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  1. I dunno if its embarrassing but it sure isnt sporting. The fact that they can spend 40m on ake to be their 4th choice centre back is so so wrong. It's not far off England becoming a one team league like Italy and Germany. It's only an exceptional effort from the scousers last year that has stopped them winning 4 in a row.
  2. I'm not even sure they have the players anymore either. Their best players from last season are either injured (Henderson, Van Dijk) or been massively off form for a large chunk of the season (Mane, TAA, Robertson). I think Klopps version of intense, non stop pressing that theyve employed for over 3 seasons has finally burnt them out, much like what happened with Pochettinos Spurs in the last 6/8 months of his time there. I'd be very surprised if they got more than 65 points at this point and if we cant achieve more than that then I doubt we make top 4 anyway.
  3. Hell top 4 wise hospitalising the cheating rat would be as good as 6 extra points to us. Man utd will be clinging to 4th by their fingertips without him.
  4. If we can get any money for him at all he needs moving on. Weve got more than enough cover for CB and it's only really Evans who's significantly older than him. Hes not shown anything for over 2 years and wont make it here now.
  5. Lets not pretend that putting Albrighton on corners is the answer to our woes, if the keeper didnt flap at the ball theres every chance we wouldnt have scored. All 3 of the players listed have shown they can put in a good corner. Equally they have all had game this season where they have seemingly been aiming for the first defenders head such has been the regularity of it happening. The far bigger problem is the general size of our team and ability to attack balls in the air. Other than Ndidi and whichever centre backs are playing (none of who are exactly Elliott or huth in the strength
  6. Albrightons generally been as bad as all the others this season with his previous corners. Think the goal had more to do with the keeper flapping about!
  7. Cant believe the amount of people wanting to drop/rest Ndidi. Of all our remaining best players he has had the most off time this season and even more than that he, assuming Evan's doesnt play, is the only guy alongside amartey who will be able to deal with Burnley at corners. They are gonna score at least one as it stands anyway as we are genuinely so so poor at defending them but without him they could quite easily take the game beyond us with corners alone.
  8. Unless Vardy rediscovers form we simply dont have the goals in the team without Barnes and maddison for the majority (being optimistic) of the rest of the season. Even if he does start scoring again it might not be enough. Gotta hope that we can cling to top 6 rather than top 4 now. Injuries have done us.
  9. I'm not sticking up for Mason when I post this but was his cock up really any more embarrassing than Brightons hopeless finishing today? That's cost them the game more than the ref.
  10. I think Morgan fouled up for a goal in one of the early season 2 all draws (Southampton away?) but other than that I totally agree. He was insanely good that season, the 4th best player behind Vardy, Kante and Mahrez and our greatest CB ever. I remember thinking at one point that he was as good that season as he was the season we were promoted but playing now obviously at a much higher level. Huth wasnt far behind him though and I think 2 goals in our best performance and the only goal in perhaps our most important win does sway a lot of people into thinking he was the better of the 2.
  11. Your link is a year or 2 out of date though and barring something odd happening itl soon be a second CL free season for spurs, no way are they making that much cash now. Without that money there is no way they are above Chelsea or even Arsenal who havent been in the CL for years now but have a global fanbase/TV audience that Spurs definitely cant match. No way do Arsenal get dropped from SKYs big club invention first. It was only expanded to 6 in the first place to keep them in it.
  12. Big 6 is primarily based on numbers of gloryhunting fans which therefore amounts to more viewers. Spurs are only in there because a run of top 4 finishes made them impossible to ignore. They are miles behind the other 5 in terms of gloryhunting fanbase and will be dropped by sky in the next couple of seasons if they carry on the way they are. Itl become the big 5.
  13. I think the board actually have to take some credit for that decision 😄
  14. Amazing result. Game for the majority seemed to be going the same way as the last few scouse encounters with us having no answer to Liverpools ferocious press. There was a moment in the second half that Evan's was closed down in the time it took for him to raise his head to look for a pass! Clearly our tactic of passing it round the back needs to be abandoned against them as unlike against other teams it leads to constant danger. Fantastic finish to the game though. A huge 3 points for us and an even bigger blow mentally for Liverpool.
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