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  1. Don't be silly. United V Liverpool is on in 3 hours time!
  2. Nah mate. Can't blame the ref or VAR for this one bud. We were tragic
  3. He did.. however, that doesn't explain his need to pass the ball straight to a Villa player after taking 2 or 3 unnecessary extra touches.
  4. Needs dropping for Justin for me. At least when he's played hes happy to have a go at his man.
  5. Chilwell not a wing back. Horribly negative from him. Tielemans turning in one of the worst performances I've seen in recent times. Frustrating game
  6. I mean he's clearly not shite at football. But it's also becoming increasingly clear that he's not at the level of some of the other players in the squad or at the level at which we are currently competing. If you want us competing with the teams in and around where are we are now he's not good enough. If your happy us being a mid table standard team then fair enough he's your starting man. I feel he gets away with a lot more than some other players purely because he's a Leicester lad.
  7. We seem to have a Plan A and Plan B that can work to beat the lesser teams in this division. However we are clearly not good enough to play them against the top teams. Desperately need to figure out a way to play against these teams. We are not on their level and it's clear that we can't deal with the press and talent that these teams can call upon.
  8. Another poor performance. With all the will in the world I want him to succeed at this club but he's been below par most of the season. Thought Albrighton played better when he came on. However, if we want to keep compete up at the top of the table we desperately need new wingers in January
  9. I've not been online since posting the question but that's great news and I'm glad he's on his way to recovery! They certainly got over to him quickly and looked like they went for the defib straight away as you say. Enjoy your Christmas together and hope to see him back down at a game soon!
  10. Actually thought nacho was playing ok and feel we could have changed system and still had him on the pitch. Hopefully doesn't knock his confidence too much.
  11. Any news on the elderly fan that was getting attended to by paramedics after the final whistle? Hope he was ok but didn't look good :(. Today was a struggle they played well above their League position and we played well below ours. I would have kept Kelechi on. We seemed to lose a bit of impetus when he came on. But they were killing us down the right hand side.
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