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  1. Can’t be arsed with any of them nowadays, Coventry will always be scummers but they’re too far off to consider right now. What is interesting though, is I’ve noticed more and more videos on social media of Forest fans singing about us as well as Derby... Didn’t care apparently but now we’re relevant in the world football scene and those who remember Forest as anything close to relevant die of old age, they sure seem keen on hating us now
  2. Liverpool need a loss and an embarrassing one at that. I’m pretty sure regardless of the result, Man City aren’t the team they were last season and will drop points throughout the season. If we’re looking at top spot (which any team in the top four playing like we are should be) then we need Liverpool to start accumulating losses and a brutal nailing by ManC today is the best starting place. Liverpool 0-4 Man City
  3. Cheers Matt. What I find bizarre is, a similar poll found 11% seriously considered leaving the UK... over the January 2015 Paris Attacks? A foreign terrorist attack? I know in the grand scheme of things its close but a tenth of those polled prepared to leave the UK... Fvcking Christ. That's a catastrophic failure in selection, and it'll give critics reason (quite rightly) to look further into Labour hopefuls...
  4. Apologies if I got this wrong, but the evidence given here is that Corbyn has attended pro-Palestinian conventions and conferences also visited by several malicious groups? It seems to be the main focus points here. Other parts of that thread and those linked suggest he's also likened a removal of the Gaza blockade as Jewish refugees (which is dramatic but neither really here nor there as a call for humanitarian aid) and criticised prison conditions, which even in excerpt suggests its more to do with prisoners held without trial, that's made out to want to free terrorists? These parts seems rather tenuous to be honest. In terms of these conferences, has it ever been shown that he engages directly with the terrorists/men-of-interest he's linked with? There's always a vague mention of 'brothers' (which from what I've seen tends to be used to refer the conference-attendees as a whole) and other than photos where they're all in frame yet not shown interacting, I've never seen him personally support these individuals clearly, only in these Twitter threads with a vague connotation that because they were both in attendance they're in cahoots. At this point, I'd like to point out that I'm decidedly for a two-state agreement with Israel-Palestine, and that both have committed horrible acts. From what I understand you have two democratically-elected yet authoritarian & usually antagonistic regimes in Israel and Palestine, but the Israeli government is supported by the US & NATO meaning their violence tend to go either unnoticed or gently condemned whereas Palestine are very much on their own, meaning any support has to go through conferences generally frequented by Hamas and former Black September members? I don't like that Corbyn picks a side, but he seems as guilty as the UK government in those terms. So I could read into it, have you got a link for that Matt?
  5. That's exactly my point, but without a solid plans for social outreach I feel it's a big money sink, and I haven't seen anything from Patel to suggest she has one lined up.
  6. There's an argument that politicians who hold office of influence and power with these attitudes tend to embolden those with similar views and more malicious intent. More brutal police measures is putting a plaster on a gaping social issue thats been widening ever since Tories cut social outreach programmes and community centres. I'm sure we'll get prettier-looking statistics but until the massive social issues that are the undercurrent of this rise in crime it's seems like building a house on unsteady foundations.
  7. Yeah well I'll take it forward with me from now on, might have saved me from an awkward situation in the future so cheers Matt! To be honest it may well be a blissful ignorance on my part, like I said I hadn't seen Merchant of Venice but know of the character Shylock being the origin of the term, I just presumed it was like Judas with no inherent racial or religious bias attached, I've known of perhaps two Jewish lads in my time and neither more than an acquaintance. I'd reiterate though, a public office job requires an understanding of things like this, the Labour Party aren't exactly in the position to let like this slip and it shouldn't be ignored, I just wanted to throw my tuppence in.
  8. I mean I've literally grew up with the word 'shylock' meaning a liar or deceiver without any Jewish connotation attached, this is the first time I've known it to have a anti-semitic history. I see it being viable. But as I said, it's not excusable from a hopeful for political office, background or not they should know better especially directed at a Jewish person.
  9. I'm not going to lie, I've always known 'shylock' as someone deceptive, I (roughly) know of the Shakespeare character but this is the first time I've heard it was rooted in anti-semitism. So to an extent I can understand his excuse. ...but from a candidate for a seat in Parliament it's unacceptable really, and when it's directed at a Jewish councillor in the Labour Party's current state it does raise some questions...
  10. Does he have a history of being a penis? I didn't hear of him from his first spell in Parliament and the first I saw of him was a BBC News East Midlands report around the 2017 General Election, he only seemed to go full Stalin after the antisemitism issue.
  11. I really don’t have issue with critiquing immigration law or failure in handling integration but can we move away from the Great Replacement Theory talk please? I feel like we’re a couple steps away from blaming a certain influential religious group...
  12. Last minute equaliser would be quality.
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