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  1. BrummieFOX

    Favourite Film Openings and Endings

    Christopher Waltz's opening scene in Inglorious Basterds is incredible.
  2. BrummieFOX

    Fousseni Diabate

    Demari Gray.
  3. BrummieFOX

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 112 seconds  
  4. BrummieFOX

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    I went over Christmas a few years back and yes it's bloody freezing, wrap up warm. I really liked it, probably not the prettiest place (though some nice architecture if you wander around) but it has such a cool atmosphere. Very chilled out, nice pace and easy to get around. Personally I wouldn't worry too much about Tivoli Gardens which is their big tourist spot. Very busy and just not worth the money. We stayed near Vesterbro which was a good spot (seen as the hipster area), loads of nice bars, cafes and restaurants. If you stay out of the city centre you can definitely get reasonably priced beer. In the centre you can pay up to £8/9 a pint. Christiania is well worth a visit. A freetown on the edge of the city which was taken over by hippies in the 70's. Old army barracks and they basically moved in. It sways between being under state law and them running it themselves so people are openly selling drugs from little huts. And the walk round the lake is nice. Just a really interesting place. Reffen Street Food market is great too, about 20-odd street food vendors in a huge warehouse, DJs, few nice bars etc.
  5. BrummieFOX

    New chants and songs

    Yeh that's the one. Enjoyed it too.
  6. BrummieFOX

    Newcastle Away Pre Match, 29/09, 15.00pm

    One of those game where everyone says what a tricky away fixture it is, yet have a meltdown if we don't win.
  7. BrummieFOX

    New chants and songs

    About time we had a chant to an Engelburt song tbh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch_Fz2Np-Z4 Pleease release Ben, let him goooooo, For he'll fly past you with the balllll, He'll whip balls in and score us goals, release Ben, my darling, let him goooo!
  8. BrummieFOX

    Newcastle away - Sat 29th Sep, 3pm

    Still available from the club mate. About 12 tickets left I think.
  9. BrummieFOX

    Balls. A quiz about them

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 75 seconds  
  10. BrummieFOX

    Social anxiety

    Right, we're on the same stag Sorted!
  11. BrummieFOX

    Social anxiety

    Mate, I am genuinely off to a Stag in Hamburg in October, drop me a PM if you want, no pressure though. Could be the same one haha. If so you'll be fine, really good bunch of lads.
  12. BrummieFOX

    Social anxiety

    Try not to worry about it too much mate. On a stag do, everyone is in good spirits, all there for the same reason and keen to make sure it's a good one for the stag. Don't put pressure on yourself to make loads of conversation, just join in when you can and don't worry about what you say. The booze definitely helps loosen people up and in a group of 12, there'll be plenty of chat going on and there will almost definitely be others who feel the same in the group.
  13. BrummieFOX

    Bournemouth Away 15th Sept Ticket Details

    Yes I saw when getting Arsenal tickets. Thanks mate.
  14. BrummieFOX

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    *I only want tickets to top 6 away.
  15. BrummieFOX

    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    Agreed, it's about 6 rows deep. Was hoping we were behind the goal. We've been behind the goal once that I can remember but they seem to rarely do it now,