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  1. Alan Birchenall

    Anybody else here remember the time, as a player, when he produced a hacksaw from his tracksuit bottoms and pretended to saw off the opposition goalies leg in the warm up?
  2. Swansea (home) Pre Match Thread/Thoughts

    What price Ashley Williams getting an early whack in on Mahrez?
  3. 53 years, I'm with you fellas. Never in my wildest dreams.
  4. The people I sit with all know, and were very complimentary about Leicester.
  5. Not me, first Leicester game had Frank Mclintock in the team I saw quite a few Palace fans applauding though.
  6. I'm a Leicester fan with a Palace season ticket close to the away fans, and today the Leicester fans were magnificent, easily the best fans to come to Selhurst this year, not least for their dignity and pride. The team was also by miles, the best team to have visited too. Onwards.
  7. Hello, been on here for a long time, but never say anything and have never introduced myself. My dad first took me to Filbert Street when Colin Appleton was captain, and as a little kid you were allowed to sit on the wall in front of the fans, knees behind the half-time boards where they hung the scores with metal numbers. Later I had a wooden beer crate that I painted blue and white and stood on next to my dad. I went to just about every home game with him until I moved away to college in 1977., but that doesn't mean that I haven't followed the foxes all my life. I live in south London now and have a season ticket at Crystal Palace with my son who was born and has been brought up within walking distance of Selhurst Park. This is an amazing season, and I'm very proud that my dad put my name on a brick in the wall of the Walkers. Plus my mum lives just down the road from Jamie, so pretty much all good. Bring on the Champions League eh?
  8. Carlisle Match Thread

    is what you meant surely?