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  1. 6 minutes to Witton (It's direct) 2/3 minute walk to the away end Time for a pint The walk from Aston is about 15mins
  2. Yeh. The 13:44 unless delayed gives you enough time to get in the ground. Head of Steam is a decent boozer pre-match. Lots of beer options, 3 mins from new st and expect it will be quite lively.
  3. Get the train from New St to Witton or Aston, both walkable to the ground. Witton closest to the away end.
  4. That's our big issue as a City. All of our great independent businesses, bars, restaurants, shops etc are all split up across the City. Combine that with a pretty poor transport system and unless you know where to head, you could wander around for a while and not come across much. We're extending our tram system (if you can call it that atm) which should connect the City and surrounding areas a little more. For example, there's a plan to extend the tram down into Digbeth. Anyway, sorry back to the booze. My latest was Suspended n Blanc by Siren which was a decent Pale Ale.
  5. Massively improved in the past few years for good beer. City Centre/Digbeth Pint Shop Head of Steam The Wellington Shakespeare PO Vaults Pure Craft Tilt (Pinball/craft beer bar) Cherry Reds Digbrew Co The Ruin Dead Wax (Brand new gig venue and Vinyl shop + pub) Have loads more suggestions if you want to head further afield. 3 new breweries have opened up in Stirchley just by me along with 3/4 great pub/bars. The craft beer scene is buzzing at the moment.
  6. Any suggested pre-match pubs?
  7. I remember after we won the league there were some suggestions/theories that we had 'changed' football as we'd shown that you can be successful without just chucking a load of money at it. On the whole it seems like nothing has changed. Clubs still don't seem to have invested enough in their scouting network/infrastructure and take a risk on players before they make a big move. Not necessarily aimed at Man City but 'big' clubs in general.
  8. Astonishing how troubled Man City look at the back despite their resources and money already spent.
  9. In what sense? We knew he could rap from day 1, he just seemed to give up on content on this album for me. His flow was nice on this and I liked the more 'Slim Shady' character returning but everything else pretty horrible. He's just multi-syllabic rhyming for the sake of it, e.g: I said nice rectumI had a vasectomy HectorSo you can't get pregnant if I bisexually wreck yaHannibal Lector in the guy sex and I bet yaI tantalize ya in the less than five seconds I get ya
  10. Agreed. Though Relapse only really listenable because of the Dre producion, Fair enough mate, especially if you're young and that's what you've grown up on. I used to love Eminem but he's a bit of a joke to me now. Some of his lyrics are among the worst I've ever heard, his delivery is mainly just shouting nonsensical ryhmes with a female singer on the chorus.
  11. Clearly one of the best if we're just talking rapping ability, his music from the past 10 or so years is almost un-listenable though. Do you still rate his recent albums?
  12. Is it me or are they selling them earlier and earlier? Unsure, it's a great excuse for a day out in London over Xmas with mates. Can see it being popular despite it being an awful ground and location, especially if we're still on a strong run on form.
  13. Anyone else waiting in vain on Kayne's new album?
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