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  1. I'd generally agree with that except we're talking about a centre back here where positioning and experience are more important than pace and raw attributes. This guy is 19 which makes him more than a bit raw and regardless of how high his ceiling is hel make mistakes a plenty for the next couple of years. We may well end up making a decent profit off him if we sign him but if that's the case we prob wont get close to seeing him in his prime. This move looks more like a gamble to make money than it does to improve the team in the short to medium term.
  2. Ivanovic was a great player in his day but that day ended 6 years ago. He went from one of the top defenders in the league to an absolute donkey in the space of one summer. I remember being genuinely shocked at how bad he became. I doubt there have been many more rapid and compete declines in football let alone pl history. I dont see this working out at all for west brom
  3. Is this definitely accurate? Could have sworn James only had one more year left in our treatment room. He really won the lottery when we extended his contract.
  4. I think it was Southampton at home and it was one of the most inept individual performances I can remember from a Leicester player. Junior Lewis on a bad day level of awful. Hardly surprising he got stick.
  5. I do think think it's a slightly better deal for us than Chelsea as 50m+ is a lot to spend on a player who whilst fairly decent is a lot more Wayne Bridge than he is Ashley Cole. Dont buy that Lampard will massively improve him either, dont see any evidence of that happening at all from Lampards extremely brief managerial career so far. If we get a decent replacement in I dont think this will set us back much hes def replaceable. Demonstrated by the fact that his most memorable game for me was the Southampton home game last year as it was genuinely one of the worst personal performances I've ever witnessed!
  6. Watford were far from the worst side in the division. A top manager would have kept them up even with the seven point deficit. Especially one who makes players better than they are. If his side in 12/13 did over achieve in making the playoffs it was due to the fact he had managed them so miserably for half the season! His time at Derby and Leuven and their improvements after his sacking seem to show that he doesn't get the very best out of his players and their struggles under him suggest they lacked fight as well, much like Watford getting stuffed by a crap West Ham in his final do or die game there. Pearson is decent when hes got everything set up exactly as he likes, plays the same 11 and has Walsh to scout the right players for him. Hes not had that since he left and its shown.
  7. I can do this little context all opinion thing as well A big reason for Pearsons success here was the owners. They spent millions on almost any staff or players he wanted and should have won the (always poor) Championship title in 12/13 with the squad he had. Was there for him to win if he hadnt bottled it subsequently scraping into the playoffs and eventually crashing out in the worst possible way. Not a great achievement in that season. Poor. Nothing to write home about. Not many 'Top Coaches' have near relegations at Watford and a Belgian second tier team (prevented by the sack). And this level of ability is partly what prevents him from getting even close to 'Top Jobs'. Pearson did a great job for us but this constant attemp by some people to paint Ranieri as some sort of lucky, successful version of Peter Taylor whilst also painting Pearson as the reincarnation of Alex Ferguson with only his sons misbehaviour preventing his destiny of winning the ultimate prize is utter BS.
  8. Terrible signing in the end but a question I'm intrigued by is if he really was as bad a player as some of you are describing how the hell did he captain Reading to finish 3rd (I think) the season before?? He must have had some level of ability or was that just a one off season?
  9. Leaving aside the fact that this story has less truth than your average Trump press conference, I'm amazed how many people are ok with the idea. Prior to Kasper our last actual keeper of any quality was Tim Flowers and that was over 20 years ago now. Given the fact we 'Need' new wide forwards, experience in midfield, a new centre back and prob a new left back as well, spending 30m+ on a new goalkeeper when we already have a very good one is low down on the list of priorities. And who is there anyway who we could realistically upgrade? The vast majority of prem keepers are comparable in quality to Kasper after that you're looking at your Allison's and Oblaks. Crap source and a crap idea
  10. This is only applicable to the last 4 games though one of which we won and another of which we would have won if the manager and players had performed to a level of mediocre or above. Having Ricardo out for the whole restart was unfortunate but it's not the reason we couldn't hold a lead for 5 minutes at Watford, played for a 0 0 at home to Brighton or rolled over in the 1st half at Everton.
  11. The Firminho type striker is def the way to go as wel prob never see a striker as good as vardy for sheer goal scoring again. But equally we need to complement that type of striker with some widemen who will get goals. Unfortunately this means not just getting someone to take Vardys place, but in all likelihood both wide positions as well. After 18 months of mostly dreadful finishing with very little improvement I dont see it being Barnes who is sadly the best of the bad bunch we currently have. It's not gonna be cheap.
  12. Yep utter insanity. Can make a good arguement that hes been our best player this season. Absolutely no way do we replace him with anyone close to as good without spending mega bucks and even then you're prob still getting someone inferior. As well as this we need as much experience in the team, particularly defence, as possible. No doubt though people who want him replaced would be crying out for someone younger possibly for that mythological 'long term partnership at the back' nonsense that never ever comes to fruition.
  13. You can talk about the bigger picture but unfortunately around the edges of that picture are a no longer quite as inept Man Utd and a Chelsea who are splashing the cash like crazy. My perspective is that we will not be in a position again where we only need mid table form for half a season to finish 3rd. Perspective or not it's a historic bottle job.
  14. Regarding the mentality we have got to get more experience into the squad. I know plenty on foxestalk seem to consider any signing over the age of 23 as sacrilege but we have to get more players in the 26-30 range in and around the team. Over reliance on youth much like spurs in the title season is at least part of the reason we bottled it as hard as we did. Also some wide forwards who dont waste 90% of their clear cut chances and a willingness to change the style of play when it's not working (or the opposite in the bloody Bournemouth game) from Rodgers is a must.
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