to get into Moto GP was the year he just pipped Rossi to the title.
  8. Nicky Hayden former World Moto GP champion has lost his life 5 days after a cycling accident.....35 years old, no age at all!
  9. Moyes admitting Sunderland agreed to let the ball go out in the 26th minute so John Terry could be substituted and receive his guard of honour during the game.
  10. Enjoy today guys and girls, hope its not the case but this could be the last time we see a couple of the "band of brothers" in our shirt!! Savour it and remember what they have given us over the last few seasons.
  11. Great night had, awesome to see Davis up close, his speed even shocked me, just awesome to see and made for a nice quiet journey home Impressed with what BT and Warren are trying to do and it did feel that more people were actually attending to view the boxing rather than those who splash out on a ticket to just get hammered on watered down beer and spend the night singing kolo/yaya whilst trying to scrap with anything that moves. Only just seeing this from overnight....wtf was this all about?
  12. Yeah some of their close friends are absolute bellends aswell, the brothers are decent guys when alone but when together can be a bit obnoxious. Really looking forward to seeing Davis and as you say think he is an absolute p4p great in the making and tonight could get us that bit closer to the Davis v Lomanchenko fight which surely has to happen in the future. My very limited budget has stretched to Davis by KO in the 6th - tenner on at 10/1
  13. Looking forward to tonight, heading down with a bus load of Walsh fans from the Kickstop gym in Norwich, obviously having to keep it a bit quiet that im a big fan of Gervonta Davis.