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  1. Overall I agree with what you've put here. I think that's roughly where we'll finish under puel and I'm fine with that. I do think peak era O Neil, given our current resources, would probably do a better job than Puel but I think finding a current day version of him would be near impossible and currently not worth the risk of getting it wrong.
  2. But the answer to that judging by a lot of people on here is to fire the manager and presumably keep firing the manager in the hope we stumble upon the next Pochettino. A strategy which is far more likely to eventually get us relegated. The pool of managers who could do what you're asking will be very small.
  3. So all we need to do is identify the modern day O Neil... A difficult task assuming one even exists today. Certainly the rarity with which the title threads question is answered seems to suggest it's not obvious.
  4. As a midtable club there's not a lot of room for progression (horrible football buzz word btw) though. If you accept that getting into the top six consistently is not really feasible where can you really go. All three of last seasons relegated clubs have tried to move to the next level over the years and eventually just like we inevitably will at some point, they have ended up back in the championship. Our time in this division will only ever be temporary so maybe we should moan less about being a decent side in one of the world's toughest leagues?
  5. Gubbins

    Why can't we win at Arsenal?

    I think it's just the statistical improbability that gets me. Yes there are moments in individual games which have led to the defeat and yes there have been half a dozen fixtures where they were the best or second best team in the country and we just couldnt live with them but that just can't account for our record being as appalling as it is (a single draw in the last 20 I think). By default of being in the top division it's our best sides that have played them, and some of those sides were damn good. We should have a win through sheer likelihood!
  6. We've had many bogey teams over the years and grounds where we've not won for decades. Stamford Bridge, Upton Park and painfully the City Ground had all been graveyards for City for years. Thankfully we've managed to put an end to all those horror runs at some point over the last two decades. But not Arsenal away. This fixture just withstands any statistical probability and whilst we haven't played there every season in the last 45yrs we've played the fixture enough for it not to be a weird anomaly like Peterborough where we always seem to struggle or our recent troubles against Bournemouth. Is it incredible bad luck? Have all our sides in recent times been mentally affected? Do most clubs have a fixture they just can't win? Help me understand!!!
  7. Sorry but the idea that we are easily 'the best of the rest' is laughable. Everton definitely have the best of the midtable squads on paper but there is very little between the mid table sides and luck will play as much a role in deciding who comes 7th as quality of player. We will all beat each other throughout the season theres unlikely to be one side miles off the top six but also miles clear of 8th. The idea of seventh as some sort of must have holy grail needs to be knocked on the head as well. If we're going to make the Europa League were better off doing it via the cups.
  8. Gubbins

    Arsenal Post Match

    The most predictable result of any season is Arsenal away. I think they'd basically have to descend to Cardiff level of bad for us ever to win there and there's frankly more chance of us winning the title again. As soon as we scored they were stung into action, started to come at us and it was depressingly inevitable that they would equalise and then go on to beat us because they always f**king do. All three of the classic reasons for defeat at this graveyard were there today as well with the foul combination of bad luck, crap refereeing and them just being too good for us. You can moan about the manager if you really want to but you could put any other manager in the world, past or present, who we could realistically get in charge and the result away at Arsenal will always be a defeat. I absolutely f**king loathe this bloody fixture!
  9. I don't think any of those names are particularly bad shouts but are any of them THAT much better than Puel really? Assuming we carry on under him as we are we'll finish somewhere between 9th and 12th. Best case scenario under the others we finish a place or two higher? Our squad isn't capable of any more. We're just not anything like in a bad enough situation to need a change for the sake of at best six or seven more points a season
  10. Gubbins

    Arsenal away next😳

    Winning ten in a row is extremely rare and if we were playing anywhere else in England I would have some hope of at least a draw... But it's these bastards away. It really doesn't matter how good or bad we currently are, whether it be through superiority, fluke or shite reffing they will beat us ☹️
  11. Gubbins

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Morgan for the second goal 😄
  12. I'm probably not being fair to everyone but the fact that all it's taken is one defeat away to a midtable side (something that has happened in every single season Leicester City has existed) for half this forum to lose their minds or start slamming the manager shows there is some truth to what I'm saying. Four or five defeats on the trot, crashing into the bottom three or genuinely looking like relegation fodder is cause for the amount of negativity currently going round, not our current position.
  13. It tells me that given the fact weve had an average (midtable!) start but some people are treating it like it's a complete disaster and proof that relegation is inevitable, that weve both developed a lot of over entitled fans and have fans who won't accept Puel even if he achieves realistic expectations. He's actually disproved some things people were criticising him for. ('Were so boring, I just wanna be entertained!' 'I can't see us scoring enough goals' 'The players aren't playing for him') But this just gets replaced with other things to moan about because people don't want to be proved wrong and want him gone. This thread is quite telling in this regard as no one has come up with a guaranteed successful replacement. They just want him out and they'll worry about things staying the same or even getting worse later.
  14. We're not getting anywhere near the top six this season. We were never going to. The players and team we have aren't 'currently' good enough. Barring 15/16 levels of good fortune a competent manager which I believe Puel is, will get this team finishing 8th - 13th. When you say you want a manager to inspire I assume you mean the fans as ive not seen the players uninspired this season. Pearson can inspire and lead players apparently but there's no way he'd be doing any better than Puel currently is. Not at all sure why your bringing bookies into this as their opinion means sweet FA! Our situation currently is nowhere near bad enough to require a managerial change but you and a depressing number of people have a real problem with Puel and just want him gone at least partially to say 'I was right all along'