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  1. Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    I'm down on the organ donor list for the lot, then after that I wanted to be cremated, with my ashes thrown in the face of any of those shitheads who make YouTube/Facebook 'prank' videos. That way they can do the most good as possible with my carcass.
  2. I'd ask how a bloke and get on the pitch and freely wander around without aim until he gets bored without Stewards intervening, but then Cov let 11 blokes get away with it every week.
  3. 90s Football Quiz

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  4. Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    Both groups excel at that. If you pin yourself as left or right you're ultimately limiting your willingness to understand other's opinions, I've seen plenty of right-wingers on here and elsewhere claim in a spiteful way that the youth only voted Corbyn because he 'blackmailed' them just as I've seen plenty of lefties whitewash Brexit voters as nationalistic morons. Being a 'staunch supporter' of any party, especially in these times, is pretty stupid in my opinion.
  5. Flags Quiz

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  6. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Did anyone watch through Back? What did we make of it?
  7. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    Syria down to ten. Surely Australia have to win this before penalties now?
  8. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    Pretty sure their left back has done at least three overhead clearances and I've only been watching since the 60th minute. A Syria win would make my day.
  9. Science Quiz

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  10. Non League Football 2017-18

    It's an absolute minefield mate If they play in the town it'll be back the Leicester Road ground, only issue with that is the assets are split apart. Some on the function rooms/bar is owned by AFC-affiliated individuals, the pitch and changing room are owned by the B4668 pretenders, and until they get bored of running a club wit a gate of around 10 per match solely out of spite, there's a chance of going back. Honestly until then, AFC won't be back in town.
  11. Non League Football 2017-18

    I went to the original meetings and conferences when it reformed as AFC and we went from a name on a piece of paper to a team that has challenged yearly, and a lot of that credit goes to Carl. As I said it's been frustrating as there's been flaw that have hindered us year on year but like I said there's always been a team with deep pockets in the league, and Carl did a lot to make us contenders so quickly. I don't get to that many games, but it's both a shame and an opportunity to move forwards. Dean should do a decent job for now but who we get in permanently will be very important.
  12. Non League Football 2017-18

    Carl Abbott resigned as Hinckley AFC manager on Tuesday, the MFL is a difficult league to get out of with one promotion place and usually one team per season with a hefty purse available, and I think the pressure took it's toll in the end. Ex-Hinckley United manager Dean Thomas is in as interim manager.
  13. Stan's Sports Quiz - Part 1

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  14. Cricket Quiz

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  15. Shooting in Las Vegas

    Gauging current statistics, there's probably already been another small scale one in the US.