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  1. I think you just described virtually all online discussion
  2. A legit Melton Mowbray Pork Pie
  3. I'm not sure putting dick pics on Instagram has a positive correlation with becoming a professional Youtuber. I'll trust you on this one though, sounds like you've done some thorough research on the topic
  4. Can anyone actually point out why weed shouldn't be legalised when alcohol is? And if you can't, are the anti-legalisation posters also pressing for prohibition? For reference, I don't use weed and I've never even tried it.
  5. Aye, I would've thought they'd pay you to stop!
  6. Problem with Tommy Robinson is that whilst he's intelligent and capable of critical thinking (as he's showed in parts in his Oxford Union speech which has been mentioned and is worth the watch), he's also a horrible hateful cvnt. For what hat he's pointed out about radical elements of Muslim communities placing themselves in 'community leader' positions and Saudi funding in these escapades he then fails to draw a line between the moderates in the community because he either can't tell the difference, which would contradict the detailed investigating he showed at his Oxford Union speech, or he simply knows he can spin it to suit his ends. The second option seems right as he removed himself from the flailing and increasingly isolated EDL to move over to become leader of PEDIGA UK which seemed to be on the rise on mainland Europe and found decent deals with that maniac Alex Hunter and his massive viewer base and a good platform with Rebel Media. He's obviously a very clever man who knows how to build a following and tell them what they want to hear. It's just a shame he's using his obvious intelligence do boost his personal standing with empty, obvious statements like "they'll be backlash" to whip up radical far right frenzies rather than being able to use it, like Matt said, with respected academics and experts in a more moderate environment to stand a chance of being more accepted and making a real change, I imagine it's the risk of losing his base support and not being accepted by moderates that stops him.
  7. I think there is a logic behind coming here as an assistant manager rather than stay on at Oxford, there's monetary and status-wise especially if he's ambitious as some Ox fans seem to suggest. The monetary one is quite clear seeing as we're paying him about 5x his salary at Oxford, but there also seems to be a somewhat unfair stigma about promising League One/Two managers and the glass ceiling to the Championship can often keep them in the lower leagues unless they force themselves into the Championship. I'd go as far to say you're more likely to get a job in the top two leagues having a decent managerial tenure in the lower leagues alongside one of the senior coaching roles at a Premier League side than just a longer and more successful stint in the lower leagues. Plus regardless I'm sure Shakey, like Maguire, would have sold the vision to him to bring more and more success to the club. Who knows, another successful European campaign in a couple years and the value and prestige of that no.2 spot sky rockets. I can definitely see why he took it and I'm quite excited to have him in the coaching staff for next season, we could assemble quite the team as a whole with a good window and then who knows what?
  8. Thats the attitude most had about the young vote before they started screaming about how it wasn't fair when they actually voted!
  9. Again this, even those who aren't necessarily traditional Labour voters (I know a few) will vote for Jezza on the basis that they're tired of the Tories squeezing all they can out of society for personal gain. This is a blacklash against as well as a win for Corbyn.
  10. This. Also on another note, isn't it funny how those who enjoyed pointing out Jeremy Corbyn's early support were green haired foaming at the mouth, screaming hard left feminists and Marxists who say around screaming how terrible 'the man' is, are now the ones sat around screaming how terrible the yoofs are for ruining everything? Careful chaps, you might be pulling out the placards and megaphones soon
  11. Zero interest in any of this stuff. You can get a lot better for much, much cheaper.
  12. Oi oi steady on with that chat mate, the finer areas of South-West Leicestershire use that as well
  13. Not realistically, consensus seems to be that it was back up to Maguire anyway.
  14. 29, 30 in January
  15. It's just a shame she's from a party that would persecute gays given the chance and has roots in groups that committed just as heinous crimes. What a victory for humanity.