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  1. Yeh think you might be right. Half that block has gone very quickly.
  2. 1 and a half blocks so far. probably about 800ish tickets. Well, 3hr 20 mins to Brighton from Birmingham which is where I'm coming from, with at least 3 changes and then a bus or something to the ground. Thankfully the following away is Villa which is a nice 10min train journey for me. Yeh I think we'll head back into London.
  3. Feels like a real lack of interest in this one. Selling very slowly and not much chat. I know it's a mission to get to but it's not a bad away day. Easy to get around Brighton and it has some decent pubs. Obviously easy to get back to London for a night out too. Should be one we target for a win too.
  4. Not for me personally. Up against anyone with half decent full-backs and we'd get hammered down the wings.
  5. They've been available for a few months now. £31.99 online.
  6. There's a Leicester book about the same thing to be fair.
  7. Don't risk Maddison, give Justin a start against his old club and lets see what Praet can do from the start. Otherwise same side for me. Ideally have it won as early on as possible, then you give some a rest.
  8. We're 16/5 on Skybet. Leicester/Wolves double 11/1
  9. Earl's Court Tavern is a minutes walk from Earl's Court tube. Was a good crowd in there last few seasons.
  10. Thanks mate, I'll check those out.
  11. Visited Vancouver around 10/12 years ago. We got the ferry over to Vancouver Island and took the Killer Whale watching boat trip which was incredible. Highly recommended.
  12. Nipping to Granada for a long weekend. Any suggestions other than the Alhambra (?) which we'll obviously check out.
  13. Same, excellent album.
  14. Christ. Worst I've heard is, "Lets put that idea in the fridge for now."
  15. At this rate the 2020/21 Season we'll just be wearing a big King power logo. It's getting bigger!
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