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  1. I'm pretty sure this whole nonsense business of the players bringing half their relatives out onto the pitch with them was kick started by that malignant c*** Dennis Wise bringing his sprogs out with him at Chelsea one year. On that basis alone it should be disliked. But aside from that the whole thing is just way to sanitised and bloated. We're there to applaud 20 odd people and instead are presented with a mass lump of over 100. It's not easy to individually pick players out and the whole thing just seems horribly impersonal.
  2. Hes done here. Too many fans despise him and as we saw with puel this season once fans have made their minds up they aren't inclined to change them. He'd have to put in a run of 3 or 4 back to back motm performances at peak vardy levels for some to even consider it and frankly that'll never happen.
  3. I agree with those saying we shouldn't sell our best players and I'm therefore delighted that they seem to be going after Maguire rather than the much superior Jonny Evans! If Man utd really do offer 70-80m for Maguire and we turn them down I'll be appalled. That is what Liverpool paid for van dijk about a year ago, the best CB in the league, possibly the world currently. Maguire isn't close to that level and probably won't actually improve man utds defence by much anyway. They don't actually have terrible individual defenders more poor defensive organisation and leadership similar to ourselves when Morgan and Maguire play together. I think the majority of teams in the division have defenders as good if not better than him. All utd would gain for paying close to double what the likes of tarkowski lascelles and Ake are worth Is the occasional run into the opposition half. Anything over 55m we should snap their hands off!
  4. Barca, Dortmund man city and Ajax all better sides who were all supposed to own them. Hell after the first 3 games they were practically out. This has horrible shades of when Chelsea won it. Liverpool are a vastly better side but now all itl take is a refs decision, or slice of luck and f***ing spurs will be European champions. I'm gonna have to stick a few hundred quid on them to win just to make the whole thing bearable!
  5. The ultimate bogey side. Yes they are poor defensively but so are we and they have a better attack. The fact that it's not away at least gives us a chance but 2 wins against them in close to 30 years doesn't make me optimistic.
  6. When it comes to actual defending he really is no better than an over the hill Morgan. A mid/bottom half PL centre back all be it one capable of the odd successful charge forward with the ball. I don't at this point even seeing us selling him as he's been so poor all season that I don't see a big club moving for him. I'd be fine with soyuncu replacing him for a few games tbh
  7. Fun fact. In the last 25 years only 5 other English clubs have won more trophies than us
  8. Yeah I didn't word that very well! But still there wasn't any booing or chants of 'you don't know what you're doing' for that decision last night and yet there was at the weekend which suggests it was down to personal dislike of Puel and less with the actual substitution.
  9. I actually thought the atmosphere was slightly better than it has been recently, despite a performance that wasn't really any different to many at home this past 6 months. It's depressing that a portion of fans find the idea of keeping possession, under any circumstances, as a bad thing. They must have loved it under Shakespeare where we struggled to make it to 3 consecutive passes before giving it away. Couldn't help but feel sympathy for puel as well when Stowell got a round of applause for taking off a gassed tielemans whilst he had taken dogs abuse a few days earlier for the exact same thing!
  10. Whether he views us as a stepping stone or not I don't think a season or two (assuming he's not a disaster) of bouncing about between 10th and 7th with us is gonna put him on any 'big' clubs must have list especially seeing as how it ended at Liverpool. I wouldn't worry about it. Regarding Howe our squad is in no way vastly superior to Bournemouths and if he did come here he'd either flop big time like at Burnley or just do what he has done at Bournemouth keeping us in the 9th to 13th range combining occasional awesome displays with longish periods of bad form. Not terrible but with the rather undeserved rep he has amongst our fans (based partly on the fact we can't seem to beat him) and the entitlement some of our fans now have he wouldn't last long.
  11. Does anyone really see Mike Stowell a mediocre coach at best, really improving our league position? Outside of the new manager bounce he may get for a couple of games I'm pretty sure we'd end up with the situation that Everton had last season with Unsworth. We'd probably stay up but not by much.
  12. I'm perfectly happy with the scenario I've described but plenty of people seemingly including the op and maybe yourself seem to be expecting a bright new dawn and amazing exciting things to instantly happen now Puel has gone. You can call it ambition if you want but if/when we sit in a not dissimilar position next season it'll be them rather than me whol be moaning and looking like a dour cartoon donkey because there 'hopes and dreams'/ massive sense of entitlement haven't been met.
  13. I was actually talking about next season! Come end of Feb next season regardless of who's in charge we're unlikely to be more than 10 or so more points better off than we are now. It could just as easily be less points. I'm also dubious as to how long the excitement you speak of will last this season. You seem to be suggesting that it's going to be like man utd getting rid of mourinho and this mythical all out attack exciting football that we apparently constantly played pre Puel and would have played under most other managers will return. The fact is our players are collectively no better than the rest of the midtable teams and we should be doing better than present but realistically not a great deal better. No manager is going to turn ndidi into pogba or turn the clock back to make vardy better than rashford again, and certainly not Mike stowell. We may well be stuck with him til the summer and that likely means a lot more defeats and there's nothing exciting about that.
  14. What's to get excited about? Most likely scenario if things go well is that Wel have 8 or 10 more points at this stage than we do now. Realistically a new manager is not gonna take this squad and have us even on the outskirts of the cl places!
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