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  1. High tempo but poor pass accuracy playing out under pressure. Some good defending though.
  2. Trying to get to my 50th country this year after being stuck on 47 for a couple of years. Top places: - Kyoto Japan. Just magical and like nowhere else. - Churchill, Canada. Go to see the polar bears. It’s a shipping outpost and takes days to get there. - Sarajevo, Bosnia. Easily the most historically interesting place I’ve been. Go stand where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot and the First World War started. See remnants of the Yugoslav war and of the Ottoman influence on the culture. - Chiloe, Chile - an island about halfway down the coast of Chile. Wonderful people, penguins, never felt more at peace. - All of Costa Rica. It’s a while since I went but it’s an easy country to see, the wildlife is unreal, beaches, people, everything just amazing. I cant believe the amount of stuff I’ve missed off this list! But I think that’s my top 5. Next 3 countries will be principalities - San Marino, Vatican and Liechtenstein in a little trip in September.
  3. Every day this goes on I get the sinking feeling the next few years are going to be proper ugly for the economy, the union, politics, poverty, employment etc. ?
  4. Spurs in the League cup final. That Iversen header at the end. Will haunt me forever.
  5. I think he will adapt his game. He’s a much more intelligent and well rounded footballer than, say the day we beat Utd 5-3. That day he had so many breakaways from near the halfway line, but even last season his runs off the last defender were over a much shorter distance. I’d say acceleration is now more important than pace to his game. Ive no idea how much longer he’s got at the top - I want to say 2-3 years but that could be rocked by an injury or burn out. Hope we are saving up for the replacement as it will cost a lot more than £1m next time!
  6. What a cretinous football club. The fans must wonder when they’ll ever see some stability again.
  7. I missed the last 5 minutes of normal time for both the FC Copenhagen and Sevilla home games as I had to get the last train back to London for work the next day. Stupid decision in retrospect - luckily I didn’t miss any key goals.
  8. How about Watford giving up at 3-0. Look at the lack of pressure on the ball for goals 4,5 and 6 - it’s farcical. Most teams would have put a few past Watford the way they played from 60mins onwards.
  9. Do recall singing “Jack Hobbs - Eats Cheese and Onion Cobs” back in the day
  10. His first goal Sunderland away in the title winning season, and the West Brom away goal in the great escape. Closely followed by the breakaway goal vs Man Utd in that 5-3 game.
  11. No Ian Dowie on the list this time?
  12. Wow we’ve never had a thread like this before.
  13. Will the new training ground have a faster fax machine?
  14. Not only that but presumably his estate isn’t something that will be tied up overnight. Said it in another thread but got laughed at - Puel is going nowhere. Most fans wanting him out are oblivious to the current circumstances at the club.
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