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  1. Seems more have been released this evening - still 350-odd left.
  2. Seems to have slowed down this morning. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow.
  3. Be much appreciated if you could mate! Let me know!
  4. After 2/3 for this if anybody can help. I think they’re on sale from 24rh January.
  5. I’m holding off as well. Lower Tier tickets will go on sale tomorrow I would’ve thought looking at the rate of sale. Keep an eye on it.
  6. Sorted now, thank you to those that helped!
  7. After 3 tickets if anybody can help? Thank you in advance. Merry Christmas!
  8. After 2/3 for Chelsea at home if anybody with a membership can help?
  9. Any idea how many left for this? There’s still tickets on sale in the first 2 blocks. Have any of the other blocks opened up?
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