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  1. How come Chelsea barely play Giroud? He is way better than Abraham and Batuyshi
  2. Arsenal don’t deserve to be winning this they’re shit. Wish they would just go down.
  3. Yeah I know. He asked what does it have to do with love island. It is relevant because she presented it.
  4. Nah that’s bollocks. Liverpool are about 25 points clear in February - completely different scenario.
  5. Must be awful being a Liverpool fan, they’ve not won the league in so long and when they do it’s the worst title race of all time and none of the other teams have turned up. Winning the league by default is not a big deal. At least there is a decent relegation battle on and a fight for the champions league.
  6. I agree it’s a joke of a show and distorts reality for shit loads of women in their 20s.
  7. The media is probably mainly to blame for her death but they should scrap this shit show anyway.
  8. Unabomber

    The gym

    Similar to me but I do: chest tris back bis legs abs shoulders off Best not to do shoulders/chest and tris without a rest inbetween.
  9. He should never ref again let alone a cup final!
  10. Yeah I would. I read the book already so knew what was happening but still enjoyed it. Anyone who enjoyed it I would recommend reading some of Harlan Cohen’s books.
  11. What is with this weird shit
  12. I say we do “oo Iheanacho” instead of “oo Jamie vardy” or do both one after each other
  13. The one day I decide to go down to the pub again and the ****ing rugby is on. Pubs when rugby are on are a right challenge.
  14. Not drank since NYD and not missed it tbh however really fancy some decent beers today. Will prob go to Brew in Ashby and see what’s on.
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