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  1. Adidas

    I might be wrong but I don't know another Premier League team in years that haven't released their kit before the end of the season. Any other end of contract announcements are usually made because of early terminations, this one is simply and end of contract so Puma will more than likely be happy enough with an announcement that we've ended contract, followed by an announcement that we have moved to Adidas and then beginning to reveal kit. I might be wrong but I still think we will see it before the end of the season.... not selling a new kit in a world cup year before the tournament would be criminal from a sales/marketing perspective so I can't see the club letting that happen! As an example Chelsea moved from Adidas to Nike and wore their new kit on the last game of the season.... so a season long contract wasn't an issue there.
  2. Adidas

    Sorry I know this bump will cause unnecessary excitement! Assuming given recent years releases this will be out w/c 7th May before last home fixture? I did think perhaps it might be next week so that they could maximise sales before the last Saturday home game but not sure. Lots of Adidas templates leaking out today so I doubt it will be long before we see some scraps! Will be interesting to see how much control Adidas have over the release, we might actually get something professional looking in terms of marketing this season
  3. Football Kits: 2018-19

    Some of the Puma efforts actually look smart I think if we hadn't moved to Adidas I wouldn't have been averse to renegotiating a bespoke deal with Puma.
  4. As much as this is a very well written PR piece... you can't fault him for some of the points he has made... Open letter from Andrea Radrizzani. Dear Leeds United supporters and the football community, I wanted to take this opportunity to give more background on the Club’s trip to Myanmar in May. I have spent over 10 years living in Asia and Myanmar is a country I have visited on many occasions. I am aware of the serious issues within the country, but I also know that it is a beautiful place filled with incredibly warm and welcoming people. It is somewhere very close to my heart. I also want to be clear that I am active in the Southeast Asia region with ongoing business practices that provide jobs and help to develop the local sports and media sectors. I have similar goals for Myanmar, along with many other British businesses that trade with and operate in the country presently. Football is extremely popular in Myanmar and I believe the game we all love has the power to help developing nations by bringing people together, especially young people. That is why I wanted to take the team on a post-season tour to play matches and run coaching clinics with children from the area. The Club is not receiving any fee to play. Rather I see this both as a personal initiative to support local football and a way to introduce the name of Leeds United in the fastest growing country in Southeast Asia. I believe the tour will have a positive impact on the local community in parts of the country we intend to visit. This was a carefully considered decision and we knew it would be controversial, but this is about people not governments. It has never been my intention, nor that of the club, to get involved in a political debate in Myanmar. However, if because of the tour we further highlight the ongoing serious issues in certain areas of the country, then maybe that is a positive thing. We simply want to use sport to do some good. I am proud to be active in another region in Southeast Asia where I support via Play For Change, a local NGO in Nepal, in providing sports and educational activities to over 4000 underprivileged children. We can’t spread our values by turning our backs, we can only do this by engaging. We will go to Myanmar to share the famous values and ethos of Leeds United Football Club. Yours sincerely, Andrea Radrizzani
  5. Obviously not adverse to promoting a country that's currently going through a period of murdering and torture based ethnic cleansing Worth noting the Leeds Chairman is very close friends with one of the richest men in Burma.
  6. Leeds United to tour Myanmar despite military crackdown Leeds United will go on a post-season tour of Myanmar, despite an ongoing military crackdown in the country. The two games scheduled for May are in areas in which Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) guidance is to "check travel advice before travelling". The FCO advises against "all but essential travel" in some other areas of Myanmar, also known as Burma. The United Nations described the issues in the northern Rakhine province as a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing". The Championship club's social media accounts have advised fans "to wait for further advice" before arranging travel to the country. The two matches will be on 9 and 11 May against a Myanmar National League All-Star team in Yangon, also known as Rangoon, and the country's national team in Mandalay. "Myanmar is one of the fastest growing nations in South East Asia and is passionate about English football," said Leeds managing director Angus Kinnear. "They have ambitious goals for grassroots and elite football development that we are delighted to be able to support. This tour gives us an opportunity to meet new fans of football who will hopefully support our journey back to the Premier League in the coming years." Leeds say players and coaches will run football sessions with local children and will visit cultural sites, such as Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, and the Maha Myat Muni Pagoda in Mandalay. Nearly 700,000 of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim minority have fled the country since August because of ongoing military operations in Rakhine. Myanmar's government, which does not give the Rohingya citizenship and sees them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, says it is fighting militants and has denied targeting civilians. Analysis BBC Radio Leeds commentator Adam Pope I have spoken to Leeds about the trip, which is sponsored by a bank. The region has a population of around 50 million people and is seen as a market of interest and one that can afford the visit of Leeds, as opposed to top Premier League clubs who regularly go to wealthier areas of Asia. The president of the Myanmar FA/League is a wealthy industrialist and, along with the rest of Asia, is Premier League-obsessed. Leeds see this as a chance to grow the club. Stadiums have been checked and will comply to Fifa standards, with tickets expected to be a few dollars and crowds hoped to be around 20,000 fans. Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani has a business interest in the region with his company Eleven Sports. In terms of health issues, Myanmar, like lots of Asia and other areas in the world, has problems with the Zika virus. I am told players will be tested and that the relevant medical care will be in operation. The first-team squad will be travelling to Myanmar except for those on World Cup and international duty such as Pontus Jansson. The club also see it as a chance to give more game time to those returning from injury, such as Luke Ayling and Adam Forshaw, in what would have been the play-off period.
  7. Ricardo Pereira

    The 'Drive By Fart' of an FT post!
  8. Championship 2017/18

    I believe they've already begun shutting a lot of the upper sections this season to save stewarding/staff costs. Having sat on the back row of the big stand i'd say that's a good decision for all involved can't see a ****ing thing!
  9. I've been staunchly Puel in throughout, and I think there's a couple of important things to consider. 1) We have a number of players who are well aware they are leaving of their own accord or otherwise and have begun to shut down performance wise and this hasn't helped our current situation. 2) Puel has a reputation for coming into clubs and playing with a system that he feels suits the team he has in front of him. At Southampton he did that for a season but wasn't given the chance to expand on that with more of his own signings after the saints fire sale. What I do believe will happen is we will see with his first few signings what formation/style we will be playing next season. For all we know he could be desperate to join a lot of the league in playing 3-4-3, but he currently doesn't have the resources to do that. Personally i'm looking forward to him having the chance to shape his own team. We actually haven't had anyone bring real change to this club in a long time, and for me it's needed. Those players we have stuck by have reached their expiry date for me and personally i'm pleased it's Puel at the helm, rather than one of the British merry-go-round coaches who would probably stick with the old until they can't physically play anymore.
  10. FA Cup 2017-18

    Horrible decision. Poor bloke fell over on landing! didn’t even try and claim a foul
  11. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Sorry should have specified... “we also neee to buy service”
  12. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    We’d be mad not to at least enquiry about Rondon. Said the same in January too. If you give him service he’ll score
  13. I think the more worrying part is that the info was provided to you... we're verging on player power episode 3 here. Utterly ridiculous.
  14. It wakes me up to player power even more given the only way Geoff could have got that info is from a 'bewildered' player.... or one who was perhaps injured but joined the players in the dressing room (hmmm wonder who that could be.... ) Also... against a brick wall, the first half was good, and unless he's in the business of calling Kelechi an utter tit for his miss he can hardly call them out!