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  1. Castagne absolutely immense once again, terrifying this is him still mingling into the team, he could well be one of the players of the season across all leagues.
  2. Quality distribution that, lad looks cool as anything under pressure and it’s not like Marseille are mugs either.
  3. Same for me mate, I’ve been working from home before lockdown was even announced, personally I’d much rather be in the office as I actually quite like the commute to get me in the mindset for work looking like we won’t be back until January. Hope you’re in sooner rather than later mate.
  4. Honestly, I’m not sure another national lockdown would do much for two weeks, and it’s just giving the economy another kicking. Especially when you’re allowing schools & workplaces to remain open,
  5. Aren’t unemployment rates through the roof over in the States at the minute? Covid has its hand in it but the lack of worker protection plays into it as well. Don’t a good portion of mass shooters in the State often admit far right views? That Dylan Roof fella who shot up the black Baptist Church and the guy who did the shooting in Texas against ‘immigrants’? Have they not killed many more than BLM and ANTIFA? Trump’s legacy is riots, mass unemployment and polarisation unless something drastic happens. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Biden will be a particularly inspiring President, at least better than Trump however.
  6. Who the hell are ‘the left‘? You’re talking in such broad terms that reach from social democracy believing in welfare reforms in a capitalist system to hardcore collectivist Stalinism, there’s often more infighting between them than between those individual factions and ‘the right’. Are you happy to be thrown in with White Supremacists and the KKK as part of ‘the Right’? And we don’t know what will happen if Biden wins, there’s more heavily armed militias on the right than on the left so I certainly wouldn’t rule violent action out. What has Trump achieved in his Presidency to make him a great president? He’s done better than any far left agitator to polarise and destabilise the country as far as I can see, and as we’re seeing now his economic policy isn’t exactly successful.
  7. Ben Shapiro is one of the most influential voices of the American Right, he’s far from someone who ‘no one likes’. And I’m not surprised a lot of their voters are anti-Trump, he’s been an extremely poor President all-in-all. Are BLM a bad organisation? I think that’s an argument to be had, but they certainly haven’t they showered themselves in glory. The idea, however, that the American Democrats are some Far Left Party is ridiculously stupid, if they achieved all their objectives under current leadership they’d have the fraction of the welfare many European countries have, and you’ll still have folks over there paying $15,000 for an ambulance ride to hospital.
  8. He did also call Andrew Neil a ‘leftist’.
  9. Some equally inclined to speak about ‘the Left’ as some hivemind bloc devoted to a conspiracy to take down ‘the West’. The idea that America is some welfare state is one of the more fanciful things I’ve heard today. The current ‘left’ Presidential candidate doesn’t even support universal healthcare.
  10. Didn’t know Ben Shapiro frequented FoxesTalk!
  11. That goes for politicians and people of all stripes.
  12. People dying within a month of Covid could fairly be considered a Covid death, no? I understand that shouldn’t be the case if they clearly die of something else (an accident or other physical trauma death) but if I otherwise it’s fair assume it greatly weakened them. Anecdotally, almost a decade ago my grandad got cancer, and beat it. But he was a shell of the man he was afterwards and within a few months he was in end of life care in LOROS. I don’t think he would have deteriorated anywhere near as quick without the cancer, ultimately it did kill him. Personally I could see that applied to some post-Covid deaths too.
  13. Without meaning to sound snide, even prisoners get exercise time, and I can’t see how you can stop food shopping without delivering rations door-by-door. And I get what you mean about work but due to restrictions a lot of employers simply weren’t allowed to open anyway. For a virus that is mostly deadly to the old and vulnerable (and not to downplay it, of course it also leads to mid-term to long-term health issues in some) it’s the most extreme you could really be ‘locked down’.
  14. True, it’s either Biden siding with the EU and telling us to give our head a wobble and stay in line or it’s Trump bullying us into a deal that strips us of a lot of our industrial standards. The special relationship, as per virtually any diplomatic relationship, is/was purely pragmatic and of convenience. For us it was having an ally in the ideological-aligned rising superpower of the day, and for the US we were an anglophone nation that was strategically important constant in Europe whereas the continent was a patchwork of constantly realigning alliances of anti-capitalist or anti-democratic ideologies. Nowadays, Western, Southern & Central Europe are firmly democratic nations organised under a single bloc, so it’s a lot more easier to deal with the continent than it was in the 20th century and as such there’s no longer a need on the American side for a ‘special relationship’. In terms of the Irish lobby, isn’t it more bipartisan? I get it tends to be more so through the Democrats but the Republicans have their own IRA cheerleaders.
  15. I agree with Sol personally, a couple weeks and if the deaths are still this low then we should see a plan for larger loosenings of restrictions.
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