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  1. http://m.bbc.com/sport/cricket/40564210 An interesting discussion point in this article, saying they should get rid of the stump mics if they are going to ban players for swearing. I reckon a few of the players of Vaughn's generation would have got banned. What did Rabada actually say?
  2. Come on now. Cambiasso
  3. Is this common knowledge? The first I've heard of it.
  4. He did the decent thing and shaved everything, including eyebrows it seems.
  5. That hair though...
  6. "Give us an M..... gives us and Ă–.... give us an ocehgladbach"
  7. People talk of comparisons, not many at the club with a bigger set of bollox than Leo.
  8. Not seen a chippy in Maine. Ordered fish and chips plenty of times though and the fish always comes out in about 3 pieces. It's almost like fish nuggets. The only good place I've had it is in an Irish bar but that ****ed me off as people thought the 'fish nuggets with fries' style fish was British and the one big piece of fish with proper chips was the traditionally Irish. Not that I have anything against the Irish but Americans always go on about the lovely Irish countryside as if there's none in the U.K.! The Irish tourism board have played a blinder!
  9. Wish they had chip shops stateside. Nothing was more satisfying that walking back from the pub with a warm bag of chips under your arm.
  10. Green tea has caffeine in it? Proper stupid question probably.
  11. Green tea is pretty rank if you leave the bag in for a while but if you whip it out like after 20 secs it don't taste that bad - just a bit like flavored hot water. Mint tea always helps me if I have a stomach ache. And lapsang souchang is the dogs bollox!
  12. I hate the patronising tone of every question Pat Murphy asks. He's got an agenda against us and our owners.
  13. Haha brilliant post ?
  14. Maths Jeremy, it's Maths!