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  1. I'm probably not being fair to everyone but the fact that all it's taken is one defeat away to a midtable side (something that has happened in every single season Leicester City has existed) for half this forum to lose their minds or start slamming the manager shows there is some truth to what I'm saying. Four or five defeats on the trot, crashing into the bottom three or genuinely looking like relegation fodder is cause for the amount of negativity currently going round, not our current position.
  2. It tells me that given the fact weve had an average (midtable!) start but some people are treating it like it's a complete disaster and proof that relegation is inevitable, that weve both developed a lot of over entitled fans and have fans who won't accept Puel even if he achieves realistic expectations. He's actually disproved some things people were criticising him for. ('Were so boring, I just wanna be entertained!' 'I can't see us scoring enough goals' 'The players aren't playing for him') But this just gets replaced with other things to moan about because people don't want to be proved wrong and want him gone. This thread is quite telling in this regard as no one has come up with a guaranteed successful replacement. They just want him out and they'll worry about things staying the same or even getting worse later.
  3. We're not getting anywhere near the top six this season. We were never going to. The players and team we have aren't 'currently' good enough. Barring 15/16 levels of good fortune a competent manager which I believe Puel is, will get this team finishing 8th - 13th. When you say you want a manager to inspire I assume you mean the fans as ive not seen the players uninspired this season. Pearson can inspire and lead players apparently but there's no way he'd be doing any better than Puel currently is. Not at all sure why your bringing bookies into this as their opinion means sweet FA! Our situation currently is nowhere near bad enough to require a managerial change but you and a depressing number of people have a real problem with Puel and just want him gone at least partially to say 'I was right all along'
  4. Gubbins

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Its like the theory that Puel is purposefully not playing to Vardys strengths, totally ignoring that every side outside the top 6 now sits deep to specifically neutralise him by making it far more difficult to get the ball in behind the defence. This was repeatedly and painfully evidenced by the unsuccessful hoofing we used under Ranieri and Shakespeare the previous two seasons. The theory does however work with the narrative that a lot of posters have that Puel is utterly terrible and must be dispensed with immediately 😒
  5. We're gonna have threads like this after nearly every defeat aren't we? There's no stand out candidate to replace puel who will massively improve us. Under him or a replacement we're probably going to finish between 7th and 13th that's our place in the pecking order currently and that's nothing to be ashamed of. Basically threads like this exist due to a lot of fans having made up their minds about Puel and point blank refusing to change it unless he achieves the absolute maximum possible with us. The amount of people believing we deserve to go to a midtable team in one of the world's strongest leagues and waltz away with the points or that being below 7th place is a disaster is incredible.
  6. Gubbins

    Seanfox’s Pop Culture Polava

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 96 seconds  
  7. Gubbins

    Most overrated City player

    Dreadful player. A crap first division version of Andy Carroll. The Leeds goal he's so loved for didnt even mean anything in the grand scheme of things as well!
  8. Gubbins

    Maddison Set Pieces...

    I'm not convinced they'll be a real increase in set piece goals. I think VAR was the main reason for the amount of goals from corners in the world cup. Defenders quickly lost the taste for holding and grappling when penalties started to be given so regularly for it. With no VAR in the PL I can see Maguires sudden lethalness from corners quickly reverting to last season's level.
  9. This basically. It is amost inevitable that we will be relegated at some point in the next 5 years. We have essentially now replaced the last few years of Stoke in terms of our place in the league and eventually will go the same way.
  10. What we should do is sack him after the west ham game. We will then be able to bring the full force of the new manager bounce to bear on Arsenal and maybe actually beat the f@ckers for once!
  11. Gubbins

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    Think the calls for Pearson part 3 are terribly naive. He took a year and a half to build a team capable of promotion from the championship and there's no way he' be able to do that in a single world cup summer in the far more difficult premiership, especially without Walsh and Shakespeare. We'd be right in the heart of the relegation battle make no mistake
  12. Gubbins

    Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    We seem to be stuck in a style of play somewhere inbetween the two dominant styles of the division, the possssion heavy intense press used to varying degrees of success by the top six and the defend like mad and hit them on the counter used by most of the rest of the division. Puels first few games had a nice balance between the two but that now seems to have gone. It' hard to know what to do as our previous success with the counter attack has been sussed and copied by many teams leading to close stalemates when they play each other (probably the reason why the division has been so tight) so going back to purely that style wouldn't improve matters. On the other hand we don' have the quality of players to use fast intense interplay up top to break them down like man city/spurs/Liverpool. Regardless of who the manager is we should settle in for several seasons of midtable mediocrity.
  13. Gubbins


    Im not saying were particularly good but compared to the incredibly low bar of the likes of Man Utd at home and Southampton away last season and the abortion of a performance at Bournemouth this we're nowhere near as bad.
  14. Gubbins


    Some of you are talking as if he has made us deviate away from a really successful and entertaining brand of football. We were atrocious for the most part in Ranieris second season and under Shakespeare this season. I didnt consider endlessly hoofing the ball up to Vardy to pointlessly chase very exciting nor our ability to always give the ball back to the opposition within 3 passes. We're not particularly good at the minute but neither is anyone else outside the top 5 and we'e a fair bit better and easier to watch than what immediately came before.
  15. Gubbins

    Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Lot of people forgetting how utterly horrific we were in the latter stages of Ranieri and Shakespeares reigns. We're much better now than we were in those situations. No we're not great but we are at least on par with most of the rest of the division. It's not like anyone outside of Man City, Spurs or Liverpool are playing exciting attacking football and were being left behind!