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  1. Shown as sold out for weeks, almost an entire block empty, ****s sake. Does my head in.
  2. Got to be bollocks My Bristol City mate says “Jesus, Fancy getting relegated do you?”
  3. so true! I'll always love it, I sometimes think when I read the complaints that maybe i'm not fussy enough? I just love it, I don't care about glitches or whatever... I just want to play the same game i've loved for about 20 years!
  4. @Abrasive fox has hinted it’s quite clearly a personal thing with Chilly... as I’ve said a million times on here, they’re human beings like you and I! When Gray was in terrible form, it coincided with the latter stages of pregnancy and birth of his partners child. Chilly has been in terrible form... anything could be happening. Let’s leave him be 👍 As for Hamza perhaps just dropped. I actually think Brendan used his words wrong and it all got a bit mixed up. He said “it’s personal” as in “none of your business” and it’s turned into “both out for personal reasons”
  5. Kristof who is always pretty much spot on with Belgian business (called our deals before) has said Samatta will be leaving soon, we’ve been linked and done business with Genk before 👀 Wanted to put this in his thread but it’s locked.
  6. We rarely are.... most of our best signings have come up as in progress days/hours before they’re made official
  7. Think Perez has been excellent. Really don’t think there’s a need for Fuchs to be on the pitch though!
  8. Their last year in that ground! We are very lucky. Would love to go
  9. I think if Morgan stays another year he has to move into a coaching role alongside it. Fuchs is an interesting one, he's been going to the US for the last two years entire family over there, business etc... perhaps it's time he did that and we gave him an amazing send off?
  10. Shows what you can do with good prices. Hopefully some youngsters getting to their first game today.
  11. Could be an absolutely anything line up this! We’ve got the first leg of our best chance at a trophy this season on Wednesday... but arguably against a depleted Villa. Similarly given how we’re competing for 2nd/3rd Brendan might fancy a double cup run, so I wouldn’t be that shocked to see Vardy at least in the squad, probably wouldn’t want him going into the Villa game cold? I’m looking forward to it anyway, great price this game and that seems to have helped sales so could be a good old fashioned cup game and atmosphere to go with it!
  12. Can’t believe we didn’t sign them! (said player who probably signed for Everton or West Ham goes on to be absolute dog shit)
  13. I'm certainly not upset, because by tomorrow night we will be where I believe we will finish. However i'm not sure that excuses the tactical decisions and in my opinion arrogance displayed in the last two games. I'm fine with going into games with the mentality that you'll win, but we've left huge holes against two of the most talented teams this league has ever seen. Substitutions have been poor too, especially today! I understand there's probably a thought process around the likes of Gray starting on Saturday, but really he should have come on today at half time. Not entirely sure what the set up was today, but pinning Maddison as defensive support to a (still not yet developed defensively) left back in Chilly, against a talent as brilliant as TAA was suicide. Thought the always brilliant Ricardo was well off today, shows how tired he is, would definitely consider Justin against West Ham... simply because Ricardo has been faultless, and him starting to show errors is a sign of tiredness to me. Hopefully the last two have highlighted how short we are in terms of numbers. Need three in January IMHO and I don't think that will spoil the balance. I'd also not be averse to sending Harvey on loan to a Prem side if we buy a top quality winger or even two.
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