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  1. Nationwider

    who would you rest for the Chelsea game?

    I think there's a strong chance that Cambiasso will be rested. Hopefully he'll play though - with the momentum we have, we will hopefully throw everything we have into getting at least 4 points out of the next two games. If Vardy is fit, he'll play. Players play with injections all the time so there'll have to be a pretty strong argument from the club docs to prevent him starting. Ulloa might be benched - I think Terry and Cahill would happily play against him any day, rather than the pace of Vardy, Mahrez. I think he'll go for: Kasper - Huth, Wes, Was - Albrighton, Schlupp - Drinkwater, King, James/Cambiasso - Mahrez/Nugent, Vardy
  2. Nationwider

    U21s / Development Squad 2014-15

    Another good night for League 2 scouts.
  3. Nationwider

    Online Study/Qualifications

    First time I've logged on in 43 years, and TPH is still going strong... Olé! (Sorry - that was sod-all use. My training has all been in the public sector as is therefore a bit pants and inaccessible unless you're a CivServ)
  4. Nationwider

    June 14th Plans?

    The Gods have decreed that I will be heading south back to the Mother County on 14 June. I'll make this as plain as it is horrific-sounding - I may need to watch the Italy game in a pub in Loughborough. I used to know Loughborough quite well. The fact that it was a hellhole never mattered when I was a yoof. Now I'm slightly dreading it. Can anyone recommend any likely World Cup pubs for me in the Luff? I used to watch games in the Barley Mow and the Griffin (and possibly the Blacksmiths, which was always my favourite pub) but I assume everything's changed and their all Costas and Phones4U now? Any good recommendations?
  5. Nationwider

    Joe Kinnear Back To Newcastle!

    God bless Mike Ashley for bringing us another helping of Joe Kinnear - he's the gift that just keeps on giving. And he's just up the road from Paulo Di Canio too! And in the season when Horrorway and Jose return as well. There is now officially no need for any football to be played in 2013-14. *Stands back and applauds*
  6. Nationwider

    Dave Richards- new chairman?

    Is he the love-child of Harry Redknapp and Roy Hodgson? The truth will out.
  7. Nationwider

    Motorway Pubs

    Wetherspoons don't need to sell any alcohol at a motorway services; this move is about the ubiquity of the brand. They latched on to the concept that there's far more money to be made in food than wet sales a decade or so ago. That's why the number of Wetherspoons is increasing by about 5% a year despite the fact that the traditional pub sector has been in decline since the credit crunch/smoking ban era began. They may well operate an initial motorway restaurant/cafe at a loss (Let's not kid ourselves, it's not a 'pub'; their competitors are Harvester, MacDonalds, Greggs and Costa, not the Whistle & Trumpet...they just happen to sell alcohol) but it's all about getting the brand into the services before anyone else; like they have done in shopping centres, stations and airports. As MooseBreath points out, if service stations become bona fide leisure destinations, you can bet that Wetherspoons and Costa etc will be the first to pitch up. There's far more money to be had from families with kids and bus loads of OAPs than there is in sales reps in Mondeos after a cheeky Carling on the way home.
  8. Nationwider

    Which Playoff exit left you feeling the worst?

    Swindon - having pulled back those three goals, the sting in the tale was horrendous.
  9. Nationwider

    Pearson to stay

    Leave it Darren, he's not worth it...
  10. Nationwider

    Players for next season, Who do want, Who's free?

    Sako - avoid avoid avoid.
  11. Nationwider

    A reminder of our finances.

    Our owners spent their first two years in 'Fantasy Football' mode. It was pure vanity and indulgence hiring SGE so we can't really complain about him; they let Sven play a high-stakes game and lost. Behind the wheel of their King Power-branded monster truck, they look as lost as Venkys, only with better PR. On a different note, I'm amazed that some people have such confidence in our contracted high-earners being moved on in the summer. I'll defer to any decent insider knowledge, but precisely why would Wellens, Gally etc move now when they can continue to get paid a huge wedge whilst remaining in the shop window on loan, ready to move at the end of 2014 (or 2015) for nothing?
  12. Nationwider

    Next for Wayne Rooney?

    If he leaves United, he's just about enough of a truculent @%!£ to go to Man City. I don't see him leaving Cheshire to be honest, never mind the UK, so City would be the only viable local option. There isn't really a natural role for him the in Chelsea c.2013 side as I don't see him wanting to play as an out-and-out front man - a new manager might change this, I suppose. If Spurs were to get 4th place, then the thought of Rooney playing deep behind a main striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation with Lennon and Bale either side of him would make me a little moist (were I a Spurs fan). But I'm not, and it won't happen anyway.
  13. Nationwider

    Knockaert "dive"

    Never had a problem with diving and I never will. It's one of the many controversies of the game that I'm more than happy to live with - like time-wasting, poor officiating and disallowed goals that actually crossed the line. All part of life's rich tapestry etc etc... Things that football can do without are (but by no means limited to) - international friendlies during the season proper, moving fixtures at short notice for telly, paying over £30 to watch a regular league game, racism and homophobia at every level of the game in all its forms, and many many other things. Diving? - wouldn't feature in my top 100 grumbles.
  14. Nationwider

    Hooray the Hartlepool

    A Hartlepool adult season ticket for 2013/14 (in L2) is just £150 if purchased before the end of July. Ludicrously good value - I'm actually slightly tempted by it (I live in the NE). Decent ground, plenty of free parking nearby and the pubs are cheap as owt. If I only go to ten games, it pays for itself.
  15. Nationwider

    2-1 or 1-0 are we that bad?

    Points-wise, we're nearer to relegation than automatic promotion.