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  1. Great signing for them. A grafter as well as a solid defender.
  2. Awful, awful news. Hopefully they can find a way to get the ground off that **** Dale and start a fan owned phoenix club like Hereford have. Lessons need to be learned and serious changes need to be made.
  3. Best of luck to him, but it's definitely overdue.
  4. 1. Manchester City 2. Liverpool 3. Tottenham 4. Chelsea 5. Manchester United 6. Arsenal 7. Leicester City 8. Wolves 9. Everton 10. Watford 11. Bournemouth 12. West Ham 13. Aston Villa 14. Brighton 15. Southampton 16. Burnley 17. Norwich 18. Newcastle 19. Sheffield United 20. Crystal Palace
  5. I was one of his doubters a while back, but his development really has been astonishing. This will be a hugely important season for him.
  6. David Oldfield in a 1-0 away win against Barnsley on 25 September 1993, 6 days after I was born.
  7. Plus, Wimbledon can hardly play the moral high ground anymore considering they did something very similar to Kingstonian FC. They bought Kingstonian's ground as part of a share agreement when they were going through financial difficulty, then rebranded everything and renamed all of the stands after people related to Wimbledon, stripping them of their history. Then, to finance the return to Plough Lane, they sold the ground to Chelsea for their U23s, who wouldn't agree to accommodate Kingstonian, which has left them without a ground. Now they have been through 2 ground shares with other non-league clubs for the past few seasons and the future of the club is uncertain. I'd like to see Millwall go under. As much as people claim it's a 'small minority' who are bellends and cause trouble, it really isn't. There seems to be a large contingent of people with very far-right beliefs amongst their support too.
  8. HITC is the biggest fake news site in football, they just deal in nonsensical clickbait.
  9. Some of the worst displays of passing I think I’ve seen from us in a long time here.
  10. Good to hear it was taken seriously. A no tolerance approach needs to be taken across the entire footballing pyramid.
  11. I think Brendan will turn Barnes into a top player, he just needs that composure in the box which will come with time.
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