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  1. Regular hand washing and using masks when you’re ill is living in fear? It’s common practice in East Asia and has been for years. Take your silly hat off for a minute and think about what you’re being hysterical about mate.
  2. Deflection, or projection? It’s a bit of an odd phenomena. There were a few high-ranking Nazi officials or well-known Nazi sympathisers who were themselves of Jewish descent.
  3. It’ll pass either way. Tory ‘rebels’ have a track record of making racket about golf courses then vote in line. Quite how the 80 seat-majority government got to this point where it’s even discussed will be a tad concerning for them I imagine.
  4. I’ve heard that chanting and the occasional shout down the football up to lockdown unfortunately, and I’ve heard the latter from family and down the pub. It wasn’t that long ago someone came on here and queried how successful the vaccine would be with ‘all these illegals running around refusing to get one’. From my experience, it’s less in the public eye but there’s still, as @Dahnsouff put it, an insidious presence that acts more of an undercurrent, and it’s a lot harder to challenge and combat than overt racism.
  5. The movement brought it on itself, ultimately. I agree with some of the issues brought up but then you had videos of big crowds shouting ‘hands up don’t shoot’ at unarmed policemen (as is typical) and ‘defund the police’ when the unified stance from the left is that the Tories have been UNDERfunding the police for decades. The whole thing reeked of Americanisation, a lot saw the hype over the pond and wanted to recreate that over here with little thought of what actually applies to our situation, outside of the Bristol Colston issue. Too many bad takes from extremist gobs getting air
  6. You’d hope, given how the rates seem to be dropping rather quickly across the county, that come the review we might be able to drop to Tier 2.
  7. Then every two weeks onwards right?
  8. Leicester City & Leicestershire on Tier 3.
  9. The online postcode checker is down according to the BBC.
  10. It gets more and more obvious that as much as there’s a section of society willing to get offended by everything, there’s a opposite group willing to take any edit or correction, no matter how benign or simply well-mannered it is, and screech about how it’s censorship and the second coming of the Stasi. Culture War nonsense is completely exhausting unless you have nothing better to do with your life than scream at each other over the fvcking Pogues.
  11. In thee two dose vaccines, does this first jab offer any protection? Or is it on the top-up that you’d hope to see immunisation?
  12. This is only based on hearsay in a German auto trade magazine, I’d wait for something concrete to emerge first. A lot of people pointing out the new Qashqai model was only announced to be manufactured there the other day...
  13. I’m sure plenty of those multinationals will get the profits for their reward, although I don’t see the same financial rewards for healthcare staff (in balance, hats off to AstraZeneca for making it non-profit, and any other private company following similar paths) And I fully agree we should be letting in the best and brightest, but I think you can only gain by encouraging those in underrepresented groups with the ability if there’s systemic issues holding them back. At the minute that’s primarily white male working class boys. The more talent we allow to prosper the better.
  14. Is this really still going on? The frontman of the band himself backed the move. Kirsty MacColl for years sang it live without the word ‘faggot’. It’s a single radio station, not even the entirety of the BBC radio. Radio edits have been a thing from time immemorial. It’s available uncensored on plenty other radio stations, TV music channels, online streaming platforms, and YouTube. This really is the weirdest of hills to die on.
  15. Judging from a lot of noises that come from SAGE, there’s been plenty of times where this government hasn’t followed the science. ‘But Labour’ doesn’t really explain the contracts for chums, the Eat Out To Help Out scheme boosting infection rates or a completely useless track & trace system. Even if the last election’s other candidate was shite doesn’t produce a bye for shoddy and poor crisis management.
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