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  1. I’d be pretty tempted. The Euros aren’t going to be as strenuous as usual. As were a host nation our group games will involve a couple of games at “home” so less travelling. Even if it is just 20 minutes. It could be the 20 minutes that get us a winning Euro 2020 goal at Wembley. 🤷‍♂️
  2. The tweet caption is interesting “look at GNev reaction not very good”.... all I saw was someone looking awkward.... hardly disagreeing was he?
  3. It is amazing how much of an impact divorce has had on the U23 Premier League and the expense of names on shirts to be fair!
  4. I think I’m general it’s great to see the club finally hire someone with a personality to run the social channels.
  5. We absolutely destroyed them at home last season. Thought it was one of our best performances under BR and obviously very special for the ten minutes straight vichai singing! Should have won won that game about 4-0 but I’d take another 2-0 for sure.
  6. Since Ashworth has left, and sort of philosophy/identity seems to have gone out the window. Since the World Cup we’ve ditched a successful tactic and started picking people who aren’t in form, including someone who has been out for twelve months!
  7. Finally an interesting draw! Feel like it’s been years!! Really hope i can get to this
  8. Not coverage as such but sky shows all the goals as they go in on soccer special, makes the whole show pretty entertaining, keeping an eye on everyone’s games
  9. Is it okay just to think an away win against anyone in this league is good? Yes we’ve not quite clicked yet, but amongst that we’ve not lost In three games against two top 6 competitors and an excitable newly promoted team!
  10. Honestly he’s just phenomenal. A superb signing, if we don’t get Europe this year then we’ll be shopping for another right back in the summer. When you think about some of the trash PSG and Barca have had and bought at right back recently, you can predict exactly where he’ll be heading. i hope it’s that anyway..... spurs are crying out for a good right back
  11. I just thought it was a good save to be honest not sure I’ve heard anyone on here or TV mention that....
  12. Had a 2nd MOTM in a row stolen from him because our goal came from a “defensive” mistake. Immense again today.
  13. Like it or not, Albrighton is key. Stick him on the left, Perez right and find a way to get Madders in to it! At home we should only have two CM’s anyway!
  14. they’ll probably be black to match the trim/shorts
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