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  1. The problem here though is though is that Chilwell was just so genuinely appalling he never gave the fans a chance to get back on his side. No crunching tackle or run and cross leading to a chance, just endless passes out of play and straight to Southampton. You can argue that fans should support him regardless but no player in the world is gonna have the fans singing for or applauding him after making five consecutive errors and Chilwell seemed to make far more than that. In that situation he needed subbing to take him out of the firing line.
  2. Whether it's true or not I'm not buying this as a reason for either Chillwell or Maddisons poor performances recently. First off Man Utd have clearly been interested in Maddison since the summer and he's been great most of the season, hell he was prob man of the match against Newcastle the other week despite the links to the mancs resurfacing. Is his head only turned when he's played poorly? As for Chilwell his performance yesterday defied explanation it was so bad. Him fancying a move to Man City does not result in him being totally incapable of passing to your own team. In both cases I'm sure it's primarily a drop off in form/performance aided by a different approach by some opposition rather than either of them spending the game daydreaming about the northwest of England!
  3. 'When you talk about... tackling/intensity/passing/first touch/' etc etc
  4. No where near enough respect for Liverpool here. They produced probably the best performance I've ever seen from a side live last night. We couldn't play through them or over them, they ran harder and faster than any other side we've played this season, their first time passing and cross field balls were so good as to nullify any attempt at a press... It's ok saying we didn't play to the level we know we can but at the same time we've never played anything like that before, far far better than an awful Southampton, half decent Palace or pretty good Spurs. Most teams press high but our ability to play out from the back is generally good and we can get through it, Liverpools press was so quick and ferocious compared to everyone else that they made us look crap and caused mistakes. We couldn't even out work them as they put in a hell of a shift effort wise. It's disappointing getting done over like that but it was far more down to Liverpool's insane quality than our inadequacy. I now fully expect them to go the season unbeaten and to set a new points record doing so.
  5. I'm surprised how much were being slagged off in the post match thread as I honestly didn't know how we could get anything out of the game last night. They pressed and closed us down so much when we had the ball that we couldn't play out as we have been doing and with a work rate we couldn't match. We had no one to hoof it to so just gifted them the ball back if we tried that. Couldn't press them into mistakes as their speed and one touch passing was incredible. In the end I just accepted we couldn't beat them and spent the remainder of the game hoping someone would cripple that moaning bastard Henderson!
  6. Say it how it is people. Barnes, Tielemans and probably Chillwell too don't need 'resting' they need dropping! They've all been poor for a number of games now and its not completely due to over exertion. A message needs sending to both them and the players who replace them that places in the team are up for grabs.
  7. We weren't great but frankly we weren't allowed to be. Liverpool's press was insanely good, spend more than a second on the ball and they were on you. Liverpool and Man City were miles better than everyone else last season and they still are. They both played really well against us and we and frankly everyone else in the division aren't good enough to go toe to toe with them when they play like that. The next two games against midtable fodder is the more important test.
  8. Absolutely. Once Barnes gets his touch the ball is going wide and at pace and there's nothing that can be done to prevent that whether he's clobbered or not. In the Alonso incident there's every chance that if the keeper doesn't take him out that he can get to the ball and get a shot away/set someone up.
  9. I think these last 3 SW films will eventually be looked at as an example of how not to make a trilogy. You genuinely need time to process the film when you leave cos in an effort to undo the Last Jedi's mistakes, so much stuff is thrown at you so fast your brain literally can't take in what you've watched before youre on to the next scene. It's a horrible mess that at its best never rises above the level of the most mediocre marvel film and at its worse is near Michael Bay levels of stupidity and bombast. Film wise I don't know where Star Wars can go from here. It is creatively bankrupt.
  10. Im sure Swansea fans have great regard for a man who played 10 games for them, helping them to an entire win in the process. Also I've not seen anything about him being injured at Rangers. He's simply not been good enough to break into the team. I honestly can't see how you can look over the last 4 seasons of his career and claim there's anything to show he'd be useful to a premier League or ambitious championship side.
  11. If you remove the nostalgia glasses the last 4 years have been terrible for King career wise. Pretty awful when given a run of games by us and eventually dumped, made no impression with a relegation bound Swansea, an unfortunate but ultimately near pointless loan with the sheep and now not even being able to make any impression in the SPL. The idea that any future career for him exists at Premier League or even upper to middle championship level is almost laughable. He might even be best advised to retire.
  12. Binning Lucas' ideas is one of Disney's best moves. He may have come up with good stuff in the 70s and 80s but that was a long time ago now and even if you go along with the idea that the prequels aren't as bad as people make out (and it's a nonsense theory, the first two especially are appalling on every cinematic level) you've still got the crystal skull abortion which he came up with but didn't direct. Disney have totally botched this trilogy but it has nothing to do with not keeping Lucas involved.
  13. I think a lot will depend on how big a gloryhunter United fan Maddison was as a kid. If it was more cos Beckham was there then he may well not push for it in the hopes of a move to Man C or the scousers a year or 2 down the line. There's also the fact that as flush with cash as man utd are they wil still have a budget. Will they really wanna pay 120/150m for Maddison especially as they must realise now we proper did them with the Maguire fee and that there is surely better value out there.
  14. Well shame on you if you think Ghostbusters 2 is on a similar level to the original! It's an ok film but as I said the original is movie perfection whilst the follow up is just a standard sequel. It's hardly Aliens or T2! I just think it's largely pointless even if the films decent. In 5 years time if you fancy watching a film about people catching ghosts then you stick the original on cos it will undoubtedly still be the superior film. I think I'm just really dejected by the whole remake/reboot thing. In the last 15 years that they've been doing it I honestly can't think of a genuinely great one. So many are just cynical cash grabs.
  15. Urrgh why??? It is impossible to top the original, it was lightning in a bottle, one of the most perfect comedies of all time. It's been tried twice now and they've not come close. I'm not even saying this looks bad but it exists purely for brand recognition, it's just so unnecessary.
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