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  1. Some of the worst displays of passing I think I’ve seen from us in a long time here.
  2. Good to hear it was taken seriously. A no tolerance approach needs to be taken across the entire footballing pyramid.
  3. I think Brendan will turn Barnes into a top player, he just needs that composure in the box which will come with time.
  4. Maddison has been an absolute liability recently.
  5. He should have been sacked last summer, we've been patient with him and given him time to implement what has turned out to be a nonexistent philosophy. Now we're at risk of being pulled into a relegation fight. He's tactically inept, has zero personality, no rapport with the fans and when family members of key squad members are voicing their discontent it says it all, really.
  6. I heard he has ligament damage.
  7. He's been overdue a loan for some time, look forward to following his progress.
  8. Are there any Development Squad lads linked with loans today?
  9. That's made me angry. Millwall are most horrible bunch of Gammon morons in UK football. The only club in England I'd love to see liquidated.
  10. For considering he only returned to the club yesterday, he did brilliantly. Massive talent. I hope we're all patient with him and don't start demanding the earth of the lad straight away.
  11. Hoping we'll use this opportunity to give a Development squad lad like Josh Knight some minutes.
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