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  2. Finnaldo


    Fvck me some of you on here are a little delicate aren't you? I've never been a fan of Mahrez's lack of professionalism in the last year + but I've seen people since the end of last season and especially now after the World Cup openly say he's a defender with massive potential that could play regularly for a European team, Mahrez has said that and he's a snake. Our current position is a mid-table team and until we push on and look for a European spot then Mahrez is absolutely correct in that.
  3. Finnaldo

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    I said two things at half time: 1) For how instrumental Southgate has been in transforming the England team, my only real criticism so far is being too slow to the sub. 2) If we score the second goal quick they’ll collapse. Otherwise we’ll be in trouble. I still stand by both those points. Southgate’s reluctance really cost us and I believe had we made the necessary subs at half time we would have punished them.
  4. Finnaldo

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    The John Wick films have some excellent one shot action scenes. To the point, one angle, flows well with the film's narrative. How actions scenes should be done.
  5. Finnaldo

    France v Belgium - Semi Final Tues 10 July 7pm

    Belgium win, 1-0. Reckon it'll go to extra time, a proper slog as well.
  6. Finnaldo

    Family friendly Pubs for the England games

    Been meaning to post this since the World Cup started. Spilling beer can be unavoidable but some people are quite clearly planning to throw their beer about for the sake of 'scenes'. Planning your celebration is a proper shithouse thing to do.
  7. Finnaldo

    UK Geography Quiz

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  9. Finnaldo

    Bumper World Cup Quiz

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  10. Finnaldo

    Legalise cannabis?

    Not really far from my point, to have to rely on begging those older than you is still a lot harder than having a dealer ready to produce it whenever called upon, and if they are to get into underage hands the product will be well regulated and not full of shite. As for shoplifting, like fags you'd imagine it would be kept behind the till so no danger of that.
  11. Finnaldo

    Legalise cannabis?

    Disappointed, but not surprised.
  12. Finnaldo

    Legalise cannabis?

    Also, do you have any argument to the actual points I made?
  13. Finnaldo

    Legalise cannabis?

    Webbo you need to read my post mate.
  14. Finnaldo

    Legalise cannabis?

    A few sources: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/12/11/following-marijuana-legalization-teen-drug-use-is-down-in-colorado/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.37392887fc5d https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/colorado-s-teen-marijuana-usage-dips-after-legalization/ Clearly, what others have said about legalisation lowering underage usage is correct. I find your arguments bizarre. I've never, ever known people to sell contraband alcohol, the closest I've seen is the old bloke down the pub trying to hand out his homebrew wine which came out closer to moonshine. Kids in this country only ever get alcohol if their parents or older siblings/relation give it to them and at that point you can do nothing about it either way. You're really pulling at straws with this Webbo, legalisation wherever its been has been an outstanding success.
  15. Finnaldo

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Finners has got a point, put Vardy in Sterling or Lingard's place when they had their chances last night and it's going in.