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  1. His first goal Sunderland away in the title winning season, and the West Brom away goal in the great escape. Closely followed by the breakaway goal vs Man Utd in that 5-3 game.
  2. No Ian Dowie on the list this time?
  3. Wow we’ve never had a thread like this before.
  4. Will the new training ground have a faster fax machine?
  5. Not only that but presumably his estate isn’t something that will be tied up overnight. Said it in another thread but got laughed at - Puel is going nowhere. Most fans wanting him out are oblivious to the current circumstances at the club.
  6. He won’t be sacked with the current environment of financial uncertainty for the club. People should just wake up and realise it’s not happening.
  7. I think he’s bang on to say these things. Fans have forgotten so quickly what the club and players are still going through. It’s not something they can move on from overnight. That said, it’s questionable how much that has impacted our performances. I guess we will never know. Theres loads of other things we dont know too, in particular what happens to Vichais estate, how that affects the clubs finances, tops finances and the long term outlook. For that reason I don’t see us spending in jan, I don’t see us sacking Puel, i don’t really even see us spending much over this coming summer. This may take well over a year to work itself through and the outcomes may not be pretty.
  8. I recall sitting watching us lose at home to Colchester in our championship relegation season. It wasn’t just losing football - it was hopeless, insipid, disorganised and just awful to watch, boos through the game boos at the end. An incapable squad and incapable manager. Maybe these things are easily forgotten - but a bad game against Southampton where we have periods of the game where we might have got a draw or more, we have an exciting squad and are playing for 7/8 position in the premier league. Its not not even a comparison to make - yes neither are much fun on the day but be grateful for what we have. This era of the club won’t last forever.
  9. Macquarie are a major international commercial and investment bank.
  10. Quietly optimistic. Man City need this win BADLY so they’ll go for it. Expect us to get them on the break in a high scoring game. 3-3
  11. I’m sure the usual bunch will be on here to have a moan about something or another, but to be 7th after probably the most emotional month in most of the players’ and staff’s lives is testament to them all. Onwards and upwards.
  12. Kelechi must be completely out of favour, as he is fit, right? I love Shinki, hope he shines today up front with Gray.
  13. Christ - this is amazing really. I’m sure it’ll be back to the usual rivalries soon but I’ve never seen anything like it.
  14. I love all these ideas, but do think it would be best if the club co-ordinate them, which will all happen in due course. For the people of Leicester to invest back into a charity or need in Thailand is a really excellent idea and I think embodies the spirit of Vichai more than a statue. I think there will be a statue commissioned by the club. Hopefully not by the same guy who did the Ronaldo one!
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