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  1. You’re making the mistake of thinking he needs to legitimately win to stay in power
  2. Anyone decided not to renew based on the new ticket setup?
  3. Those two countries are fairly unique in that they are populous island states so have a better chance of eradicating the virus than almost any other country as they have no land borders. They'll probably learn again from this current lockdown, and improve strategies for dealing with outbreaks. If they didn't deal with the outbreak after managing to practically eradicated at huge expense to the economy and people's wellbeing they'd be absolutely vilified. Yes dystopian films depict population control. That doesn't mean all forms of population control are dystopian.
  4. From Wikipedia: Totalitarian regimes are often characterized by extensive political repression, a complete lack of democracy, widespread personality cultism, absolute control over the economy, massive censorship, mass surveillance, limited freedom of movement (most notably freedom to leave the country) and widespread use of state terrorism. Other aspects of a totalitarian regime include the use of concentration camps, repressive secret police, religious persecution or state atheism, the common practice of executions, fraudulent elections (if they take place), possible possession of weapon
  5. I have 3 friends in NZ and they're all super happy with the government's response there, and I would be too when you compare it to the calamitous handling elsewhere. How @simFox can call Arden Totalitarian is beyond me.
  6. Was it when you chuckled to yourself when you found your Ricky Sappleton Brazil flag at the back of your wardrobe?
  7. On this chart the actual figure looks close to the 5 yr average figure for influenza, but if you look at the underlying data (download the excel file) it's significantly lower. Through most of lockdown flu deaths were around 2/3 of what they would usually be. So lockdown did affect flu deaths.
  8. No, deaths are not falling, the 7 day trend is flat. Deaths dipped slightly in June, but started rising again in July. https://www.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/index.html#trends
  9. I will say that's a higher figure than I expected, but its not 'most', is it? What that figure doesn't take into account though, is lives saved by having lockdown. So when the government weighs up their decision on lockdown, they'll have looked at the opportunity cost of lives that would be lost by not locking down vs lives lost because of lockdown. So whilst it is tragic, it is the lesser of two evils. It also doesn't distinguish between lives lost early and true 'additional' deaths. For example, if someone died earlier from cancer that is a death that would have happe
  10. You’re making this unfounded assertion again. Yes it costs SOME lives, but you’ve provided no evidence that it costs MORE lives than COVID itself. Where is there a study or a reputable news outlet that says this?
  11. Yes, I agree it exists but where we disagree is how big of an issue we think it is. if you take that excess death area above the chart - neither of us, I don’t think have any concrete stats to say what % of the extra deaths died from Covid and what % died from the socioeconomic impact of Covid. My opinion from what I’ve read is that we are talking a very small proportion of them will be deaths from the socioeconomic impact. You are suggesting that it’s a higher proportion - that’s where we disagree. I don’t dispute the existence of these issues - and certainly some
  12. Yes - lower than average deaths would make sense as, for example fewer cars are on the road but that will be balanced out by lack of treatment for some other conditions like cancer. but in your original post you’re saying you think deaths are lower than the published figures - why is that, what am I missing.
  13. Nope not blind. On your point - if someone is terminally ill and they died during the crisis, the excess deaths chart would not show this as a Covid death. statistically a predictable number of people will die of terminal illness every month and would be counted under the average deaths line on the excess deaths chart. It doesn’t matter what their death certificate says. In reality with the chart above there will be some people who died of Covid and it wasn’t on the death certificate and some who did not die of Covid/ would have died anyway but it was
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