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  1. Itl be interesting to see how long Mourinhos contract is. I feel this may be a last throw of the dice by levy to actually win a trophy with this group of players before the impending summer exodus. Would never have happened with pochettino, he and his methods were done at spurs, whilst despite being past his prime Mourinho still has enough dark arts in his locker to possibly get them an FA or Europa cup. If he doesn't though I don't see him being the man for the rebuild spurs will need especially without the huge transfer and wage budget he had at other clubs.
  2. They have been down to ten men in both of them though. We really should beat these but our record against Arse is just so so appalling and not just recently either. One of the reasons we need to beat them is that defeat away to them is a near certainty so this is our only realistic chance to take points off them.
  3. Albrightons form has veered pretty wildly over the past year or so from being one of our best players in one game to being haplessly determined to only pass to the opposition the next. I think the change in formation away from out and out wingers hasn't helped and also the ever increasing importance of intensity and quick passing combined with him getting older isn't in his favour. I think we are just seeing him naturally come to the tail end of his city career. There's been a very Andy King like vibe to this thread in that any current criticism of a popular player now past his prime is put down because of things the player did four or five seasons ago. Albrighton is still a useful player but I don't expect hel be a stand out for us again regardless of how good he was back in the title win season.
  4. Having Benkovic as 3rd choice now Is far too risky. Given that hes most likely to come in for an Evans injury I wouldn't be at all comfortable with him partnering Soyuncu. I imagine his excellent form this season will be at least partly down to Evans being next to him and frankly you absolutely need experience at centreback as much as that goes against the FT youth=good mantra surrounding players. I'd absolutely loan him out in Jan if possible and maybe even next season as well if needs be.
  5. Yeah this is one I think of when I think of terrible defeats. We were looking pretty doomed but the little bit of hope inside tells you that if we can beat an equally terrible Derby side just above us we might just get out of it. I bloody hated Derby at the time and they are indeed terrible, but we manage to be worse. I think we were 2 0 down with about 20 minutes to go and somebody like Kinkladze turns Savage inside out and puts him on his arse. I'm not proud that I walked but I did. Horrible season, horrible game.
  6. Hour for part 1 and an hour and a quarter for the 2nd.
  7. Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere on FT but I just finished I Love You, Now Die on Now TV. A frankly incredible 2 part HBO doc about a teen girl being accused of manslaughter for encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide via text message. Still trying to organise my own thoughts on it but I'd love to know what anyone else who's seen it thinks about it.
  8. It was. And man city away was about the only one of our games BT showed that season!
  9. Yeah your right actually, leaving it for Kaspar isn't really an option. He sooo doesn't have to make the challenge though, Evans is right in Manes face. Or he is until mane twists himself horizontal!
  10. A blatant dive but Albrighton totally screwed us there. He could have hoofed it out, left it for Kaspar or just not made the challenge. I'm fuming at his stupidity!
  11. Bournemouth had the singularly bad judgement to come away to Leicester and play really open with a high defensive line. Suicide whilst we still have Vardy and the reason so few teams do it. That more than our formation was why we brushed them aside. I fancy we'd have still beaten them even playing with 2 DMS.
  12. I think largely this. People talk about this league being full of crap or average teams but they are in reality still good quality Premier League sides and we aren't particularly better than any of them. People are also totally underestimating the importance of 'new manager bounce' which had a bigger influence on our good form at the tail end of last season than Rodgers being some sort of managerial genius. With the bounce now gone we are just returning to the inconsistent averageness which we've largely been witnessing since the title win.
  13. Exactly. Taylor did 'really bad stuff' in the space of half a year. Both in terms of on the pitch where we went from good to God awful and off the pitch squandering enough money to eventually put us in admin. Mandaric along with Allen/Megson/Holloway did 'really bad stuff' eventually putting us in the third tier. Puel whilst obviously unpopular with a lot of people improved the style of football from when he first arrived (don't care what people say, was better than Ranieri/Shakespeare's hoofball) and didn't do any damage really to our league position or finances.
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