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  1. Patrick

    Riyad finally gone

  2. Patrick

    Goalkeepers: Jordan Archer + Jakupovic / Hamer

    Millwall fans seem very divided in opinion on Archer, a lot of them seem to think he's very error prone and has cost them a playoff spot this season, but on his day there's not many keepers better than him. We've seen the latter ourselves, he absolutely bossed it against us in the FA cup.
  3. Patrick

    Searching for a Leicester fan

    We'll sing a duet together if you like?
  4. Patrick

    Searching for a Leicester fan

    You got me.
  5. Patrick

    Searching for a Leicester fan

    I’m the Patrick in question and have messaged Alix. This can be locked now if mods wish to.
  6. Patrick

    Burnley away match thread

    Even without the terrible defending, I haven't seen us put a single decent pass together.
  7. Patrick

    Burnley away match thread

    You just knew that was going in as soon as Gudmundsson kicked it.
  8. Patrick

    Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    This sums my thoughts up. Keeping him is a gamble based on an assumption that the reason the team isn't performing is because the players don't fit Puel's tactical style and we'll do better once he gets some players of his choosing in the summer, with our history in the transfer market over the past couple of seasons I don't hold much hope in that regard. He doesn't seem like a motivational figure, he doesn't seem to have a clue when it comes to team selections and some of his substitutions have been absolutely baffling.
  9. Patrick


    We were far better defensively with Dragovic in the side, but it was obvious he was going to be dropped as soon as Morgan returned.
  10. Patrick

    Political spectrum.

    Arise ye wretched of the Earth.
  11. London prices. They can easily exclusively cater to the rich and the many tourists coming with money to burn in a city like that, so the pricing reflects.
  12. Patrick

    Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Matty James is not a Premier League player and never will be, starting him so often should be a sackable offence in itself.
  13. Patrick

    Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Puel out. We played better than this shite under Shakey.
  14. Patrick

    Chilwell vs Schlupp

    Both are shit footballers, but I remember some of the decent performances Schlupp put in as a wing back during the great escape of 14-15, so I'm going for him.