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  1. Refs need to be fined for not using the fvcking equipment they’re paid to use. Absolutely fvcking robbed with that pen and it’s completely changed the balance of the game against us.
  2. What’s going on with Vards?? Stuck in a Manchester hotel
  3. Brendan needs to prove he has the man management skills now. This team is pathetic.
  4. As someone who drives an old Ford and doesn’t give enough of a sh!t to probably ever buy a BMW, is this whole ‘BMW drivers’ schtick not a confirmation bias? It’s been around as long as I remember and from what I see on the road it’s as likely to be a up-their-arse middle class BMW driver as it is a scrote in a beat up Corsa or Fiesta. I just treat most other road users as potential dangers and get on fine.
  5. That’s not right is it? The population of Leicestershire was just over a million last time I checked. Nottingham is also smaller population—wise than Leicester I believe. As others have mentioned, FA Cup is a harsh measure against Premier League games, personally I don’t think we’d necessarily fill 42,000 instantly but it’s an investment to grow the club, and further success could help that growth.
  6. Condolences Una, these things are horrific especially when it’s out the blue. You should feel free to grieve however you feel, and remember you have your family, friends and Foxestalk if you ever need a shoulder.
  7. Again, under what Boris has said about ensuring European nationals don't feel at home, I doubt they'll be able to detect many unless they go full firebrand, like I said they couldn't screen a Holocaust denier until the media fully outed them so I have no hope for them to catch a dormant Far-Right element until its far too late.
  8. 'He' will be kicked out, the vast majority of infiltrators likely won't. The infiltrators that have joined the Party on the back of Boris' rhetoric. Trying to word it differently doesn't change that fact.
  9. The people who 'understood' him just ordered their members to join the Party and back him, because: Paul Golding – who has received a welcome email from the Tories following his application – told the PA news agency he liked the “cut of the cloth” of the Prime Minister after he described Muslim women who wear the all-covering burqa as looking like “letterboxes”. You sound like a Corbyn apologist.
  10. How do you find them? 'Letterboxes', 'picaninnies', 'watermelon smiles'? These are all things the PM endorsed, he said himself during the election run-up 'EU nationals shouldn't feel like this is part of their home', making foreigners not feel welcome is what the PM has endorsed. You could almost argue that's institutional, couldn't you? I'll give the Tories a period of grace but I hold very little hope considering these people have been galvanised by the prime Minister himself.
  11. All well and good for a couple of high-ranked recognisable members of those groups, how are you going to spot loose affliates or the footsoldiers entering? Neither side could screen Holocaust deniers and racists for seat candidates ffs. With how you've criticised other side I think you need to hold your hand up here mate.
  12. Tommy Robinson née Yaxley Lennon joining Britain First leader joining and encouraging members to join. Katie Hopkins suggesting it's 'her' party now. Oh deary, deary, deary me.
  13. Not trivial in my opinion, front pages swing elections and the less memes or Daily Mail front pages that make you look like you’re standing 201 feet from a playground at all times the better. Corbyn, apart from his genuine issues, looked like a stereotypical ‘Scruffy Commie No-Gooder’ and it made it very easy to paint him that way.
  14. Bit of a double-edged sword innit? As someone who is probably not far older than him and whose friends have for the most part graduated, it’s really done to a few different factors. You say he isn’t sure if he’s dedicated to another three years of academia, but he needs to ask himself exactly how much that’s the case. From what I’ve seen it’s very easy to get seriously disillusioned with a course, even if it’s a subject you previously had seriously enjoyed. By A Levels I was already somewhat tired of academics, and whilst I got passable grades, I seriously couldn’t see myself lasting another three high-pressure years. Two of my mates who went on to do History (which probably would’ve been what I went for) at University of Birmingham and both struggled at points and were both sick of it by the time they came out, and they both had better grades than me out of Sixth Form. Once you’re in it can be a real slog at times. That said, if he does truly enjoy the subject he wants to take a course in then he should do it. At that age you shouldn’t sacrifice any academic pursuit just to ‘get a job’, it isn’t a healthy mindset to take into adult life in my opinion. I notice as well a lot of people on here rubbishing degrees in ‘the arts’ in favour of more ‘vocational’ degrees in science, computing and engineering . I can see that to an extent but in practicality, it’s not necessarily true. There’s a massive shortage of teachers in general, and the government is throwing money at graduates in bursary form to do PGCEs (one year teacher training to the uninitiated) science teachers do receive the most from what i recall, but others do receive notable sums and it’s a proper career with tangible benefits (not many jobs you’re taking a 6 week break in summer! ) I have a few mates who have taken this route from non-vocational degrees, including one of the aforementioned history graduates, and it’s going well for them, and it takes what most would call ‘useless’ degrees and can make it into a very rewarding, well-paying and stable career. In terms of a year off, it’s probably a wise move if he’s unsure. As long as he’s doing something productive or rewarding, like a job or travelling, it gives him time to take some pressure off himself and consider his options. Ultimately it has to be his choice and if he’s unsure he should take the time to think about it.
  15. Anyone know a way to get highlights from 2. Bundesliga? Tried looking the other day but it didn’t produce much.
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