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  1. Not the most inspiring start for Selby, 2 down already
  2. Yeah think they would take a point today and look to seal it at home to Blackburn on Saturday
  3. Benteke scores...even more incredible than the resurrection of Christ himself...on today of all days 😂
  4. He will likely have his pick of the majority of Europe's elite come the end of the season for goodness sake
  5. Everton should have the ability to do this to quite a few in this league and should have done it more with the squad of players they have
  6. Im pretty sure we have been ordinary for the majority of the season yet have still beaten 2 out of the 3 teams we still have to play
  7. Dubrovnik for a week early June, have a feeling after day 3 or 4 we may have seen most of what we want to see. Looking online their seems to be quite a few longish day trips into Montenegro and/or Bosnia, has anybody taken any of these? Would you recommend?
  8. Anybody checked in with @ScouseFox did sound entertaining at Bellend Road tbf 😂
  9. They are all panicking at the top but Norwich have the bottle to at least get a result...Leeds dont...and its great
  10. West Brom must be kicking themselves, a couple of silly results over the last couple of weeks and they would have been right in the auto hunt....deserve what they get though after sacking Moore.
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