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  1. Considering how big a Man Utd fan stormzy is you could almost call that a dig given the Maguire situation
  2. Monaco have got form to be fair. Bernardo Silva for about £45m was ridiculous! You do wonder what goes on with the money there a lot of the time. Especially given the various owners they’ve had
  3. Happily take one off someone for this if anyone is trying to shift thanks in advance!
  4. He was clearly always a decent bloke, and handled things incredibly those couple of weeks after. Its not often mentioned, but I’ve always thought he was getting the sack that evening and I imagine he might have thought the same... which goes even further to show how well he conducted himself in the weeks that followed!
  5. Did we have to walk a long distance to read it?
  6. To be fair I’d consider Chelsea Vs Spurs to be a leicester game and also probably the most enjoyable/heart destroyer of game any of us have ever had the pleasure of watching
  7. A few of you might remember last season my mate asked me to contribute to a pre match preview on the Liverpool site. He lives in Leicester, so gets a group of his Leicester supporting mates to chip in with a Q&A Its a good read with some nice responses from the Liverpool fans. Not sure if any of the other lads are on here?? https://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=343720.0
  8. Mistreated by England, or just bad timing, I can’t make it out. I’d go for the former as I think if Kane got a season ending injury now we’d go with Rashford up front which is a disgrace to both Vardy and Wilson! He said he’d reconsider the retirement if England “needed” him... Kane’s flappy ankle looked in bad nick again this weekend! Scoring a a winner in Euro 2020 at Wembley is the ending to the Vardy Movie for sure though 😂
  9. You just know Bruce will reference Hamza post match and probably Youri from a few weeks back!
  10. Bristol City do this to some extent with Football, Basketball and Rugby team, all playing under the 'Bristol Sport' banner. Not the worst idea!
  11. So torn. Love these draws but actually want to go and tiny allocations like that won’t allow it!
  12. Goals as they go in on soccer special, there will be a stream of that, quite enjoyable watch actually getting to see goals from every game. Not perfect but better than nothing!
  13. Always happens before selection day doesn’t it! At least this time we are genuinely going into an experimental series where it doesn’t really matter what happens. Really interested to see what decisions Giles makes tomorrow... also as there is a week left of county champ I assume new coach won’t be announced tomorrow? Unless it’s someone none county related which goes against everything he’s said
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