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  1. I rarely criticise team selections especially during injury crisis... but Hamza should be nowhere near this team. Wilf in midfield and Fuchs at the back please. Or if you’re going to throw in someone who isn’t good enough for this level you may as well go for one of the kids!
  2. Afternoon All! Happy "Chris Wood to score anytime" Day
  3. Yep well played! Although ominous as i've used that bloody video on my own socials in recent years against Burnley... more so than any celebration ones
  4. Plenty of teams have thought this before...
  5. I know it probably wouldn’t make a massive massive difference. But you have to question why Two teams that played Thursday kick off at 12pm and two teams that haven’t played since last Saturday play at 7?
  6. Well we will have a youth team centre back on the bench I assume? Unless he'd be happy to put Wilf back there with midfield back up on the bench instead.
  7. Definitely have some sympathy for them. Some of the players out there would have ordinarily been subbed. No way Ricardo should be playing 90 and that’s starting to show... but needs must. Need to absolutely smash Burnley or this could get dangerous
  8. This is so Bournemouth it’s scary. Just waiting for Youri to get sent off now
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