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  1. So I thought I'd share these, KITH who are a multi brand fashion store from New York who are famous for their collaborations have done another one with Adidas and a lower league side in New York. I believe KITH Cobras are a real team but not sure about the Flamingos. Either way I think they're ****ing nice!
  2. That has literally been the name of the game for any publication since about 2012...
  3. The whole squad appear to be in Monaco by the way, so might not be that special a trip that he has made. looks a nice yacht too....
  4. Our kit could be worse lads, at least it's not exactly the same template as Dun..... oh
  5. #PrayForJeff
  6. "Operation Tempura" WE SHALL BEAT THEM WITH SODA WATER AND FLOUR!!! I understand these things need names but man alive way to dumb down a horrific situation! *before anyone says anything I know it's tempora was just trying to lighten the rather sour spirit that was developing in here!
  7. Christ we think our PR is bad... Palace have said nothing
  8. Nike kit release day... prepare to be jealous...
  9. Very odd really when you consider during that crisis we narrowly lost to Man City and drew against a Bournemouth side we haven't found a way to beat In the premier league yet.
  10. Man City leading the way again on fan engagement, cracking little idea on twitter at the minute under #nothingwithoutyou https://twitter.com/hashtag/nothingwithoutyou?src=tren
  11. Could probably do with a young right back back up too lads....
  12. Sorry I wasn't referring to the timing but I'm sure it was during the game.
  13. Strange isn't it! The same was done for lampard and no one said a word.. it's all about who it is not what was done