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  1. I like how West Ham are so bad a signing players they are just seeing who we are linked with and bidding for them. So small time and pathetic
  2. He’ll be fine! No chance he’s out for long
  3. It was free to stream doubt anyone paid.
  4. Positives I thought Gray had a good game. That should see some decent offers.
  5. Is gray having a ****ing laugh or what what a shit show
  6. Morgan lmao come on man you don’t need to be doing that
  7. Currently drinking magic rock what are the odds. It’s a DDH DIPA and part of Tesco’s new range and it is very good.
  8. Yeah 9 rolls in a pack and 5 packs. Didn’t take me too long to work out. Wait a min I meant to say 45
  9. Just got back from Tesco and saw a bloke buying 85 toilet rolls. I can’t believe that shit is happening again.
  10. Come on panini no need to moan tonight
  11. ****ing amazing man I love this guy I love Belgian men actually I am not gay but still guys wow
  12. Does my head in how they pronounce James.
  13. Wow that is a seriously impressive implosion by West Brom.
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