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  1. Please tell me you’re joking?
  2. Especially against Scotland.
  3. He should but also manage leicester. I have done it on fifa, it can be done.
  4. Was buzzing for that game all week and Southgate serves up that shower. He should walk away. We haven’t had a squad this exciting in years and he managed to completely stifle them. It’s almost impressive how bad he can make us play.
  5. Southgate out Pearson in till the end of the tourney
  6. Completely on the manger this one and his reluctance to go against his favourites from the so called big clubs. Embarrassing weak negative unambitious management.
  7. Unreal comment from him, I’ve been retreating further into my sofa since 8:15pm
  8. I know someone should start a thread about it
  9. Wasn’t a pointless post imo as I was just posting my thoughts. I am bored with the game though.
  10. Guarantee Man U would’ve got that last season
  11. Agreed it’s just stupid. Rashford has been in shocking form for months.
  12. Huh? Don’t worry about it mate I just like him.
  13. Southgate loves Sterling don’t he
  14. Southgate can’t even take the right player off ffs
  15. He should play ahead of Sterling that’s a no brainier
  16. Bet predicable Southgate makes a change on 60
  17. The only thing they should be warming up is the post match bath.
  18. Did they just say Rashford and Henderson are warming up?
  19. No changes wow Gareth is a joke manager
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