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  1. Presumably a DOS attack? Must have upset someone. I'm missing the loonies already.
  2. Exactly 4 years since Richard III was placed back in a coffin for his re-internment.
  3. I thought the loan was arranged while Vichai was still alive? All the recent Premier League infrastructure projects have been financed by loans, so we shouldn't expect Leicester City to be any different. The good thing about this arrangement is that we will have paid for everything within a couple of years.
  4. In the plan I saw, the roof is blue with a white lattice effect. It also slopes down toward the pitch and has a much bigger concourse than portrayed in the mock-ups. Also the concourses for the North and South stands will be further out.
  5. I suspect the original plans will be changed now. The helicopter tragedy happened at the site of the planned hotel. Also the East Stand will most likely be renamed after Khun Vichai. Khun Top may want something even more spectacular as a result. Especially as the new stand will extend to within a few yards of where his father passed away.
  6. Planning application due in January 2019.
  7. From what I saw, the E.ON building remains for now.
  8. Maybe... Maybe some other things as well. The roof on the extension is top drawer as well. Instantly recognisable.
  9. Let's just say, there have been some excellent recent guesses...
  10. It looks nothing like the Cardiff expansion, or the SOL. Have a look on the web at some other buildings that King Power have commissioned. There are some clues out there...
  11. I think it is common knowledge that we are likely to expand to between 40,000 and 42,000.
  12. Yes there were full artists impressions. Would have taken a shot on my phone, but that wasn't allowed. Personally, I was very surprised by the stadium concept. It is iconic looking. There are two new facilities (other than the expansion) that I liked a lot. Very excited about them. The consultation was an opportunity to let the club know what fans like, don't like and to suggest any fresh ideas. We were told that there would be no official representation from the club at these meetings, so that fans could be completely honest in their opinions. There wasn't anyone in the room particularly animated about safe-standing. It was only briefly mentioned. I myself don't really have strong views on it. The atmosphere is obviously important to the club. You will see that when the designs become public, in terms of how the seating is configured and the shape of the roof. Most of the discussion about atmosphere revolved around the lack of a single singing area and there was a hope expressed that the capacity increase, could also see a concerted effort from the club to create a designated area for signing etc. If you've got an invite and strong views; I urge you to attend.
  13. I was amazed that 12 people were invited last night and only six turned up. Apparently the full planning application will be ready by January 2019 and they hope to start building by May 2019. The stadium will remain open, while construction takes place. We are not just getting a stadium expansion. There will be other facilties, right up to Aylestone Road. That isn't new news though. There have already been announcements in the press about purchasing over 6 acres of land and consultation with the City Council, about facilties that Leicester needs. The atmosphere at the stadium was discussed, along with safe-standing and many other things.
  14. I went to the one last night, but don't want to spoil it for anyone. We were also asked not to discuss the designs and plans in public. Wait until you see the new stadium concept and other new facilties. Amazing...
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