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  1. I think the easiest way to sum things up, is that Ben has become England’s first choice left back in a very short space of time and not really put a foot wrong..... England’s first choice left back will be at a top 6 club in the next season and a bit whether it’s with or without us. Man City probably seems like an attractive prospect as they’re happy enough to stick a centre mid there, so probably feels he can get a chance, however if Mandy gets fit and stays fit he’s first choice, so Ben could end up stuck on the bench. He seems sensible, he’ll have seen Riyads struggles... he knows he’s young. I’d like to think we’ll get another season out of him especially with Rodgers coming in.
  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about Dier, the fact that we went from slow and crap to having some tempo and range when he went off speaks volumes... I think Southgate is searching for a reason to drop him and may have found it. I think Henderson gets far too much stick mind. Some of the balls he was popping forward in the second half were excellent. He just looks worse when there’s someone next to him who is defensive also. As the defensive one of the three after Dier went off he was able to sit back and dictate play from deep. Dier has to go.... but as long as we can get two attack minded players next to Henderson I’m happy with him there until Rice and Foden are experienced enough to start tournaments
  3. They need to get promoted to join the safety of the Prem. Otherwise no doubt they will end up being in the same boat next season or the one after.
  4. Anyone see the clip of him getting left on his arse by Sancho in England training on Sportbible Instagram so I can’t upload
  5. Annoying really, you kinda want wolves or Watford to continue being distracted by it so we can catch them, but also don’t want them to win
  6. I might be wrong. But if Wolves or Watford continue in the cup and win it, doesn’t 7th stop from being a Europa place? Thought 7th was only a Europa spot if someone who is already in Europe wins the cup?
  7. When I said the Fuchs sub was a good one, I didn’t expect him to come on and play like he was on drugs....
  8. I ****ing love Oliver! How have we got away with that???
  9. Think that’s a cracking sub, sensible to give stability at the back and means chilly can push forward. Also means we can drop to a back 5 to protect the point later on
  10. **** me. Another error from you know who
  11. Well they’re giving us every chance here! Playing against a 4-4-2 means this should affect us too much as able to still have two banks like them to defend with. We look the better side by a mile, always think losing an attacking player or centre mid is worse
  12. Things that need to stay in this season number 27372 Putting a managers name in front of the word “ball” to make a point about the football they play 🤦🏻‍♂️
  13. I think decisions like this actually show that Southgate is a really good manager, chance creation stats are nice, but there's been a number of holes in his game over the last 6 months that outweigh the positives. Keeping him in the U21's for now is the correct decision.
  14. Just in case anyone fancied a Mike Dean update. He’s pissed of forest fans tonight. So that Spurs and Forest In the space of a week.... essentially I think this means he’s our god?
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