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  1. I don’t see it personally mate, I agree too much of the movement got itself into a rut by trying to import wholesale American ideals. Keir Starmer, as an example, backed the initial movement and ‘took the knee’, he’s then criticised off-mark stances like ‘defund the police’ and yet he’s still Labour Party leader with the best public backing in years. I’ve criticised the movement for certain stances with friends and publicly on social media and I’m yet to be cast out or sacked from my job. I suspect the majority of the country either doesn’t back BLM or do so very fleetingly and disagree completely with the radical elements. I think the fact a few TV Execs and Corporate Marketing Teams, wholly of their own volition may I add, decided they’d get a good look removing certain episodes of TV or mascots/advertising characters, which was met by confusion even by the likes of Owen Smith, and the acts of a few bellends on the marches have conflated the influence this group realistically has. Whilst I understand your point Strokes, I would ask you to consider retracting the Nazi Germany comparison. A few radicals being particularly vocal with a few bad takes, with no real societal power outside a couple marketing ploys, isn’t really comparable to State-sponsored persecution and some of the worst atrocities in modern times. That goes for anyone seriously comparing Boris or the Tories in a similar way.
  2. Black Lives Matter is comparable to Nazi Germany?
  3. I’ve known pubs have an over 25 policy before Coronavirus was a thing, up to them.
  4. I’d attempt to stop Dennis Skinner but he’d probably call me a cvnt
  5. Point is about right. Tradition says it’s all you can expect away at Arsenal but realistically you’d hope for a winning goal against 10 men. Obviously form and context we could have done with more but a point against Arsenal is a decent result and we’ve certainly picked up since our slow start. Biggest concern with Rodgers’ Leicester: we have a total lack of urgency when we need it most, you’d expect a Leicester side to be surfing those 8 minutes of stoppage time. ‘Foxes Never Quit’ isn’t ringing true at the moment.
  6. Played decently especially since it should be level at this point. Do think Barnes on is the call though.
  7. Apologies in that case, it just came across as combative at first glance. One of my mates who went Uni theorised that due to financial circumstances and over-saturation in Uni degrees, people tend to have a few months at least job searching before finding a job, and with no job or a basic service job renting becomes difficult outside of being subsidised by mum & dad. But you bring up good points.
  8. Did you just decide to ignore the rest of the post? Bit weird mate...
  9. The idea that “You’ll meet mates for life at Uni” was either always a myth or has become one over more recent years. As a prelude, I never went Uni myself, I went into an apprenticeship after A Levels, but virtually all my friends did and at this point, barring Masters or resits, have been graduates for a couple years. I don’t know many, if any of them who have what you’d consider a close friend or good mate from Uni. Plenty have people they keep in touch with, message occasionally, a yearly meet-up etc. I’m mates with a range of people from amateur historians to band frontmen, introverts and massive party people and everyone in between. Yet whilst plenty had good friends at Uni they either burnt out or just drifted apart. I do know of people with who retain close friendships from Uni, but it seems the vast majority I know ended up in the same circles they were in pre-Uni. For how many people I know in the same boat, it seems more than coincidence at this point. Is it the fact contact with mates from home is easier than ever thanks to group chats/video calls?
  10. That’s the performance we needed. The whole team went up two or three marks but N’Didi, Tielemans and Bennet really brought their A game. Two each for Iheanacho & Vardy in two games. Brendan deserves some slack today for stepping up and creating an attacking impetus, coupled with a lacklustre Palace it gave us a chance to reboot ourselves. The last twenty minutes were reminiscent of pre-December Leicester. Excellent all round, hopefully we can go on to cement our place in the top four now!
  11. I thought we’re looking a lot sharper today to be fair, final ball/Vardy is all that’s missing.
  12. We’ve become exactly the kind of team that 15/16 Leicester would dream to play. Slow, turgid, constant sh!t balls in the box and can’t deal with opposition attacks. All possession, no hope.
  13. All part of the plan fellas, 3-1
  14. 3-1 Leicester. Less a confident prediction more a desperate plea
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