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  1. Carabou Cup Final

    Bellerin didn’t get anything right. AFTV might be a joke but he has no right to criticise fans angry at his teams performance no matter what medium they choose. He’s another typical Arsenal player who thinks he can put a shift in once a month to secure his dream move back to Barcelona. Think his ships slowly sailing away there! The bloke spent more time preparing for, putting effort into, and working at London Fashion week than he seemingly has done all season in the job he’s paid to do. The issues at Arsenal happened the minute they moved stadiums, they turned from a community club to one for the privillaged few by hiking season ticket prices..... now the ones that save up to get season tickets are quite rightly angry because they get no value for money, no atmosphere and no more success. My favourite thing as a kid watching football was any Monday night football at Highbury on Sky... it’s no wonder some of these fans are seething.... I long for those times and I don’t even support them!
  2. Carabou Cup Final

    Would love to see a Leicester Fan TV Just be loads of folk forgetting to put the word “to” in a sentence
  3. Carabou Cup Final

    He was clapping the ref but still a disgrace of a player It was Kolasniac who sarcastically clapped Welbeck
  4. Carabou Cup Final

    How good a manager do we all think Arteta is going to be then?
  5. Carabou Cup Final

    He’s a monumental bellend. Not a bit of a dick. Just a truly horrible little individual. Small man syndrome.
  6. Carabou Cup Final

  7. Carabou Cup Final

    Xhaka is just horrendous
  8. Carabou Cup Final

    Delighted for him, great player and great bloke. Deserves that after all his injuries
  9. Carabou Cup Final

    Love Neville on comms, so savage and honest would be good to hear him do an England game
  10. Carabou Cup Final

    Pretty turgid really. City not even playing well. Doesn’t help they seem to be playing the Sam Allardyce version of Arsenal today!
  11. Carabou Cup Final

    Arsenal playing very direct at times. Xhaka is a real waste of a shirt, offers nothing to the defence and doesn’t seem to create much!
  12. I think there’s a balance to be had with the living elsewhere thing. Chelsea are extreme and players have to live within a few miles of Cobham (longer serving players that is, new signings tend to live where Mahrez does near the heliport) The players seem to have a lot more time off under Puel, might just be a perception but I think we’ve switched to longer days and two days off? Shame Iborra is out of favour though, think if he’d ever had a long run in the side you’d see his quality
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    How does that work then? Given that we’ll be playing 3-4-3? Kane is keeping Vardy out of the England team as we’re only using one striker...
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Wasn’t expecting this to be quite as good a game to be honest!
  15. Adrien Silva

    So we’ve signed another moaner from Sporting then if Abrasive is to be believed? He’s not kicked a ball for 6 months and it shows, if Puel doesn’t think he’s ready to start yet then he probably isn’t. I think when he is ready though he’ll be an excellent option if we were to switch to a Liverpool style 4-3-3... we’ve got the players and I’d love to see us try it!