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  1. most important game we'll ever have in in asia
  2. will be shouting for the foxes tomorrow but we'll be outnumbered 20 to 1 again...
  3. 6pm local time 11am UK time Liverpool are on at 8.30pm 90% are coming to see Liverpool so I wouldn't be surprised to see most arriving during 2nd half of the City game or later given it's during the working week and HK stadium is hard to get to It's a glorified pre-season friendly I can't see anyone doing anything reckless...
  4. jim melrose lived in pinfold he came to the window to wave at us when we returned with a trophy when i played for millfield #braunstone
  5. is it a school project?
  6. buggy
  7. all the games are live in most countries except this cackhole already and have been for a while. which is lucky for those of us who like streams. actually i pledged to not give another penny to the club until pearson is gone so the streams are useful coz i still love this club
  8. pearson please do the decent thing and just go back to nottingham... this whole thing is embarrassing....
  9. our owners have decided to stay with mediocre so chill out
  10. why are you buying into this bbc cia misinformation? are you ALL retarded?
  11. Losers in a Michael Winner Script it's got a bmx certificate you are allowed one post each so choose your words... (this doesn't count as mine obviously i get another go,) kill the bankers
  12. I'm only kidding I'm far too lazy to start another thread
  13. i've lived in asia and the only place i got anything that seemed authentic in Leicester was flamingo's on loughborough road. London Road is all fake. Melton Road is good for veggies. Kayal was ok but i've only tried the set lunch... Basically come round my house we have the best curries
  14. keyser soze was an invention of kevin spacey but of course he got the idea from the complete inexplicable disappearance of the Leicester City midfield in the 2014/15 season. The documentary lost out to the excellent citizenfour at the oscars but despite not being nominated gwyneth managed to get a 'pearson in' chant included at the end of one of th e other speeches.
  15. less money for services - hurting people moar pointless squares and other follies- costing millions moar council tax to pay for fire brigades we haven't needed since the invention of electric lighting good job soullessby