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  1. Welcome Back Matty James

    Fickle? How? Jammy clearly stated 'on current form', James has been solid so far and as long as he continues to improve he should be in the starting XI, what's wrong with that? It wasn't suggested he was in anyway better than Drinky other than on current form and if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  2. Welcome Back Matty James

    Would say the exact same.
  3. Iborra injured

    We put out worse in some games during 15/16, I don't get the fuss. Most said after pre-season that we should start with James and N'Didi anyway. That team you put up is exactly what I'd pick and that's good enough to beat Arsenal with the injuries they have.
  4. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Didn't Ranieri knock off a good portion of the Sports Science team during the Glorious Revolution of late 2016?
  5. Soccer AM 2017/18

    Lloyd Griffith, Jimmy Bullard and John Fendley. Jesus fvcking Christ.
  6. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Same, occasionally would wonder down as its not a far walk from where I live, decent player about 5 years ago and improved since but £18.5 million Unbelievable when I remember him getting done by the Halifax full back five years ago.
  7. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Quietly optimistic about this in the run-up. Arsenal's injuries helps us no ends but it will still be a battle. Debut goal for Ihenanacho perhaps? 3-1 Leicester
  8. Welcome Kelechi

    It's only a buy back clause, I'm 80% sure you can't force someone to move back, it's ultimately his decision and if we're doing amazingly and Gabriel Jesus is doing the business you'd hope he wouldn't go back just to be moved on again.
  9. Vardy and Iheanacho

    He did say he'd improved, and that was only a few touches in s friendly. Hopefully he'll replicate it all season but thus far in his career he's not had to have a world class touch when he'll be first to a ball with his acceleration and pace anyway. From his Man City spell we know Nacho has had an adept first touch for a couple seasons, and it's been clear in some games that we've been crying out for a forward who's not quite as direct as Vardy and whilst we'd be had Ulloa and Slim to play this role Iheanacho is a massive step up. On top of that, in the classic 'behind the 9' role Okazaki has been instrumental in having someone a lot stronger and balanced with a quality first touch could be massive. Could really be a massive partnership if it clicks and the service is there.
  10. Legalise cannabis?

    Most heroin addicts would pull their own teeth out for a fix, you think your dad giving you a thrashing would pull you off the stuff? The only way to get addicts off that shite is serious support and rehab, and that requires them coming forward to receive help. However from what I've read and seen most are either too scared or too ashamed to come forward because it's stigma as a crime. The only solution I can see is for it to be seen for what it really is: an extreme addiction that requires serious rehab to recover from.
  11. Welcome Kelechi

    Interesting thought I had today is that having a second quality striker in Nacho, could that help alleviate the pressure Mahrez found himself under last year with triple/double marking? I love Shinji as much as the next man, but as the only player who linked well with Vardy last year it became obvious that opposition were aware of the fact you can hassle him and he'd be on his arse in a hot second. Obviously that meant they could pool more bodies into neutralising the only other direct threat to Vardy in Mahrez. Now with Iheanacho showing glimpses of a promising partnership with Vardy, if it really gets going that'll mean opposition teams will have to pool their men more evenly and give Mahrez the space and time he needs to thrive. If they don't, then they leave their defence at the mercy of Vardy and Iheanacho. This is before you even consider what N'Didi can do with a bit of space within range. Hopefully this spine can take us places this season, looks promising in the little we've seen so far
  12. King or vardy - whos the bigger legend

    I knew what a load of shite this thread would be from the title alone. There's no ranking Club Legends because they can be legends for different reasons. If you're going ability it's Vardy. If you're going commitment to the cause and someone who epitomises post-bankruptcy City it's Kingy. It doesn't work on a sliding scale in the majority of cases. That being said it's not a surprise Kingy's getting slagged off again. So instead of pissing in the wind I'll list off his achievements and if you still want to question his status as legend then I don't care to argue: Player of 13 years with a fair contribution in each season since his breakthrough in 2007-08 In that time he's become our top scoring midfielder ever Medal Winner for League One, Championship and Premier League champions (one of the few if nto only players to do this in all of English football) Contributed goals that won us points in all three of those seasons as well as the goal which kick-started the Great Escape and in turn, allowed the miracle to happen. Semi-Finalist in the Euros whilst representing us (thanks Scouse) Blessed us with 'The Many Faces of Andy King' thread for which we all be eternally grateful. Stayed through all of it despite having several offers in hsi early career to clubs that were in a better position for better wages or in recent years where he could've been a starter and played regular football. My case is closed. If that doesn't make you a legend, then like Scouse said you'll be struggling to draft up a five a side team from all our players since 1884.
  13. Legalise cannabis?

    In that case are can't really argue with your stance! In my case I've never smoked it but have plenty of friends who have and continue to. I think it should be legal, obviously with the restrictions and protection other substances get. That said, it should be noted that although it's argued it's not addicted it's easy to get into a routine or rout in which you're smoking almost every day and that can seriously affect your productivity. It happened to my friend and it took a serious shaking in his personal life to sort himself out, he's lucky he's at Uni where he could afford to be as slack or he could have been in serious trouble. Luckily though he's straightened out and whilst still smoking, it's in moderation. I guess that's the thing, I likely won't ever smoke and I'm pro-legalisation, but I still think those who choose to smoke should be well aware of the issues you can develop on not necessarily an addiction but a routine that's hard to break.
  14. Legalise cannabis?

    But you could argue the same about alcohol.
  15. The I Love Lloyd Dyer Thread.

    Didn't Dyer score the one goal we got against Real Madrid in the friendly that year? It's difficult to give Legend status to someone who was solid to very good in League One/Championship, but for six years of dependable service, as well as being probably the most exciting player in our team up until Knockaert and vital in League One and Championship-winning seasons it's hard not to call him a Cult Hero. Absolutely love him and always will and that article about his son being a Leicester fan just makes me love him even more You'll always be my signature Lloydy