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  1. Unless Southgate has been watching a different league for the past 6 months, Grealish walks in ahead of Maddison.
  2. Do you mean purely based on the CL banning? Because De Bruyne has started 25/26 games this season.
  3. I called the ticket office and they didn't enforce the rules over the phone. So I managed to get them in the end. I just won't sit in that section.
  4. Completely in agreement that PL football must be corrupt to a certain extent, probably far more than we expect. Two things though. I actually felt that most media outlets were weirdly supportive and pro VAR at the start of the season. Was it BBC who even released a video with Shearer saying how he'd been down to Stockley Park and it's great and we all need to give it a chance? I feel it's only recently that commentators are starting to consistently talk about how awful it is. Then for the ability to give the big teams the obvious offsides. I think VAR opens us up to further corruption. I would imagine it's a much easier job to coax a ref miles away from a game to make game changing decisions than it is a ref/linesman who's in the middle of it all on the pitch. We've seen VAR get it wrong numerous times and every time a 'big' decision goes to VAR and I can never help think that they can just give it which way they want essentially, whether to make the game more interesting or to benefit a particular team.
  5. I think the 25m is more outrageous than you think. They may have that many households with Sky but the average Premier League game on SKY gets viewing figures of around 1-2million. The most watched televised game of all time on SKY was 4million. That's on UK of course.
  6. Called up the ticket office and they seemed to by-pass this rule (I didn't mention it). They also said it was Watford's seating policy as opposed to ours.
  7. Forgot about this and there's only the 'seating area' left. However it states you must buy 1 child ticket for every 2 adults so I can't purchase 4 adult tickets in that area. Seems ridiculous.
  8. Going Gold Cup day. I went in Club last year but didn't really see a huge benefit over Best Mate to be honest. So, back in Best Mate for us.
  9. Que sera sera, put the champagne on ice, we're going to Wembley twice, que sera sera!
  10. Would completely agree were it not for Tuesday night. I want a strong side but with a rest for some key players.
  11. Will be gutted if that's the case. Has been our pre-match pub for years.
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