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  1. Haha never get tired of that 😂 The guy trying to justify his nonesense by bringing up when they played Leicester, and Robbie just shouts over him, "they beat you 1-0 Robert Huth header".
  2. I was wondering when the yearly Levi Porter has turned up for some local team, followed but the watch story to roll over again. Must have been about 12 months since last time?
  3. Thanks for posting, ended up watching a few. Fvck me, that was a grim time. I'll admit as others have said, it was exciting to be signing players for money again but looking back, we were a right circus.
  4. I don't think he comes across that badly tbh. He seems pretty honest about the situation. I don't know much about what happened behind the scenes with the Clive Clarke incident but seems it affected him.
  5. Seems an article about Mickey and Leicester come out every 6 months or so. Nice to see the warm regard he still has and that nobody really has I'll feeling towards him in a difficult time for us.
  6. I admire your post, but this is absolutely mental.
  7. Seems like a really genuine person in this interview. Makes you like him even more. Polar opposite of the Ben Marshal interview a couple month back.
  8. Surprised nobody else has mentioned this yet. Has to be the most pressured goal in our history. Who knows what would have happened if we lost that one. Balls of steel that man had that day.
  9. Ffs isn't there already a bunch of Under threads?
  10. Social media these days is just people finding things to get angry about. You can't avoid it.
  11. Fair play, this might be one of the greatest posts on FT.
  12. His development is amazing, but signed when he was quite young, so maybe this was his trajectory? Most improved has to be Vardy. We all saw the raw talent, but never could we had thought he'd reach the heights he has.
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