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  1. Finnaldo

    The gym

    Managed to escape that luckily! I go on three-to-five mile walks every day during lockdowns as to not obliterate my fitness, that said a lady who usually goes the same time as me did say I looked like I needed an oxygen mask after ten lengths and I don’t think she was far off See I was the other way round! Regular gym-goer until Feb last year (new job I started last January slowed it down a bit) but I only managed a few weeks between second and third lockdown so this is my first consistent period in the gym for a year and a half, and the swimming came along as my mate I wen
  2. Finnaldo

    The gym

    Really been back on it since the gyms reopened. Currently doing swimming twice a week, gym twice a week, 5-a-side once a week and when it’s open to multiple households again I’ll be doing badminton on Fridays. Swimming’s a WIP (only started going last August) but I’m about where I was pre-lockdown gym-wise. Such a great feeling to be back, no better feeling than after you’ve really pushed yourself especially after months of inactivity outside of walking!
  3. I have a feeling that this will urge Starmer to at least launch some basic policy or platform. Probably his biggest criticism is that he appears apolitical so to launch some basic policies to unite the party would probably do them some good.
  4. To be fair Labour would have lost the seat in 2019 very handily had it not been for Richard Tice. Just seems like a correction at this point. Pandemic and virtually most campaigning halted for the majority of the campaign I expected nothing but a repeat result and that’s what we got.
  5. I agree mate, and if they’re not up to the task then it would be good to see grassroot fan groups like Union FS co-ordinate with other club’s fans groups to act and get some response from all related organisations.
  6. Given the whole Super League debacle it’s clear fan action still has a lot of sway. If there was more organised action in regards to rail seating, twenty’s plenty etc. we’d probably see a lot more movement on the issue as well as more press. It’s far too easy for the club to avoid having any strong position on it at the moment.
  7. Aren’t German Greens a bit more to the right compared to their British counterparts? Like Lib Dems with a particularly environmentalist twist?
  8. Fair points! However in counter: He was a lead writer for The Times a few moons ago and it’s not unlikely he still has plenty of contacts in the media, there's talk of him being the senior government leaks that was spouting so consistently over the last year, so it would make sense these sudden leaks and government would come from an influential Tory with reason to try and axe Johnson. And I think you’re totally right on the second paragraph, but he’s probably delusional enough to think otherwise, and that’s the point of my post mainly, endlessly scheming for something h
  9. This sudden flair-ups indicting Johnson has Gove’s fingerprints on it, his other half works at the Daily Mail which seems to be the main driver of all the noise. Coincidence or is he making another play? Gove’s a godsend for Labour at the minute, they’re all over the shop and need to rally and in time for the end of the pandemic and reopening he seems back on his case for top office. The man seems to have a unordinary amount of influence in the Conservative Party and the media (less surprising considering his background) and yet he’s absolutely repulsive electorally, Boris has ‘chara
  10. It’ll probably get a short term reaction from the old’uns who are frit to death of Covid and will feel a bit sour, but apart from a bit of a drop in the polls for a couple weeks or so, they’re the Tory base and as you say, they won’t defect permanently over a crass BoJo comment will they?
  11. Yeah it’s a very, very steep accusation to make, and I’d need to see a bit of development on the story before outright stating it as objective fact. Could I see Boris saying this? Given his history, yes. Could I see Boris saying something a lot tamer that’s been massively caked up by the Daily Mail? Absolutely yes, it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve targeted Boris. It would be a shocking revelation if that’s true, but the Daily Mail doesn’t inspire complete confidence in me that it’s the reality.
  12. Kane surely has to leave now? They’re absolutely dogshite, worst they’ve been in years and play like that in a cup final, wasting his career at a failure club.
  13. Imagine all this time without being able to go to football, your team gets to a cup final and you’re lucky enough to get a ticket. Then you play like Spurs have Hope we at least look competitive in the FA Cup final ffs
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