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  1. Great job lads. West Brom are ****ed.
  2. Dewsbury-Hall has been shithousing the sheep shaggers
  3. The technique and goalscoring instinct he has shown in the past few games has been brilliant to see. He's clearly an excellent striker when he has confidence.
  4. They aren't bothered. They've quite clearly got the mentality that the Europa League is going to hinder our Top 4 ambitions.
  5. Imagine wasting a rare European run for a game against Arsenal that we're probably going to lose anyway.
  6. Resting players for a game of such importance is an absolute disgrace.
  7. Not great but you have to take into account the fact that they were a team of divers, the ref was playing for them and was desperate to send one of ours off.
  8. God I hate this lot. Players and fans seem like absolute knobheads.
  9. Please someone break that diving knob's legs
  10. This defeat has shades of 'history repeats itself', but I really hope not. Perez was awful, but the squad mentality really wasn't there, Tielemans, who is usually such a clever player randomly booting it at the keeper from miles out said it all. Signing a new striker is absolutely key.
  11. Absolute dross. All of them should be docked a weeks wages for this.
  12. That'll be a recall for Dewsbury-Hall then
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