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  1. Mad isn’t it! We should be incredibly proud but also slightly worried. If we moved stadiums I think the owners would be too attached to their own brand to sell rights... I might be wrong. Anyway back to Spurs, they’ve done no business and even lost a key player and still long strong as ever big season for them... if they get nothing again this year they’ll lose 3 or 4 of the main group
  2. I think they’ll own a very small part of it, it’s part of a massive redevelopment project for one of the few remaining corners of London that hasn’t yet had a facelift. So council tax there will have stumped up a fair Whack for it I’d imagine. They've also signed lucrative contracts with the NFL and the complex will include units they can lease to hotels, restaurants, gyms and casinos. It’ll be pretty self sufficient by all accounts.
  3. He’s played three games recently, the others need match fitness more than him... it’s annoying but it’s fair
  4. I understand the spurs hate if it was based on just their fans... but really what else? A fantastically well run club financially that levy has wrestled back full control of over the last few years and turned in to a real force, attracting and producing top quality players as well as financing what will go on to be the blueprint for stadiums of the future. They have the best striker this country has had since shearer and the first we’ve had in decades that could go on to be truly world class and break records. They’ve a manager who although they poached, has gone on to shape a real identity for a team that had nothing for years and years but endless streams of managers and foreign has beens. i genuinely think the only hatred people have on here is for the fans... I mean yes Kane etc posted some stupid shit during our title year but it was really just harmless footballer banter. i personally hope they eventually follow in our footsteps... and it’s that sentence that makes me wonder why anyone would hate them.... no matter what they do or when they do it, we’ll still have got there first....
  5. Where have you been Davie!? Him and Chillwell still on the beach
  6. Should be watching it from round about here in sunny Croatia hopefully!
  7. You seem lovely....
  8. Surely not the same template for all 3
  9. No... it’s the Squad for the entire tour.
  10. Remind me never to hire you...
  11. Bakayoko and Kante in the same midfield
  12. Fond memories of that game! As others have said it was some atmosphere that day, the likes of which we are now used to but not then. I remember thinking I was ready to go away from that game lording it as the greatest 0-0 I’d ever seen... and then that header! First time I can remember the stadium shaking
  13. To be fair the news about shirt sponsors came late on in the season and next seasons kits will already be being signed off as we speak.
  14. These “fragile” comments, am I missing something or did he not just have one horrendous injury that has ended many careers? Which he’s subsequently managed to return from. He was ahead of Drinkwater when he got injured and if he’d stayed fit and been part of the the last few games of the great escape I think he’d have made the England team. when he went down I thought we were relegated there and then... that’s how important I considered him back then.
  15. That’s fine, but a sponsorship on a shirt is likely to increase share value. People spotting this could make a good deal of money and it’s unprofessional