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  1. A lot of truth in this I think, and it’s goes a little deeper. In the grand scheme of football, Nige is a decent football coach. He can do a sterling job in the Championship with backing and has enough about him to keep a Premier League team up. The real strength he’s always had really goes beyond the manager archetype. Realistically given his own way he acts as a Director of Football on top of a manager. When he came back for the second spell he clearly asked that he be given the last say on all things to do on the sports side of running a club. Sports Science, Sports Psychiatrists, towards the sabremetric scouting and purchasing in lower leagues across Europe, he built an entire infrastructure where managers usually have almost no say. It’s one thing to just be a ‘head coach’ as most managers are, Pearson was a manager in the purest term. It’s quite clear this is absolutely essential to his position, given his record at Derby and Leuven, but it’s a system that literally took us from a team on the down in League One to a Champuonship Play Off team, and then took us from an average Championship team bloated with egos to Champions of the Premier League. If Pearson was Spanish or German and had pulled off what he did here over there, his system would be praised as pioneering and it would have been seen with mysticism over here as something that English football just can’t get its head around. As he said in the interview, it isn’t a ‘project’, it’s a total revolution of the system in place. No wonder he’s extremely careful with his jobs because it’s so essential a club is on board with every aspect of his plan if it’s to succeed, and we’re a clear example of how that can work.
  2. Finnaldo

    Notre Dame

    Fair and non-threatening criticism of all religions is acceptable and posted here all the time. You'll notice however that as when people post half-baked and extremely stereotypical statements on religions such as Islam or, in the case of ozleicester on Christianity, it's often ignored/dismissed or challenged as daft or stupid.
  3. I went about a month ago, walked down... and just went straight back up again they've killed that floor
  4. A year older in that case mate, it has enough decent pubs or bars to make it worth going but it's certainly inconsistent. From my own experience there's similar-sized cities that show it up but much, much worse places as well (see: Coventry)
  5. I mean Mosh can be a decent night to be fair, it's just by 21 I felt too old to be there
  6. Pretty insightful read when your most prominent clubs nowadays are Republic and Mosh...
  7. Everyone thought he was a bellend for chipping it so probably. Why bother though? He's parading round in fancy dress after he scored, two goals up with a third of the game to go. That is the most disrespectful thing on the pitch and I'm glad he got his comeuppance by getting done in the last minute and called out for it.
  8. Youri, from what I’ve heard from stories and others around him, seems to be a pretty clever lad by football standards. He was a teenage prodigy at Anderlecht and could’ve left a lot sooner than he did, but he clearly recognised he had room to develop and stayed on to captain the team, clearly helping his growth as a player. Here he’s hit the ground running, seems to enjoy England and more specifically Leicester and our facilities at the club, he’s already loved by the fans and he slots into our team without a thought. He’s very unlikely to be this comfortable at another club and there’s a good chance any big club that comes in won’t give him the chance to develop like we will. Ever since his beans on toast interview, regardless of rumours regarding other clubs I’ve had no doubt he’ll sign in the summer. Perhaps he won’t, but from his attitude and history he seems like he wants to be here full time, and Silva will be heading the other way.
  9. Italians are actual baboons. Been doing this sh!t for years and people wonder why they vote in Lega Nord. Never grew out of Mussolini.
  10. Bit part as he was he scored goals in The Great Escape and 15/16 that kept us up and won us the league. You don’t have to be starting every game to be an integral part of a squad and realistically his impact on the squad only ended in 2017, that’s ten years on from his debut. Testimonial fully deserved.
  11. To be fair you only have to spend a fragment of Spurs' cost to improve the quality of our concourses exponentially, which was Finnegan's original point (I appreciate it deviated to quality of the kiosk which I agree with). A few million could make our concourses a decent experience, which is copper & shrapnel in comparison to Spurs.
  12. Very true. My hope is that we see some development alongside the extension work with additional training for staff. The state of our catering is about fit for League One.
  13. You could serve multiple decent beers and upgrade the kiosks as a whole for significantly less than Spurs have splurged on it though. Big difference between a nice looking, good quality kiosk and, as Finnegan put, the ludicrous hipster bars Spurs have implemented.
  14. Southern Strategy, Part 2.
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