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  1. How do you avoid a ball that ends up closer to the press box than the centre circle?
  2. Appreciate this, brave. I got slaughtered for similar in the match thread. I actually think this works both ways too. He's been so loyal that we should accept and offer from one last exciting project for him if it comes in. Making big decisions on goalkeepers and ignoring loyalty won Man City and Liverpool a title.
  3. Well exactly.... but i've never had much sympathy for people who can't be arsed to park half an hour away and walk if i'm being honest ** **Obviously hope there's space for those who NEED it for accessibility reasons.
  4. There's a multi story car park on the plans. I'd assume that'll be in consideration for Arena and Matchday so they'll likely outsource that/sell it so that it can be for public and not just a membership thing like current at ground parking. Granted this doesn't solve the traffic issue.
  5. Think we have to go close to full strength one more time just to guarantee top. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that Real Madrid could end up dropping down to Europa given their form. Similarly Atalanta and Ajax are battling out for 3rd in their group, as are Leipzig and PSG. Yes we will have to play them at some point, but much rather it wasn't in the 1st knockout round From the other groups Leverkusen and Benfica who currently sit in second. AC Milan and Feyenoord currently 2nd placed as well.
  6. Blame Albrighton more for that than Fofana, why did he charge in and over commit?? Just drop back
  7. I’d already edited my post before you sent your reply to say “before anyone pelts me it could be seen as a 3-4-1-2 also” Either way my point was we’re not playing a back 4. Which is correct whether you call it a 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2. Like you say, your mistake was funny. We probably could have both laughed about it...
  8. Yeah I meant the bit where you put 3-4-2-2 whilst telling me to get my eyes tested
  9. It didn’t. It’s the same as the Man City game. The left sided CB came over really wide to allow the left wing back to play more as a winger. Then in defence snapped into a back 5
  10. It’s still 3-5-2 just with overlapping CB’s so I’m not sure what everyone is ****ing going on about the inability to read the pitch on here at times is incredible just before anyone pelts me... yes could be seen as 3-4-1-2
  11. Nightmare! The spin of the ball meant he didn’t have to go early
  12. Think it’s the Man City game approach. Only a 5 when defending. Thomas pushing into midfield now and overlapping CB’s
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