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  1. AjcW

    League 1 & 2 Thread - 2018/2019

    Meh, each to their own. I’m a bit closer to it all here in Nottingham and knowing some supporters. A lot of “same excuse every week” “arsey with press” etc etc Just watching that in full there’s a lot of cliche for me, and of course now a big part of being a manager is being able to handle the press, I just personally thought he was rude to someone who clearly loves the club and just wanted to hear him be a bit more honest. Also seems to be backed up by a lot of Crawley fans... a team who are doing perfectly well without him as well.
  2. You realise this is a business deal right? One where one person made an offer and the other accepted? This wasn’t a case of Wes Rocking up in his captain morgan outfit, going full pirate and turfing every last one of you out before claiming it as his own. You absolute spanner 😂
  3. AjcW

    Everton (A) - 12.30 New Year's Day

    I wouldn't normally complain... but the fact that Arsenal vs Fulham is on, and hasn't been picked for one of the two TV slots and our game has is just monumentally ****ing stupid
  4. At least his replacement is a bit of a more forward thinking appointment.... however does point towards how Premier League will become more of a content vehicle (essentially Sussanah is a content production/distribution expert so will be tasked with selling more and more rights deals) https://www.premierleague.com/news/911254/?sf202180837=1 Good to see our own Susan Whelan on the hiring comity.... we're probably lucky she is on that as I bet she'd have been top of the list otherwise!
  5. AjcW

    League 1 & 2 Thread - 2018/2019

    I did my usual 'can't believe he's only been given two months' thing... then listened to his post match interview from Saturday, i'd have sacked him on the spot and made him find his own way home! You can't communicate with local tv/radio like that, the whole interview sounded like someone doing an impression of Harry Kewell being interviewed
  6. AjcW

    Macia to Villa

    I'd like to think we have a bit more ambition for a chief scout hire than re-hiring the same ****er for a third time! As I've said before, Walsh had some very good analysts around him who have gone on to bigger roles at big clubs.... if he comes back here he'd be without that team and in the same position he found himself at Everton. Plenty better out there that we could try to attract who knows... may be someone internal who has impressed enough for a promotion. EDIT Jeeeez the guy I was going to suggest as his replacement has just died... aged 28 https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/nov/13/robert-rowan-brentford-technical-director-dies-aged-28?CMP=twt_gu
  7. AjcW

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    What? I was there, I was drunk... not drunk enough to miss two sendings off though He was so so good yesterday, a pleasure to watch him live, should have scored a couple and was always the out ball as they countered in the second half. Their fans adore him too, as a side they’re incredibly reliant on him. Im a fan of the idea of him staying there for the season. But I think if he was to come back in January we’d be in better shape for it, he’s already twice the player Rachid will ever be that’s for sure.
  8. AjcW

    Football Manager 2019

    first year i've ever not got it straight away. Doing a course at the minute so stopping myself buying until December... absolutely killing me! Hope everyone is enjoying it!
  9. I think Fulham will be the perfect example for next seasons 'ugh can't believe we didn't sign that player, as if they've gone to Fulham, they're world class.. we should have signed them' posts
  10. Yep! And especially given they spent £6m on a decent left back who hasn’t had a look In yet! Jts mental, sessengnon as an AML was involved in everything they did last season, and his tap ins at the near post were vital for them! Playing so so so deep in this Fulham system. It appears 4-3-3 but gets so narrow and deep that him and Anguissa(sp) are in DM, one Midfielder in Cairney and two AMC with Schurle and Vietto basically falling over each other!
  11. Fulham are in big big trouble. I rarely blame a manager but the tactics I’ve seen in the last few games are just shocking. Zero width... A narrow 4-3-3... your best player relegated to left back and constantly bombing forwards creating gaps. Playing a centre back at right back with no right winger. Playing two central attacking midfielders (both of whom are used to playing in the wing) @superhorns might be able to advise if this is common Jokanovic? Looks hopeless at the minute.
  12. This will start happening more and more now with the advent of the Nations League. Any actual 'friendlies' will turn into exhibitions/testimonials/publicity exercises.
  13. Must be the first time i've ever seen this not sell out instantly! Strange. Completely forgot I was in London that day so could have gone but booked a train back already and had to pay to have it changed once already
  14. AjcW

    Ricardo Pereira

    Yes sorry I couldn’t be arsed to go into any more detail essentially at Sheff U the number ten who was Brooks when they did this best used to drop into midfield for a two... it all falls backwards essentially, everyone just takes a step back from their actual positions.
  15. AjcW

    Ricardo Pereira

    We have modern right backs and left backs, and in some respects CB's, but we're not using the tactics that fully suits that style yet. Two clubs i've seen who are fantastic exponents of this are Man City and actually... Sheffield Utd. It requires a great deal of flexibility tactically, essentially if one player charges forward, one of the forward players has to drop back. At Man City when they distribute from the keeper, Fernandinho becomes a centre back and walker and Mendy become midfielders. Similarly at Sheff Utd they have CB's who charge out and become the teams most creative force, when they do this both Midfielders drop back immediately into CB so no space is left empty. At the minute whenever maguire charges out we are too slow to have someone drop in. The same applies to when the wingers charge forward. It's frustrating really as both our CM's are perect for the job of dropping in, similarly when the wingers charge forward, N'Didi can drop into a 3.