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  1. Not even a penalty? I remember you when you were just a prince 😂
  2. Five quarter-final defeats since our last win at this stage, and I was in the stadium for all five of them. Wycombe remains the most upset I've been at the end of a Leicester match, moreso than the relegations, and slightly more than Spurs 1999. The expectation that day was a certain victory, and the excitement of a neutral ground semi-final as a 9 year old had me drooling, only to be snatched away by a team even Akinbyi should have put to the sword. The ghost of Spurs was laid to rest in 2000, the ghost of Wycombe remains very much at large. United haven'
  3. This forum needs a bit of maddog, it's crying out for it. We must win this game after Brendan's seven deadly changes. We need to keep in touch of 4th and stay in the champions League race, you can't rest 7 players and not beat Newcastle in the game afterwards. Are we going to slit throats in the chase for 4th or are we going to be tepid and finish 8th. It's time to make your choice Brendan.
  4. No urgency, no drive, no passion. Abject and error strewn passes throughout. Plenty of casualness and laziness. Truly woeful for 3 games now with little signs of improving. I'd take another draw against Everton Wednesday if offered it right now.
  5. Slight favourites to go Wembley, I'll take that.
  6. Just seems to be the players have taken the foot off the gas and complacency has set in, for Rodgers and the players. During the long winning run when we got the ball we looked to drive forward with it immediately, and several players made sprints forward and we created chances and scored lots of goals. Now it's all sideways and backwards ponderous passes and general slow play allowing opponents to get back into shape, rather than those frighteningly quick attacks. It doesn't make sense that we win all those games playing that vibrant attacking football a
  7. Over the two legs Sevilla dominated us in all departments, missed penalties. We got through. You win some, you lose some. Balance is restored from 3 years ago tonight. Villa will lose 4-0 or 5-1 in the final to Man City, was a very OTT pitch invasion for that.
  8. It's a bit harsh but he's championship fodder I'm afraid. He will not make it as a Premier League player and will end up in a mid table championship side. He was having a very poor game before his goal, and most members of this forum would do Ben Mee for pace. Sorry Harvey ☹️
  9. The Burnley game starts a run of seven (eight if we reach the EFL cup final) matches in a row for us that are being shown on television across BT, Sky and the BBC. Surely this is easily a record for Leicester City in terms of number of fixtures shown on television in a row? It has to be.
  10. Away goals don't count in this so let's go big at home and thrash them 12-7. Wembleyyyyyyyyy !
  11. Ultimately if we have a longer rest between games it has little bearing on how we should perform. Professional athletes paid millions of pounds per year, they can cope with this as long as they have the right positive mindset. If we play awful and lose to west ham it won't be down to the short rest time at all, it will be down to bad mental attitudes, or just an off day which can happen for any team like Man City losing to Norwich.
  12. He was dynamite in fantasy football when at Fulham. Cheap and lethal :p
  13. 10 Spurs fans in the pub, one Leicester fan (me). Pompous ramblings from one of them all match distracting me from the commentary. Who came third in a two horse race? Shoot I said when Maddison picked it up, come on I loudly cried when it hit the net!
  14. The referee is 100 times more arrogant than Madison. His face hurts me.
  15. Their reserve players will have something to prove to try get in the first team for the weekend. Our first team players have nothing to prove and all will know they'll be starting against Bournemouth pretty much already. This could backfire if our boys go out half arsed.
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