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  1. All that first paragraph may be true but a large portion of those points will have been through the new manager bounce phenomenon and that ran out a while ago now. The near freakish Liverpool game aside they've not looked particularly great since and will probably finish somewhere in the bottom five. They should prove a lot tougher than Villa last night but they are not really anything special and plenty on here acting like it's Arsenal away purely because Pearson's their manager. We've got far better teams still to come and we really need to look at this as one of our best chances for 3 points left.
  2. Well I hope the players are more confident than most on here although obviously I doubt many of them have the same cult like fear and devotion to an opposition manager. If Pearson and Watford were as good as most are making out they'd be midtable. They're not and as likely as anyone bar Norwich to go down. If confidence is back after last night and we play well we should really bury them. Freak result against Liverpool aside they're about the same level as Villa and Norwich.
  3. Guaranteed 3 points for them at the Emirates against us though, regardless of whether we're in form or not!
  4. At the risk of looking like I pay little attention to how Burnley get on, could someone explain why this would be as terrible as people make out? Chilwell as he's been for most of the last year wouldn't be the most difficult player to upgrade on. Is this guy genuinely crap or is it just the old Foxestalk thing of having to exclusively sign young players and at 26 Taylor is past it?
  5. He's getting a lot of undeserved stick on here. He's being made out to be as awful as Chilwell and Perez. His form has dipped along with all our non CBs but he's still getting involved, putting in the effort and not losing the ball anywhere near as much as the majority of players. The idea that we should look to sell him is nuts.
  6. There's multiple reasons but a big one for me is we are way too reliant on younger players who are naturally gonna be inconsistent and don't have the experience or mentality/bottle to pull themselves out of this nosedive. Not dissimilar to Spurs over the past few seasons who would have plenty of good young players and would inevitably bottle it when the crunch came. I know there are many Foxestalk posters wedded to the idea that we should only sign youngsters and that any player over 27 is past it or not value for money but more good quality experience in the squad would go a long way right now.
  7. Dreadful. Much like spurs in our title season we have far too many young players who can't handle it when the crunch comes. Big questions need to be asked of many of the players and Rodgers who continues relentlessly with a style of football which is no longer working. Even with the mediocrity below us I can't see us having the bottle to turn this shite form around enough to cling on to third and if Man City get their ban lifted and an English club wins the Europa then we can kiss goodbye to the CL. An incredible bottle job considering the position we were in a few weeks ago.
  8. Norwich are doomed Given how bad West Ham looked against us, their tough run of fixtures, chucking the win away yesterday, general club disharmony and dinosaur manager I think they are probably favourites to bite the dust with them. The last place really is a coin toss though. I'd love it to be Villa but Im leaning toward Watford. Losing the last two games in the last minute especially having led in both will surely hurt them and with the cup game that is now 3 defeats in a row. We know better than anyone that when a Pearson side hits poor form it can last a good while and he has very limited time to turn it round.
  9. Kudos on your closing line by the way 😄. A much less angry reply than your previous one so I'll do the same. I honestly don't think we are some PL juggernaut but If we succeed in being a top 4 challenger over the next few years it's my opinion that hel end up more of a squad player. I don't get the impression hel develop quickly enough to that sort of level and that he is def someone we could find an upgrade on. Hes not terrible (other than at converting chances) but I don't personally see the special something that I see in say Maddison and Ndidi who are not much older and wel prob become regulars in Europe one way or another. If though we end up dropping back to something more akin to the last few seasons hel comparatively look a lot better and be a regular starter. Perhaps Im not a good judge of potential (I was convinced Harry Kane would be a one season wonder!) But at the same time I don't throw in with the perceived wisdom that young players are just guaranteed to come on in leaps and bounds until they hit a certain age. The likes of Zaha, Alli and Maguire were all more highly thought of than Barnes currently is when they were his age but despite years more development all are now what I would describe as average or 'middling', and I stress this does not make them bad players but standard or slightly better than standard Premier League players. I do wish I hadn't used the term middling now, it's very broad and people really do seem to think that I'm trying to knock him by using it and I'm not. But to consistently reach the level some of you think he's gonna reach based on a very recent upturn in form seems a real stretch and he's far more likely to fall into the large bracket of players just below.
  10. I take your points (although it's gonna take more than a bit of confidence for him to get 10 goals given what I've seen!) I suspect though that if Zaha played for us this season he'd quite easily blitz his previous personal best whilst if Barnes was playing for a turgid Palace both he and palace would be worse off. All hypothetical but I suspect a fair assumption. The real key to the (probably by now too many) posts I've made this morning is his rancid finishing and I genuinely don't believe hel improve a great deal at this given how many chances he consistently misses. I feel this combined with seemingly confidence based form will prevent him from being the sort of player who regularly plays in Europe be it for us or someone else although I fully expect him to spend most of his career as a prem player again either with us or someone else. I know this is a little counter to the internet way of something/someone being either utterly brilliant or utterly shite but there you go. I'll leave it at that.
  11. Yes currently he's doing well but as I've already said your average player has regular fluctuations in form and he was looking hopeless a couple of weeks back. Well as I said in another post hopefully I'll be proved wrong. And I do stress that I dont mean bad when I mean average but it's surely far more likely that even with further improvement that hel end up as a more standard level pl player than a Mane or Sancho.
  12. 😄 Christ where to begin with this. Again the idea that by middling PL player I mean crap. The whole league is made up of middling players for God's sake. Competent but not outstanding. That's not a bad thing. Bit arrogant to assume otherwise... Much like your dismissal of Jeff flippin Schlupp who after Heskey has been one of the very few players to have a prem career that we've produced. I don't see how me thinking that Barnes won't make it as a truly top level player which I'm happy to be wrong about by the way makes me think we're a juggernaut??? Dearie me are you a relative of his?
  13. He really isn't. And me saying he's a middling PL player isn't really made as an insult. It doesn't mean he's crap. More that he's capable at this level but fluctuations in form prevent him from being top draw.
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