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  1. Has anyone posted about what an absolute shit show it's going to be on here for the next month yet?
  2. Let's not piss about here. It will absolutely, categorically, 100%, without a doubt be.... SPURS!
  3. Oh god. This is going to be thread of the year "How did you keep yourself busy during the great chicken shortage of 2019?"
  4. They’re just a lot better than us Physically. Was the difference in LC and the difference today so far. Wilf is completely on his own and just about holding it together!
  5. I think it's one of those make or break injuries. He was either going to play until he's forty or play hard and fast for 8 years or so, and I fear it's the latter. I think we will pay 40/50m for his replacement this summer, and he'll become our super sub next year. Just a prediction though...
  6. Terribly written article + Link to average PL player = Head of Recruitment witch hunt! Rinse and repeat from now until August.... Think it was Tielemans that got Rudkin off the hook from years of absuse.... you know the guy who still finalises our signings.... wonder what Congerton will have to do to be afforded the same luxury
  7. Newcastle easy mistake though as he's hardly played!
  8. Good shout, they need a striker!
  9. Isn't it only Football League that allows registrations outside of transfer window, whether it's a free transfer or not...? If i'm wrong then I wouldn't be surprised if this is a move for us, Vardy in and out, no other back up, previous manager/player relationship and he's actually been scoring goals so.... He's asked to terminate the contract and has forgone any payments so he's definitely got something lined up Clubs can sign free agents after the deadline - at any stage of the season - so long as they left their previous club before the transfer deadline.
  10. As others have said. Not sure he’ll accept it. Although he seems to have been able to strike the balance between living in New York and here... possibly we’ve offered to give him a couple of extra weeks off here and there given Justin’s ability to play LB too?
  11. Don't forget also that there's never a game on the same day as the grand national.... except for on the many occasions there has been
  12. Oh for ****s sake! What is the natural reaction to being pushed.. you put your arms out!! Gary Neville so biased on that one.
  13. He’s already agreed to join Juve anyway so doubt this will affect things. They'll probably get it reduced to a year or revoked
  14. He didn't even seem that fussed! Think he considered playing on at one point.
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