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  1. Anyone know if we’ve offered Max a contract yet? 👀🤣
  2. Kasper, you can kick that ****ing ball out of play all you want from now on... **** it i'll even try and catch a few and throw them back in.
  3. Oh for ****s sake, I was having a lovely evening until you reminded me we've got to lose at Wembley in a few months
  4. I’m in Northumberland on holiday. Just walked into co-op post game with my shirt on and got three compliments. ****ING LOVE IT!!!
  5. That's one of the most ridiculous noises i've ever heard a human being make
  6. **** me I didn't know Jamie Redknapp was a Leicester fan...
  7. Feel like the even worse bit is the fact they've had one of the wealthiest owners in the country in charge for the last however many years and still achieved nothing, not improved facilities, not gone up once (even a brief visit would have been at least an achievement!). He's just sat and moaned most of the time, spied on ex managers, let his family get involved on the transfer side of things etc. Including his son who is head of technical scouting and recruitment..... despite never doing that job before. Absolute shit show
  8. There's another thread just below this one for your sort
  9. Ahh yeah, sorry for lack of context, he's been mentioned on this thread a few times so just bunged the screenshot in. As you can see from Shen's post, he has no right being in league 2, but he signed for Palace from Peterborough 1st season and they wanted to loan him out second season and I got there first. It's an expensive loan for that level, but by paying i've ensured he can't be recalled and essentially we're walking all the way to promotion.
  10. Bit reactionary of me at the time actually really like Martinez.
  11. Blimey, even the matchday film covers team have packed it in for the season
  12. The reason it’s annoying is because for most of the season the two of them talk sense and provide good analysis, balanced analysis too. Then you stick them in front of XI names to fill and they turn into a couple of 16 years olds In college backing their own sides or “the big sides” At the very least sky should get 6 or 7 of the usual game pundits to select, to make it more interesting and provide a good comparison and debate.
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