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  1. Not seen a chippy in Maine. Ordered fish and chips plenty of times though and the fish always comes out in about 3 pieces. It's almost like fish nuggets. The only good place I've had it is in an Irish bar but that ****ed me off as people thought the 'fish nuggets with fries' style fish was British and the one big piece of fish with proper chips was the traditionally Irish. Not that I have anything against the Irish but Americans always go on about the lovely Irish countryside as if there's none in the U.K.! The Irish tourism board have played a blinder!
  2. Wish they had chip shops stateside. Nothing was more satisfying that walking back from the pub with a warm bag of chips under your arm.
  3. Green tea has caffeine in it? Proper stupid question probably.
  4. Green tea is pretty rank if you leave the bag in for a while but if you whip it out like after 20 secs it don't taste that bad - just a bit like flavored hot water. Mint tea always helps me if I have a stomach ache. And lapsang souchang is the dogs bollox!
  5. I hate the patronising tone of every question Pat Murphy asks. He's got an agenda against us and our owners.
  6. Haha brilliant post ?
  7. Maths Jeremy, it's Maths!
  8. Not sure if you've ever watched the pizza show on YouTube by the guys at vice but its absolutely brilliant. I'll put a link in from an episode all about the big chains, how they own the market over smaller vendors and also what the future holds for new technologies i.e. vans that cook the pizza en route.
  9. Another thing that hasn't been said yet, but if you go with a friend or group of friends you have really good conversation without any distractions (other than the unlikely event you catch a fish). It's proper chill.
  10. Well I had two seasons with the same formation with no consistency so had to try something to avoid the drop or sack.
  11. At work at the moment but will do when I get a chance, ta!
  12. Still really struggling, tried donuts tactics and lose 3-4 games on the trott, switch back to 41221 and draw a few. Reckon it's because kapser is getting on a bit (3 seasons in) so buy donnarumma but still concede a shit load and can't score. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  13. Beaut.
  14. 'Mahrez confident of leaving at the end of the season no matter what' Mahrez has come out saying he doesn't really give a toss either way as he won the pfa player of the season last year and will leave to one of the many suitors that have been courting him all year.
  15. This version is so hard. There's no magical formation that seems to work. You'll win a few on the bounce and think you even figured it out and then go on a 8 game winless streak and miss every peno you get. Sigh.