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  1. Always bloody sideways ffs
  2. I had that one a few weeks ago bloody delicious.
  3. @Costock_Fox vault city releasing cherry skies this Sunday mate. I also picked up their cheeky vimto from brew earlier.
  4. Has anyone actually said they want him out?
  5. Someone’s got to provide the balance
  6. I’ve been skimming passed this thread as just seen ZORYA and thought it was the name of some weird prediction generator or something. Just realised it is our next opponents! Crazy
  7. Unabomber


    Sorry about that mate
  8. I did that the other day but they spotted me on the doorbell camera and the guy came out and was like erm what are you doing? He then let me in to view so worked out quite well in the end apart from the fact that it was too small.
  9. I think 7 points win against wolves n Leeds draw arsenal
  10. Can’t really complain can we, most expected a loss and it was only 1-0 so result really I guess
  11. Wow much better than anticipated keep it up lads
  12. Wait what you actually did it? I said don’t do it???
  13. Decent enough team all things considered but would’ve preferred under over Perez
  14. Anyone need a stream just go to Vipleague usually pretty good
  15. Anyone seen anybody having a go at auguero for touching the lino? Seen piers Morgan saying it should be a red hahahahaha
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