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  1. Monk

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Won the ball, studs down, looked under control. Perhaps excessive force I guess.
  2. Monk

    Wolves.. Score prediction thread :

    Just got a bad feeling that they’ll score early and then late on when we attack. 0-2 followed by foxestalk meltdown.
  3. Monk

    What's the worst fart you have ever done

    Probably those pesky Saudis 😂
  4. Carragher talks an unreal amount of BS
  5. Monk

    Riyad finally gone

    Thank fcuk that’s over
  6. That winning goal was too much like Deeney's a few years ago, couldn't enjoy it!
  7. Monk

    Third Kit 18/19

    Can’t think of any circumstance in which we’d need one - the away kit is so unusual. Are there any teams who play in grey AND blue?
  8. Monk

    UK Geography Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 68 seconds  
  9. Monk

    90's Leicester Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 113 seconds  
  10. Monk

    Arsenal post match 3-1

    What did I just watch, because it wasn't Claude Puel's Leicester City?
  11. I keep hearing this - but what I'm seeing is us trying to play Puel's way. What are we seriously going to do playing 3 defensive midfielders and 1 striker? Looking at the lineup this is exactly how I would expect us to play, and how I'd expect us to get caught out at full back... at least the old way we actually played the ball to Vardy rather than him just standing up there waiting for the ball.
  12. We are truly atrocious today. 0 shots on target, doesn't look like we'd score if we played all day. What a ridiculous set up. The players would be better off revolting and playing the old style second half
  13. I think he’ll end up leaving for less than most of you think, in the region of £50m. He will leave, and it’s probably time we move on and build the new team. The squad that won the league is sadly coming to an end, I think even more apparent is that Vardy too is isolated in the new style of play. Wonder how long until there’s 0 left from title season.
  14. Monk

    Should Britain's railways be nationised?

    Public ownership will mean less investment in infrastructure and rolling stock in the long run. It's an easy answer to say 'nationalise them', but I think a better approach would be to completely rethink the contract, bidding process and competition guidelines. I think the East Coast line, for example, should be opened up so that multiple operators can offer services at different prices - and rather than bidding up front for an unknown number of passengers, the rail operator should agree that a % of ticket sales go to the taxpayer, and even a % has to be reinvested in infrastructure and rolling stock. The ticketing system was only recently revamped but I still think is an absolute mess, and rail travel is far too expensive. The losses made on the east coast line show it's not down to skimming profits - they made a big loss instead. It's rather down to inefficiencies and an ageing railway system.
  15. Monk

    Thank you, Andy King.

    I started going in '93, so I missed the first few years. Walsh was and is a legend - but King achieved more, scored more goals and played only about 30 games fewer. Sure, he wasn't a captain but for many years he stood out as the clubs only constant in a revolving door of players and managers, scored crucial goals in each of the seasons we won leagues, and unlike Walsh didn't get sent off for punching an opponent every week. He's a legend in my eyes.