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  1. AjcW

    Best job in the world?

    I can't be arsed to read through, has anyone said Geoff Stelling & Co yet?
  2. It's not that difficult to knock on a few doors and take a cut in wages when you've already millions in the bank though is it? They're perfectly happy plodding along until January on 50k a week i'd imagine (perhaps not so much Kingy but no idea why he didn't join the swans!)
  3. AjcW

    Football Manager 2018

    Never heard that one before
  4. AjcW

    Football Manager 2018

    FM19 announcement expected this week so will start the new thread when that happens. They've had a big rebrand and big changes are expected, as well as investing in proper licences for the likes of the Bundesliga which will be good! Update* Miles says Thursday at Midday is when press are allowed to report on new game so feature videos expected from that point on
  5. AjcW

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    Yep and no trains back late enough will have reduced sales a lot. I'm going as have a place to stay, looking forward to it!
  6. I don't think it'll be too long until Silva is found out.... again... He hasn't got the first clue about defending and they're not scoring enough to outscore the oposition.
  7. AjcW

    Loan watch 2018-19

    Sorry mate this post was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek I’m very much Puel in I just wanted to test reactions to bringing up deluded Brendan again
  8. AjcW

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    Always been Puel in. For me I’d like to see us turn a few of the narrow defeats into at least draws, Liverpool and Man Utd for example. Bournemouth was a bit of an anomaly but perhaps a positive as it showed him enough was enough with some players and that system away from home. We need to make the most of October and November though that’s for sure!
  9. I know it probably won’t happen but I think it would be a great idea to stick the second half team out again on Tuesday to create some momentum for Saturday and get them used to playing together.
  10. AjcW

    Söyüncü Signs

    We have this obsession with new signings having to play straight away. Look at Klopp and Liverpool. Didn’t play Andy Robertson for three months and now he’s class. Hasn’t given Fabinho any minutes yet and it’s nearly October. Patience!
  11. AjcW

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Madders outrageous skill
  12. AjcW

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    You can speculate for another hour but it's clearly just the usual 4-2-3-1, i'd imagine they will all just rotate around a bit more. The only other formation i can spot is maddison in a midfield three with Ghezzal number 10 and two strikers?
  13. AjcW

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    Doesn't matter what name is on the ticket does it? I've only got two people on my account and my misses is the other but taking my dad to this one
  14. AjcW

    Loan watch 2018-19

    Am I the only one that finds it interesting that we signed him, clearly not a Puel signing, and sent him straight on loan to someone we have already approached for the managers job on a number of occasions? It was a strange loan anyway as at the time he could have been playing Champions League football every week! Or another way of looking at it, he only agreed to join if we loaned him out to a team playing in Europe until we got there ourselves?
  15. AjcW

    Benkovic January Recall?

    I guess he'll come back whenever Brendan rocks up here