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  1. Probably depends how things go over the next few weeks. Chances of a full stadium must be close to zero until next year.
  2. It was indeed. I seem to recall consuming an awful lot of skittles.
  3. To be honest mate that 0-0 draw and all day drive to Holloway's Plymouth was probably worse than Sunday!
  4. The games that really got to me were - Spurs league cup final - Swindon Playoffs - Deeney And if I think about this game in comparison to how I felt after those 3, it doesn't even move the needle. As comically bad a collapse as it was.
  5. Christ you lot need to get a life. Yes we have been poor but this in comparison to those other results - it doesn't even touch the sides.
  6. Many years ago there was a member, Janx who was a regular poster on here who was sadly killed in a car accident. His wife came on here using his account to tell us what had happened. It was all terribly sad, I’d never met the guy but we all felt like we knew him personally. I don’t know if his account still exists. 😥
  7. Nige is wearing black trainers. How times change.
  8. Not sure if he has a case or not... but I hope he wins a massive settlement from them 😂
  9. Aarhus are doing live streamed fans to pitch side, pretty cool. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52843806
  10. Quick question as someone who has been unable to get a season ticket in many years - has the pandemic affected your decision to renew your season ticket? do you think there will be a lot who don’t renew this season because of financial pressure or uncertainty over football?
  11. Would be a fun job to control the sounds!
  12. Unique idea, might not work if it’s windy 😁. Otherwise might need to employ Nugent to chase them off the pitch.
  13. It’s yet to be seen whether or not we will be playing our games behind closed doors at home or at neutral grounds, but it occurred to me that the club have a big opportunity to make the best closed door experience for the players and the fans. So far we’ve seen Blow up sex dolls in the crowd in Korea and a silent Dortmund ground. I don’t think any team so far has really nailed it. What can the club do? I guess some things will work better than others but a few ideas, some are terrible but just thinking aloud: • Keep the post horn gallop and have birch introduce the teams still • ‘employ’ either a drummer or a group of distanced fans to sing. Could be I guess up to 100 folks spread out. • fill empty seats with fan banners and flags • have Kasabian on at half time • Play recorded fan songs (don’t love this idea but what do you think?) • find some way for fans watching at home to play audio back to the stadium (hard, costly) What else can you think of that the club can do to make closed door matches more fun, more motivational for the players and intimidating for the opposition.
  14. First - Filbert St Last - King Power Best - Selhurst Park. It's a shit hole, but as an away day you can't beat it Worst - Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto in San Jose Costa Rica. Went to watch Alajuelense in their domestic cup semi final back in 2007. No away end, mixed fans, fights, flares, and torrential rain. Fun but not sure I'd do it again. Want to visit - Portland Timbers
  15. For non playing staff I don't see the issue. How is football different from other profitable industries whose whole market has been essentially closed by the government - hotels, airlines, pubs. That's exactly what the government scheme is there for. Football clubs aren't non eligible for it just because some of their players are on big money. Easyjet are using the scheme, and Stelios is clearly not claiming the money himself. TopShop and Arcadia are using the furlough scheme too, but their highest paid staff (Philip Green etc) will still get paid. I am sure the players will collectively come to an agreement with clubs as it is clearly not sustainable to keep paying that level of money. But it will need to be separate to the govt scheme clearly.
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