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  1. If its not already been mentioned you can do the Vardy Eagle celebration, the one he did at Palace. Not sure if its on Vardy but I was randomly pressing buttons and pressed RB X X, on xbox. Not been able to do it again though lol.
  2. Written off after less that 40mins on the pitch... thats got to be some record that haha. Seriously the guy is in a new country, a new league, not fully fit. Give the bloke, what for it, A CHANCE.
  3. Has anyone noticed how the GK's seem to be covering the near post shots a little too much, its making far post shots too easy now. Finesse shots and far post are the way to go it seems.
  4. Just got £15.99 worth of points, so its basically cost me 99p if that's correct? Either way, thank you very much for helping us out Ashley. Greatly appreciated 👍
  5. Honestly I may have soent a few points but I only got about 2 shadow cards and invested all my coins in them when they were about 2k. They're now at 4k so I'm probably going to sell them all.
  6. Think we will set up the same way as the first two games. Kaspar Castagne Evans (Amartey if Evans injured) Soyuncu Justin Mendy Barnes Tielemans Praet (Maddison if Praet injured) Perez Vardy I can see Under being on the bench and getting about 15-20mins, much like we've eased Maddison back. We might see him earlier, depends if Perez can be effective or not.
  7. This is true, my mate is an Arsenal fan and he said that for much of the season felt like he was watching them on a Sunday. All to do with rest.
  8. Managed to win all placement games and get 124k so that's going to be saved for a while. Current team is attached, managed to get most players in packs and Ndid for 16k along with Ricardo. He is a must at RB, not a boased opinion but I'm going to say he's rhe best RB currently.
  9. Its these early judgements that really annoy me, not just with managers but players too. It makes no sense how you can judge it based on 3 games, 3 very good games but still... at least bring the article out after 10 games, that would be better. I will agree with you by saying that, yes, its technically not wrong.
  10. This is such a brilliant feature. I'm happy I no long have to scroll through the copied web address that took roughly 2 days to get to the bottom, only for it to be quoted in its entirety.
  11. Ashley, you would make a grown man very happy ❤
  12. I've only read the headline so maybe I'm taking this totally out of context but how can you say someone is manager of the season so far after 3 games.
  13. The mega burger with the blue cheese and sweetcorn relish is a thing of beauty. I've had my fair share of those bad boys, probably why my heart will eventually stop haha.
  14. @StriderHiryu I honestly love your match analysis, its always well written and genuinly a pleasure to read Thank you for taking the time to share this with your fellow FT members.
  15. Been reading through this and one poster mentioned about how we couldn't play in tight spaces when we lost 6-1 but could do it today. Well, that makes sense. I'm pretty sure in the first half I heard Brendan shout "2 touches" to the CB's and Mendy. We are now capable of quick tight space play, its coming together nicely. Trouble is, how can we drop Mendy for Ndidi when he comes back? It's surely no coincidence that Tielemans is playing some of the best football of his LCFC career?? On to the game, first 15mins was a little worrying... very worrying actually. However t
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