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  1. I'm on Klassical Dream and Itchy Feet (33/1 yesterday).
  2. One of the best pre-match drink spots for this, Magic Rock Brewery. If you're into your craft beer. Great beer and some good food options normally too. Then about a 15min walk to the ground if I remember right.
  3. Haha, this is great. Going to do some Sunday reading on this. I'm going on Thursday and in the Club Enclosure for the first time. Can't wait.
  4. "The Mississippi delta, was shining like a national guitar. I am following the river down the highway, through the cradle of the civil war."
  5. I watched the Brentford Villa game on Wednesday night and their style of play looks very similar to ours, just more effective. They have creativity in midfield, quick and tricky players out wide and they all pass pretty well, with a good goal scorer to finish it off. They're patient in passing across the midfield just outside the box and wait for the right moment to play the killer ball. Our problem is obviously the killer ball,
  6. Nice spot. There's some good pubs around Clerkenwell. The Exmouth Arms is worth a trip, always a good taplist and can fridge.
  7. That's excellent! Unsure we need the first 2 Drinkwater lines but its great.
  8. I like to think Puel's 4-3-3 would better suit Iheanacho. Hoping he'll be less isolated, asked to do less and can concentrate on simply finishing the balls played in, as Vardy did from Ricardo on Sunday.
  9. RIP Once chased after my Dad and I at Filbert Street because I'd dropped my scarf. I was about 8 and had no idea who he was. Obviously my dad recognised him and Gordon stood and spoke to him about the game for a good 5/6minutes.
  10. Really hope he doesn't chop and change from yesterday's side. Other than Vardy for Gray. I'd even leave Ghezzal in. More to prove than Gray who's proven he's just not got end product.
  11. The Mercury quotes Puel as saying he had a 'good' relationship with Vardy. Classic Sky if they've changed that to 'ok'. Sounds far more ominous.
  12. Gomez definitely out, Lovren likely to be involved I think.
  13. Yeh I think TAA is out too. Likely to Fabinho at full-back.
  14. I think most 02 venues are pretty awful. But yeh, I despise the Brum one. The sound in particular is bad, awful beer (like all 02's) and the positioning of the bars is rubbish. Saw The Streets there on Sat, still a cracking night. Mike was on form.
  15. Christopher Waltz's opening scene in Inglorious Basterds is incredible.
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