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  1. Gubbins


    I honestly wouldn't' want us to sign a centreback aged under 24 at any point really. Youngsters as a rule will mess up and especially at CB positioning and experience are far more important than any possible youthful attributes. We will actually desperately need an experienced defender like Evans next season given the relatively young ages of Maguire, Pereira and Chillwell.
  2. This basically. It is amost inevitable that we will be relegated at some point in the next 5 years. We have essentially now replaced the last few years of Stoke in terms of our place in the league and eventually will go the same way.
  3. What we should do is sack him after the west ham game. We will then be able to bring the full force of the new manager bounce to bear on Arsenal and maybe actually beat the f@ckers for once!
  4. Gubbins

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    Think the calls for Pearson part 3 are terribly naive. He took a year and a half to build a team capable of promotion from the championship and there's no way he' be able to do that in a single world cup summer in the far more difficult premiership, especially without Walsh and Shakespeare. We'd be right in the heart of the relegation battle make no mistake
  5. Gubbins

    Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    We seem to be stuck in a style of play somewhere inbetween the two dominant styles of the division, the possssion heavy intense press used to varying degrees of success by the top six and the defend like mad and hit them on the counter used by most of the rest of the division. Puels first few games had a nice balance between the two but that now seems to have gone. It' hard to know what to do as our previous success with the counter attack has been sussed and copied by many teams leading to close stalemates when they play each other (probably the reason why the division has been so tight) so going back to purely that style wouldn't improve matters. On the other hand we don' have the quality of players to use fast intense interplay up top to break them down like man city/spurs/Liverpool. Regardless of who the manager is we should settle in for several seasons of midtable mediocrity.
  6. Gubbins


    Im not saying were particularly good but compared to the incredibly low bar of the likes of Man Utd at home and Southampton away last season and the abortion of a performance at Bournemouth this we're nowhere near as bad.
  7. Gubbins


    Some of you are talking as if he has made us deviate away from a really successful and entertaining brand of football. We were atrocious for the most part in Ranieris second season and under Shakespeare this season. I didnt consider endlessly hoofing the ball up to Vardy to pointlessly chase very exciting nor our ability to always give the ball back to the opposition within 3 passes. We're not particularly good at the minute but neither is anyone else outside the top 5 and we'e a fair bit better and easier to watch than what immediately came before.
  8. Gubbins

    Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Lot of people forgetting how utterly horrific we were in the latter stages of Ranieri and Shakespeares reigns. We're much better now than we were in those situations. No we're not great but we are at least on par with most of the rest of the division. It's not like anyone outside of Man City, Spurs or Liverpool are playing exciting attacking football and were being left behind!
  9. Gubbins

    Let's have a films thread.

    I and everyone of my star wars loving mates really disliked it. Leaving aside the geeky stuff like the messing up of the series lore, you have some really horrendous moments and scenes (Leia flying through space is actually worse than anything in the prequels) and important information is not revealed (how did Kylo get involved with Snoke? Why is the first order so much better equipped than the Republic forces?) Now you can wave some of this away as nitpicking but key to making TLJ just a bad movie is the whole Finn Space Casino plotline. It's awful, ultimately pointless and it takes up around a third of the movie. It's not like it was a short scene like the rubbish tentacle monster things in Force Awakens. It totally floors the movie and the numerous other terrible moments just add to it. I await the Red Letter Media review of this with baited breath. I really struggle to see how they'll manage to pull this back in episode 9.
  10. Gubbins

    Some balance in the media ....

    There's another good article in the guardian https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2017/feb/24/claudio-ranieri-leicester-city-hardly-madness
  11. Gubbins

    Matty James/Andy King

    There is definitely some overestimating of James here, I seem to recall him being not much more than a superior version of Andy King with no real stand out qualities. Even so views on his past ability is just opinion really. The key problem is surely that he has barely played for 16 months despite, if I remember, starting training again in December or January. Generally players who make a successful comeback from an acl injury do so in around 9 months. Much like Tunchev at this point he's unlikely to come back the same player.
  12. It's this lack of off field incidents that makes this pale in comparison to the NBC and Lineker docs. Football wise other than the Sunderland player kicking the ball in his own face everything I wanted was pretty much included. But off the field there's nothing, No madcap Ranieri press conference quotes, no mahrez winning the pfa award, no pundits making tits of themselves, no Boccelli. Surely some of these could have been included, there's just no context at all outside the games. Most criminally of all theres no footage from vardys house. Just straight from the man utd draw to the Everton game. It's still a great watch but it should have been so much more.
  13. It's ok and I was grinning through most of it. All the goals obviously and the majority of major moments from games are there. Maybe it's the nostalgia talking but I don't think it's as good as some of the 90s highlight videos. Feel it would have been better if a narrator was adding some context to the games and if they had used more SKY or BBC commentary as a lot of it seems to come from Foxes player and frankly it's radio roots are pretty apparent. Also I'm not sure what happened with the audio for Man City away but something is definitely off with it. Not watched the extras yet but they are pretty lengthy. Tragically Boccellis performance is not among them.