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  1. I think any footballer worth having will be more interested in the wage and club prospects when signing. 'You're offering me 40k a week? Everton are offering me 60!' 'Yeah but look how weve looked after Matt James!' 'Who? See ya later' The difference is though that regardless of how mediocre hes been, Gray has actually been available and contributed something to the team in the last 5/6 years. Matt James has been paid around 7m pounds to play a dozen games, go on loan, be 'a good influence on the dressing room' or whatever and recover from many, many, injuries. Th
  2. I think everyone expected him to stick at least one of his two glorious chances away. You can use a lack of confidence for not sticking away difficult or half chances but whether you're confident or not you've gotta stick easy ones away or youl take deserved stick.
  3. Was a goalkeeper actually present though?!
  4. Yep all of this. It's scary to think that if vardy is injured we currently only have this guy as a replacement. Hes looked good occasionally and hed prob do quite well for a mid level french or dutch club but hes nowhere near good enough for the top level. Missed penalties really do my head in. Still never 100% confident that Vardy will score cos of previous misses and I held a grudge against Nugent for ages for missing one against those bastards Forest! So missing with such a pathetic effort was the final straw for me with him. Get rid!
  5. Game all hinged on that penalty. We score that I think we win comfortably seeing how bad palace were first half. Unfortunately it was taken by a complete donkey who needs kicking out to a league more suitable to his talents like the Greek, Belgian or Scottish (second tiers). Missing the chance to equalise or take the lead is about as bad as conceding a goal. Cant remember to many games where weve gone on to win after it happens.
  6. Tbf given hes about the same quality level as 80m Maguire (pretty good with a solid partner/shaky without) 10m for lovren is a decent deal nowadays. Even mignolet at 7m isnt terrible value. The rest are largely insane though. They're along the lines of us managing to sell Luke Thomas for 25m and Nacho for 40m!
  7. I think Fergusons done at the top level at 155. It may be only 2 defeats but the nature of them wasnt great. Gaetje really beat him to a pulp and Oliviera absolutely took him to the cleaners on the ground (which I think shows he would have been mauled by Khabib if hed got his title shot). His age counts against him too as hes a fair bit older than the best in that division. Maybe he could move up to welterweight where the pace isnt as furious and age is less a factor as demonstrated by 38 year old Wonderboy wiping the floor with Geoff Neal last saturday.
  8. I'm basing it on the fact that infections shot up massively when schools reopened and no amount of tiers, curfews or lockdowns of everything else has brought them down. That the children despite good efforts no doubt, wont social distance or wear masks whilst also being in heated confined spaces. That the vast majority of the kids infected and the parents they go on to infect will be healthy enough to show no symptoms so infections wont show up close to the schools source if at all. Now if all of that isnt a huge cause of the infection rate rising I dont see what else is.
  9. Would also help if the Government would accept that schools/universities being open is the main driver of infections.
  10. Not confident at all. Think we're gonna need to score twice to even manage a draw. The combination of our awful defending at corners and a former player who's good in the air only points to one thing and then of course theres the regulation Man Utd penalty as well. Initially we should really go at them as they are generally pretty awful at the start of games but after 15 mins play exclusively on the counter.
  11. I'm thinking along the exact same lines. Hell I thought I was cynical before all this covid shite kicked off!! Definite 3rd lockdown incoming in January. Schools will be kept open though. Be crazy to shut them down...
  12. So my 93 year old Nan tested positive for covid a couple of days ago. However no symptoms like several others in the home shes in. God knows how she'd have caught it as shes essentially been in solitary confinement for the past few weeks. Barely any staff in the home so minimal human contact, going out of her mind with boredom, not been able to visit the bathroom to shower in weeks. It infuriates me. I mean how accurate are these tests supposed to be? At this point I'm far more concerned about her developing dementia from these bullshit restrictions than her dying from covid.
  13. I'd say it would likely be both these things. Sports science can surely only take you so far though. Pearson, Allardyce and others were using it 10/15 years ago and even though I'm sure theres been big advances in that time the furious pace of modern elite level football is incredible. I remember the Arsenal Liverpool 4 4 game from over a decade ago and remember thinking how quick it was compared to the lower level city games I'd been watching. Now thered be no comparison. And I dont think it would just be Liverpool doping if it was the case. It would have to be sport wide at the top lev
  14. Lance Armstrong was regularly tested as well... Huge difference between the energy our title winners expended and Liverpool. Plus Liverpool have been playing at this intensity for about 3 seasons incl deep runs in the champions league. Bielsas high energy teams are renowned for dropping off towards the end of seasons. Pochettinos spurs (collectively younger than Liverpool I think) would drop off in multiple games during a season and in his final months just collapsed completely leading to his sacking. Liverpool are far more intense in their pressing than either of those examples and rough
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