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  1. Woeful first half - Coutinho going off and the introduction of Shinji made the difference. I'd go as far as saying Hamer had a good game - words I never thought I'd write!
  2. Massive game for our those backs Amartey and Chils, and I am looking forward to seeing Iborra. Fingers crossed.
  3. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    Getting good quality crosses in for Slimani is going to be absolutely pivotal to getting anything from this game.
  4. President Trump & the USA

    Trump will feel he needs a war to save his presidency - he probably knows it's his only chance of being remembered for anything. Same with Bush and Iraq. I wouldnt be surprised in the slightest if the US launched an attack.
  5. Mahrez to .......................?

    If Slimani has gone to Zambia, does it follow then that he is not leaving - otherwise he'd have dropped out of the squad too?
  6. Transfer Deadline Day - Predictions Thread

    IN: DJ Campbell
  7. Bad feeling....

    The league winning squad was never going to be here for ever, so it has always been a question of when not if the squad would be broken up. I felt when Shakey took over that it offered some continuity with the squad... but equally, that may cause some players in the squad to look to build their careers elsewhere. Hope we can keep as many as possible but I expect by this time next year there will only be a handful of that squad left.
  8. Last man standing?

    Will you still want Vardy when he's 33 and half as fast as he is now?
  9. Gray is amazing

    He's OK and will hopefully improve his final ball and decision making... for now he should remain on the bench,
  10. Replay showed it was clearly offside, not by much but it was offside. The camera angle they used at first had the camera behind the last defender so it was hard to tell until they drew the line across the pitch.