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  1. That is dissapointing to read. Somewhat tarnishes his time here. A truly gifted player that was a joy to watch. On one hand, you have to admire his honesty as I'm sure that's what a lot of footballers really think. On the other hand, who the **** does he think he is? A self entitled **** that epitomizes everything bad about player power
  2. I watched the game on a stream and thought he had a pretty good game tbh. Not sure where all the criticism is coming from? If not for a great performance from their keeper, he would have scored maybe 3 goals.
  3. Not getting too involved here but tailgate party's always seem weird to me. You drive to a stadium, drink and eat and then drive back? I never drink and drive as I'm always tempted to drink more, I just don't trust myself. Are people really just only having two drinks (the legal limit) and then stopping?
  4. Well Chillwell ain't playing, so that will be difficult.
  5. I'd still take home over some of the shite we had. Mat Mills/Moreno spring to mind.
  6. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49224905
  7. So have we actually signed this guy then?
  8. Brace yourself everyone. Very good episode.
  9. The man was majestic in the air. Can remember Muzzy picking him out a few times from free kicks/corners.
  10. Not condoning drink driving at all but the man's made a mistake (big mistake). We are all guilty of making mistakes. He will have to deal with the consequences of that. While I don't know the actual reason for his Chelsea move, on the face of it, did not seem entirely driven by greed. I didn't begrudge him a move away, we certainly got a good price for him. He was brilliant for us in our promotion and title winning season. I don't know why people are so quick to turn on him.
  11. Yeah I've heard that a few times as well. I think there was a red bull of monster with his face on recently, which I thought was odd. His big one on TV over here last year was for tide pods, so he didn't need to spend money on food for a while either.
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