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  1. m00nie

    Mahrez to .......................?

    f*** that, they can have drinkwater for the 30million instead
  2. m00nie

    Community Shield Tickets for Sale

    looking for 2/3 tickets together if anyone still selling.. thanks preferably collect leicester area before sunday
  3. m00nie

    That's me banned then...

    pm me your seat numbers and il go buy the seats back for everton game and give you one back to use .. (as long as you dont smoke during the game )
  4. m00nie

    How Big, How Fat, Where?

    looking at all the others post points out too much that im a short arse and well over wieght
  5. cant get my bluetooth headphones to work with it or skygo (ie 11 not app)
  6. m00nie

    Betting Thread

    anyone else follow @myracingtips on tiwtter??? 40/1 horse just came in that was tipped.. regular naps winning also
  7. m00nie

    Guus Hiddink

    coincidental him stepping down ??? or did we tap him up before hand then fired NP
  8. Seeing plenty of talk about it but still can't find the actual video
  9. m00nie

    Should Pearson Go? - The Poll

    heres me coming home from work hoping there would have been some development only to find 52 people still want to give him another season.. #baffled
  10. It's showing the nearest exchange. Leicester central is the nearest to that postcode. Mines le3 and Glenfield is classed as my nearest
  11. ?? type your postcode in and it should show you the nearest. if i recall though its done on crows flight wheres as the line wouldnt be
  12. https://www.samknows.com/broadband/exchange_search
  13. m00nie

    Pearson Out

    Seems more people have swung to seeing him leave than stay now. Either be it now or end of the season. Not seeing many say they would prefer him to stay
  14. m00nie

    Betting Thread

    from one of the regular tipsters on twitter @footysupertips
  15. m00nie

    Betting Thread

    £50 over .5 goals pre bet going for £50 either btts and man city win 11/2 or 2.1 man city 12/1