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  1. Finnaldo


    Is the New Walk one the one with the recreation of a cobbler Victorian Leicester street? I’m pretty sure I went a few years ago and I was impressed. They also had a WW1 walk through trench when I was there, was pretty cool. Theres plenty of interesting history around the Civil War and Danelaw periods for Leicester, I hope that’s implemented or at least considered.
  2. Finnaldo

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Puel was responsible for what was a 1-1 draw up until Albrighton literally gave them a goal.
  3. Finnaldo

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Did Puel instruct Marc to save it?
  4. Finnaldo

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    I’d be upset if it wasn’t the Third Round of the FA Cup. Puel gave the old guard a go to prove they still have something to offer and they let him down. Oh well, push on to a spot in Europe.
  5. Finnaldo

    Brexit - Has anybody actually changed their minds?

    My position was near-Eurosceptic, I'm not opposed to the European Union but I'm discouraged by a few of the actions it's taken (keen membership expansion seemingly just to get countries within it's sphere, Greece, the entire Catalonia tragedy). However I felt we were better in to reform and even if that wasn't the case, we didn't have a strong enough government (or politicians in general for that matter) and the geopolitical situation was not in our favour enough to negotiate an ideal Brexit. Now I'm more convicted that is the case. This is my biggest fear to be honest, within 10 years we could be in the position of being in an awful economic position and ultimately being England & Wales. The alternative is we're in a worse position now but just out the EU. I really, really can't see any advantage to this.
  6. Finnaldo

    What's in the news?

    There were similar figures from the BBC not that long ago showing a pretty significant rise in prevented far-right terrorist attacks as well. Edit: I’ve found an Independent article on it, 4 within a year https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/terror-attacks-uk-threat-far-right-national-action-isis-nazis-westminster-finsbury-park-a8229876.html
  7. A Centralised, Worldwide Church will inevitably lead to this. With so much money and influence its easier to sweep these issues under the rug than confront these issues and the condemnation it brings. There's plenty of independent churches nowadays that offer the exact same worship without the child abuse and backwards politics the Catholic Church offers. It'll never collapse whilst it can take from Latin America but hopefully it's relevance will fade in the Western world. Knowing you Oz you've said this for two possible reasons: 1) You genuinely believe a whole religion made up of hundreds if not thousands of denominations is equivocal to the one authority that happens to be known as the most corrupt and hypocritical of it's kind. 2) A 'gotcha!' for those in the Grooming Gang threads, trying to suggest those correlating the grooming gang phenomena with a cultural background is the same of claiming a whole religion needs to be shut down. Either way, its not a good look mate.
  8. Finnaldo


    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 102 seconds  
  9. Finnaldo

    What's in the news?

    You being fatphobic there, bro?
  10. Finnaldo

    Watford post-match 2-0 Puel out chit-chat

    2-0 win. 7th in the league. Puel Out, indeed....
  11. The guys has sold this stuff for the last two year on here. Those on here who posted having bought it (on the original thread and the couple on here) only had positives feedback from what I remember. Clearly he's legitimate and people are happy with his product, he even ran you through the costing (even though he was at no need to do so) and there's clearly an audience for it. He's not forcing anyone to buy it.
  12. Incompetency suggests innocence, of simply not being equipped to succeeded or up to the task. What we've seen following Rotherham isn't incompetence, it's an intentional attempt to cover up and erase an entire catalogue of some of the most degenerate and damaging crimes you can inflict on a person. After all we went through with Rotherham, there's absolutely no excuse for the fact so many other cases have remained buried, and now this in Rotherham itself. This action will only lead to further ethnic strife and division in communities, they'll be massive shame when we look back in 20 years at what we allowed.
  13. Finnaldo

    Black Friday deals

    Mentioned a newsletter, perhaps you had to be signed up prior to receive the offer?
  14. Finnaldo

    International Mens Day

    Best it’s been since Tennant in my opinion.
  15. Finnaldo

    International Mens Day

    I almost drew the example myself but its an extremely dangerous area to get in to. Honest question, how do you recommend this is achieved Mac? I've seen this said before but I don't see how, in the same vein of reducing murderers, its a particularly achievable goal.