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  1. Is this any different to what we’ve seen globally regarding ruling party’s popularity? We’re a month into the response and not near our peak yet. It’ll be a lot more interesting to see party popularity a couple months into lockdown when we have a better idea of our first wave death count is.
  2. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    Ah right, so it’s not the tests it’s the capability to perform them that’s causing the underperformance so far?
  3. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    I didn’t even realise they’d upped the target to 100k p/d ffs. Unless they have a strategy which means the numbers will bump up immediately (I’m assuming this is the case otherwise I’m baffled), then they need to be a lot more honest about their capability. If they don’t come close to these target it’s going to look like an irresponsible sound bite to curry public favour.
  4. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    Within a month if I’m not mistaken, which means the deadline is this time next week. The figures on Monday were 16,000, yesterday’s were 14,000. So they’ve got 10,000 to make up in a week. From Gov.uk:
  5. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    I mean, it’s an extra week old, so it’s now three weeks later and it’s over 10,000 short of it’s target. So really they’re not doing what they said they’d do, not in a timeframe most people would find acceptable considering the gravity of the situation.
  6. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    I’m not going to make a political statement on this because I’m tired of arguing the same points, when it’s counterproductive and exhaustive to all involved. But there has to be an investigation into how we got into this shape. More time to prepare than most European countries, demographically younger than certain European countries badly hit, and we’re looking at potentially being the worst hit country in Europe. It raises a lot of questions.
  7. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    Fvcking hell thats awful news. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery
  8. It’s a good time to be a net contributor and threaten to leave. I can’t imagine the EU being gutted about Hungary leaving, I’m sure they’ll make a song and dance about it being a shame and European unity but it goes towards balancing the books and it’s easier to let a thorn like Orban piss off than ruin their image. It’s not like they’re known for their intervention unless they feel it’s an easy target (Italy) or they have them by the balls (Greece).
  9. It’s a leader regardless. It was a stupid response to a stupid statement. No one except pillocks think you need women leading everything to be an equal and just society. I see more of this shite than I do people actually suggesting it, it’s as bad as the freaks on Twitter and Tumblr who actually suggest it.
  10. So you want a female leader for the sake of it? Never had you down as a SJW. They’ve had two female leaders anyway: Harriet Harman and Margaret Beckett.
  11. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    True, I don’t quite understand why you’d go through the bother of a pay cut (which then obviously drags the PFA into it) than just come to set agreements with players to sacrifice part of their pay packet once it’s received and taxed. That said, the PFA haven’t crowned themselves in glory particularly either...
  12. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    Couldn’t they keep their pay but agree to donate a set amount after tax back to the club to pay staff? More radically, could they not give up a week or two’s pay? Now I’m not their accountant but you have to think a first team player for a Premier club can afford to go a week without financial ruin.
  13. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    There’s your answer. We sold our industry to them, and therefore made ourselves reliant on them, for a quick buck. We’ll never recover our industry but hopefully this shows we need to at least increase our self-dependence by encouraging and promoting British products. Shows we need to nationalise infrastructure like our railways as well. China are apparently lurking and I don’t trust those in charge not to grab for the bag of cash when it inevitably comes.
  14. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    I appreciate your point for the most part, the only thing I’ll put forwards is: During the infamous This Morning interview, the general trend of the conversation is that the government were still considering what response to pursue, the herd immunity theory is explained, and then Boris says the correct response is “somewhere between” what he described as draconian measures (presumably lockdown) and herd immunity, Vallance presented it very much in a positive manner as a viable exit strategy. It was a few days afterwards the forecast of up to 250,000 deaths if herd immunity was followed, at which point it’s mention was dropped from any official government briefings or communication. In context of what was said, you can see how that has led to where we are now, but I think the issue is to describe lockdown as ‘draconian’ and herd immunity was just to ‘take in on the chin’ without any negative connotation of what that could entail misled enough of us. If you go early enough in this thread you’ll find me, Voll Blau as well as those who are natural government supporters defending the idea of herd immunity. There was definitely a consensus on here that we all thought it was to an extent part of government policy. Clarification after the death forecast corrected that. I’ve previously said the government took a u-turn, which I acknowledge was incorrect, but looking back there was enough haziness and lack of clarification on the path we were taking that the idea that Herd Immunity, to both critics and government supporters, was part of the plan. I knew a few friends who were part of the lot mobbing pubs and ‘enjoying their last night out’ and when I asked them why they’d risk it I got the same answer most times: “well if we get it now we’re immune and can just go back to work”. I know people up to this point that still swear by it. My biggest criticism at this point is that the comms were far below par and the government should have been much firmer in our path and what each step meant. Cheltenham & Champion’s League games shouldn’t have gone ahead, and if you’re gonna shut a pub, it seems counterproductive to allow people to cram in for one last night rather than putting it in place one morning. How we come out of it will be the ultimate judge however.
  15. Finnaldo

    Corona Virus

    4,000 infections and 90ish deaths in a population of nigh on 5 million, not far behind Scotland in that respect. So you don’t understand what this programme is? The idea that as a bloc they can purchase enough higher amounts o ventilators for cheaper than individual nations can making it easier for all involved to access what they need.That’s the plan.
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