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  1. There has been a bit of a Pearson effect with O Neil's decline as I'm pretty sure John Robertson hasn't worked with him since Villa (not sure about Steve Walford) This hasn't affected him as badly as Pearson as he was and is a far better manager but I think he's definitely suffered from not having his old backroom team with him. Anyway seeing as it's Forest I hope he fails miserably!
  2. Gubbins

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    People have been posting that they reckon he's a bad result or two away from the sack every week since about last March though and been wrong every time. Why would this time be different?
  3. Gubbins

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Really? I've always thought he looked more like "The Simpsons" Mayor Quimby!
  4. Gubbins

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Does anyone who has actually watched them know if Celtic play entertaining football? And if so dyou believe they would still play it or be capable of it if they weren't playing teams of duffers every week? Best case scenario with him here is that we finish roughly where we are now possibly playing more 'entertaining' football and with less dull post match interviews (although he does give off a bit of a twatish air when interviewed from what I remember) Yet again though there's every chance Wel get worse results wise. His success at Swansea based on passing and possession ("booo get the ball forward") was while ago now and the PL is a lot different. Also his one truly successful season at Liverpool was largely down to incredible form from Suarez and a last hurrah from an ageing Gerrard and let's not pretend we've got players that good in our squad. Other than that his Liverpool tenure was a bit meh. Infinitely more chance of us getting worse than better under him imo, but definitely better interviews which is the important thing right?
  5. Gubbins

    Who then......

    Whoever we got it would be a complete gamble. The much trumpeted Howe could come here and be a disaster and wed crash into a relegation trouble. Wagner looks a terrible idea in my opinion but maybe he'd just fit here and he'd do alright. But that's the rub, he'd do alright. Midtable maybe 7th with some luck. We'd still look crap at times still struggle to beat ultra defensive sides. Manager might be more charasmatic but that would probably be the main difference. Maybe it's the fact I'm not a gambler but as it stands there's no way we should risk the appointing someone who could get us into a relegation scrap because the manager is a bit quiet and dull.
  6. I don't see any similarities. Taylor took on a stable side in its prime, brought in terrible players and was little more than a crap PE teacher. Puel took over a side which was in decline had almost been relegated the previous season and had started very poorly. They had generally been playing awful football as well. We're currently not amazing but no where near as bad as the year and a bit prior to him arriving!
  7. Gubbins

    Why can't we put away 10 men?!

    Southampton's defence yesterday was insane second half. Literally all ten of their players camped in the penalty area. Man City, Spurs and Liverpool have the players who given enough time will probably be able to string an intricate move through that and score. Everyone else would be relying on a shot from outside the box, a lucky break (which we sort of got via ndidis shins) or having enough big lumps in their to hopefully get on the end of a cross. In a nutshell we don't have good enough players to get much more than one goal against that type of well drilled deep defending.
  8. Gubbins

    Who then......

    I think the PL has now almost moved to a stage where any British manager from the championship like Wilder or Lampard will be doing extremely well to have us stay in the division let alone upper midtable. Our oh so patient fanbase is highly unlikely to settle for that (with some actual justification if were facing relegation) and so we just end up looking for a new manager within a year yet again. This leaves the option of a you know what your getting BFS or Moyes type, or we gamble on random manager from abroad in which scenario literally anything could happen. The exception there with our current players though is us playing entertaining winning football whilst easily pulling clear of the rest of the midtable clubs. That almost certainly won't happen.
  9. Top statting there! The Shakespeare era stats are particularly interesting as lots of goals but still ended up in the relegation zone and a lot of the football was awful hoof based stuff. Maybe the reduction of goals from this period is what people are referring to when they talk about Puel sucking the life out of us. It surely can't be the quality of football decreasing.
  10. Hell I totally agree with you, 2nd half today was frustrating but not boring. I also find aimless hoofing much worse than our current possession play. Plenty of people have described us as boring in the post match thread though and it has come up time and again this last few months. Im just interested in why some people find it more objectionable than actually playing God awful full stop.
  11. But overall our football hasnt been terrible compared to say Levein, Holloway and death throe Shakespeare and Ranieri. Yet you've got people saying there bored of coming and never felt like that before which suggest they thought awful losing football was/is more appealing?
  12. It's been posted many times by many posters over the past year about how boring our football is and how they no longer want to go because of it. Often with the addition of saying they've never felt like that before in X years of support. Now regardless of your feelings on Puel I think nearly all of us agree we've seen far worse city sides play a lot worse than we are currently. Is it just hyperbole or was it actually more exciting watching some of our poorer sides struggle in the past? If you are one of the people I've mentioned why didn't you want to stop going when we were being turned over the majority of the time as opposed to sporadically now?
  13. Gubbins

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    I don't disagree, but we don't have one! I don't know what the Silva situation is about but it's pretty obvious hes not gonna play and after that you have bloody King and James. We need to get the likes of them out and get new attacking player in.
  14. Gubbins

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Lots of talk about the insanity of playing 3 DMs against a bottom 3 side but what other options did we have in midfield? And it's not like Choudery was playing in a DM position he was playing well up the pitch. For me the biggest problem in a pretty terrible first half ( Other than Mendy's idiocy and finally managing to do the unwanted double of conceding in the first 15 and just before half time in the same game!) Was our utterly terrible passing. It was so bad from pretty much every player. It was like watching the last few games under Shakespeare but without the hoofing. Now you can argue that we should play in a different style but passing is pretty damn important regardless of how you play and if you pass that poorly then you're always gonna struggle. 2nd half I honestly don't know what more we could have done with the players we have. We literally threw everything we had at them but we simply don't have good enough players to break down a block of 9 players in the penalty area. That's not even true as we did break them down but thanks to Mendy being a twat we needed more. There is next to no point in getting in a new manager as it won't make much difference. What we really need far more is some new attacking players!
  15. Gubbins

    Sins of our fathers

    So what's the alternative? Keep sacking managers for not finishing top 6 hoping we find one that does? Were more likely to end up relegated doing that