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  1. Is there a difference between the result confirmation you receive from a Lateral Flow Test done at a centre compared to one you do on your own at home and upload to the gov website?
  2. Would be quite amusing if we didn't sell out after all this!
  3. Hypothetically if Vardy bags us a last minute winner. How many are getting back on that coach?
  4. Yeh we did the same and got a few cans. But we're the other side of the ground this time. So will be all Chelsea round there. My worry about just congregating somewhere is the police moving us on. Can't if you're in a pub.
  5. 7 of us going. Party Block 135! What pub is everyone heading? Guessing we'll need to book a table.
  6. Just a confirmation page saying thank you and linking you to LFT centre. No email
  7. I have had a fair few Lateral Flow tests and have never had to book. Just turn up and get one.
  8. Block 135 singing, standing and general shithousery section.
  9. Block 135 is the designated singing area* *designated by me
  10. Is it actually worth being on that link as opposed to the queue. Would it bypass it?
  11. Will we be given specific pubs again though? Read somewhere that Chelsea had the Torch. Or have they just booked it up?
  12. I know travelling there by coach sounds awful, but no one can make you get back on it. Night out in London afterwards.
  13. They received an email asking them to apply. They could take one guest outside of their household if they wanted too.
  14. Man marking Antonio? He's dangerous but he's not that good.
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