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  1. So because they're from our title winning season that somehow makes them less relevant?
  2. Watford Away Match Thread

    not today!
  3. Watford Away Match Thread

    I second this
  4. Sunday League

    Who do you play for on a Sunday?
  5. And that's the single stupidest thing I've read all day.
  6. Baffles me that hardly anyone has said Mahrez. He was our best player when we won the flippin Prem!
  7. Mahrez

    Imagine being someone who focuses on the very few negatives of a player who is going to win PFA player of the year. Why not focus on the incredible positives of his game? The guy is truly world class.
  8. Absolutely. There hasn't been many teams in the history of sport, let alone football, that have upset the odds as much of this. We're lucky to be seeing one of the greatest teams of all time mentally imo.
  9. Kramaric on loan to Hoffenheim

    He's nearly scored an absolute worldy, fantastic save from Adler to deny him!
  10. There's not been many downs? Watford is the only one really.
  11. The lowest player in the starting 11 got a 7.81. Just shows how brilliant this team is!
  12. bookies robbing city fans

    It is if they're offering nothing near the value of it to mug punters.
  13. Kante

    Can't see it catching on bro.
  14. Yep and Everton got quite a few snips as well during the Moyes era. I think the difference is that the potential profit we could make on Mahrez, Kante, Drinkwater, Vardy, Gray and Albrighton far outweighs whatever those clubs could have ever hoped for with their players.
  15. By The Rivers

    These guys are genuinely some of the nicest people I know. Very talented as well.