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  1. Think it’s fair to say there absolutely should be a system in place, although it’s also fair to say the current one needs improving. The current system is flawed but only rears it’s head in situations like this; plenty of games over the last 2-3 years have made it way down the list of priorities and some to General Sale. Agree with the suggestions you’ve made, although I’d suggest the away matches being rewarded with points on a tiered basis. Midweek matches in the arse-end of nowhere for example, should be rewarded with more points than the so called bigger matches. You’
  2. I was blocked and now unblocked unfortunately.
  3. The fairest way to sell tickets is by following the priority scheme that the Club has followed for many years. Given only current Season Ticket Holders would be eligible to purchase tickets, they’d have paid their £70 Season Ticket retention fee. It could also be argued that current Season Ticket Holders that have built up their priority points by attending away/Cup matches have less of a requirement for a Sky/BT/Prime membership.
  4. Wouldn’t have thought so mate! I think we’ve got around a month to apply for the refund so my guess is that they’ll work it in date order. I should imagine the process for match by match tickets is quite a time consuming one given they’re having to delve through their transaction history. They’ve been pretty good about it on the whole.
  5. Sorted now mate, thanks for the offer though. Hope you’re good!
  6. Seems more have been released this evening - still 350-odd left.
  7. Seems to have slowed down this morning. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow.
  8. Be much appreciated if you could mate! Let me know!
  9. After 2/3 for this if anybody can help. I think they’re on sale from 24rh January.
  10. I’m holding off as well. Lower Tier tickets will go on sale tomorrow I would’ve thought looking at the rate of sale. Keep an eye on it.
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