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  1. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    We've need fresh legs for 10 minutes. Puel has royally fvcked it.
  2. There's times I seriously question whether I have early onset Alzheimer's, like when I can't remember my first pint at age 21 My family has always been pretty lax about it,I remember having shandies when I went for a curry when I was 11 or 12, my first pint could have been between 14-17. First legal pint, I think, was at the Hinckley Knight in Burbage. It would have definitely been Guinness.
  3. Quiz of Quizzes of Quizness

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  4. Should the darts and other sports ban 'walk on girls'?

    To be fair, Dr Peterson gives plenty of evidence of outcome based on real life applications (Scandinavia, where women are more likely to be nurses and men more likely to be builders despite exhaustive initiatives and drives to render gender roles totally sterile), but rather than challenge the research, or the point at all, she claims that Peterson is stating women can't be involved in these fields, despite him quite clearly saying it's MORE LIKELY rather than impossible. He goes on to give personal examples of women he's helped in certain male-dominated career and she AGAIN tries to steer the conversation to him suggesting women are weak and incapable, again absolutely nothing to do with his previous point. It would be drawing out an interpretation if it was in any way linked to the studies or personal case he's citating, but rather she makes a broad blanket statement that's barely connected to the Peterson's argument. I'd argue the only time she really offered a counterpoint she walked straight into Peterson's logic and she got stung to the point she had to admit he 'gotcha'. Her attempt to mock the lobster point he made at the end was pathetic and showed she felt she was obviously 'losing' the argument. On a side note, cheers for linking the JBP video Matt, I have a lot of time for his content and it's clear he has societal improvement at the top of his agenda, without being antagonistically conservative or socialist.
  5. Should the darts and other sports ban 'walk on girls'?

    Politics around it may be murky but it's a case of 'finally' in my opinion. They serve ultimately no purpose, if Ken had brought up some story from the Social Justice Weekly about a bloke losing his job as a 'lunchtime motivator' whose job description was to stand at the water dispenser and make small talk and used it as an example of evil corporate corruption you would've laughed it off. The girls are gonna be contracted to a modelling agency, they'll likely get actual modelling jobs where they serve a purpose in marketing. If not and their only jobs were being perved on by a bunch of drunk lads at the darts or 100 metres away from F1 fans, odds are they aren't cut out for the job. It seems this whole issue is being used as a stick to beat Social Justice Warriors with, and whilst it goes too far sometimes, I think it's important to point out this wasn't instigated by them, it was a bunch of dirty old men at the President's club trying to save face. Perhaps you should target the old misogynists instead in this case...
  6. Should the darts and other sports ban 'walk on girls'?

    Doesn't really deserve to be 'banned', not sure how far it's actually been banned rather than just removed, but who the fvck cares? "The girls enjoy it and get paid for it!", but they're doing a job that's literally useless, they're paid to walk up to the stage/podium and have a couple of photos taken, all the while no-one gives a shite they're there because they came to watch the darts/F1. I know of one Grid Girl and she's with an agency, and I presume most of them are, so they'll probably actually do some modelling work. If they can't get it, then they're probably not suited to that career. I'd be more concerned for all those who lost complete employment when Carillion went bust, not for a woman who can't walk onto a dart stage and get paid for it.
  7. Diabaté Signs

    Slapped another £10 million on his value for rolling up to Peterborough from some French Ligue 2 backwater, banging one in before 10 mins have gone and Milly Rocking on Peterborough with absolutely no restraint or remorse.
  8. Would you date a Transsexual?

    To the original question, pre or post-op, no. As for your follow up Matt, I'd argue you're looking at it through a very narrow scope of what being a trans person entails. Firstly, asking those in favour of transsexuals (in this case man-to-woman) would date one, presumably post-op, and using it to suggest they don't see transsexuals as their preferred gender, is flawed because it simply comes down to preference. You could have a bloke who doesn't see black women or asian women as attractive and wouldn't want to date a woman from either of these groups. To conclude that man is racist and sees them as inferior would be ridiculous. Because his sexual preference has zero impact on how he sees these people socially. From what I've read, transsexuals often feel like they're 'trapped in the wrong body', and presumably that expands beyond genitalia. How you present yourself socially, how you interact socially can often be different depending on gender, 'treated like a lady' is something we hear a lot generally and you could imagine it's a damn sight harder to be 'treated like a lady' when you're basically a bloke in drag. This is why trans ops are so important to transsexuals, sexuality helps, but genitalia ultimately affects how you're treated in society, if you feel trapped in the wrong body, that change is likely the only chance you'll have to seen for who you feel you are. Personally I'm fairly liberal in thought, if you don't agree with transsexuals, sex changes or thinks its all a mental illness that's on you, but I don't think it's fair to brand people as hypocritical on this genitalia/sexuality issue.
  9. Banished

    Been two years since I last had a crack at this, tried a hard game and lost half my population in the first winter kinda helped though, meant I could micromanage and grow out a lot better, up to a population of 18 but my gatherer huts are beginning to struggle for food at this point...
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  11. Countries Picture Quiz

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  12. History Quiz

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  13. I'm 20 now, a lot of my friends are currently at Uni and I've spent plenty of time visiting them over the last few years at three or four different Unis of different standing in different parts of the country. I'm naturally left-leaning, especially socially, a lot of my aforementioned friends are as well but even they say a lot of what their course mates, housemates and general acquaintances espouse are too far for them. It's a lot more prevalent in History, Literature and obviously social studies subjects, one of the lads who does History at the University of Birmingham says he gets shouted down should he criticise one of the Marxist or Postmodern theories that are mostly taught, he's had the same things at parties or just from housemates when they discuss it. What 'most students' WERE doing is slightly different to now where society has become highly politicised, we saw how much students came out in force in the last election and why that's clearly a good thing it seems to have led to plenty being dragged to the fringes as well. Marxism is fairly easy to get your head around and in my experience it goes hand in hand with identity politics which have led to the kind of ridiculous articles you've seen above. If this was such a fringe minority, you wouldn't have the University having to apologise, and you wouldn't have Universities banning somberos and the like. It's not a majority of students, but I'd think you'd be surprised quite how large it is, and it's only being encouraged. Only recently there was the whole Lindsey Shepherd incident in Canada (for context: http://www.macleans.ca/lindsay-shepherd-wilfrid-laurier/), my mate who's half-Tunisian Muslim-turned-Atheist has pointed out on his course (which is IT, he also did one year of Engineering) there is overwhelming amount of support and network groups organised for women, because they're 'under represented' (it's not like they simply choose not to do it on the most part) whilst most men on the course have nothing of the sort. He said he was invited to some kind of support or network group because he's in an ethnic minority, but refused on principle. The bloke is as white as English bloke down the street in everything other than name and the lad next to him wouldn't get the same opportunities as he does, because it happens to be his dad's from Tunisia. This isn't a dig at left-wing politics, both the lads I mentioned and myself voted Labour in the last election, but clearly Universities have become more and more about identity politics and political correctness through the fact Marxism and Postmodernism are so highly protected above any other ideologies.
  14. If this thread was on track then it'd been 80% articles on Universities like this. Most students follow Marxist or Postmodern Theories as most professors preach it and this is the result sadly.
  15. Man United Post Match 2-2!!!

    Put a cheeky £5 bet on to draw at 89 mins, cheeky fookers put the odds down from 17/1 to 11/1 Happy with the £60 tho