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  1. He was like yeah yellow card that is the right decision. Then the ref has a look gives the red and he says yeah red is the right call. He is a surely just trolling us all ffs.
  2. Oooo Peter Walton has now changed his mind what a ****ing surprise that is. What a loser he is.
  3. Nah that’s too much just play it by here
  4. Lol it doesn’t make sense
  5. Who the hell thought it was B?
  6. Yeah big time. It is abit weird for a start if you’ve never seen it as it doesn’t fit a typical genre. The Illusionist with Ed Norton is another good film also about a magician but I haven’t seen that it a while.
  7. Also Evans and Fofana are clearly way better than him as is Soyuncu.
  8. Also @UpTheLeagueFox off air does he admit to being a professional troll? He clearly is saying those Maguire things to get a reaction out of Leicester fans. I mean everything he says is just to get a reaction, seems a pretty sad life even if he does get paid for it.
  9. He really is a sad little man
  10. I don’t care if you don’t want to and respect people’s choice. Was just wondering what the reasons were especially if the stupid passports become mandatory to do things.
  11. Looks like the WBA players are revolting against big Sam playing like this. He will be fuming.
  12. Get rid of VAR. Allow standing and drinking in the stands (but beer cups must be binned so as not to make a mess). Retrospective 5 game bans for any diving or cheating. Refs stop giving those soft free kicks where defenders are shielding the ball and then just go down. So frustrating. It wouldn’t be a freekick or pen if it was the other way round.
  13. Got mine from here https://www.theoutdoorlook.co.uk
  14. Yeah well it is up to you then at the minute it is a sellers market and it seems most are going for at least the asking price. Like others have said decide if you would be happy to lose it for a few extra grand. If not then stick another offer in closer to where you need to be.
  15. So in a week you haven’t had any feedback on your offer? You don’t even know if it has been rejected? If so that is shocking from the agents.
  16. Just watched the prestige on Netflix it’s my fave film ever man so good. Anyone who hasn’t seen it just watch it ASAP wow
  17. So all being well I will be in my new house in July. Previously I have only gone from living at home to my first house. When moving how does it work with things like energy, tv internet etc? As in transferring them across. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Didn’t rate this one! Especially not for the price
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