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  1. Why the fvck am I nervous for this
  2. Nyom mistaking this for a Premier League 6 pointer....tw@t!
  3. Hope this is true
  4. Great for the tour, Froome was peddling backwards towards the end. Interesting to see what Fabio Aru's tactics are from now, no real team around him so he can play around a little bit and just sit around and get a ride on the back of Team Sky's train. I'm guessing another time trial will bring things back for Froome?
  5. For all Tyla fans, the obligatory sex tape is now doing the rounds online.
  6. Whatever you think of Rafa, absolute class act after all of that to wait for Muller and sign a few autographs.
  7. Lukaku aka Stormzy
  8. Thomas abandons with a broken collar bone, could make things more interesting now Team Sky a man down. Froome trying to break Quintana in the mountains today, Contador already distanced by a mile or several. Porte now looking likely to abandon after an awful crash coming down the last discent, crazy how hard they push at those speeds
  9. Ah well. We'll just have to take Barkley off them then.
  10. Yes same mate, just had a scout online and can't find a thing so would assume he didn't get to fight, think it was only a planned 6 rounder so suprised they didn't find time unless something else has put a stop to it.
  11. Would have loved to have seen him on the scene a couple of years earlier just so we could have seen him against Burns pre Beltran.
  12. I'm sure he was supposed to be fighting but not long home so unsure if he's already been on or if it was more like a floating fight that will only go ahead if time allowed.
  13. West Ham fans being, well West Ham fans really Chairs flying all the place after that one