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  1. 26 minutes ago, Pliskin said:

    And then Matt Smith who is always Matt smith was referred to as Matt Schmidt........ they must have been taking the piss.

    I can’t believe I forgot about this one. That absolutely confirmed he was taking the absolute piss. 

  2. Just now, Julian Joachim Jr Shabadoo said:



    For all the effort he put into his ridiculous pronunciations, why did he keep saying "Castan"?! That's obviously not how it's said

    I don’t know it was so weird. I got the impression he doesn’t have any friends so makes up for it by pronouncing footballers names incorrectly. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, BroughtonFox said:

    I’m wanting to try and start lifting more weights again as I’m starting to put on the pounds again...


    Does anyone know any good Barbells and dumbbells that you can buy online that are not way too expensive? Turning my garage into a mini gym but have no idea what the best makes are or value for money. Was wondering if any experts know what’s best? 

    At the end of the day a weight is a weight and it is what you do with it. The options you have are standard barbells and plates or Olympic barbells and plates. It really depends on what exercises you are going to be doing?


    If squats and deadlifts and the other compound lifts then you would want an Olympic set. This will also depend on how much space you have as they are bigger. If you are looking at just beginner stuff and nothing too heavy then any standard barbell and weight set would be fine. I know previously it was difficult to buy any equipment  so not sure if this had changed and there are more things available?

  4. Just now, M0901 said:

    Absolutely agree. He did well last season, and yes, you can argue they’ve had a slow start but you’d think they’d at least give someone of Franks stature another full year?


    Southampton not sacking Hassenhutel (pardon the spelling) and Man Utd not sacking Ole has paid dividends for both teams, it goes to show that with time, results can be turned around. 

    Yeah also they gave him all that money to spend then don’t even give it a season to see how it works out. I get that tactically he has been all over the place recently, but still a lot of clubs get battered and out thought by Rodgers but still go on to improve.

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