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  1. My hope with this fixture has been completely destroyed in the last few years. Aubameyang apart they really are average but it just doesn't matter. No matter the circumstances or performance level we simply cannot get a win away at Arsenal. 2 1 defeat with a dodgy VAR winner for them. They've beaten us every other bloody way over the last 47 years!
  2. Cant see us beating man utd currently even if we had a sizable upturn and regardless of how good we are and how bad they are we will never ever win away at Arsenal. Winning the other 4 games 'should' be enough but our room for error will be absolute zero.
  3. Rewatched The Boys last week and delighted to find I enjoyed it just as much as I did first time round. Also last night's episode of Have I Got News For You was fantastic and one of its best episodes of the last few years.
  4. I think it won the oscar the year it was released and rightly so. It's an amazing documentary which covers so much stuff, everyone should watch it. I definitely recommend watching the documentaries 13th and LA 92 which are both on Netflix and give more information on the racism in America which played such a big role in the OJ case.
  5. Nostalgia glasses imo. He's dreadful even compared to the players we had at the time. I'll admit I missed most of the League one season through being abroad but he was an absolute carthorse in all 4 seasons in the championship. As bad as anyone in the season we went down and dropped in the play off season due to a chronic lack of goals. A handful of good games at the tail end of that season and immense in the play off 2nd leg at Cardiff admittedly. But in the end he got less than 15 goals in around 100 championship games, provided about as much movement, pace and skill as a postbox and gave away endless amounts of freekicks from the balls being hoofed up to him. Calling him 'decent' definitely over rates him!
  6. Phil Foden is the big overrated one currently. Helped by Guardiola saying he's the best player he's ever managed or whatever it was before not playing him all season. A name I don't think has been mentioned yet is Sterling. Obviously has scored a fair few but seems to miss an absolute sitter every other match. Leicester wise and I've mentioned it before but I'll put forward Steve Howard, a genuinely dreadful player who is considered a legend by some on here.
  7. All that first paragraph may be true but a large portion of those points will have been through the new manager bounce phenomenon and that ran out a while ago now. The near freakish Liverpool game aside they've not looked particularly great since and will probably finish somewhere in the bottom five. They should prove a lot tougher than Villa last night but they are not really anything special and plenty on here acting like it's Arsenal away purely because Pearson's their manager. We've got far better teams still to come and we really need to look at this as one of our best chances for 3 points left.
  8. Well I hope the players are more confident than most on here although obviously I doubt many of them have the same cult like fear and devotion to an opposition manager. If Pearson and Watford were as good as most are making out they'd be midtable. They're not and as likely as anyone bar Norwich to go down. If confidence is back after last night and we play well we should really bury them. Freak result against Liverpool aside they're about the same level as Villa and Norwich.
  9. Guaranteed 3 points for them at the Emirates against us though, regardless of whether we're in form or not!
  10. At the risk of looking like I pay little attention to how Burnley get on, could someone explain why this would be as terrible as people make out? Chilwell as he's been for most of the last year wouldn't be the most difficult player to upgrade on. Is this guy genuinely crap or is it just the old Foxestalk thing of having to exclusively sign young players and at 26 Taylor is past it?
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