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  1. Sounds good, you had Kasteel rouge? That’s my favourite Belgian fruit beer. Love La Chouffe too not had it in a while will have to pick some up for when I’m on holiday.
  2. If there were a few decent bars and bottle shops/taprooms there it would be amazing.
  3. You are living the dream today!
  4. Well done you now made it 6
  5. Let us know what you get. I got a good haul of Belgian/German beers from there the other week but they have a good selection of U.K. beers too.
  6. I have had a few from Polly’s recently which I have loved. Best I have had over the last few weeks have prob been from Verdant. Brew York go big or stay home TIPA was class. Also had a beer from Pentrich last weekend called Dream, Dream, Dreaming and that was up there so going to get more from them. Not had anything from Pamona Island before so will look out for them.
  7. Nice one. I have been spending a fair bit in my local bottle shop but they don’t get any Deya in. Also it is cheaper to buy from these online places.
  8. Just put a big order in at premier hop. Their selection/prices are the best I’ve seen.
  9. Cheers mate good selection and prices.
  10. Where are you getting yours from mate? I’m tempted to drive down to their brewery on Sat and pick some up,
  11. Yeah they are classic not had a bad one and was one of the first English craft beers I tried.
  12. So they are all in the departure lounge but only the winners get the flight to the new stratosphere. The losers have to get the mega bus home. This commentator is off his head now ET has ****ed him.
  13. I assumed buy him get the club free. If not we should just not even start.
  14. How much would it take to sign him? £15m?
  15. Well that’s disrespectful to dead people, shame
  16. Would Celtic do a swap deal for Albrighton? Maybe worth a try for sure.
  17. Apparently just scored a hat trick
  18. I really enjoy food shows but this is just incredible. The first one I watched was the Canada Montreal episode and it was just brilliant. Love that he goes to proper mental places and restaurants. I will definitely read that book when I finish my current one.
  19. I know it’s so naive. They have bought their way though the leagues yet people think Eddie was some amazing manager who worked miracles. It is the media that are the worst for it though. Very strange imo.
  20. Unabomber

    Tapping up

    Pretty sure this doesn’t happen as would not be fair on lower teams. Surprised so many think clubs would resort to such unethical methods.
  21. Bournemouth should go for Pearson although might take some convincing as not sure if he would drop down a level.
  22. Doubt Howe will get another job in football. He will prob open an upscale estate agency on the south coast called Howe’s a new House feel?
  23. Did they show a replay of the goalie error? Not seen anything? Also why did the guy get sent off can VAR not rule out incorrect yellow cards? Looks like they are trying to get Arsenal to win but not sure why? Probably something dodgy going on with bets or something.
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