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  1. This is about right, this is also the most successful period of Johnson’s premiership since he won the election. I’d be concerned if Johnson wasn’t pulling a few points ahead at this stage. I don’t think an opposition regardless of effectiveness could really do much in the current circumstance. Really it’s a case of damage limitation and then regaining some ground as the economic realities of Covid become more apparent, I imagine they’ll be pushing for a full enquiry into the pandemic handling once they feel the Vaccine surge has settled down.
  2. They will. The French public aren’t exactly the most science-driven when it comes to vaccines and uptake polls were low as it was. I can’t imagine what this entire fiasco has done to public opinion on vaccines, but his intentions were clearly for ill (what else would he get from trying to trash a vaccine?) and it will cost his own people dearly. Probably one of the lowliest act a statesman could do.
  3. You’re not wrong, once they explained it on the phone I just accepted it and went, way I see it if you’re on the list you’re on the list, they have some left over at the end of the day anyway so you might as well get it if offered. The GP’s normal reception was moved to an outbuilding, and because it was empty I did go in after my jab just to ensure there wasn’t actually muscle atrophy on my record
  4. Includes me! Got a text from the GP on Wednesday, asking me to ring to book an appointment. Called up, told them I’m 24, healthy with no underlying medical conditions I know of, they reckon I have a muscle wasting disease on my record, had to call me dad about that one Was booked on today regardless, had my vaccine at 3:15. Got a bit woozy (have a crippling fear of needles) but otherwise no worse, had the Pfizer so presumably 90% protection in three weeks. Staff at the GP were all excellent and powered full a full room within 20 minutes, including the 15 min waiting tim
  5. I think people forget that Macron is something of a populist himself. Sure he’s not your firebrand left-right populist like Trump, Boris, Corbyn or Sturgeon, but the bloke started his own politician party to launch his own Presidential ambitions on the basis that the establishment left and right aren’t focussed enough on the real issues, it was a Centrist version of Trump’s ‘Drain the Swamp’ message. Part of that populism is fervent Europeanism and that’s why he’s so reactionary on any U.K.-EU matter, like the border closures over the Kent variant. For the most part I don’t think the
  6. Silent Hill looks dead in the water at the moment sadly, given the Kajima Silent Hill project (that became Death Stranding) got plugged and now Konami seemed concerned about pachinko gambling machines, although you’d hope given now Resident Evil’s reboots have proved successful there may be hope on the horizon yet:
  7. I hadn’t played many games in recent years, occasional session on HOI4 aside, as I haven’t had a console since my PS3 packed in about 8 years ago and my PC was built in 2013 and was far from the greatest build even then. However with a new job back in January and money saved from sitting at home for months I built a brand new one for around £850 (which was cheaper than it should be as my mate sold me some high-and second hand parts he upgraded). So I bought a few games bundles on Steam’s winter sale. Bought the Mafia Definitive Series for £30, thought the original Mafia remake was ex
  8. Is it any real surprise? The government has overseen the best vaccine rollout in Europe, it deserves plaudits for it and rightly that’s reflected in the polls. Of course, we have the roadmap out of lockdown on Monday, followed by the March budget, and then you’d assume an end to furlough sometime between now and late summer, which may bring up some economic realities that may well push the resolve of the government. That said, coming out of lockdown Starmer will have to offer some solid policy rather than play the co-operation card. How effective that will be remains to b
  9. Thanks lads. Am I reading into this wrong but outdoor sport are available from April but ‘leisure will be back to normal in July’? So gyms aren’t open until July?
  10. Have you got any examples? What’s the jist? I haven’t seen any media sources reporting on roadmaps and they love a leak so I wouldn’t be too worried.
  11. I know we will, I’m just a little confused about why France shouldn’t do business with Germany because they had an awful regime once upon a time? If that’s the case why should any region of the Empire where we manufactured famine or used concentration camps (in the same period of Nazi Germany) trade with us? If you’re gonna diplomatically hold countries today on historical injustices rather than just move on then we’ll have an ever shrinking list of trade partners ourselves.
  12. If this is your opinion then fair enough, but in that case then after the famine, wars and distress we’ve historically caused to a quarter of the globe we shouldn’t expect much trade ourselves.
  13. Proper winner’s mentality that, be shit for 3/4s of the game, be 1 goal down and end up winning decisively, against the reigning champions nonetheless. I was as critical as anyone last season when we seemed to have no gumption for any important game, it’s a far cry. We’re really looking like contenders now, even if I think Man City will win it handily, getting these results coming out of winter is excellent.
  14. My guesses would be a blend of: - Genetic sequencing being in full gear now, so it’s a lot easier to identify variations than earlier in the pandemic when everyone was scrambling - A full winter in the Northern Hemisphere pushing up cases - they’re high everywhere that hasn’t kept it out so there’s more chance of mutation with more people infected? - With the vaccine news largely positive, media are always going to be looking for the negative slant: fear sells. Variations making vaccines useless is the only real angle to get concerned viewers watching or rea
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