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  1. Third season in. 4th in prem first season, with Vardy as top scorer. Won carabao cup and reserves won the papa john cup. 1st in prem second season, apparently no players in the team of the year. Vardy wanted to retrain as a DM (?) Out in quarters in champs league to Chelsea. And lost FA Cup on pens to Man U. Half way through third season. Won community shield against Man U on Pens (REVENGE). Vardy has no played since DM. Got knocked out of the Carabao cup early on by Derby, wtf, and then also saw 9 games in they are 3rd in Prem. Best players so far, T
  2. Don't get the hate for him personally, unless there some behind the scenes Ben Marshall nobbery going on. Just not good enough, he at least tried when he played. We can move on now.
  3. Don't these Kramaric threads pop up every 3-6 months? Good player, glad he's done well. He likely would not have got the game time had he stayed to develop into what he is now.
  4. Ah yes the negative posts. I knew something was missing from this thread.
  5. Yeah I don't get his constant bashing of him. It's like what he did to Shaw when at Man U. I'm not a big fan of either but seems a bit much from the manager.
  6. I don't think we have any truly iconic numbers at Leicester. Number 1 is a good shout, with the keepers we have had, bit I think Vardy will go down as the best ever for us, and he's number 9.
  7. But a world beating 30 minute cameo elevates you to the Gabo Bori/Zlot Lackzo status!
  8. Poor finishing in those instances but not sure you could call him a poor finisher. Scored some good goals for Turk recently.
  9. He is an exciting player and unlucky not to have a couple of goals. Although you could probably say the exact same about Barnes.
  10. I didn't know there was much hype, so didn't really have much expectation. I feel like all RPG's are the same: get the thing, kill the thing, sneaky the thing. So I get were you coming from, there's nothing ground breaking or new here. I'm on act three, not sure how much is left, but it has held my attention more than Red Dead did for example. I like Samurai/kung fu films so maybe I'm biased. Interested to see what Cyberpunk will be like. I can't help thinking it will be more of the same.. get the thing/kill the thing.
  11. Picked up Ghost of Tshusima for PS4. Really impressed so far. Feels like a Samurai Red Dead in terms of the vast open world you roam on horseback. Storyline is also very good, and enjoy the combat. Would recommend if anyone likes RPG's or Samurai films.
  12. A lot of these Arsenal fans moaning about the injustice are forgetting that Bellerin should have had a second yellow. Funny how that has been forgotten.
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