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  1. If you've not read it yet The Damned United by David Peace is an absolute must read.
  2. It's just so implausible to think that when the journo/agent was making this up that they'd think that even if pre school Harry Maguire could comprehend football and was watching Man Utd games over Teletubbies that the person he'd be most enraptured by would be Steve Bruce 😄
  3. The Sun has added Steve Bruce to Vidic and Ferdinand as one of Maguire's idols who he wishes to emulate at Man Utd. Seeing as he'd probably be about 3 when Bruce retired it almost sounds like it's poorly researched click bait BS!!
  4. I think his lengthy contract extension on the back of two years of not playing for us is more a case of Shakespeares keeping the band together policy rather than a moral decision by the club. The bulk of the 3 or 4 million he's earnt over the past few years (with more still to come) could have morally been spent on a lot of other more deserving things than making a rich but unfortunate footballer even richer.
  5. Isnt there some ridiculous contract thing where we'd make up the shortfall in his wages even if he leaves permanently? Either way I don't see him leaving til his contract runs out which will make it up to a nice 4 years of doing practically nothing of note for us 😒
  6. I really don't believe he'd be anything like a perfect signing for them. None of their current centre backs are great but neither are they total donkeys. Man Utds defensive problems are due to a lack of organisation and leaders all across the pitch. Pairing Maguire with Smalling or Jones won't really be any better than pairing him with Morgan here and that was regularly suspect. Man Utd are absolutely mad to be going after him when they could have a two years older Alderwierld for a third of the price. If they bid 75m+ we need to accept it before they see sense!!!
  7. My point is more that our squad is far too big and Silva unlike many of the other deadwood is someone we actually can move on permanently. And I doubt we'd need to replace him, having 3 creative midfielders is overkill. If we're unfortunate enough to lose the first two to injury then wel just have to jig our formation accordingly.
  8. I think we've gotta look at selling him assuming we get Tielemans. We have too many midfielders as is and we're lumbered with King and James until their contracts run out. At least it's actually possible to find a buyer for Silva.
  9. If he is alongside Evans then Wes is perfectly fine for a few games. If we lose Evans we're in far bigger trouble than if we lose Maguire. Evans is a leader and an organiser something Maguire is not and that's far more valuable defensively than being comfortable playing the ball out from the back.
  10. Yep all of this. For 70-80m he should be one of the world's best in his position and that's not what I've seen in the last few years. Decent but not world class just like the other defenders mentioned.
  11. I don't think Dunk and Lascelles are any better overall really but Maguire is in no way that much better than them that he should be worth 40 to 50m more. He is much closer to them in ability terms than he is somebody like van dijk who you have to compare him to given the prices mentioned. I don't think he's a bad defender by any means but I think we'd be mad not to sell him for the prices mentioned. We've rarely looked defensively solid whilst he's been at the club, that Evans is blatantly far better and the fact that we looked better at times last season without him tells me that unlike Mahrez he's not someone who's going to be too difficult to replace.
  12. He's bang average at Premier League level. Dunk, Lascelles etc are all as good if not better than him in all areas bar bringing the ball out. Its something that may well be considered important for certain clubs that have little defending to do or would be partnering him with a real top class partner (he'd be a great purchase for Man City or Liverpool) but for most including ourselves it's really little more than a bonus and I'd much rather have a defender who's good positionally and at organisation (and Maguire is well lacking in both these areas) than one who barnstorms up the pitch usually to little effect.
  13. Didn't think the doc was as good as 'Amy' but is still a good watch if you're into football. Based on vague memories of a biography I read 15 odd years ago I thought there was more mafia related stuff than was shown but maybe that's just my memory playing tricks. What struck me was the kicking he took from defenders back then. We've all seen his goals against England multiple times but I'd never seen Terry Fenwick(?) forearm smash him in the face earlier in the game before.
  14. I think you're all massively over rating him bearing in mind he was only our 4th best defender last year (and Wes despite all the grief he sometimes gets wasn't really any worse) let alone one of our best players full stop. For a world record fee you should be getting a defender who is great in nearly all areas, not exceptional at one but bang average at most others. In his two years here we've never looked particularly solid defensively with him and when we have that's mostly been down to Evans. I agree that it's fine if he does stay and also that we should try and rip off Man Utd for as much as possible but we've surely got to sell for a record fee. We can replace him and then some for that amount.
  15. Aliens and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Whether they are the greatest ever is debatable but they are both perfect at what they set out to achieve and nothing you could add or remove would improve them.
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