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  1. Bigger argument for the US than across the pond to be fair, women's football has a way to go in Europe as it still suffers a certain level of apathy from your general football fan. Side note: Using 'feminist' or 'feminism' as a derogative is a pretty weird thing to do, considering there's a number of different feminist movements and beliefs that aren't always analogue. It makes about as much sense as blaming Islamic Fundamentalists on 'Conservatives'.
  2. I understand your point of view as someone on the right, but I think it really reflects on his lack of leadership more than it does on his anti-semitism. A man that stuck in his own way shouldn't be leading the Labour Party and the Momentum propping him up just seems to add to his arrogance.
  3. The Black September stuff was inexcusable, that much is true, and there should have been much of an effort to clear ground and make amends. However, whilst we can never know for certain, I think its fair to say Corbyn isn't a raging antisemite, it was rather a poor choice of association than outright hatred for Jews, and whilst those elements DO exists in the Labour Party I doubt it makes up even a sizable minority of it's membership (again, this doesn't excuse the lack of clarification and clear ups within the party). However, by the same token, the government has had a working relationship with Saudi Arabia, a country that regularly cites 'The Protocols of Zion' as fact. Is there the same level of animosity for this?
  4. The worst the 'Far Left' get in the UK are bad opinions, attempting to deplatform people they don't like at Uni campuses and a couple of bellends throwing soft drinks. Meanwhile the Counter-Terrorism Chief noted four foiled terrorism plots from Far Right extremists in 2017: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43200966 There's also a growing number of Far Right referrals to prevent: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-47645863 There's plenty of bellends and apathy in the Far Left, but this myth that they're somehow the biggest threat to the West is clearly bullshit.
  5. If you're a Pro-Remain voter, I saw a tactical vote website that recommended voting Green, as the best outcome for the East Midlands is 2 Pro-Brexit seats and 2 Pro-Remain seat with one non-aligned. Not sure how true it is, I wouldn't seriously vouch for it, but I can't trust Con or Labour like you so my vote was likely to go Greens anyway.
  6. Finnaldo


    Coventry for me, they're the closest out the lot for me so there may be bias but also: They're geographically the closest to Leicester, and at the same time it's also West Midlands vs East Midlands, in that respect I think it's the only one of its kind? The cities have taken total different journeys. Yeah Leicester isn't exactly a tourist hotspot, but what is does have is decent and has been slowly but surely improving over the years. Coventry resembles a concrete Mordor with no respite or hope for betterment. Makes Leicester look like Monaco. In much the same way, whilst Leicester City rose through the leagues to our fairytale Premier League win and European tour, Coventry were slinking to their lowest ebb as a club in the most embarrassing and humiliating way. I honestly believe that when Coventry bounce back, which they eventually will, they'll be all the more bitter for it. Living in the shadow as badly as Coventry has builds massive resentment. When we did play them regularly, there was much more animosity and bitterness then against Forest or Derby, and whilst we all know they're convincing themselves they don't care there's certainly less tension in the air than when we've played Coventry. The glee they had when we entered administration, the shirt burning, its our only rivalry with a real spitefulness to it.
  7. Its funny seeing them fail year on year but if they don't come up then we'd never get any local derbies? And lets be honest, they're secondary rivals to Forest & Cov (although it may be a long time until we play them again, unless we get a Cup tie). If anyone of our three real rivalries come up it'd have to be Derby.
  8. Derby. Villa were 'the big Midland club' before our ascendance, helps us a lot if they stay down. I've never liked them as a club anyway and Birmingham is shite, one trip a year to the West Midlands is enough for me. I've also never really cared TOO much about the Derby rivalry. It's still an East Mids derby however and its been a few years since we've seen of them in the Prem. Also, I'm sure it being advertised as 'the East Midlands derby' will boil a few Forest Fans' piss
  9. Agree with most of this except:
  10. With the folks around those parts you have a little extra motivation...
  11. That hill looks a bastard to climb tbf
  12. I mean I can’t personally say what they’d want or wouldn’t want to be honest their last valuation is probably a good place to start however.
  13. Similar damage? Andrew Neil laid out a genuinely tough question for him regarding Georgia’s abortion laws, as he would for any other guest of any other political affiliation, and Shapiro instantly folds. Shapiro then calls Andrew Neil, a Thatcherite, ‘left-leaning’. Neil moves on to Shapiro tweeting that an entire ethnic group “is good at destroying”. Old tweet or not that’s a pretty drastic statement and worth pulling up on any self-respecting Political Commentator. You can’t say Neil had a particularly good or bad performance, because Shapiro instantly abandoned any semblance of a coherent argument when he was actually confronted. Perhaps he’s best sticking to Dave Rubin to massage his ego, clearly not up for the debate he’s always so eager for.
  14. Monaco wanted £40 million, Silva is worth £10 million at least.
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