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  1. Were they all getting ready to do a lap then and then realised everyone had left?!?!?
  2. Didn't he shoot someone/get shot? Probably the best he can do
  3. Jesus the support is horrific.. YOURE ABOUT TO GO UP LADS!
  4. I'm pleased Campbell is on there, enjoyed watching him so far. You make a good point with regards to showing them how far AJ has got given it's exactly where it started. Either way it'll be amazing having the boxing atmosphere on that scale!
  5. Gallys reaction was priceless! Shame as he was having a great game in his new role as a DM
  6. Anyone going? I'm looking forward to it, shame about the undercard but to be expected given the money at the top end. Would have like to see Benn snuck onto it again but they seem to be saving the best for the Brooke Spence fight. Will be good to see the Olympic lads, hopefully they get some sort of test.
  7. Annoying isn't it! i understand the tension though, they were looking a bit leeds!! 2-1, perfect timing
  8. If I was Stoke or someone like that, I'd be getting Silva in. He's proved the doubters wrong, and remains unbeaten at home at all his clubs in a ridiculous amount of time (isn't I like 4 years??)
  9. 100%... luckily we'll only be competing with every other team in the league haa!
  10. I don't pay any attention to these people who say we don't need squad players, we just need to sign better ones, look at Spurs and to some extent now Everton! id have him marked down as a direct replacement for king.
  11. Changed a lot to be fair, shows his versatility! At chesterfield he was incredibly attacking, even played with the forwards at times, hence the 12 goals that season.
  12. Having been around a lot of players singing his praises at Chesterfield when he burst on the scene, and seeing his continued growth at Hull, I'd certainly consider going in for Sam Clucas. Hes former LCFC academy too.
  13. It's a minute before half time mate... be the same at any ground in the world.. unless you're taking the piss
  14. I don't want us to fall into the "young English and talented" trap just because we think we have to. I'd much rather we signed two talented promising European defenders to be honest!
  15. I can see him going to Everton as part of a Lukaku deal, or even separately. They're building a fantastic young English core