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  1. I'm probably mad but think Perisic could genuinely be a go-er... I've become more and more confident of that after seeing us get Youri over the line and make moves for people like Praet who probably need convincing about the club.
  2. Icardi to Juve Kean to Leicester
  3. AjcW

    Dennis Praet

    We probably went a step too far with that one given we signed someone who Moves/Looks/Acts like a ****ing goat
  4. Assume reactive means pouncing once another team have brought someone in and are therefore willing to let someone go
  5. AjcW

    Dennis Praet

    Mad isn't it! I kept saying we're spending big over and over and over, backed up by credible journalists and it was just "Naa mate we definitely aren't"
  6. Yep sorry to Clarify... terrible at tweeting.. as in he can't type for shit But deffo my favourite twitter ITK
  7. Just for Clarity, Nixon is terrible at tweeting/spelling. It's actually Hulme...
  8. I mean he's absolutely only just got back from a training camp in Spain... so I doubt it was him today and it deffo wasn't him last week
  9. AjcW

    Papy Mendy

    honestly think he’s ideal to keep around! But I can understand it, and in this case we’re letting one DM go in favour of balancing things out for a more attack minded midfielder.
  10. Been discussed quite a lot in the Pre Season friendly thread. Couple of theories dotted around, mine was that this will be played behind closed doors at St Georges Park where Nice training camp is.
  11. Every time I see Evans I honestly think I’d be fine if we’d got him a year earlier and spent £20m... just pure class
  12. Another good chance for scouts to get a look at those who we want to move on/loan... just as important in pre season to trim squad as it is to immediately see strong 11’s
  13. I doubt we will see Ben, Madders or Gray, they've come back to training today and they were in there pretty late on, don't think they've travelled with the squad, they'll be more of a feature on Tuesday.
  14. ... Of Red Wine for Fergie...
  15. I'm just assuming the Nice game is behind closed doors at St Georges park to be honest. That's where Nice are based for Pre Season.
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