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  1. Surely keep things fairly similar for this game, and if we get through then worry about it? Momentum is key for me and Europe doesn’t start for a little while yet, so why not keep things going?
  2. Bodies In the box this season. Finally! Makes such a massive difference
  3. Surely you concede two goals using a high line and then revert.... rather than persist with it and get even higher!!!
  4. Quick point on VAR. if they’re desperate for consistency, and there’s only 4 games a day at the minute. Why can’t the same bloke be VAR for every game? Or at least people do more than one game a day! All they have to do is sit in a room at watch football!
  5. what the **** just happened? Evra is having a bad evening
  6. This is wonderful. I don’t even need a drink tonight. Loving life
  7. I’ve been wondering why no one in the press tries to sell Wolves talents like they constantly do with ours! This is an interesting deal which might change that. However considering he’s been behind Neto and Podence since the restart this strikes me as a panic from Liverpool and a great hit of business from Wolves! A number 9 is what Liverpool needed.
  8. I know you’re not going to believe me but I absolutely did that on purpose because I felt that was my audience
  9. Guys... he's not going to play Sunday He wouldn't have played Sunday if he'd been here yesterday. He's going to be a very nice to have option from Gameweek three. Chill the **** out
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