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  1. Uncle Monty

    Your last Pint?

    Anyone a fan of the USA IPA's? Just recently developed a taste for them after thinking they were disgusting for so long.
  2. Uncle Monty


    I echo what mist people have been saying in that Simpson is very consistent, steady and a good defender. He is in, however, the only real position that could probably be improved or at least covered by a other signing.
  3. Uncle Monty

    Ex-Leicester City player news

    Haha it's been years now. I think it's time to let it go
  4. Uncle Monty

    Demarai Gray

    Rumours he might be called up for the Brazil game.
  5. Uncle Monty

    Chris Coleman...

    Is this a resounding no or does anyone think he has good attributes?
  6. Great article. Really hope he can push on now. Good for him about seeking help for mental health, the stigma is gradually being removed.
  7. Uncle Monty

    Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Rejoice everyone, the meltdown has commenced! Bit early this year mind.
  8. Uncle Monty

    Iversen signs

    You present a very compelling case sir
  9. Uncle Monty

    Ex-Leicester City player news

    Yeah he always sounds hungover as well haha. He's pretty good on the radio as is Taggart to be fair.
  10. Uncle Monty

    Harry Maguire Official

    I deffo made the comparison with Bamba about the last ball playing cb we have had, what a player he looked like against Man City on his debut. Maguire though, wow I'm so impressed with him so far. This may be because I did not know he had the ability on the ball that he does, genuinely took me by surprise. Wasn't at the game but the commentators over here in America were also raving about him, rare for a cb.
  11. Uncle Monty


    I think everyone agrees with that.
  12. Uncle Monty


    It's pretty sound logic and the Walsh link is there but I can't help think they will be aiming higher. I also don't think he would get more game time at Everton. Who knows though, it could happen, especially with them splashing the cash so far.
  13. Uncle Monty


    I would be very surprised to see him go there. More likely to Newcastle or bottom half prem. Would suit Huddersfield or Burnley's style of crosses into the box. Would really like to see what he could do with a run in the team but I'm not sure if it will be here.
  14. Uncle Monty

    Tailored car mats

    Not sure if they deliver to the UK but http://www.weathertech.com/ have every car type and model of floor mats. Thinking of purchasing a set myself, a friend has some and they are brilliant.
  15. Uncle Monty

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    No no no, none of this makes any sense, people apologising to each other and understanding their point instead of getting into a slagging match?! Yeah better to have more northern teams imo, pisses the London bias journos if nothing else.