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  1. Take the hype of Biesla and the story of the mighty Leeds being promoted out of the equation, that is a seriously average squad that is punching above its weight early on due to the intense press from minute one.... Let's see how thats working for them come Feb time.
  2. Injuries yes but Rogers is sucking the life out of us. No ambition and settling for a point with 20 to go... Fvck off
  3. I don't really understand the whole ultimate team and getting packs etc I just haven't had a Fifa for years and would just enjoy playing career mode on the newest release. Will Fifa have made an effort to make that decent or do they put everything into the Ultimate team thing now?
  4. Oh yay can't wait to face Villa next Although the Leicester way will be to hammer them and then wait for the tummy tickling at Arsenal
  5. And have to wait 2 weeks to put it right ffs because of the useless international break
  6. Awful by all but Evans looks the shadow of a player from this time last season, even before his suspension he was well off
  7. My entire squad has fvcked up, still waiting to hear back from them
  8. My account has properly messed up, its saying I used my free hit when I definitely didn't. I then replaced Havertz with Son and have gone to replace Son now he's injured yet Havertz has found his way back into my squad Either that or I got absolutely hammered on Sunday night and don't remember changing it all back ok now have gone to make transfers and my squad has returned to the very first 11 I transferred in before the season started...wtf!
  9. Going back to the original post and yes I agree. No room for racism anywhere and still absolutely staggers me that people can judge or dislike somebody because of a skin colour but unfortunately world wide it does seen that the BLM movement has moved away from a positive statement to that of 100% politically motivated. And no @Izzy no it doesn't
  10. Their were some who honestly wanted Fulham up instead of Brentford
  11. Yeah, they have 3 children together and had been about 20 years married. I believe he's only been back on the TV in the last couple of months. It came as a shock to most as he never mentioned it yet still carried on working...says a lot about him really.
  12. Likewise, fortunate to have met him a few times from early on when he was a Radio 1 sports reporter to when he last attended a Q&A at one of our events, a lovely down to earth bloke who has been to hell and back after the recent loss of his wife.
  13. Missed a pot to go 5-0 up in the final and now it's 8-8 heading into the decider. It's like he does it on purpose
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