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  1. Youri is nailed on to get injured tonight, right? Will be playing the whole youth team by the end of March.
  2. You're right, my memory mixing up the events of that fateful year!
  3. Same game that Martin Allen’s pre match conference he said if his auntie had balls she’d be his uncle.
  4. To win this game would be a major major statement that we are in the title race. It will be v tough but their form is sporadic and they’re under pressure.
  5. I remember that! To be fair to big Nev he looks more angry at himself than the decision.
  6. I’m going to rescind this comment. Right now we are still in the title race, and while I don’t think we will right now it’s not unthinkable. It would be absolutely outrageous though if we did 😂.
  7. Just to say, I remember having a beer with a young Joe before an away game back in 2007, I think it was Fulham in the cup, and I asked him what he was going do, he said he wanted to become a sports journalist. Only goes and becomes deputy editor of 442, bravo take a bow.
  8. We won’t win the FA cup or the league. Europa is possible but it will depend on the draw.
  9. This hits close to home for me after being diagnosed with NH Lymphoma in 2017. I was very fortunate that the chemotherapy regime worked on me but it’s an absolute slog that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Here’s hoping he can get through it and live a normal life on the other side. Certainly a pretty awful time to be going through chemo when you’re at mega high risk of any infection.
  10. I think football will be suspended over the course of this coming week and it won’t go ahead for some weeks.
  11. To be fair to Fuchs his profile says it is for charity. I'm not sure it is a great earner - even at £50 I bet the platform take a big chunk of that, and they're probably just doing it more for fun than anything else
  12. Today I stumbled onto memmo - a place where you can get personalised messages from celebs and sportspeople. Looks a bit of fun, there's a few Leicester folks on there: https://memmo.me/gb/en/search?q=leicester Emile Heskey Jamie Lawrence Tony Cottee Matt Elliott Christian Fuchs Sven Goran Eriksson Frank Sinclair Muzzy Izzet Frank Sinclair Just think of the fun we can have. I am tempted to pay for Frank Sinclair to apologise on here for his own goals. Also lots of old players from other clubs including Mark
  13. That day in Southend. Phwooar we won’t see the likes of those again for a while.
  14. Mark McGhee is still Judas though, right?
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