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  1. Should Britain's railways be nationised?

    Public ownership will mean less investment in infrastructure and rolling stock in the long run. It's an easy answer to say 'nationalise them', but I think a better approach would be to completely rethink the contract, bidding process and competition guidelines. I think the East Coast line, for example, should be opened up so that multiple operators can offer services at different prices - and rather than bidding up front for an unknown number of passengers, the rail operator should agree that a % of ticket sales go to the taxpayer, and even a % has to be reinvested in infrastructure and rolling stock. The ticketing system was only recently revamped but I still think is an absolute mess, and rail travel is far too expensive. The losses made on the east coast line show it's not down to skimming profits - they made a big loss instead. It's rather down to inefficiencies and an ageing railway system.
  2. Thank you, Andy King.

    I started going in '93, so I missed the first few years. Walsh was and is a legend - but King achieved more, scored more goals and played only about 30 games fewer. Sure, he wasn't a captain but for many years he stood out as the clubs only constant in a revolving door of players and managers, scored crucial goals in each of the seasons we won leagues, and unlike Walsh didn't get sent off for punching an opponent every week. He's a legend in my eyes.
  3. Swansea H match thread

    Feel like another two points dropped at this rate.
  4. Thank you, Andy King.

    Andy King is as much a legend for this club as Steve Walsh, easily. I remember him being one of the highlights of our season in League 1 which seems an age ago. I'll be sad to see him go, just like I was sad to see Walsh go... but ultimately he's a professional footballer and needs games. He's not going to get them here in the current squad or anytime soon so it's for the best.
  5. Everton 2-1 A Post Match Thread

    That was such a winnable game - but turned up sloppy, ridden with mistakes and for the most part, no game plan.
  6. Ex-Leicester City player news

    I didn't realise Skippy David Oldfield was involved in the setup at Posh, nor how long he played for after leaving us. What a guy!
  7. Good for him - what a guy!
  8. Was that Rob Kelly on the Fleetwood staff?
  9. One day, not today though.
  10. Ref today

    Ref was giving first yellows for deliberate fouls to stop a break. That’s why he booked Kante, Chilwell first and Okazaki. He was actually consistent in doing that. Kante’s second challenge was soft and didn’t warrant a yellow. Bens second he was over the ball and as one or two others have said I think some refs would have given a straight red. He also correctly picked up on up on many dives by both teams. Really didn’t think he was that bad.
  11. So the club is basically selling a worthless product.
  12. No they’d be lower priority as they’d have fewer points than someone who signed up in the summer and went to a few games.
  13. The one thing that irritates me most is the club continuing to sell memberships throughout the season, it degrades the value of membership for those who sign up or renew in the summer. On the above arguments on loyalty - I go to as many games as I can, but living in Scotland that isn't many. I support the club just as much as a member who goes every week, but membership points don't reflect that. I don't have an answer, but to me, the Gold/Silver/Bronze memberships were a better scheme (apart from the club selling loads when we were about to win the title).
  14. Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    Feel sorry for the BBC, that was dire!
  15. Top 5 memorable goal celebrations

    Some fantastic memories in this thread. Just to throw one out there - Fryatts penalty at Southend the day we won League 1 was just absolute carnage, and the celebrations after when the players all came over too.