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  1. Think there’s a two pattern/two tone on that Juve one... might be because it’s an away kit though.
  2. if it's anything like the last few years we will see it tomorrow then?
  3. A week before the final game like always i'd imagine. So probably just after the Spurs game on the 19th.
  4. Or starting with Fuchs at CB in a three.... I don't think TMF would have said anything if it wasn't more significant than the bench.
  5. Yeah fair enough, just think he was brilliant in the hole when he came on.
  6. What's Barnes done wrong to not deserve a place over Perez? Or resting?
  7. AjcW

    Antonee Robinson

    Doubt it. He was about 5 minutes away from being presented as an AC Milan player in January, a superb prospect by all accounts. He'd be a JJ style signing, back up or starter.
  8. Don't think it's a surprise to see him slot in well to a formation he's played in for three or four seasons now. Was a bit mental not starting him considering the tactic, made a huge difference having JJ as a wing back. Also think it's obvious we've not used him up until now because he had a 'must sign if makes X number of appearances clause'
  9. Barnes is a ten. I'm sure of it. Bossed there for West Brom. Helped us take control of the game there today.
  10. Probably gets a starting place Tuesday so resting?
  11. “It looks like they’ve switched to a back three” ****ing hell are these morons paid actual money to commentate?
  12. Im sure we all thought the same when that Palace corner stat flashed up
  13. It’s a 3 Chilly and Marc on the wing 2 In mid Perez in the hole and two up top
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