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  1. Root needs to score another ton or we will still lose this
  2. I'd not be disappointed with 1-1. Ancelotti is a top manager and has got them playing to their strengths in any given game and without Vards I'd take a point with a much needed goal for Nacho in the process.
  3. Hope we give him a real chance, looks like an old school game changer who wants the ball and has the genuine quality to make things happen.
  4. I really hope we sign Under. He makes things happen and has that bit of something special
  5. I have so much more confidence in Youri from the spot than I do Vards
  6. Riccy P sliding through the snow is a glorious sight whatever the score
  7. Can somebody do a mock up of Gareth Bale wearing a long haired wig, sure he's scored for Brentford today
  8. Gutted but hopefully forces us to bring in some more attacking quality sharpish
  9. Gobsmacked it took him nearly 70 minutes to bring this pair on... Not complaining mind
  10. Fvck me, it took far longer than it should have before I realised the interview wasn't real
  11. I don't even wake up early to see the ending of some England matches, yet I'm like a kid on Christmas morning jumping out of bed at 5am at the thought of seeing Gary on the losing side. Incredible from India, brilliant... Didn't even need the best batsman in the world to do it either
  12. Not able to watch but is that Dave Jones still doing these Super Sunday games? Used to really like him in his early Sky Sports News days but seems to have caught the arrogant smarmy bug that seems to follow the Super Sunday bunch
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